Learn Krav Maga Online


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Learn Krav Maga online and learn how to defend yourself!

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Learn Krav Maga Online

  1. 1. Krav Maga Instruction | Learn Krav Maga Online Get Massive Bonuses Worth Over $130 3 FREE Ebooks That Are An Absolute Must! Learn Krav Maga Online And Get Krav Maga InstructionKrav Maga Instruction | Learn Krav Maga Online>>> Get This Home Study Course For Krav Maga Instruction (AMAZING $397.00Value) For Only A $47.00 One time Fee. NO MONTHLY CHARGE! Learn KravMaga Online Now And Get Your FREE Bonuses!http://defendmyself.infoWhat Krav Maga Training is NOT* Krav Maga Instruction is NOT .... Like Traditional Martial Arts!* Krav Maga Instruction is NOT ....Like Any Other System.* To Learn Krav Maga Online is NOT ....Hard To Learn!
  2. 2. Read Below To See Why You Need To Learn Krav Maga Online ....So, What IS Krav Maga Instruction?Did you know there is a great benefit to visualizing your self-defense moves andtechniques?Studies have shown that creative visualization improves athletes’ performance.Likewise, in self-defense, visualizing the moves will prepare you for a real fight andincrease your self-confidence.http://defendmyself.infoKrav Maga Instruction is the self-defense method that was developed by the Israeliarmy. It enables you to overcome an attacker and neutralize violence in a matter ofseconds. It isnt a traditional martial art because its sole purpose is self-defense, notthe practice of a tradition.The Krav Maga On-Line Course consists of video movies, mp3 filesand an e-book.Each video begins with a slide describing the moves. Each video comes both inregular and slow motion, with vocal explanation in the background that explains whatyou should do – making it easy to learn.
  3. 3. The e-book gives step-by-step explanations, accompanied by pictures that beautifullycapture and demonstrate each and every move. The e-book, and its pictures, are astep-by-step guide to the exact moves that appear in the video movies. Mp3 filesprovide the vocal explanation for each. You can listen to the them while reading thee-book – or while driving in your car.Together, these three media types cover a range of of self-learning techniques thatmake it easy to learn and visualize the Krav Maga moves.The course is divided into six phases.In phases one and two you will learn special techniques to strike with your hands anddeliver kicks – foundational skills for effective self-defense.In phase three you will learn to defend against hand strikes.In phase four you will learn to defend against releases.In phase five you will learn to defend against a stick.In phase six you will learn to defend against a knife.In phase seven you will learn to defend against kicks.All the defenses incorporate counter-attacks .This on-line course is relatively inexpensive, even more so when you consider thehuge value you will get in return.Visit:I Want To Learn Krav Maga Online Now! To Learn More!Thank you for reading,DonThis is an extremely intense course that will make you walk confidently on the street.Take a look here. You won’t be disappointed: http://defendmyself.info
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