Best Practises for Mobile Content Strategy


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Content is the most important factor while engaging users on the mobile phone

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Best Practises for Mobile Content Strategy

  1. 1. www.dronamobile.comMobile Content StrategyBest Practices
  2. 2. www.dronamobile.comPointers for mobile content• Content must be aligned with yourbusiness goals• The sent content should be useful for theuser• Users must be helped in achieving theirgoals
  3. 3. www.dronamobile.comHow to engage mobile users• Communicate content that is:– Informative– Instructional– Entertaining• Some ways to do this is:– Increase social media content– Send pre and post quizzes around interactivecontent like videos
  4. 4. www.dronamobile.comAvailable content on the mobile• Videos/animations• Text• Graphics• Games/widget• Audio
  5. 5. www.dronamobile.comIts all about the timing• You can always test what kind of contentshould be sent at what time– Example: In the evening people are tired andwould prefer to watch a video rather than reada document– Training or motivational material sent in themornings can boost the morale of theemployee
  6. 6. www.dronamobile.comDemographics• While designing content the target audiencemust be kept in mind• Any content designed must be relevant to theusers
  7. 7. www.dronamobile.comAttention• The attention span of humans is short• 4 % of page views on most websiteslast more than 10 minutes Source: The Associated Press• Most people space out duringconferences, presentations since they cant justget up and leave• The first eight seconds that captures theattention of the individual (Source: Dianne Dukette and David Cornish(2009)• With the mobile, they get distracted even faster
  8. 8. www.dronamobile.comInterval• In order to keep the attention of the user, thecontent has to not only be well written butinteresting as well• Bombarding people with content throughmobile is paving your way to failure• Research by Dianne Dukette and David Cornish(2009) uncovered that adults can only sustainattention for about 20 minutes
  9. 9. www.dronamobile.comSocial Media• In today’s time, everything is social• People want to share interestingarticles, videos, pictures etc with friends, familyand even colleagues via social platforms• 91% of online adults use social media regularly(Source: Hubspot)• Having sharing buttons on content is a mustnow
  10. 10. www.dronamobile.comFeedback• Interaction with users is essential to keep themengaged• Sending quizzes, surveys etc on the companypolicies, events etc• Sharing events, taking opinions on how past, on-going and upcoming events• Getting feedback from employees, there is 21%higher productivity (Source: Gallup Study)
  11. 11. www.dronamobile.comAnalytics• Drawing usage reports from the backend ismandatory, for individual users and groups• By analyzing reports, you can judge thefollowing:– What kind of content is viewed more often at whattime– Which user group prefers which kind of content
  12. 12. www.dronamobile.comProductivity• Business Strategy + Content = Productivity= Revenue• Creating valuable content
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