IBM presentation at Digital Media Barcelona- Twitter For Business Microblogging Goes To Work Sept 09 Barcelonal


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IBM presentation: Twitter for business - Microblogging goes to work by Delphine Remy-Boutant, WW Social Media Marketing Manager IBM SWG - Digital Media Barcelona event 16th September

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  • 1 billion people today on the internet Almost one third of the world’s population will be on the web by 2011
  • . Twitter is the fastest growing social network and is great for real-time interaction.
  • e.g. Hudson river plane crash, Mexico earthquakes, Michael Jackson's death. It's establishing itself as the main source of live update information - e.g. safety and travel info during the Mumbai terror attacks in Nov 2008; spread and prevention of Swine Flu. Dramatic scenes from Thursday's emergency landing of a US Airways flight into the Hudson River were first seen on social networking site Twitter .  User Janis Krums was aboard a ferry used to rescue stranded passengers, and uploaded the news-breaking photo to TwitPic from his iPhone during the rescue.  His caption read 'There's a plane in the Hudson.  I'm on the ferry going to pick up the people.  Crazy.' The flight took off from LaGuardia airport at 3.26PM , and was already in trouble less than a minute later.  Krums' photo appeared on TwitPic just 10 minutes after take off, at 3.36PM.  Traditional media outlet the New York Times was 'a bit slow to get news' of the incident onto its web site, running it as a breaking news item at 3.48PM but not covering it as a front page story until 4.00PM.  Krums himself was interviewed by MSBNC 30 minutes after posting the image, but it was definitely Twitter that broke the story first. Trending , it is increasingly being used as a way of monitoring and reporting on trends. Top trends are shown on the right hand side of every Twitter user's stream, and tracked by other tools .
  • Stats on Twitter usage Nielsen stats from Feb 2009 at include the following: ** 62% of the audience access Twitter from work only, while only 35% access it only from home . This could suggest a trend towards professional use. also... Twitter is becoming an important source of Internet traffic for many sites, and the amount of traffic it sends to other websites has increased 30-fold over the last 12 months. ( )  
  • Twitter is important to IBM’s social media, brand and community strategy. Twitter is the fastest growing social network and is great for real-time interaction. In Social Media, IBM employees ARE the brand. All you need to do is what comes naturally, but make it visible online. Listen and engage. Social networks and online communities are natural places to build thought leadership and provide advocacy between our stakeholders and experts
  • BlueTwit emerged as a community project to address the need to interconnect globally dispersed IBMers. the tools that were developed as a community, all on IBMers free time. Because of the success of micro-blogging both internally at IBM and externally, IBM decided to add these capabilties to its strategic collaboration platform: Lotus Connections. Today, we have micro-blogging in Lotus Connections and the community is slowly moving off BlueTwit and into Lotus Connections. Why the move? Well, Lotus Connections is an integrated suite of collaboration, blogs, wikis, files, communities, micro-blogging, etc. Therefore, people gravitate to integrated tools, and move away from one-offs. Back to Twitter, one of the things that we did (Luis Benitz) was to take Bluto ( and add support for Lotus Connections. Bluto is an Adobe Air-based client and as such, works in Mac, Linux, and Windows. Originally, it was meant to serve as a microblogging client for BlueTwit and Twitter. it's now a micro-blogging client for Twitter, BlueTwit **and** Lotus Connections.. an all-in-one solution. When we shared this on external blog, demand was so high, that we decided to make this project available to the public. Bluto is now a free download from: bluto About bluto bluto was created as a side project at IBM to serve as a tool which would integrate Twitter 's feed with the feed from IBM 's own internal microblog service (called BlueTwit ). Since it's first release in November of 2008, bluto has become one of the most popular clients for BlueTwit and Twitter "inside the firewall." bluto's codebase is hosted on IBM's internal open-source repository and a few people have contributed code and bug reports across the corporation. When it was announced that Lotus Connections 2.5 would be supporting a style of microblogging people immediately started asking when bluto would support Connections' new "status" feature. Luis Benitez , an IBM Social Software Evangelist, took the base bluto code and implemented support for Connections in May of 2009. The version released on this site supports Connections and Twitter, support for BlueTwit has been removed as a separate version of bluto with capability for all three services is already available within IBM's intranet. Features Integrate your microblog feeds from Twitter and any Lotus Connections server. "xPost" to both services, or just post to one at a time. "Retweet" to posts and "@reply" to users from both services. View customizable pop-up notifications when friends of yours post to either service. Follow and stop following Twitter users. Friend and de-friend Connections users. Works cross-platform (on Windows, OS X, and Linux - anywhere Adobe AIR can be installed) Install it! Installing bluto is extremely easy, just follow these steps: Install Adobe AIR by downloading it from here . Download bluto here . Double-click bluto.air to start bluto's installer. Profit!
  • Because of the success of micro-blogging both internally at IBM and externally, IBM decided to add these capabilties to its strategic collaboration platform: Lotus Connections. Today, we have micro-blogging in Lotus Connections and the community is slowly moving off BlueTwit into Lotus Connections.
  • Twitter is important to IBM’s social media, brand and community strategy. Twitter is the fastest growing social network and is great for real-time interaction. In Social Media, IBM employees ARE the brand. All you need to do is what comes naturally, but make it visible online. Listen and engage. Social networks and online communities are natural places to build thought leadership and provide advocacy between our stakeholders and experts Responsible engagement in innovation and dialogue To learn, To contribute …. The IBM Business Conduct Guidelines and laws provide the foundation for IBM's policies and guidelines for blogs and social computing . Know the IBM Business Conduct Guidelines. Be thoughtful about how you present yourself in online social networks. Managers and executives take note: This standard disclaimer does not by itself exempt IBM managers and executives from a special responsibility when blogging. Respect copyright and fair use laws. Protecting confidential and proprietary information. IBM's business performance. Protect IBM's clients, business partners and suppliers.
  • SWG Web Presence 1.0 Brand Update August 27, 2004 IBM Confidential Why : Objectives Establish core business objectives Listen Monitor the Market conversation: (Listen to your audience) Identify & engage the influencers Who : Target your Audience Understand digital behaviors Develop a social media map Maximize digital asset distribution Where : Environment What : Experience Selecting social media networks, tools and content How : Deployment : Empower consumer advocacy (Participation) Identify available/required assets and resources “To fight a network, you need a network”
  • Most people don't want to follow you on Twitter for the factual information and offers you might publish. They're interested in you because they want to engage with the brand in some way. They want to hear the voice and personality of the brand.
  • Don’t limit yourself to pushing existing content. After all, only truly passionate customers will follow your tweets if all you provide is news they can already get elsewhere. Your Twitter presence won't grab attention if all it does is link to other content Think about new and different bits of content that your prospects and customers will find valuable. Example: JetBlue often uses Twitter to post weather alerts or travel tips that make travelling easier Hashtags One of twitter's weaknesses is the unstructured nature of the tweets         o        So finding stuff can be difficult o        A hashtag is a string beginning with the "#" character         -        Like a tag         -        A informal convention to help with information retrieval o        People "tag" things like product names, conferences         -        e.g #zOS  for z/OS         -        e.g #ls09 for Lotusphere 2009 o        Find tweets tagged with a term by         -        Stumbling across them on tools like Twhirl which highlight them and make links live         -        Using a hashtags aggregator like or o allows you to specify multiple hashtags in a single search         -        So does AHA o        AHA is an Adobe AIR desktop application that for hashtag searches         -        Available to IBMers on Cattail
  • Community-driven convention for adding context to your tweets To create a hashtag : Prefix a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag . provides real-time tracking of Twitter hashtags.   How To Use Hashtags   Tagging helps to organize and share our online information with others -1/ Follow @hashtags it will follow you back automatically and your #s will be tracked - 2/ Find out if the subject you're tweeting already has an established # - 3/ Use hashtags in your tweets, preceding key words with # -4/ Track other tweets on the subjects you're interested in by browsing/searching at or TwitterGroups. -5/ Set it up with RSS feeds as well.  
  • The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Media The social media experiment is over. Now it's time to extract value.
  • IBM presentation at Digital Media Barcelona- Twitter For Business Microblogging Goes To Work Sept 09 Barcelonal

    1. 1. Microblogging goes to workBarcelona, September 16th 2008Digital Media seminarDelphine Remy-BoutangWW Social Media Marketing Director,
    2. 2. Building a smarter planet (
    3. 3. Our world is becoming interconnected
    4. 4. What is Highly popular with celebrities, media and executives, Twitter is a microblogging platform composed of 140 character. Evan Williams, Twitter‘s founder, created it as a basic site to answer one simple question: “Twitter lets people know what’s going on about things they care about instantly, as it happens,” Evan Williams, Twitter’s CEO, told The New York Times: “In the best cases, Twitter makes people smarter and faster and more efficient.”
    5. 5. visits up 1500% YOY 7 millions usersUnique Audience (Thousands) for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace, May 2008 – May 2009 17% YOY 190% YOY 10% YOY 1448% YOY Source: Nielsen Online
    6. 6. Why is Twitter important?§  Its a place where news often breaks§  Trending: As everything being discussed on Twitter is by its nature happening now, more and more used as a way of monitoring, reporting§  Search Engine Optimization - because it is updated frequently, Twitter content ranks highly on Google. important way to generate traffic and disseminate messages online.§  Twitter is becoming an important source of Internet traffic for many sites, and the amount of traffic it sends to other websites has increased 30-fold over the last 12 months.
    7. 7. Source  Quantcast  2009;  
    8. 8. is not just for kidsAdults ages 18-34 has the largest representation on Twitter almost 3million unique visitors from this age group (almost 42% of the entireaudience). Source Nielsen62% of the audience access Twitter from work only, while only 35%access it only from home Source Nielsen
    9. 9. A new mode of communicationTwitter allows businesses a new mode ofcustomer communication that can be tailoredto match your customers preferences.Ø Twitter in your marketing strategy : Ø building relationships with prospective clients Ø promoting events Ø providing insight and commentary on an event in real time Ø promoting special offers Brand Ø facilitating collaborative experience Community Ø building conversation and relationship Ø sending press releases Customers Ø opening dialogue between promoter and promotion participants Engage Ø website traffic generation Traffic
    10. 10. Internal version of twitter: Blue twit•  open source project, licensed IBM Internal•  over 4,100 registered users•  Integrated to Twitter•  know who you speak with BluePages integration•  multiple clients: Firefox sidebar, Sametime•  stand-alone applications•  data source for mashups
    11. 11. Secure Intranet Microsharing with Lotus Connections!§  Status updates integrated with your intranet profile§  Easily view updates from your network of contacts, or from your entire company§  Feeds and e-mail integration make it easy to stay up to date, integrate desktop clients§  Post updates on other profiles with the Board§  Threaded comments on any status update
    12. 12. IBM Social Computing GuidelinesIBM supports open dialogue and the exchange of ideasResponsible engagement in innovation and dialogueü Be who you areü Speak in the first personü Use a disclaimerü Respect your audienceü  Add valueü Dont pick fightsü Be the first to respond toyour own mistakes.ü Use your best judgment.ü Dont forget your day job.
    13. 13. Social Software Adoption in IBMSome Collaboration 2.0 available to all IBMers:§  Profile: 515K profiles on Bluepages; 6.4M+ searches per week§  Communities: 4500+ public online communities, 2500+ private communities§  WikiCentral: 25K+ wikis with 320K+ unique readers§  BlogCentral: 62K users, 260K entries, 30K tags§  Dogear: 485K bookmarks, 1.4M tags, 20K users§  Activities: 50K activities, 425K entries, 80K users§  Instant Messaging: 4M+ per day§  Forums: more than 440K
    14. 14. IBM Software Group Social Media Marketing strategy WHY: Establish your core business objectives Listen to your audienceRESULTS: Measure those WHO:things that will best help you Target your audiencedetermine the impact of yourinvolvement and participation Understand digital behaviors Develop social media map HOW: Deployment: Empower WHERE: Environment Consumer advocacy (Participation) WHAT: Experience Identify available/required assets Select appropriate social media And resources for participation in networks, tools, and content the most relevant conversations. 14
    15. 15. A strategic approach to TwitterSTRATEGY FOLLOW CREATE ENGAGECustomer Your customers and Content relevant to Answer questions, respond potential customers your customers: tips, to comments about yourRelations company info, etc. brandCrisis Your brand, products Direct to additional Answer questions, respond and relevant issues resources, updated to comments, raise issues,Management info, explanation provide infoCorporate Industry leaders, Insight, expertise, Jump in the conversation. similar interest become a thought Be transparent and addReputation groups, news/media leader valueManagementEvent Coverage Those interested or Event information, Set up Tweet-ups, talk to attending event, media updates, behind the attendees, ask and answer scenes coverage questionsProduct Current and potential Links to online Check replies and DM’s, customers, those promos, insider info on answer questions, providePromotion interested in similar upcoming sales, info when needed products discount codes& SalesIssue Advocacy Those interested in Added values: health Know your followers, thank your cause, industry tips, disaster alerts, them for support, get them leaders, news fundraising info involved Source: Ogilvy
    16. 16. Define your Twitter strategy Follow / Create/ Engage 1/ Customer Relations 2/ Crisis Management 3/ Corporate Reputation Management 4/ Advocacy 5/ Event 6/ Product Promotion and Sales
    17. 17. 1/ Customer Relations§  Twitter allows to quickly listen andrespond to customer feedback beforeproblems escalate and to activate brandambassadors….
    18. 18. 1/ Engage in conversations and customer service§  Twitter is about conversations, not monologues and certainly not about spamming§  Make friends on Twitter. If people follow you, follow them too. Create a community not a soapbox§  Reply to others. This critical component of your Twitter activity. It makes all the difference, because it shows you want to engage with customers and listen to them.§  Be proactive in starting conversations. Listen for mentions of your brand, read them, and take the lead in starting a conversation.§  Helping one customer at a time where everyone can see it can make a real difference in brand sentiment.§  Because success on Twitter requires these types of back-and-forth interactions, it requires dedication and resources.
    19. 19. Conversation : @Tropical_IT following @ibmpromos“I went to look at their tweets and noted his tweet about System x.Spoke to their BP rep and we are working w/ him to get a better price”
    20. 20. 2/ Crisis Management§  Twitter is the fast way to respond and maintain an open channel.§  It needs to be part of a broader strategy, with all of the (social) media channels you use to listen and share with your customers, clients, and industry.
    21. 21. Example: IBM SMART SOA on Twitter
    22. 22. 3/ Corporate Reputation ManagementA Twitter handle is created to share the brand personality from real-livepeople behind the messages being Tweeted.Social media spaces such as Twitter are where personalities meetCompanies – corporations that are engaging users on Twitter arentsucceeding just because of the information they supply; its the voice andstyle of delivery that makes the differenceTwitter is far more valuable for distributing brand personality than it is formerely delivering content
    23. 23. 4/ Issue Advocacy§ Twitter’s ability to connectpeople with similarinterests can be harnessedfor the greater social goodwith issue advocacyorganizations creating acommunity and providinguseful information to thosethey serve
    24. 24. 5/ Event coverage§  The real-time ability to connect with others and share experiences makes Twitter a great platform for individuals, or companies, to use during a major event.§  Live-Tweeting an event can be used to create a completely new channel of conversation and a way to enhance the physical experience of the event.§  Combining Twitter with blogs, video and other social media efforts provides more ways to interact with the content and experience you’re creating.
    25. 25. Rational Software Conference: #rsc2009 § Displayed live streaming of #rsc2009 twitter feed.§  #rsc2009 appeared as a top trending topic twice - further raising the profile and discussion around the event.679 followers(140 started following during RSC)*1000 tweets using rsc2009 not posted by the official § 679 followers (140 started following during RSC)* rsc2009 account § 345 fans (45 new during RSC)*(529 during RSC)* § 1000 tweets using rsc2009 not posted by the official rsc2009 account (529 during RSC)* *As of June 4th at 12:30 p.m. EDT
    26. 26. IBM 2009 Social Media Marketing Summit #smm09 625 people attended the event : 50+ local video conferences in five cities (Stuttgart, Paris, London, RTP, San Jose) 184 in person at Yorktown Heights 394 attend online Twitter #smm09
    27. 27. IBM VFC SOA Campaign led by TwitterTwitter StatsTwitter Grader 94/100Followers 367Following 598@ replies 76Re-tweets 81 100% online / social media VFC website
    28. 28. 6/ Product Promotion and Sales§  A successful sales and promotion plan will be based on identifying your audience, providing useful content, and being prepared to engage in the conversation.§  When done right, your followers will not only become loyal customers, but also evangelists for your brand and your promotions. Twitter is an effective channel for sending out promotional messages Timely sales and coupons are easy to distribute on Twitter, and the fast nature of the Twitterverse means that people can respond to the promotions quickly. We regularly posts offers with codes for special discounts @ibmClearance , @ibmstorage, @ibmPromos, @ibmPCs Twitter is about connecting with 10 people who reach 100 who reach 1,000
    29. 29. Useful Twitter tools § Search twitter : Complete an advanced search around key phrases, within specific dates, and from specific handles. (Often broken, Google search is the best back up!) § TweetDeck: A desktop app that lets you organize your followers into specific categories (i.e. industry leaders, customers, potential customers, etc.) § TwitPic: Provides a bridge from your camera phone to Twitter. Pictures can either post to the Twitter public timeline from phone via email or through the site. § TweetLater and CoTweet: Allow you time your Tweets to be created now and published later. Seesmic: A desktop client to manage your lifestream from Facebook & multiple Twitter accounts.Create groups and searches and view them any way you like Mixero: Twitter client helps in controlling the flow and noise of information – Great to monitor groups and channels
    30. 30. Useful Twitter tools • HootSuite: A shared Twitter platform allowing multiple users, pre-scheduled tweets, and click statistics including charts and your most popular tweets. • TweetVolume: Find out what keywords to use based on their popularity and conversation volume on twitter. • TweetBeep: The Google Alerts for Twitter, allows you to monitor conversations that mention you, your brand, related/competitor products, and links to your website/blog. Alerted as keywords appear, reducing the need for a manual search. • Twitterholic: Find out who has the most followers and who can be an influential asset to your campaign. • ExecTweets: Find and follow top executives on Twitter. • Twollow: Put in key words and automatically add you to people with those words in there profile. • Mr Tweet: Your personal Twitter assistant suggests which influencers and followers…………….
    31. 31. Useful Twitter tools • TwitterGrader: Measures the relative power and authority of a Twitter user by calculating number of followers, power of network of followers, pace of updates and completeness of a user’s profile. • Twhirl: Centrally manages activity, messaging and updating for Twitter and platforms (FriendFeed, and Seesmic). • TwitScoop: Tells you “What’s hot right now?”, presenting trend comparisons and volume of conversation. • Twitterberry and Twitterfox: Downloadable Blackberry app and Firefox plugin for Twitter. • Go to Tweepler to see who to follow and who not to follow. • Go to Trendistic to view the volume of conversation about your brand, products…
    32. 32. Twitter dictionary§  Twitterverse or Twittersphere - the universe/world sphere of Twitter (cf. blogosphere)§  Tweet - an update on Twitter, comprising a message of up to 140 characters, sometimes containing a link, sometimes containing a picture or video. Also a verb: to tweet, tweeting.§  Reply or @Reply - a message from one user to another, visible to anyone following the user who is giving the reply. Also visible to the entire world (and search engines) in your Twitter profile page.§  Direct message or DM - a message from one user to another in private (not visible to other users, the internet or search engines).§  Re-tweet or RT - repeating a message from another user for the benefit of your followers and in recognition of its value (the Twitter equivalent of forwarding an email)§  Micro-blogging - the term given to the practice of posting short status updates via sites like Twitter (there are others, but none as big)§  “Follower” someone who has subscribed to read your tweets§  “Following" people that you decide to follow§  “Friend" Someone who you follow that also follows you
    33. 33. Think… “You have two choices. You can continue to lock yourself behind facile corporate words and happy talk brochures. Or you can join the conversation.” Delphine Remy-Boutang WW Social Media Marketing Director www.twitter/delphinerb