Unleashing the Power of Employee Advocates


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Conversations in social media have a big impact on your customer relationships and on your bottom line – and employees trained in social media can be your best advocates. Here we cover three employee training and activation programs that Dell uses to empower our employees on social: Social Media and Community University (SMaC U), Social Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Social Exec. For more, see http://dell.to/1hf6FjP "Turning internal experts into social influencers".

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Unleashing the Power of Employee Advocates

  1. 1. Global Marketing Unleashing the Power of Employee Advocates 1 Amy Heiss, Dell Social Training & Activation Global Lead Twitter: @AmyHatDell
  2. 2. Global Marketing Employee Landscape is Changing Employee attitudes can affect customer satisfaction up to 80% (National Business Research Institute, 2012) 69% of US employees are actively disengaged (Gallup, 2012) Only 37% of employees understand their company’s vision (Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit) More employees are remote – 50% of jobs are compatible with part-time work from home (Global Workplace Analytics, 2012) @AmyHatDell #ANAMarketing
  3. 3. Global Marketing …recognize social media as a key tool for interacting with customers externally CEOs Are Catching On… #1 CEOs predict social media will replace websites & call centers as the #1 tool for customer interaction (IBM Study) 77% Of buyers are more likely to buy from a company if the CEO uses social media (Top Rank) 53% of B2B buyers follow social discussions about vendors they are considering (Top Rank) 90% Inc. 500 companies use a major social media platform & 62% say social media is “somewhat” or “very” necessary to their growth (Heidi Cohen)
  4. 4. Global Marketing Social media will make your Employees better at their jobs Harvard Business Review weighs in • The most expensive employees spend: – 28% of their time reading/replying to emails – 19% of their time tracking down information – 14% of their time collaborating with co-workers • Social media could represent a 20-25% increase in efficiency in these activities • “Dig out the dark matter” – High-value knowledge is hidden in oral traditions or buried on hard drives • Source
  5. 5. Global Marketing Becoming a Social Business
  6. 6. Global Marketing Defining Roles for Your Employees
  7. 7. Global Marketing Social Media & Community University Principles Policy Governance Training & tools
  8. 8. Global Marketing Empower team members through certification Confidential8 (3) Mandatory Classes (1) Platform of choice
  9. 9. “Consider Dell, which has two types of defined training models: a guideline-focused course for everyone and a series of in-depth courses that are required for anyone representing the company in social media…” “Best in class training” 11,000 SMaC Certified; 30, 000 unique class attendees Nominated for 2011 Constellation SuperNova Award for Social Business “recognizes teams for their courage in battling the odds to effect change in their organization”
  10. 10. Global Marketing Social SME Program
  11. 11. Global Marketing Social SME Program WHAT’S IN IT FOR DELL Through active participation, Social SMEs can help drive significant impact for Dell including: • Strengthening our customer and influencer relationships • Increasing share of voice around key topics • Boosting the rankings of Dell content in search engine results • Driving Dell.com clicks and online revenue
  12. 12. Global Marketing Social SME Program--Leaderboard *Note—sample data was used for this chart
  13. 13. Global Marketing Social SME Individual Scorecard
  14. 14. Global Marketing Social SME Individual Scorecard
  15. 15. Global Marketing #SocialExec Program • White Glove Experience • Personal Presence Audit • LinkedIn Profile Coaching • Content Curation • Industry Peer List • Blog Recommendations • Influencer List • Social integration in organization • Social integration at events
  16. 16. Global Marketing #SocialExec Personal Presence Audit
  17. 17. Global Marketing Meet a #SocialExec Twitter: @JStathamAtDell In her 1st Month After Coaching: • Increased Klout Score by 20 points • Doubled Twitter followers • Excellent engagement including mentions, RTs, favorites, and replies to posts • LinkedIn • Connected with 200 more people • Increased content sharing • Generated 179 profile views
  18. 18. Global Marketing Social Media Activation Confidential18 Programs Professional Certification Executive Training Certification Skill Enhancing Best Practice Sharing Tool Training Types of Training Subject Matter Expert Social Profile Improvements Blog writing workshops Influencer Relations Listening Tools EveryoneSocial Tool Community Management Speakers Series Case Studies Power Hours
  19. 19. Global Marketing Incorporate into Manager Framework
  20. 20. Global Marketing Create a Social Culture Confidential20 Encourage participation by providing special employee events for social media advocates • Guest speakers • UnConferences • Love notes
  21. 21. Global Marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) January’14 February’14 MoM Trend Social Media Audience (Aggregate of members from all the properties since inception) 1.64M 1.68M 2.8% New members - Social Media (Aggregate of new members from all the properties) 50.1K 49.5K 1.2% Reach (Avg. Reach from FB & TW) 1.65M 5.40M 229% Engagement (Total actions on all social properties) 78.6K 101.8K 30% Engagement rate (Avg. Engagement Rate on all social properties) 3.68% 3.91% 6.4% Traffic to Dell.com (Total visits on Dell.com from Social media) 12.4K 21.4K 73% Attributable Social Media Revenue (Total revenue generated on Dell.com from Social media) $465K $485K 4.2% Measure Success *Scorecard for North America Marketing activity
  22. 22. Global Marketing How will you activate your employees? 3 Primary Opportunities for Social Media Internally Improve collaboration & communication Connect real-world employee networks online via social communities to reduce time spent searching for info and replying to emails Build advocacy & word of mouth Empower employees to amplify company messages and highlight team wins across their personal social media networks Drive credibility & influencer relations Establish internal experts externally as active thought leaders around key company topics
  23. 23. Global Marketing What Do Employee Advocates Do For Your Business?