Deltek Insight 2010: What’s New in MPM


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  • OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Cube – is a data structure that allows fast analysis of data. It can also be defined as the capability of manipulating and analyzing data from multiple perspectives. The arrangement of data into cubes overcomes a limitation of relational databases. Relational databases are not well suited for near instantaneous analysis and display of large amounts of data.
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  • Deltek Insight 2010: What’s New in MPM

    1. 1. EPM-213: What’s New in MPMDelivered by:Bob Massey & Gerard Ruiz
    2. 2. MPM 3.4 Major Milestones Milestone ScheduleCertification In ProcessBeta June 2, 2010Limited Availability Aug 5, 2010GA Oct 18, 2010
    3. 3. Major MPM 3.4 ThemesPlatform support Reporting Estimating House Keeping Tools
    4. 4. MPM 3.4 Themes? Platform support • Vista • Windows 7 • PSQL Version 10 (Pervasive) • Data warehouse – MS SQL Server 2008
    5. 5. MPM 3.4 Themes? Reporting• Threshold Improvements o And/or, +/-, $/Hours, Schedule & Cost, Cum, Current, At Comp, by WBS or WBS Leg• Increase Project ID Field Lengths o Increased to 20• Distributed Project Conversion Utility• OLAP Cube o Multi site and project views o Organizational roll ups
    6. 6. MPM 3.4 Themes? Estimating • XREF at the Estimate Level o This new 20 character field is the 4th field which makes an estimate unique o Resource Code o Resource Dept o XREF-EST o Overtime
    7. 7. House Keeping Tools• OBS Import• DW Project Delete• Named User License Support• Security in the DW
    8. 8. Highlights of Impact Assessment 1. Crystal Reports for MPM will not be supported by MPM 3.4. 2. A DB conversion & upgrade is required and is built into the upgrade procedure. 3. Import and Export fields have been modified which will impact custom interfaces.8 2009 Deltek, Inc.
    9. 9. What hardware and software is required to run MPM 3.4? • If you are running MPM 3.2 or 3.3 there is no new hardware or software requirements. However, we do support additional platforms. If for example you are going to run MPM on Vista or Windows 7 please see your IT administrator for hardware and software requirements to run those platforms. Has the underlying development technology changed? • No Does MPM 3.4 require a database upgrade? • Yes, you will be required to convert the project and global data. Please read the conversion instructions. The process is very similar to conversions in the past. You will need to be running MPM 3.2 or 3.3 to convert to 3.4.9 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    10. 10. Under what conditions would I want to use the cube vs. reporting of the Data Warehouse? • One of the major benefits of the OLAP Cube is that the Cube groups and rolls up data in special logical views. The OLAP Cube allows you to very quickly retrieve and view the type of data you need to support your business process every day. You can view this information without the use of a special report writing tool. Since the data is rendered in MS Excel you have the ability to leverage all the graphic and analysis capability of MS Excel Will the crystal reports that I developed using Crystal Reports for MPM continue to work with MPM version 3.4? • No. However, you may use your copy of Crystal Reports to create reports from the Data Warehouse. The DW is designed and optimized to collect information for the purpose of reporting. Will MPM 3.4 continue to successfully interface with other Deltek products? • Yes.10 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    11. 11. Early Adopter Program• Early adopter program a critical part of our product release program.• Benefits – Early access to the product – Feedback directly to the development team – Ensure there are no critical issues with the product in your unique environment using your data – Optimize your organizational readiness• We need your help! – If you are interested ……….
    12. 12. Early Adopter Program• EA Program Contacts by Product• MPM (Starts June 2nd) – Lisa Marwitz – Stacy Kalbach• wInsight (Ongoing) – Lisa Marwitz – Stacy Kalbach• Mako (Starts Late 4th Quarter 2010) – Lisa Marwitz – Jack Newton
    13. 13. What’s Around the Corner for MPM? Today’s “As Is” State• Deltek Develops Two “Best-of-breed” Earned Value Management and Cost Management Applications – Deltek® MPM • Well known brand for being easy to install, implement and get up and running quickly EVM solution • Lacking choice of database, contemporary architecture, rapid feature expansion – Deltek ® Cobra • Well known for being a powerful and flexible cost management solution that performs earned value management • Lacking rapid implementation, pre-configuration and ease-of-use (although addressed in latest release)• Marketplace Objectives & Concerns – Consistency & Compliance with DCMA, ANSI and other regulations – Confused on which application to purchase and implement13 The specifications, functionality and schedules described reflect Deltek’s current estimates, may change without notice, and do not constitute obligations of Deltek. © 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    14. 14. Tomorrow’s “To Be” State The specifications, functionality and schedules described reflect Deltek’s current estimates, may change without notice, and do not constitute obligations of Deltek.14 © 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    15. 15. Project “Atlas” Capabilities (Proposed)• Single Technology Code Base • Configuration – Deltek .NET Framework – Defaults for easy deployment – Single License Administration For All • Preconfigured for EVM EPM Applications • Single Project – Common Groups & Security – Flexible configuration options for advanced use• Choice of Leading Databases • Open cost management platform – Microsoft SQL Express • Multi-project (Enterprise) – Microsoft SQL • Ease of Use – Oracle – Wizards• Deployment Flexibility – Simple Documentation – Desktop – Basic & Advance Training – Client Server • Integration – N-tier – Deltek, SAP, MOSS™, Project™ – Business Intelligence Platforms The specifications, functionality and schedules described reflect Deltek’s current estimates, may change without notice, and do not constitute obligations of Deltek.15 © 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    16. 16. EVM & Cost Management Detailed Roadmap 2009/2010 NEXT RELEASE FUTURE RELEASECost Management – MPM MPM 3.4 (Q2-2010) MPM 3.3 (GA 01/09) • Platform Certifications • Longer Project IDs Migration • UN/CEFACT XML • Tighter integration with wInsight 6.4.1 • Data Warehouse Improvement • Import OBS Path • XREF at Estimates • Improved ThresholdsCost Management – “Atlas” “Atlas” • Deltek .NET Framework • Pre-configured for EVM • “CAM Tool” Integration • Choice of SQL Express / SQL / Oracle • Quick Start Wizards • Office, MSP & P6 Integration • Desktop, Client Server or n-tier • SQL Reporting Services • Business Intelligence ConnectivityCost Management – Cobra Cobra 5.0 (GA 6/09) Cobra 5.1 (Summer Migration • New UI & Improved Usability • Improved Wizards Cobra 5.0 SP1, SP2 2010) • New Reporting Engine • Smart Client Architecture • Defect Repair • Mako Integration Path • “One Click” Deployment • .NET Framework.NET Framework DevelopmentShared Application Objects Common Services Common Services • Deltek Security Administration • Workflow Engine • Standard Graphics Phase 2 • Standard Graphics Phase 1 • Common License Admin • Central Resource Pools • Common Data Structures (Resources, WBS, OBS, Codes) • Standard Integration XML API • Portal Support – Webparts & JSR 168EVM Analytics – wInsight wInsight 6.5 , Project “Osprey” (Q2-2010) Project “Eagle” wInsight 6.4.1 (Q2-09) wInsight 6.4 • Enhanced Graphics • .NET Framework Architecture • Dashboard Usability • DCMA Tripwires • New Dashboard Objects • Updated DCMA Tripwires • Silverlight™ Browser-based Client • Export Charts and • UNCEFACT XML • Improved Reporting • Improved Graphics & Usability Graphs from Dashboard The specifications, functionality and schedules described reflect Deltek’s current estimates, may change without notice, and do not constitute obligations of Deltek. © 2010 Deltek, Inc. 16
    17. 17. © 2009 Deltek, Inc.
    18. 18. Appendix
    19. 19. Mako (Phase 1) EV Planning Tool Integration MPM Cobra Open Plan MSP/Primavera Real time integrationImport/Export Import/Export integration integration Mako Program wide View PCA Legend Multiple CAM & CA AnalyticsDirect Analyze & Control EV/Schedule Source System Updates WADIntegration BCRImport/ Status & VARsExport Analytics CAM Major CAM Subcontractor 2010 Deltek, Inc. The specifications, functionality and schedules described reflect Deltek’s current estimates, may change without notice, and do not constitute obligations of Deltek. 19
    20. 20. Mako Insight Session• Tuesday, May 18th• Time: 5:00 – 6:00pm• Location: Chesapeake 6• Wednesday, May 19th• Time: 5:45 – 6:45pm• Location: Chesapeake 11Copyright © 2010 Deltek, Inc 20
    21. 21. Defect resolution targeted for MPM 3.4ID Title5490 In ETC, modifying the estimate complete date needs to recalculate the EQP values for the entire estimate.5801 Incorrect "System files are in pre MPM 2.2 format" error on global.dat that was converted to 2.2 format.5847 MSP Link Estimate GEN file contains a record with a blank month/year when the Time-phased Resource Plan field for one of the summarized resources is blank5870 MSP Link WBS Descriptive: Task is ignored if parent WBS does not exist in MPM.5879 Project files need to be converted message says 3.1 instead of 3.25893 Receive error Unexpected System Error during the write of the XLS file! when run multiple sheet report to Excel5911 Cant create an Apportioned Estimate on a WBS with a long ID and description You get A general error has occurred and MPM closes5916 MSP Link: Unexpected Error when Generate Milestones when the WBS does not exist in the MPM project.21 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    22. 22. Defect resolution targeted for MPM 3.4ID Title5937 During DW Installation errors in file path entries do not have proper error messages.5975 Unexpected error occurred and Catastrophic Failure when run Weekly EOC reports by OBS5978 Weekly Performance report conditioned by OBS does not display the WBS that have a department assigned5980 DW Synchronizing OLE DB error referencing HAISECS32 after Load Fact Table Data is started.5981 DW synchronizing error: Package "Save the Project and Global Key" failed.5986 The GEN file for Auto spread Estimates is incorrectly merging the Auto spread Labor value with the Rate Table ID6007 DW error while creating the DSN because DSN already exists.6008 When synchronization is interrupted and leaves a project in a “Processing” or "Pending" status, you must reschedule the project as Data Warehouse will only synchronize projects that have a status of “Success” or “Scheduled.”6009 EstimateTypeValue field in the Dimension table DM_EstimateType incorrectly has a value of n/a6013 DW: Projects continuously synchronize until NextRunDate field in Scheduler.dat is incremented to the current date22 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    23. 23. Defect resolution targeted for MPM 3.4ID Title6014 DW continuously polls until it catches up with the current time6015 Clicking OK on the Schedule for Synchronization screen will trigger a synchronization even though no changes were done6016 DW: DM_EOC table does not have Labor / Unit column6017 Reprice hangs on a particular WBS ID6018 In GDD, when setting Display to Single Period Incremental/Cumulative or At Complete, replan estimates are not included in the totals when Resource is selected. Viewing by EOC includes the replan estimates in the totals.6020 Projects show as unconverted in File Conversion applet when WBS is imported via Import or MSP Link6021 MSP Link: Autospread Estimates only pull values from the first resource, when using multiple resources6023 <Required> Burden Code added to Burden Template when 10th Burden Code is added.6138 Dr. Watson error when saving Report Viewer to an existing XLS file8423 Importing Partial Estimates, Doc typo regarding Estimate Start Date23 2010 Deltek, Inc.
    24. 24. Defect resolution targeted for MPM 3.4 ID Title 9127 The Generate and Validate feature in MSP Link will not generate records for Autospread tasks that do not have resources assigned to the task (i.e. if Resource Names field is blank). 9179 The value entered in the Estimated Price field in the CPR 1 Headers doesnt always stay 102740 CPR Formats 1-4 Report Headers only allow 24 characters for the Location in Block 1b and therefore do not comply with the DID. 103004 DW: DM_COC Labor field is populated with NULL instead of Hours or Units. Caused by the latest fix to Class of Cost.dtsx.24 2010 Deltek, Inc.