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Deltek Insight 2011: Tips & Tricks for Creating Premier Billing Templates


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. GCS-304Tips & Tricks forCreating PremierBilling TemplatesSusan M. Longo – Watkins MeeganKaren Williams – WJ Technologies, LLC
  • 2. Do More Project Human Project Financial Manufacturing Resources Management Management Do More Market Teaming CRM and Capture Win More Intelligence Solutions Management Know More Business Performance Management Project Execution Project & Corp Time, Expense, Reporting, GRC & & Management Accounting Labor, Payroll Compliance2 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 3. Session AgendaKey TakeawaysUnderstanding the Fields Available inPremier BillingsBrief OverviewTips for creating a standard billing templateWalkthrough exampleTricks for customizing billings for specific clientsWalkthrough exampleTricks for combining task billings into one bill forthe projectTemplate exampleTips for Hiding RatesTemplate exampleBest PracticesQ&A3 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 4. Key Takeaways  Create professional looking billings that include your company logo  Adding standard text to billings like certification statements or EFT payment information  Adding client required information to your billings  Combining billings that use different rates, i.e., a CPFF contract with labor at 8% profit and travel at 5% profit  Hiding rates within billing so the rates cannot be determined from the bill  Using lookups to add more description labor category descriptions and/or employee names4 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 5. Understanding the FieldsAvailable for Templates Invoice Fields  Bill Number  Billing Address  Heading for billing  Where are these coming from? Contract Fields  Lots of new options here  Project Manager  Funding information  Where are these coming from? 1034 Fields  We’re not going to focus on these today “All” Records5 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 6. Adding Standard Text and Logos  Do you have a Company Logo?  Reduce the amount spent on letterhead by using an electronic logo  Does your customer require a certification statement?  Add the statement and the signature line to your billing  Do you want to add EFT payment information to your billings?  Including this information on your billing  Example6 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 7. Adding Customer RequiredInformation  Does your customer require you to show your burn rate?  Are you required to notify your customer when you’ve billed 70% of the funded amount?  Adding items like burn rate and billing to funded amounts can enhance communication between you and your customer  Example7 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 8. Combining Billings  Premier Billings can combine bills for multiple tasks just like the 1035, however, just like the 1035 – this feature doesn’t work as well if you are billing different rates on different tasks  Creating “input” tabs to gather the billing information and “billing” tab to present the information can combine these types of bills  Example8 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 9. Hiding Rates  Are you a subcontractor?  Will you be bidding against your current customer of future contracts?  You can use Premier billings to hid your rates within your labor and ODC’s  Example9 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 10. Expanding Labor CategoryDescriptions  Are your descriptions too short?  Do you need to add employee names to your billing?  We can add this information to the billing by creating a labor category tab  Things to consider  How is GCS currently setup to bill – how will this affect your Premier Billings template setup?  Do you have a unique identifier ?  Example10 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 11. Best Practices  Contract Information  Contract information should be updated before creating billings  Building Templates  Build the template one piece at a time and take the time to create a bill and review the template during the process  Naming Templates  Create a descriptive template name  Errors – Don’t fix the Premier Billings Template if the Error is in GCS  Spelling errors, address errors  Review Your Billings  If you’re creating calculations in Premier Billings to get to the total billing, verify the amounts billed in Premier Billings to your Billing Status Report11 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 12. Q&AQuestions? 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 13. Call to Action For more information feel free to call or email usWatkins Meegan, LLC  Susan M. Longo, Supervisor – Government Contracting Group  703-761-4848WJ Technologies, LLC  Karen Williams  703-885-815913 5/22/2012 ©2011 Deltek, Inc. All Rights Reserved