Why Were Relations Between The Papacy And Philip
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Why Were Relations Between The Papacy And Philip






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Why Were Relations Between The Papacy And Philip Why Were Relations Between The Papacy And Philip Presentation Transcript

  • Doctrine/faith/ orthodoxy Eradicate heresy Organisational reform Defend Catholicism Catholic Unity Membership / Followers Reputation and prestige Reforms Foreign Policy Relations with the Pope Domestic Policies Philip II Control of the Church
  • Why were relations between the papacy and Philip so difficult?
  • Ideally ?
    • Catholic unity
    • Spain the strongest power united to papacy defending Catholicism
    • Therefore strengthening the Catholic Church, eradicating heresy, implementing the Tridentine decrees, a the head of a united Catholic alliance
  • Tensions ?
    • From the beginning – excommunicated
    • Politics of Italy – Philip controlled Naples, Sicily , Sardinia and Milan VS Pope ruler of papal states.
    • Pope frequently tried to avoid domination by Spain by playing Spain off against the other great Catholic power France.
    • Pope resented having to rely on Spain against heretic threats.
  • Tensions ?
    • Philip’s control over the Church in Spain e.g. appointments, publishing papal bulls, implementation of tridentine decrees
    • Used appointments as patronage
    • Lynch control of the church in Spain more complete than any other monarchs in 16 th Century
    • ‘ There is no Pope in Spain’.
    • Revenue from the church e.g. vacant bishoprics
  • Tensions ?
    • Maintained control over inquisition
    • Refused papal jurisdiction over prosecutions over clergy e.g. Carranza affair
    • Tridentine decrees double checked by Philip before implemented
  • Tensions ?
    • Quarrels over foreign policy e.g. after Lepanto, excommunication of Elizabeth I, truce with Turks 1578
    • Philip outraged by Pope Sixtus V supporting Henry VI’s 1593 conversion to Catholicism
    • Philip interfered in Papal elections, even resorting to military and naval pressure (Parker)
    • Pope overall feared a dominant Spain in Europe
  • Why did they maintain relations?
    • Spain Catholic
    • Philip devout
    • Pope needed Spanish strength
    • Philip needed support of papacy spiritually, financially and strategically
  • Did Philip’s clashes with the papacy weaken the Catholic Church? Overall strained relations prevented a sustained Catholic united front against the threat of heresy. Philip and the Pope realised that maintaining good relations had benefits, this in the end ensure that relations did not totally breakdown. However it is clear that the clashes damaged the church overall as it reduced how effectively it could combat the growth spread of Protestantism. 1 –Significantly damaged the Church 1 0– Significantly strengthened the Church