Your Quick Guide To Dell Cloud Client Computing


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Any app. Any user. Any device.
Evolve from a PC ecosystem to a cloud computing model that sets people free to work where they want, how they want. Whether you’re looking for improved security, enhanced service delivery, optimized BYOD environments, enhanced workforce productivity or an easier migration from Windows SP, count on the only provider of complete, end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions.

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Your Quick Guide To Dell Cloud Client Computing

  1. 1. Your quick guide to Dell cloud client computing. Today, businesses and organizations across diverse industries and market sectors around the globe depend on secure, cost effective and efficient desktop virtualization and cloud client computing solutions from Dell. Dell cloud client computing in action. Dell cloud client computing partners with leading vendors to deliver market-leading solutions for desktop and application virtualization. Healthcare Education Government Finance We’re supporting healthcare professionals around the globe with secure access to vital Hospital Information Systems and sensitive patient records and data within hospitals, clinics, urgent care, and other healthcare facilities. We’re helping schools, colleges and 10 of the top 15 universities worldwide to use Dell cloud client computing for less budget, resulting in drastically reduced management and energy costs. We’re at the forefront of central and local government initiatives worldwide enabling both administrative and customerfacing staff to deliver secure, faster, higher quality services from fixed and mobile locations. In today’s challenging global financial markets, secure, manageable and highly productive virtual desktops are essential to the continued success of leading businesses. 8 of the top 10 banks in the USA use Dell cloud client computing. Cloud client computing that's: Secure Cost effective Efficient With no local data, secure desktop management, and support for smart-cards, tokens and biometric authentication. Dell cloud clients help reduce the cost of acquiring and supporting desktop computing. Dell cloud clients use as little as 3 watts of power and off-load processing tasks from the server – creating a true low-carbon solution.
  2. 2. Dell Wyse management software. Dell Wyse Device Manager ™ Dell Wyse Configuration Manager ™ Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager Enables low TCO through scalable remote monitoring, management and reporting of Dell Wyse clients. An industry first, Configuration Manager (WCM) automates deployment of Dell Wyse Windows-based thin clients through your private cloud or server. Securely embrace consumerized IT and BYOD alongside corporate owned devices, apps and content. Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager allows you to securely manage thin clients, mobile devices and employee access to corporate applications and content all from a single cloud-based console. Empower your workforce, protect your data and cut costs. • • • • • • • • Centralizes control of clients Easy-to-view status monitoring Full image or patch/update distribution Updates can be scheduled for after hours Out-of-the-box, auto-configuration of devices Detailed asset management Scales up to thousands of devices Standards-based, secure communications • elf-configuration capability for Windows Embedded S thin clients • Select desired configuration, and Configuration Manager does the rest, automatically • o imaging or re-booting required, works in concert N with write-filter technology for enhanced security • upports SMB to enterprise environments S • Supports stationary or mobile thin clients, in or out of the office • ncludes 'appliance mode' to restrict one or more I thin clients to a singular function (e.g. info-only kiosk) • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory®, when present • onfigure and manage Dell Wyse thin clients and mobile C devices from anywhere* • ecurely manage employee access to company applications S and content • nable user self-service provisioning for devices and E corporate resources • onitor user devices, track asset and application inventory M and enforce policy compliance • Real-time alerts, troubleshooting and audit trails * Supports iOS and Android mobile devices and Dell Wyse ThinOS thin and zero clients. Dell Wyse virtualization software. Dell Wyse TCX Suite™ Dell Wyse TCX Suite is virtualization software that offers an outstanding user experience available over virtualized environments, by enabling desktop and mobile users to run diverse multimedia formats (including Flash), use multiple monitors, plug-in USB devices and run voice applications. Multi-display Helps make virtual desktops and applications work better across multiple displays. USB virtualizer Simple and revolutionary, software that makes client attached USB devices visible to virtual desktops. Multimedia acceleration This software enables Collaborative Processing Architecture, designed to improve multimedia quality while reducing load on servers and networks. Rich sound This software enables virtual desktops and applications to deliver rich, bi-directional sound for applications like VoIP and unified communications. Flash redirection Extends high-quality multimedia support to Flash. Dell Wyse PC Extender PC Extender enables organizations to access the benefits of thin and virtual computing environments by repurposing their existing PC hardware into intelligent virtualized desktops. Dell Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator™ Dell Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA) enables virtualized desktop environments to be deployed to areas where network packet-loss and latency present operational barriers. Now, with VDA, more users can receive the full benefits of Dell cloud client computing – offering an outstanding PC experience over virtualized desktops. VDA is a software-only solution for Dell Wyse thin clients and supported PCs that: • Offers one of the best user experiences for the allocated network bandwidth. • Neutralizes the effects of network latency and packet loss, making ‘thin’ suitable for more remote-site, branch or field-based users. • Can significantly accelerate RDP and ICA protocols on certain WAN links where end-to-end performance may be impacted by link distance or capacity.
  3. 3. Dell Wyse personal cloud. Dell Wyse PocketCloud Remote Desktop™ Dell Wyse PocketCloud Explore™ Dell Wyse PocketCloud Web™ PocketCloud Remote Desktop™ is a secure and fast way to remotely connect to your Mac or Windows® desktop with your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, or Android device no matter where you are. Access your files, pictures, and applications like Excel®, Powerpoint®, Photoshop®, or any other program. PocketCloud Explore™ brings an intuitive view of your Windows®/Mac® file systems to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and Windows RT tablets, and lets you search, view, organize, and share across all of your computers. Create your own personal cloud out of your computers, plus Dell Wyse Cloudbin™ online storage for anytime, anywhere access and sharing. PocketCloud Web™ is a browser-based application and service that lets you search, view, organize, and share files across all of your computers and Dell Wyse Cloudbin™ online storage. Create a personal cloud out of your computers and Cloudbin for access and sharing from any web browser. Dell Wyse cloud software. Dell Wyse Zero™ Dell Wyse WSM™ The Zero engine is Dell Wyse designed software technology that simplifies the development of cloud-connected smart devices. Zero is already used in millions of devices, including thin clients, handheld smart devices and zero clients. WSM provides the local processing power of a PC with management and security benefits of your private cloud. WSM delivers full PC desktop functionality without complexity by streaming everything a user needs – operating systems, media-rich applications and documents on-demand to Dell Wyse cloud PCs or diskless PCs. Local WSM Server WSM is designed to scale from small, single server systems for an individual office or classroom to high-availability, multi-site deployments with centralized management. WSM is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with virtualized application and desktop technologies from Citrix®, Microsoft® or VMware when full PC functionality at the desktop is required. DOC W APP APP DOC W APP APP DO C W OR DOC W DOC W APP Global WSM Server Cloud client firmware options. Diskless PC DOC W Local WSM Server APP Dell Wyse Cloud PC Dell Wyse provides the widest choice of advanced, innovative client firmware options available. Dell Wyse Zero™ Dell Wyse ThinOS™ Dell Wyse next-generation zero client engine, available exclusively in the Xenith family of zero clients. Fast, simple, and secure solution for Citrix® Application Delivery, Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services and VMware Horizon View™. Dell Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise™ Dell Wyse-enhanced Ubuntu™ Linux Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 Windows® Embedded Standard 7 and 8 The only enterprise-quality Linux that’s optimized for cloud client computing. A lighter Linux, with a faster boot time and less to learn and manage. Microsoft’s Embedded OS for thin clients, based on Windows 2009. Microsoft’s Embedded OS for thin clients, based on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  4. 4. Desktop and mobile thin clients. Dell Wyse cloud clients deliver flexible access to virtual desktops and virtualized applications. Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions. The world is changing, and organizations are looking for new ways to enable their workforce to be more productive and more efficient, while increasing job satisfaction. This means enabling any user to use any application on any device that they choose – whether these devices are corporate owned or not. Dell Wyse T class™ Dell Wyse D class™ Dell Wyse Z class™ Dell Wyse X class™ Offers an excellent web, Citrix®, Microsoft®, and VMware VDI user experience on a budget. Available as: thin client. Versatile, compact and efficient, this new mid-range high performance dual and quad core thin client delivers a wide variety of applications, including 3D graphics and HD multimedia, with ease. Also available as a cloud PC. Powerful and expandable thin clients made for the most demanding applications. Providing the best connectivity and graphics performance Dell Wyse has ever offered. Available as: thin client and cloud PC. Mobile thin clients offering a rich integrated WiFi, Bluetooth™ option, and 3G card support. Available with 11.6 or 14 widescreen displays. Available as: mobile thin client and mobile cloud PC. Dell Wyse zero clients. Zero clients are dedicated virtual desktop access devices that are extremely secure and easy to deploy and manage. Self managed Fully featured Anytime, anywhere, any device You can support the demands of today’s mobile workforce with Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) and provide secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and resources. Dell’s end-to-end solutions for desktop virtualization integrate the latest virtualization and management technologies with Dell’s powerful pre-integrated infrastructure and Dell ProSupport™ to simplify desktop management while increasing security and control. DVS Enterprise solutions Discover a secure and reliable cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure solution that’s flexible and affordable. Delivering an integrated VDI solution on Dell servers, available in Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View ™ configurations. Dell Wyse E class™ Dell Wyse Xenith family™ Dell Wyse P class™ Built for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp published desktops. Minimal delays, easy to manage, and extremely secure. Power-on to productive within 6 seconds, delivering a Citrix® HDX 3D experience. Created for VMware Horizon View users, the P class offers high performance PCoIP zero client workstations for 3D modelling and other processor-demanding applications, plus support for up to four displays. ® ™ DVS Simplified Appliance A new level of affordable computing for classrooms. Designed to connect to and seamlessly support Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server® in education environments. For computer sharing in education. DVS Simplified Appliance is a simple, practical VDI appliance solution that consolidates pre-configured Dell PowerEdge servers with factory-installed Citrix® VDI-in-a-Box™ software, Dell Wyse cloud clients and world-class Dell ProSupport™, to make desktop virtualization simple to implement and extremely cost-effective. Desktop as a Service Dell Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides a cloud-based self-managed virtual desktop solution. CAPex barriers are eliminated by delivering a desktop from the Dell cloud with a simple per user, utility pricing model. Dell Wyse cloud PCs. Desktop and mobile cloud PCs The PC, improved. Cloud PCs combine local performance with server based OS and application management. Uses Dell Wyse WSM software on the server. Find your local Dell Wyse website and sales contact at ©2013 The Dell Wyse logo and references are trademarks of Dell Wyse. Other product names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the details, specifications, models, images and benefits featured in this datasheet, we cannot be held responsible for any errors and/or omissions. If you have any queries regarding Dell Wyse products please contact your authorized regional Dell Wyse Partner. Some features require support by server operating system and protocol. Approved final 010513.