Deltek Insight 2012: Vision Reporting -- Getting Started


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Learn how to get started creating your very own SQL Reporting Services Reports using the Vision Templates and Custom Reporting Tools available. Beginner Level.

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  • Where do I find it?Install the Developer Tools on your machineOr download from the Web (
  • Deltek Insight 2012: Vision Reporting -- Getting Started

    1. 1. Vision Reporting Getting StartedFred HoeckerPrincipal ConsultantDeltek Consulting
    2. 2. AgendaReporting Development Environment  Software Requirements  Development ProcessGetting Started  The Basic Steps  Vision’s Templates  Best PracticesPublishing ReportsVision Custom Report OptionsDEMO: Creating Your First Report
    3. 3. Development EnvironmentStarting off on the Right Foot
    4. 4. Software RequirementsKey Software Tools • Deltek Vision 7.0 • SQL Server 2008 R2 • Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) • Database Engine • Reporting Engine
    5. 5. Development Process•Local Development • Vision Developers have found this to work Best • Build Your Report in a Controlled Area•Vision Test • Always better to test before going right to Production • Allows you to see the Report could appear differently in Vision•Iterative Process • You won’t get the report right on your First Try•Vision Production • This is ONLY for your Final Reports Local Vision Vision Development Test Production
    6. 6. Getting StartedBasic Report Development
    7. 7. Getting StartedInstall BIDS on your localmachine  Where do I find it?  SQL Server Installer  Select Client Toolkit  Or The Web
    8. 8. Getting StartedCopy in the Vision Templates to your development environment from this path: C:Program FilesDeltekVisionReportsTemplateThis allows the Templates to be available in Visual Studio C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0Common7IDEPrivateAssembliesProjectItemsReportProject
    9. 9. Getting StartedStarting off on the right foot …Report Templates  Portrait, Landscape, Sub-Reports, etc.  C:Program FilesDeltekVisionReportsTemplateCheck Templates  Accounts Payable / Employee Expense / Payroll  C:Program FilesDeltekVisionReportsStandardCheckInvoice Templates  Standard Template provided with all of the Sub-Reports  C:Program FilesDeltekVisionReportsStandardInvoice
    10. 10. Getting Started Open BIDS Create a New Project Select Report Server Project
    11. 11. Getting StartedSelect “Add New Data Source”Name the Shared Data Source “DefaultDataSource”  Only Data Source name to be recognized by the Vision Reporting FrameworkUse the Connection String to Connect to your Vision Database
    12. 12. Getting StartedAdding your first Report  Right Click “Reports”  Select “Add”  Select “New Item”
    13. 13. Getting StartedSelect your starting pointGive your Report a meaningful name
    14. 14. Getting StartedThe Designer Environment
    15. 15. Getting StartedThe Dataset Properties
    16. 16. Getting StartedThe Design Tab
    17. 17. Getting StartedThe Design Tab (cont’d)
    18. 18. Getting Startedbody_ReportName Textbox  Change the Name  Name used in Vision
    19. 19. Getting StartedThe Preview Tab
    20. 20. Publishing Your Report
    21. 21. Publishing Your Report There are some rules / suggestions …  Must use Report Administration within the Vision Application Utilities  Must have the folders created under the custom side of the tree  Can load single reports or groups of reports using wildcards
    22. 22. Publishing Your ReportWhat happens when I click Load Report?  Vision validates the report schema to ensure it will comply with Vision standards  The report is loaded into the Report Volume in SSRS that was set-up in Weblink  Check the grid below the Load Reports button for your custom report
    23. 23. Vision® Custom Report Options
    24. 24. Vision® Custom Report OptionsCreating them in Vision …1. Load the report into Vision2. Configuration General Custom Report Options3. Add Parameters to the list for your report
    25. 25. Vision® Custom Report OptionsUsing them in BIDS …1. When referencing parameters in the report use a prefix of “cust” Example: TestParm2 below would be custTestParm2
    26. 26. DEMOCreating Your First Report
    27. 27. Call to ActionPractice, Practice, PracticeYou’ll never be able to do it if you don’t tryStart Small
    28. 28. Questions