Trixter Case Study


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Trixter decided to work with Dell OEM Solutions to produce the Xdream—a unique training product that offers a simulated outdoor bicycling experience. Dell loads software images, installs graphics cards, simplifies distribution, and provides global support.

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Trixter Case Study

  1. 1. Trixter rides its Xdreamtraining bicycle into newmarkets and reduces costsby 30 percent with helpfrom Dell OEM Solutions • OEM “We are committed to providing a fun, exciting, and rigorous exercise experience for the widest range of users, and Dell helps us deliver.” Paddy Murray, President, Trixter North America Customer profile Company: Trixter Industry: Health and Fitness Country: United Kingdom Benefits Employees: 15 • Created an innovative exercise Website: product that delivers an exciting, immersive biking experience for users Business need • Saved 30 percent of per-unit costs Trixter needed an OEM partner with a strong brand and global presence to help launch an innovative new fitness solution. The partner had to with localized sourcing and support help streamline production, provide local support, and facilitate the • Cut unit production time by move into new geographic markets. 35 percent and reduced resource costs by receiving systems Solution with preinstalled software and Trixter decided to work with Dell OEM Solutions to produce the graphics cards Xdream—a unique training product that offers a simulated outdoor bicycling experience. Dell loads software images, installs graphics • Expanded into new geographic cards, simplifies distribution, and provides global support. markets and supported 250 percent growth in North America
  2. 2. Founded in 2003, Trixter has enjoyed a rapid ascent in the fitness equipment industry by bringing an outdoor sporting spirit indoors and creating engaging, immersive exercise experiences for users. Developed with input from elite athletes and trainers, products such as the X-Bike have found diverse audiences, from athletes preparing for serious competitions to retirees who are looking to stay fit. Trixter products are becoming familiar fixtures in large-scale gyms as well as individual homes. Building on the success of the X-Bike, want to spend excessive time and“We cut production Trixter product developers envisioned a new product called the Xdream resources assembling computers and installing software,” says Lucy Watts, time by 35 percent that would capitalize on computer head of operations at Trixter Europe. technology to simulate the experience “We needed a partner that could take on and refocused our of outdoor bike riding. “We saw a clear system integration so our team could opportunity to bring together fitness and stay focused on innovation.” team members gaming,” says Paddy Murray, president on research and of Trixter North America. “The Xdream was designed to maximize fun while Partnering with Dell OEM Solutions to launch the Xdream development by providing a rigorous workout.” After considering several Tier 1 hardware vendors, the Trixter team decided to having software Connected to a computer and partner with Dell OEM Solutions. “We monitor, the Xdream bike integrates and hardware rider movements into a visual scenario needed a partner that would be responsive to our needs, even though we didn’t plan presented on screen. Users can select preinstalled through from a variety of terrains, levels of to start with large-volume production— Dell OEM Solutions fit the bill,” says Murray. Dell Configuration difficulty, and bikes to customize the exercise experience. With multiple “We also gained the brand name and global Services.” Xdreams, users can even race reach we want by choosing Dell OEM Solutions. In addition, we were able to against friends. accommodate our need for a powerfulLucy Watts, Head of Operations,Trixter Europe Searching for a partner with a strong brand and global presence To launch the Xdream, the Trixter team Technology at work needed an OEM partner that could not only supply computer hardware but also Services help streamline production, distribution, Dell Configuration Services and support. Name recognition and global resources were top priorities. “As a Dell OEM Solutions young company, we needed a hardware Dell Support and services partner with a strong brand to provide potential customers with a Hardware high degree of confidence,” says Murray. Dell™ OptiPlex™ 780 with Intel® “And because we ultimately planned to Core™ vPro™ processors sell the Xdream around the world, we needed a partner with a global presence Dell E170S 17-inch flat-panel that could provide distribution and monitor warranty support services wherever we sell the product.” Software Microsoft® Windows® 7 The operations team wanted a partner operating system that could help improve the company’s operational efficiency by taking over a Trixter Xdream software range of production tasks. “We didn’t
  3. 3. yet cost-effective system with a small form Making sales inroads with the Dellfactor by selecting from the broad product brand nameportfolio offered by Dell.” Partnering with Dell has helped the Trixter sales team gain acceptance among newThe Trixter team selected a Dell ™ customers for this innovative product.OptiPlex™ computer, initially launching “Integrating computers into fitnessthe Xdream with the OptiPlex 745 equipment is still a fairly new concept,”and progressing through subsequent says Murray. “Especially with largermodels to the OptiPlex 780 Small Form fitness chains, it has been a tremendousFactor model with dual-core Intel® advantage to have our productPentium® processors. A Dell E170S 17-inch flat-panel monitor provides a large associated with Dell. Customers know they are investing in a reliable product “We estimate thatviewing area to create an immersivevisual experience. from a reputable company.” we are saving“We needed a system with a compact form Streamlining production with Dell 30 percent of our factor for the confined physical space of Configuration Services the Xdream, and we needed to ensure When the Xdream first launched in the per-unit costs good ventilation to keep components cool over a long day of operation at a United Kingdom, in-house Trixter engineers loaded software and installed by sourcing and gym,” says Watts. “We found the right fit the third-party graphics card in OptiPlex supporting products with the Dell OptiPlex.” systems, but the Trixter team has since turned those tasks over to Dell OEM in each geographic At the same time, the Intel processors work with the third-party graphics Solutions. As a result, the company has accelerated production and reduced region through Dell cards to deliver captivating visuals.“Our software is very processor- and costs by reassigning personnel to other OEM Solutions.” tasks. “In the past, two team members graphics-intensive,” says Watts. “The installed graphics cards and loaded our Paddy Murray, President, Intel processors deliver the performance software image. Each Xdream took a total Trixter North America we need to provide a smooth, engaging of two hours to assemble,” says Watts. experience while keeping the computer “We cut production time by 35 percent running cool.” and refocused our team members onDell OEM Solutions helped ensure research and development by havingsuccessful upgrades to each of the software and hardware preinstalledOptiPlex models. “The migration from through Dell Configuration Services.”one OptiPlex model to the next has Since moving the Xdream operatingalways been easy,” says Watts. “We can system to Microsoft® Windows® 7, thedeliver the latest technology to our Trixter team also has Dell OEM Solutionscustomers without disrupting our customize the BIOS settings. “We neededproduction schedules or straining our to change the boot sequence forinternal resources. We have plenty of Windows 7, and Dell OEM Solutions wastime to modify our system image with able to take that additional task off of ourthe advance notice provided by Dell hands,” says Watts.OEM Solutions.”
  4. 4. Working with Dell OEM Solutions on Once a new team is established in a Staying on the road to successproduction helps increase the scalability territory, Trixter benefits from the Dell with Delland flexibility of operations. “As we reach global manufacturing and distribution In the long term, Trixter will continueinto new geographies, we can avoid infrastructure. “Within each region, we its geographic expansion. “With helphaving to hire and train new personnel can source computers and parts locally to from Dell, the Xdream business hasfor these technical functions,” says distributors,” says Murray. “Local sourcing been growing at approximately 250Murray. “The production assistance also enables us to dramatically reduce long- percent within the United States alone,”helps us to ramp up or down quickly to distance shipping costs.” says Murray. “We see incredible globalaccommodate changes in demand. We potential for the Xdream, and we plan The Trixter team can rapidly resolve anycan keep lead times steady at about two to work with Dell OEM Solutions as problems, no matter where customersto three weeks with Dell OEM Solutions.” we continue our journey into new are located, by working with global European countries and additionalExpanding into new geographies Dell Support. “The Dell systems rarely global regions.”with global connections and fail, but if something does go wrong,localized support from Dell our team swaps out the computer at In the meantime, the Trixter team is the customer site and then brings the exploring ways to enhance the existingAfter initially launching the Xdream in faulty system back to a repair location. Xdream and develop a new home versionthe United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia, The Dell team helps us diagnose the of the bike. “Incorporating a touchTrixter is now expanding to new regions. problem and provides replacement screen or moving to a monitor with USBMost recently, Trixter has brought parts fast,” explains Murray. “With ports would enable us to introduce newthe Xdream to North America, which localized support, we can get systems interactivity features for the Xdream.accounts for approximately 40 percent of back up and running within a few Using a computer with an even smallerthe global fitness equipment market. “We days. We don’t have to ship parts long form factor, meanwhile, might help uswanted to make sure that we could deliver distances or keep an excessive amount create a more compact bike for homea bulletproof product before introducing of components in inventory.” use,” says Murray. “We are committed tothe Xdream in North America,” says providing a fun, exciting, and rigorousWatts. “Now we are working with some Reducing unit costs by 30 percent exercise experience for the widest rangeof the largest fitness distributors in North by working with Dell OEM of users, and Dell helps us deliver.”America to bring the Xdream to a range of Trixter significantly reduces production,fitness centers and individual homes.” distribution, and support costs forAccording to the Trixter team, Dell OEM the Xdream by capitalizing on theSolutions is playing a key role in helping Dell global infrastructure. “We couldTrixter to expand. “With other hardware assemble everything in one locationvendors, it might have taken weeks and then ship to our global distributors,to assemble the required personnel but the costs would be too high,” saysresources in each new territory,” says Murray. “We estimate that we are savingWatts. “Dell OEM Solutions helps 30 percent of our per-unit costs byus quickly capitalize on established sourcing and supporting products inconnections within the Dell global each geographic region through Dellorganization. In many cases, the Dell OEM Solutions.”team can help us identify the right peoplein each new territory within 24 hours.”View all Dell case studies at: 2011. © 2011 Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Microsoft, the Microsoft logo, and Windows are registeredtrademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other trademarks and trade namesmay be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Thiscase study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASESTUDY. Reference number: 10009421
  5. 5. OEM Solutions For more info on OEM Solutions, visit: Visit our other linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise TC