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13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
13.1 Ethical Behavior
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13.1 Ethical Behavior


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Small Business …

Small Business
Module 13

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  • 1. Ethical Behavior in Business
  • 2. What is Ethics?
    • Ethics involves:
    • Having guidelines for human behavior
    • Studying moral choices and values
    • Choosing between right and wrong.
  • 3. What is Ethical Behavior?
    • Ethical behavior means:
    • knowing the difference between right and wrong
    • consciously choosing to do right.
  • 4. What is a Code of Ethics?
    • A Code of Ethics is:
    • A systematic set of rules and procedures used to guide the behavior of an individual, a business, or a culture.
    • The code of ethics is in writing and available to everyone who is expected to abide by them.
  • 5. What is Business Ethics? Business ethics means applying principles of right and wrong to situations in the workplace .
  • 6. What is a Small Business’s Ethical Responsibility Towards Customers?
    • Treat all customers with respect.
    • Be honest.
    • Do not exaggerate the merits of your products/services.
    • Inform customers of possible dangers of your products/services.
    • Handle all disputes fairly.
  • 7. What is a Business Owner’s Ethical Responsibility Towards Employees?
    • Establish an ethical workplace.
    • Create a written code of ethics to set guidelines to help the business owner and employees make ethical decisions.
    • Establish company policies and procedures to let business owners and employees know how to act in certain situations.
    • Treat all employees fairly.
    provided by Office of Government Ethics, Washington, DC
  • 8. How Can a Small Business Show Its Ethical Responsibility Towards the Community?
    • Contribute money to charities, cultural institutions, and other reputable causes.
    • Get involved.
    • Donate products and services.
    • Sponsor/support fundraising for non-profit organizations that support the community.
  • 9. Ethics in the Small Business
    • Having a clear, understandable, fair code of ethics is important to the success of a small business.
    • Everyone involved in the business should be aware of what is expected of them.
    • Many companies not only have a code of ethics but require it to be signed by every employee.
    • Failure to abide by documented, established code of ethics can result in a job lost.