Web security providergains significant growth inkey markets with appliancesolution delivered by DellOEM Solutions         ...
Websense – headquartered in San Diego, California –                             is a leader in unified web, data and email...
could assist us with the supply chain         field engineering, development andmanagement, regulatory issues and         ...
Driving	sales	thanks	to	dedicated	                           and the necessary paperwork. Schmidt                        r...
OEM Solutions    For more info on OEM Solutions, visit:                     http://del.ly/oem            Visit our other c...
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Websense Case Study


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Websense worked with Dell™ OEM Solutions to build a customized solution on a Dell server platform and create an efficient global supply chain and support network.

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Transcript of "Websense Case Study"

  1. 1. Web security providergains significant growth inkey markets with appliancesolution delivered by DellOEM Solutions • Dell OEM Solutions “The product achieved the highest rate of growth of any enterprise-class content security appliance.” Werner Schmidt, Sales Operations Director, Websense Customer profile Company: Websense Industry: Technology Country: Global HQ US/Ireland Benefits • chieved record-breaking A Founded: 1994 worldwide expansion in product Employees: 1,410 sector Website: www.websense.com • Increased penetration in markets with complex regulatory codes Business need • Gained efficient global supply To deliver the next-generation Websense® TRITON™ solution chain for rapid deliveries architecture, the company chose to develop a turnkey solution for its • Boosted customer retention rates Websense Web Security Gateway product. to 100 per cent • Maximised hardware availability Solution with no performance issues Websense worked in partnership with Dell OEM Solutions to build a customised solution on a Dell server platform and create an efficient global supply chain and support network.
  2. 2. Websense – headquartered in San Diego, California – is a leader in unified web, data and email security solutions. With its network of channel partners, the company’s products block malicious code, protect confidential information and enforce Internet security policies for more than 40 million employees worldwide. Websense is always looking to develop its products further to meet the security needs of all companies – regardless of their size or location. The need for an out-of-the-box (SMEs) because they could avoid the solution cost of managing the web security“Dell OEM Solutions Part of the Websense product roadmap solution on their own platforms.” was to develop the Websense® V-Series™ was the obvious appliance – an out-of-the-box offering – Finding the right partner for worldwide distribution choice for for its Websense TRITON™ solution with unified content security. This includes Websense wanted to ensure that it Websense. It offered the Web Security Gateway product, could deliver the same high-quality engineering and support that its which Gartner has positioned as a leader a total, end-to-end in its Magic Quadrant for Secure Web customers had come to expect. “Our business is software not hardware, so customised solution Gateway report1. delivering an out-of-the-box solution and rapid, seamless The Websense TRITON system is the first and only content security solution was going to be a major challenge,” says Schmidt. global distribution.” to consolidate web, email and data The organisation was clear that loss prevention security into a unifiedWerner Schmidt, it needed to deliver the V-Series architecture. The solution combines theSales Operations Director, successfully worldwide. “We wanted market’s leading security technologies,Websense to partner with an organisation with under consolidated management and proven hardware and one which would reporting. It combines on-premise and collaborate closely with us on lifecycle cloud-based deployment and offers to management. Furthermore, we wanted reduce IT footprint, ease deployment to work with an organisation that really and management, and cut the understood the logistics of delivering customer’s total cost of ownership. a turnkey product worldwide and Werner Schmidt, Sales Operations Director at Websense, says: “With the V-Series, we could offer customers a Technology at work fully integrated web, data and email Services security platform that would allow them to protect against new and emerging • Dell OEM Solutions Internet threats.” The V-Series was • Dell ProSupport for IT designed to appeal to organisations – Mission Critical option of all sizes worldwide, offering varying platforms. Schmidt explains: “Our Chief Hardware Executive Officer asked us to deliver a • Dell™ PowerEdge™ R610 server solution as soon as possible, making it a priority. We saw that a product • Dell PowerEdge R210 server combining hardware and software would overcome the challenge of Software customers installing the software • Websense® TRITON™ incorrectly or using platforms that didn’t • Websense Web Security have sufficient performance. It would Gateway attract businesses globally, leveraging the convenience of a turnkey solution. We also knew that it would appeal to small and medium-sized enterprises 1. http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/WBSN/852089959x0x343954/7e5a8462-0789-4410-8a18- 7bf9054b737e/WBSN_News_2010_1_13_General.pdf
  3. 3. could assist us with the supply chain field engineering, development andmanagement, regulatory issues and configuration teams received thetechnical support,” says Schmidt. server technology at a very early stage “With Dell OEM to support the validation process.Gaining dedicated support with Furthermore, if these teams had Solutions, ordersDell OEM Solutions Websense gained expert assistance from any technical questions, Dell OEM Solutions quickly provided the required ship with the Dell OEM Solutions and a dedicated solution-focused OEM team to deliver its information.” correct marks, so ambitions for a global solution. Indeed, The company chose the Dell™ there are no delays not long before Websense decided to PowerEdge™ R610 server and the Dell create the V-Series, executives from PowerEdge R210 server to deliver the and customers Dell OEM Solutions in the US had given a presentation on delivering a V-Series. Comments Schmidt: “The Dell PowerEdge R610 and R210 offered great receive their Websense-branded hardware platform performance while minimising energy products fast.” for worldwide distribution. Schmidt says: consumption – helping us quickly deliver“Dell OEM Solutions was always one step a compelling solution.” The Websense Werner Schmidt, ahead – realising the business potential V5000™ appliance, built on the R210 Sales Operations Director, of delivering Websense technology as a server, delivers Websense security Websense turnkey product.” solutions on an ideal platform for SME and branch office deployments. The“We came to a decision quickly because Websense V10000™ appliance, built on International Data Corporation (IDC)2 Dell had so much in its favour,” Schmidt the R610 server, delivers market-leading says: “With more than 1,000 V-Series continues. First, Dell servers and storage security for large office deployments, units sold in the first seven months solutions were already at the heart providing maximum scalability, of release, the product achieved the of Websense operations, so Schmidt availability and reliability. highest rate of growth of any and his colleagues could confirm the enterprise-class content security performance of the hardware and Development time was further reduced appliance product.” technical support. Second, Dell OEM because the servers needed only Solutions offered the same high-quality minor customisation. The Dell servers Crucially for Websense, the turnkey platforms and dedicated support, but were unbranded and came with the solution has been a great success without the Dell brand and customisable redundant power supplies and remote among customers. Murtagh says: “We’re to the company’s specific needs. “Dell management capabilities that Websense achieving the same great results with OEM Solutions was the obvious choice required. The company simply SMEs as we are in the enterprise space.” for Websense,” says Schmidt. “It offered requested additional drives to maximise Significant growth in parts of Asia- a total, end-to-end customised solution availability, which Dell could easily meet. Pacific and rapid, seamless global distribution.” Record-breaking sales in product In Asia-Pacific – an increasinglyMinimising time to market with sector important market for Websense – theexcellent support “Sales have been explosive for our V-Series significantly boosted sales When it came to development, V-Series appliance turnkey solution since of Websense Web Security Gateway. Websense engineers in the US and it went to market,” says Murtagh. “And, Schmidt says: “The product achieved the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) by working with Dell OEM Solutions, highest rate of growth of any enterprise- were able to maximise their productivity we have maintained our delivery times class content security appliance.” thanks to dedicated support from despite the rapid growth in demand.” Dell. Mark Murtagh, Director for EMEA According to independent research, Sales Engineering at Websense, says: sales have increased faster than for“Dell OEM Solutions ensured that our any other product in its class. The 2. http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/ WBSN/852089959x0x371316/ad0d1e49-67e0-4db4-b2ab- db091bcaf88a/WBSN_News_2010_5_4_General.pdf
  4. 4. Driving sales thanks to dedicated and the necessary paperwork. Schmidt running at 100 per cent,” saysaccount team says: “These markets – such as Murtagh. The V-Series is backedWebsense has successfully kept pace Australia, India and Hong Kong – offer by more than 15,000 certified fieldwith strong customer demand using the enormous potential and are vital to technicians from Dell, who can besupport provided by Dell OEM Solutions. Websense. With Dell OEM Solutions, on-site anywhere in the world withinThe company had critical development orders ship with the correct marks, so four hours. “Having thousands ofwork to do on its software after Intel there are no delays and customers Dell technicians available globally ischanged the network interface cards receive their products fast.” incredibly cost effective for Websense.for the chipsets on the V-Series servers. We avoid the expense of maintaining Today, the V-Series ships to moreSchmidt says: “The Dell OEM Solutions a large pool of replacement units than 70 countries – which wouldaccount team searched worldwide because the Dell technicians go on-site be impossible without the supportfor a distributor that could continue to address any issues,” says Murtagh. Websense receives. “It would be a majorsupplying the existing network interface challenge to ensure that shipments He adds: “We have had minimalcards until the development work was carried the correct regulatory marks for hardware failures – any glitches havefinished. It meant that we could carry each country, particularly countries in been quickly responded to andon shipping with the original network Asia. The administrative overhead would easily fixed.”cards for an additional six months. The significantly reduce our margins,”support from the account team was Websense can offer customers a full says Schmidt.fantastic. Customers were not affected 36-month limited warranty for theirby the changes, and we continued to Rapid delivery through efficient V-Series platforms. “A 36-month warrantyfulfil orders on time.” supply chain is expected across our industry and Websense can fulfil customer orders being able to offer that term inclusivelySince the beginning of the relationship faster than competitors, with an to customers is a real value-add forwith Dell OEM Solutions, Websense efficient supply chain enabled by Dell Websense because other vendorshas enjoyed a single point of contact OEM Solutions. Products are safely typically charge for it,” Schmidt says.at all times. Schmidt says: “I’ve transported to customers worldwide,been incredibly impressed with the Development possibilities ensure using a warehousing system thatcommitment of my dedicated Dell continued success responds quickly to new orders. “RightOEM Solutions account team. Our Because of the flexibility of the V-Series now, we are shipping across the US andexperience with the network interface platform, Websense can integrate other Europe in 24 hours. In the Middle East,cards shows that the team is prepared security solutions and continue driving it’s 24 to 48 hours and to Asia-Pacific,to go the extra mile to support sales. The company plans to deploy it’s 48 to 72 hours. This is extremelyWebsense.” additional Websense TRITON solution competitive, giving customers an components on the platform in the nearIncreasing penetration in markets excellent level of service,” says Schmidt. future. Schmidt says: “We can developwith complex regulatory codes Maximising customer retention our V-Series solution so that it deliversBecause Dell OEM Solutions has rates more value to our customers andhelped simplify the regulatory The company boosted customer loyalty continues to increase our market share.”process, Websense has managed to due to the excellent quality of thesuccessfully penetrate markets with service and technical support deliveredcomplex rules on imports. For each by Dell ProSupport for IT. “Customerdestination worldwide, Dell OEM For more information go to: loyalty has always been high, and withSolutions ensures that shipments dell.com/casestudies and dell.ie the V-Series we’ve seen retention ratesinclude the right regulatory markingsSimplify your OEM solution at DELL.COM/oemAvailability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit www.dell.com/servicedescriptions© July 2010, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. This case study is for informational purposes only. dell makesno warranties, express or implied, in this case study. Reference number: 10007559
  5. 5. OEM Solutions For more info on OEM Solutions, visit: http://del.ly/oem Visit our other communitiesfacebook.com/dellenterprise linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise Blogtwitter.com/dellenterprise en.community.dell.com Dellenterpriseefficiency.com TC delltechcenter.comyoutube.com/delllargeenterprise slideshare.com/dellenterprise