Dell and VMWare Deliver Enterprise Cloud


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  • Dell and VMWare Deliver Enterprise Cloud

    1. 1. Dell & VMware Deliver Enterprise Cloud Building on Your Existing Framework <br />John von Voros, Dell Cloud Services <br />
    2. 2. Cloud Computing: Dell’s working definition and characteristics<br />Providing scalable IT solutions <br />as a service over the Internet. <br /><ul><li>“Elastic” - scale up or down
    3. 3. On demand, self-service
    4. 4. Highly automated
    5. 5. Consumption-based billing
    6. 6. Unlimited processing and storage
    7. 7. Open and non-proprietary</li></li></ul><li>Cloud Services implementation models<br />There are two complementary approaches to implementing cloud services, each with their own pros and cons<br />PublicCloud<br />Services<br />PrivateCloud<br />Services<br />No external dependencies on delivery of service level<br />Control of security, audit<br />Data can remain onsite<br />Requires scale for model viability<br />Minimal capital requirements, no upfront risk/commitments<br />Costs scale with usage<br />Scale capacity up/down<br />Choices emerge <br />…One Size Does Not Fit All For Cloud Services<br />
    8. 8. Cloud Models: The CIO decision path<br />Tradeoffs will force CIOs to evaluate private cloud services and a new category of cloud services – hybrid cloud services<br />CIO<br />strategic and practical considerations<br />Private Cloud<br />Services<br />On-PremisePrivate Cloud<br />HostedPrivate Cloud<br />Hybrid cloud services critical to bridging tradeoffs <br />Public Cloud <br />Services<br />Scale out architectures<br />(Virtualized production, Development on demand and Storage on demand) <br />Application resources<br />(IT management on-demand, business apps on demand)<br />Hybrid Cloud Services<br />Dedicated, but Hosted by <br />3rd party <br />Hosted by <br />Internal IT <br />
    9. 9. Four Primary Use Cases <br />Each Implementedby VMwareCustomers<br />Shared Infrastructure for Multiple LOBs<br />(Multiple LOBs, datacenter consolidation, etc)<br />Private / Hybrid Cloud<br />Rapid Deployment <br />(Lab, Demo, Test, etc)<br />Global Access<br />(Bring Apps Close to Users for performance, etc)<br />Public / Hybrid Cloud<br />Temporary or Elastic Capacity(Seasonal, projects, batch processing, DR/failover, etc)<br />
    10. 10. The Dell point-of-view<br />Migrating traditional in-sourced IT service workloads to Cloud Services requires a careful assessment based on application workload characteristics<br />Business Requirements<br /><ul><li>Scale-out app
    11. 11. Runs well in virtualized environment
    12. 12. Not tied to legacy systems
    13. 13. Latency tolerant
    14. 14. New / modern app development</li></ul>What makes a good cloud app workload?<br />Can I leverage a Cloud Service?<br />Workloads<br />Is the application suitable for the Cloud?<br />Is the deployment optimized?<br />Architecture<br />
    15. 15. VMware vCloud Director <br />Objective<br /><ul><li>Abstract, organize and allocate vSphere resources for multi-tenancy
    16. 16. Provide end users a self-service portal to request and access workloads</li></ul>Features<br /><ul><li>Resource abstraction, allocation, and separation – virtual datacenters
    17. 17. Organizations – security boundaries
    18. 18. API for cloud management and interoperability</li></ul>End user <br /><ul><li>Cloud web portal for users
    19. 19. Catalogs of vApps (workloads)
    20. 20. Access control</li></li></ul><li>Realizing Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Connector<br />Access vCloud Connector directly inside vSphere Client<br />
    21. 21. vCloud Hybrid Cloud Model<br />Dell vCloud<br />On Premise<br />Dell Confidential<br />
    22. 22. vCloud Hybrid Cloud Model<br />
    23. 23. Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud™ Datacenter Services Offering<br />Three Compute Capacity Options Available<br />Compute by the Hour<br />Pay As You Go (PAYGO)<br />Compute by the Month<br />Reserved<br />Compute by the Blade<br />Dedicated<br />MULTI-TENANT<br />No Minimum Commitment<br />Capacity Subject to Availability<br />MULTI-TENANT<br />At Least 1 Year Commitment<br />100% Guaranteed Availability<br />SINGLE-TENANT <br />At Least 1 Year Commitment<br />Customer “Owns” Server<br />vCPU<br />vCPU<br />RAM<br />RAM<br />RAM<br />RAM<br />Charged per hours used<br />Charged per month reserved<br />Charged per month per blade<br />Additional Components & Options<br />SecureWorks<br />SATA or high performance SAS Data Storage<br />Support for Windows or SUSE Linux<br />f5 Load Balancing<br />vShield Edge & Vshield App Security<br />Basic or ProSupport<br />SecureWorks<br />Security<br />
    24. 24. Consulting Services help advancevirtualization, improving time-to-value<br /><ul><li>Complete end-to-end services
    25. 25. Limited duration, high impact
    26. 26. Clear phases and decision points
    27. 27. Flexible, modular approach</li></ul>Efficient architecture workshop <br />Technology introduction proof of concept<br />Accelerator<br />Custom design and implementation<br />Technology IntroductionProof of Concept<br />Dell-facilitated engagement addresses key technology and related business challenges, including topics such as self-service provisioning and automation of operational tasks <br />Explore use cases of leading edge technologies as a Proof of Concept (POC) to make informed deployment decisions<br />Combines a readiness assessment, design and implementation, and has a predefined scope and limited integration points <br />Full-production roll out<br />
    28. 28.
    29. 29. Thank You for coming to see us!<br />