5 Social Media Tips For PR Pros - Social Media and the New PR World Order


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Social media has changed the PR game. Not only does social media break news, but it is increasingly becoming a go-to resource for journalistic research. In this presentation, Dell’s Carly Tatum discusses tips to approaching public relations on the social stage.

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5 Social Media Tips For PR Pros - Social Media and the New PR World Order

  1. 5 Social Media Tips For PR Pros Photo Credit: Flickr user Marc_Smith Global Marketing
  2. Social Media- The New PR World Order Carly Tatum Global Social Media Manager, Dell
  3. Media Landscape has Changed!! “I’ve stopped accepting email pitches. Please follow me on twitter and pitch in 140 characters or less” – Dennis Howlett- tech analyst 3 Global Marketing
  4. 51% of journalists worldwide use “microblogs” (Twitter, FB, Weibo) to gather news stories* *Must be a trusted source. Source: “The New Normal News” Orellia PR Network’s 2013 Digital Journalism Study survey of 500 journalists spanning 14 countries 4 Global Marketing
  5. 5 Global Marketing
  6. The PR job description has changed • PR Manager Job Description: Traditional & Social Media/Word-of-Mouth Marketing for commercial topics including virtualization and thin-client solutions plus public-sector and healthcare segments. Role includes full lifecycle PR for brand products/solutions and WOMM program development, content creation and distribution, community-building activities, social channel management and crisis communication. Candidate also will help recruit and assist a range of individuals to be online advocates for brand solutions, expressing how [company] addresses customer needs and contributing to a thriving online community. Candidate will manage an agency team and collaborate closely with internal colleagues in the US and abroad. Business environment is fast-paced and demanding. Ability to create content, devise strategies and execute at a world-class level is required. While strong individual leadership is required, proven teamwork skills are also a must. Qualifications * 5 years media-relations or comparable experience with relationships in place * 2 years experience with social media * Experience creating and deploying innovative social media programs 6 Global Marketing
  7. 5 Tips for PR Social Success… Photo Credit: Flickr user Marc_Smith Global Marketing
  8. 1. Always start with listening. Free tools: Google alerts, SocialMention.com, Topsy.com, Muckrack.com 8 Global Marketing
  9. What are people saying about your organization or topic of interest? 9 Global Marketing
  10. 2. Craft your message so it’s sharable. Photo credit: Flickr @RaphaelLove Global Marketing
  11. 11 Global Marketing
  12. Formula for a social headline: Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise (In 100 characters or less) Source: goinswriter.com 12 Global Marketing
  13. That includes Press Releases!! • LinkTracker inclusion • “Click to Tweet” • Video and multimedia 13 Global Marketing
  14. 3. How you respond is as powerful as what you say. Credit: The Oatmeal 14 Global Marketing
  15. Dell case study: social listening, response results in national news coverage 15 Global Marketing
  16. 4. Be true to who you are. Focus on creating conversations, relationships 16 Global Marketing
  17. Dell’s Digital Conversation Ecosystem OWNED LEVEL 1: Dell.com EARNED LEVEL 2: Dell Social Media Properties LEVEL 3: Non-Dell Properties & Influencers* LEVEL 4: Search Dell Communities & Influencers Non-Dell Communities & Influencers * Level Three Outlets Vary Per BU 17 Confidential Global Marketing
  18. Do you know your influencers? Culturemakers Policymakers Academics • Culturemakers? • Policymakers? Advocates Brands • Academics? • Advocates? • Bloggers? • Brands? 18 Global Marketing
  19. 5. Measure your success (and keep the metrics simple) 1. Impressions (Twitter reach) 2. Content Engagement (“Likes” and Comments) 3. Amplification (retweets, shares) 4. Sentiment 5. Share of Voice 19 Confidential Global Marketing
  20. Social Platform Quick Guide: Purpose Time Level of Commitment Level of Difficulty Outcome Professional community Platform 2-3x per week Low Easy Connecting, recruiting Relationship-building, connecting w/ “influencers” & advocates Relationship-building, connecting w/ friends, influencers & advocates Microblog Medium Medium Social network 2-3x per week Medium Medium Social aggregate Daily Low Easy Storytelling, syndication Micro blog /blog platform 2-4x per month; High High Storytelling, syndication Powerpoint presentation community Monthly; ongoing comments High High Story-telling, syndication Photosharing, inspirational Monthly Low Low Sharing, visual storytelling Video sharing 20 Daily Ad Hoc High High Storytelling Global Marketing
  21. Good Reads… • The New Normal PR- Orellia PR Global Digital Journalism Study 2013 • Mashable: Dos and Don’t’s of Pitching Journalists on Social Media • Mashable- How PR Pros are Using Social Media for Real Results • eMedia- The Rise of Journalists as a Publisher 21 Global Marketing
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