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Rockto Business Presentation


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Rockto Pitching Material

Rockto Pitching Material

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  • 1. Social RecommendationPlatform
  • 2. WHAT IS ?
  • 3. What is Rockto?Rockto is a social recommendation platform where users can share their recommendations in a fun way.
  • 5. The Problems
  • 6. The Problems
  • 7. The Problems
  • 8. The ProblemsLame Statuses = Noises Too Many Useless Informations Annoying Advertisements Too Many Windows Opened Hard to Find Recommendation that Suits Your Interests
  • 10. The Solution
  • 11. The SolutionRECOMMENDATIO NThat suits YOUR INTERESTS
  • 12. The SolutionPUSH TO YOUR ACCOUNT
  • 13. The SolutionAND IT SHOULD BE
  • 14. The SolutionNo Lame StatusUpdatesLessAdvertisementRecommendation ThatSuit Your InterestsLess Windows OpenedUseful Recommendationfrom people you’refollowing
  • 15. THEDEMO
  • 16. The Demo
  • 17. Supported FormatArticle VideoImage Audio *And other several rich content like slideshare, scribd, flickr, etc.
  • 18. HOWIT WORKS ?
  • 19. How it Works
  • 21. Target Market
  • 22. Target Market Demographic PsychographicSex: Male and FemaleAge : 18-35 years Behavior: energetic, dynamic,Activity: Students and Early technology-savvy, up to date, trend-Workers setter, like to be central attention, like to learn new things.
  • 24. Statistics 7,500 30-40 members new members/day 70,000 60% pageviews/month new visits/day Member Growth800070006000 Oct ‘1150004000300020001000 0 Jan ‘11
  • 26. Business ModelsA. Sponsored PostB. Social CampaignC. Rockr Deals
  • 27. Business Models A. Sponsored Post Appear on Top of Popular Page Your Advertisement PostPopularityIndicator Sponsored by Your Business
  • 28. Business Models Previous Sponsored Post Previous Sponsored Post Total Rockpoints: 97 points 16 users* rock it 81 rockpoints from Impressions Total Impression: 6,344 impressions 5,696 (16 rocks x 356 **avg. twitter & FB follower) 648 (81 rocks x 0.125 point from people click link outside rockto)* ) see username below the post** ) estimation, real case will use actualTwitter & FB follower
  • 29. Business Models Pricing & Details• Your post will appear on top of popular page• Social media spreading from member with Facebook and Twitter connect feature• Gain exposure and awareness for your Business• Impression based fee calculation• Set up you limit with our quota system Pricing : IDR 200,- / impression for each sponsored post
  • 30. Business ModelsB. Social Campaign with Badges
  • 31. Business Models Previous Social Campaign Total Rockpoints: 52 points 34 users* rock it 18 rockpoints from Impressions Total Impression: **avg. twitter & FB (34 rocks x 356 12,248 impressions follower) 12,104 (18 rocks x 0.125 point from people click link outside rockto) 144 Results : 32 users earned the badge* ) see username below the post** ) estimation, real case will use actual 210 posts contain halloween tagTwitter & FB follower
  • 32. Business Models Pricing & Details• Period: Daily, Week(s), or Month(s)• Quests are provided by Rockto team based on Client req.• Campaign badge ads placement on user dashboard• Social media spreading from member with Facebook and Twitter connect feature• Gain viral exposure and awareness for your Business• Impression based fee calculation• Set up you limit with our quota system Pricing Package (All Item*) : IDR 200,- / impression for campaign ads IDR 200,- / post from user with campaign tag (min 5 rockpoints) IDR 1,000,- / user earned badge *cannot be applied separately
  • 33. Business Models C. Rockr Deals Your Business Feed Submit YourBusiness Deals
  • 34. Business Models PricingA. Sponsored Post:70,000 pageviews /1000 x $2 = $140/monthB. Social Campaign:1 Week duration = $1802 Weeks duration = $3203 Weeks duration = $5001 Month duration = $600C. Rockr Deals:Each facebook+twitter follower = $0.002
  • 36. The CompetitionMAIN COMPETITOR: Currently The Leader of Social Bookmarking in Indonesia ( New Comer with a lot of Experienced People Behind it (
  • 37. The Competition + Great UI - Lack of UI + Good UI + Element of Fun / - Plain Social + Some badges Gaming Bookmarking+ No Lame Status (No - Free Text = More - Free Text = More Free Text) Lame Status Lame Status+ Direct Rich Content - Must Go To Another + Youtube Played on on Post Page Post + Simple Features + Simple (Social - Too Many Features Bookmarking) + Automatically - Manually Share via - Manually Share Spread to Social FB/Tweet Btn Posts Media + No Ads - Too Many Ads + Some Ads
  • 39. Marketing Plans1. Rockto Share Button With Rockto share button, people can share their content to directly. It will increasing their web traffic. The content popularity indicator can be measured by Rockpoints.2. Viral Online Marketing We will also try to involve in communities such as Bloggers, Forums, Fashionistas, Culinary Lovers, Musicians etc and help spreads their recommendation through Sponsorship/ Media Partner are willing to become Social Media Partner to Events that suits to Rockto target audiences, hoping that people will become aware on a new Social Recommendation Media called Rockto.com4. Direct Approcah to Targeted Merchant approach to targeted merchant which suit with Rockto target audiences are behavior such as :convinience store, club, music event, cafe & restaurant, etc.
  • 40. THEFOUNDERS(+future hiring)
  • 41. The Founders 1 2 3 4 51. Mustafa Kemal, CEOMustafa Kemal graduated from BiNus University majoring Information Technology in 2008. With more than 5 years experience in creativeprojects and user interface development, Mr. Kemal has deep understanding especially in web design, UX and product. With IlhamSyafrialdi, Mr. Kemal also own a brand retail named This Is Ja which targeted the mainstream market.2. Errol Widhavian, CTOErrol Widhavian obtained his bachelor degree in Information Technology from BiNus University in 2008. Mr. Widhavian has big passion inweb development since high school. Prior created he has developed a website called Rocktofolio. He has been heavilyinvolved in many web development, database and mobile application projects.3. Kristian Nalindra P Harahap, CFOKristian Nalendra graduated from BiNus University majoring Information Technology in 2008. Since high school, he has shared the sameinterest and a lot of creative ideas with Mustafa Kemal and Errol Widhavian. They created Rocktofolio as their starting project. With bigpassion to become an entrepreneur, he took his role as CFO based on his working experiences in ERP system Finance & Accountingmodule.4. Ilham Syafrialdi, CBDOIlham Syafrialdi completed his bachelor degree in 2008 from BiNus University majoring Information Technology. Since 2008 untilnow, with Mustafa Kemal, Mr. Syafrialdi has spent his time to develop This is Ja Brand and has sold over thousand products. Hisexperience as Functional Business Analyst has helped him to be an expert in developing a product and a strategic planner in transformingone business model into other business model.5. Lasty Devira Kesdu, Marketing Communication DirectorLasty Devira Kesdu graduated from BiNus University in 2008 majoring Visual Communication Design. Back to 2001, with MustafaKemal, Errol Widhavian and Kristian Nalendra, she was involved in developing Rocktofolio. Her big interest in strategic branddevelopment has made her decided to taking a master degree in Strategic Marketing at BiNus International Business School. With hercombination working experiences as an art director and marketing communication, Ms. Kesdu has extensive knowledge in buildingcreative marketing.
  • 42. Future Hiring• Mobile Dev.• Operational• Marketing
  • 44. Financial Plans• Raised : $6,700  Source: self funding, working on external projects  Built & launch Rockto with 8,500 user in 1 year• Seeking $85,000 pre-Series A round at $540,000 valuation• Roadmap & Goals:  $10,000; hire 1 technical staff, 1 marketing staff  $15,000; marketing campaigns, ads & customer acquisition  Get 60,000 member and $35,000 revenue by the end of the year 2012  Estimated break-even in Q3 2013