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See how Dell Software delivers a diverse range of scalable software solutions that combine with industry leading hardware and services to create a truly end-to-end portfolio. This unique combination rapidly empowers any size organization to simplify IT, mitigate risks, and accelerate results. Explore how Dell is leading the Software Revolution! You can read more here:

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  • We’re experiencing an era where mega trends are converging on IT at a scale and pace that is unprecedented. Today, IT leaders must:Transform the data center by making use of cloud infrastructureInform the business by connecting data warehouses and enabling powerful analytics so that business leaders can make informed decisionsConnect users through a wide variety of mobile platforms and applications to increase productivityProtect data no matter where it residesTo be effective, IT leaders must have a strategy across all of these trends.
  • CLOUD: Inside the datacenter, we have seen the relentless advance of Moore’s law making computing, data and networking resources vastly more powerful …now we are seeing these capabilities physically converged and virtualized both within the enterprise and to the public cloud.  The challenge is to manage the applications so that they can be securely and seamlessly deployed to new platforms or to the cloud without disrupting the business. 85% of businesses said their organizations will use cloud tools moderately to extensively in the next 3 years. At Dell, we’ve created islands of efficiency in the modern data center – helping our customers seamlessly integrate into the cloud. What does the customer need? A standardized and centralized method of viewing the entire systems environment, both on premise and in the cloudTo maximize the economics of their infrastructure with cost and regulations as key factorsTo optimize  resources - gaining better service levels and increasing IT agility  while holding the line on costs and complexity 
  • EXPLOSION OF DATA:  Data is everywhere, the challenge for businesses large and small is to gain insights from increasing volumes of data more rapidly, using standardized hardware and software that doesn’t require a PhD in computer science to operate.   Information is scattered everywhere and growing rapidly.   Big Data…the volume of data, the velocity or rate of acceleration of data, the variety of sources the data is coming from, and the potential value that all this data could bring to the enterprise are a very large component of our collective challenge and opportunity. In just over 10 years, we’ll see the volume of data stored go from .8 zettabytes to 35 - a 40x+ explosion in data stored What do our customers need here?Access to data using tools that give them insights to help drive decisions – they shouldn’t need to hire a PhD to do this. They can do this with flexible Data Warehouse platforms that can easily access data and applicationsCost-efficient management of data growth…using standard hardware and software and creating faster time to valueData agility – access to data stores need to be made easier and more rapidly enabled to keep up with the pace of the business
  • MOBILITY:  Businesses are looking for ways to allow their employees to bring personal devices to work without putting at risk key corporate data. It requires that IT has the tools to implement a holistic solution that encompasses all device categories without compromising key elements like security.  Did you know that from 2010 to 2015 we will see a 5X increase in the use of smartphones and tablets at work? And in that same time there is a shift from 62% corporate and 38% personal owned to 37% corporate and 63% personal owned?What does the customer need now?  To protect corporate and customer data from security breaches on employee-owned devices They need to deal with network bandwidth issues from employees using their own devices for personal and work purposes while on the corporate network They now need to manage mobile devices as effectively as they’ve managed desktop clients
  • PRIVACY AND COMPLIANCE ISSUES. Given the value of the information that most businesses have on line, it is key that you can secure your data, network, and applications from the threat of attack or loss.FACT: In a McAfee survey, 79% of surveyed companies experienced some type of significant security incident within the past year that resulted in financial and/or reputational impact.Loss of data costs companies an average of $1.1M if they are not proactively securing their systems.Hackers are more sophisticated, your data is increasingly accessed anytime and anywhere and often resides in the cloud.  Fewer access points are corporately-controlled, and there is a growing digital data explosion while the compliance demands on staff and systems escalate. Organizations of all sizes are at risk.   A company’s secrets are only a tweet away.  And chances are, your infrastructure has already been compromised.
  • Dell Software is uniquely positioned to address all of these mega trends with compelling solutions that address all of the mega trends impacting IT today
  • We have a design point and new integrated technologies that meet our customers’ problems – now and into the future Our products provide fast time to value by being easy to install, easy to use, reliable and secure – all critical to our customers We have a solutions focus that encompasses a customers’ hardware, software and services needs – a true end-to-end provider And we do it all with a superior economic package – we offer financing through DFS, we provide well-priced solutions that also help to reduce needed resources to implement.
  • We have a huge footprint in our core business. Both current and potential for our future. We have unique understanding of customers, and access to technology. Our relationship with our customers has gone from being a procurement kind of relationship, to being a strategic supplier of the core elements that run the data center—Historically a relationship that only IBM or HP would have with a clientWe’ve now come into that circle of providersFor mid-market, we are arguably the preferred technology provider; in large enterprise, we are contending with HP or IBM as a core systems vendorWe’re running their core business applications Software is in the middle of it all, bringing it all together NO LEGACYNow – let’s talk about another unique position for Dell. Most of our competitors are impaired by legacy. Our competitors are not prepared to cannibalize their older design model.WE DON’T HAVE THOSE THREATS. No legacy systems to protect. Therefore, we have the ability to INNOVATE. To solve our customers’ needs in a way that our competitors can’t because they will try to shoehorn them into a solution that is right for our competitor and not for our customer.
  • Dell solutions span four key domains: Connect, Transform, Inform, and Protect. Dell Software supports these domains in both stand-alone solutions and as part of an end-to-end solution with Dell hardware and services.CONNECT: we enable endpoint device management so customers can safely and effectively embrace BYODTRANSFORM: the modern data center is comprised of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. Our software makes those environments easier to manage, maintain, migrate, and monitor so that results are accelerated and efficiencies are gainedINFORM: it’s not enough to know where all your data is. Dell Software connects your various data stores so that it can be made accessible to the business to drive informed decision makingPROTECT: We protect the enterprise from the inside out with Identity and Access Management software; from the outside in with next-generation firewall technology and deep packet inspection; and with leading recovery and backup solutions that get applications and data back on line with minimal downtime and zero data loss
  • Our design allows us to scale up or down based on the customer.  Our ability to scale up is a key differentiator and provides a sustained advantage against legacy competitors who have historically focused on an enterprise class only design point which by definition does not scale downIt’s Comprehensive and built on industry standards - Using industry standards we allow for a lower price point and give you the ability to do more and buy more as your business grows With a scalable design we also build our solutions to be inherently simpler, easier to use / manage, reliable and secureWe are flexible – remember that our customers’ environments are becoming more complex. We can give them the flexibility to manage their environments (whether public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, on-prem, mobile) seamlessly including support and financing.With a scalable design we embrace a modular “building block” philosophy that allows our customers to add-to their capabilities as needed giving them the ability to do more and buy more as their business growsAdded to explicitly incorporate our services arm and our ability (given the direct heritage) to incorporate customer insight into everything we do - product, services, financing, etc.
  • We have a unique distribution model, enabling us to touch a far broader number of customers.  Our integrated, multifaceted relationship with customers (including direct,, and other partners) is key to how we go to market. The direct model that Dell was responsible for creating gives us a depth of relationships with our customers, and today we have 22,000 Dell sales makers interacting with customers. 2,500 of those are in our software group. allows us to touch 500 million unique visitors and potential customers every year, and our channel partners allow us to go even further in reaching customers.
  • Here are examples of our software experience, resources and industry validation.Over 6,000 team members and 1,600 software engineers2M users across our User CommunitiesOver 1M customers3rd party validation from Gartner, EMA and NSS Labs, to name a few.
  • Dell Software is organized around a few core principles:Effective IT is now pivotal to any organization’s ability to grow and succeed. If properly harnessed, the power of effective IT can create a distinct and lasting competitive advantage. Wary of introducing unwanted risk and complexity, however, most corporations today are still not truly harnessing the power of IT as a business driver. But because business growth is now driven almost entirely by IT-powered innovation, organizations simply can’t afford to wait any longer. Finding ways to leverage the new opportunities made possible by effective IT is imperative to the growth and sustainability of the business. That’s why Dell Software delivers a diverse range of scalable software solutions that combine with industry leading hardware and services to create a truly end-to-end portfolio. This unique combination rapidly empowers any size organization to simplify IT, mitigate risks, and accelerate results.
  • Optimize data center operations and simplify IT management.Attain the high level of efficiency you must have in IT operations to help your organization to grow and thrive. The vast portfolio of Dell data center and cloud management software solutions help you to quickly deliver applications, streamline the management of systems (including servers, workstations, desktops, and mobile endpoints), expand your virtual environment (server and desktop) with ease, and rapidly adopt cloud-based infrastructure. We empower you to accelerate new projects, support heterogeneous environments, automate key tasks, and maintain tight control over vital company assets.
  • The easiest way to manage data on any platform. No matter what technology platforms you’re using, Dell information management solutions make it easy to access, provision, analyze, and share data from nearly any source, so you can rapidly generate deep business insights from big data.By providing you with the tools you need to optimize code, run fast backups and recoveries, automate maintenance, ensure database high availability, and more, Dell can help you mitigate risks to your business continuity, easily and confidently.Gain a competitive edge through simplified business intelligence, big data analytics, and database management. 
  • Deliver user freedom without sacrificing IT control.The modern mobile worker isn’t constrained by a desktop or even a single platform. Give your users the power to work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are, which devices they’re using, or what platform they’re working on.Dell mobile workforce solutions let you balance user freedom and IT control. You can manage user access, preferences, identities, profiles, upgrades, and privileges, regardless of device or application. This combination of IT support and self-service means increased flexibility, reduced costs, and reduced security risks.
  • Protect your IT systems and data assets with ease.Data is your competitive advantage. To maintain and grow that edge over the competition, you must protect your organization and the data in it from advanced persistent threats, cybercriminals, spam, malware and loss. With solutions to better manage both the perimeter and internal access to data, Dell protects your organization from risk helps you achieve compliance and safeguards your systems. Secure your environment in every way through easy-to-use software for identity and access management as well as robust solutions for defending networks, email, endpoints and web servers.
  • Simple, powerful data protection.Protecting the business-critical data in your physical, virtual, application and cloud environments is fast, easy and cost-effective with our unrivaled software solutions. Back up and recover any object – from complete systems down to individual files – with our vast portfolio. The superior scalability and broad platform support of our solutions allow you to simplify data protection, minimize risk and get your systems up and running faster – whether you’re an enterprise or a small-to-medium-sized business. From rapid local recovery and total bare metal restores from remote application sites, to continuous data protection and deduplication, you can rely on Dell for a complete backup and recovery solution that reduces both upfront and ongoing administration costs.
  • NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation $6 billion corporationOperates 20 hospitals and 80 clinicsServes 500,000 patientsChallenge:HHC’s infrastructure was broken up into eight Active Directory domains for email, messaging and records. HHC decided to consolidate into a single directoryResults:With all of its information under one directory structure, HHC now has better control over its data, enhancing security and reducing costDoctors and staff can sign on and access information from any facility with a single ID increasing productivityCUSTOMER QUOTE: “The research proves it, and we’ve seen it firsthand, the cost benefits and savings [of consolidation].”, Corey Cush, Vice President of Infrastructure Services, HHC
  • Public research university specializing in science, engineering, medicine and businessServing 20,000 faculty and students with 200 IT-delivered end-user servicesChallengeExisting monitoring tools were reactive resulting in dissatisfied users and low systems performanceResultsDell Foglight provides a correlated proactive 360-degree view of critical IT system and application performanceDelivered $200k savings; reduced help desk calls; enhanced IT reputation by ensuring reliable service delivery to end-usersFoglight delivers comprehensive APM to Imperial, enabling its IT staff to proactively resolve system issues before they impact the students and staff. IT set Foglight to check services every five minutes. If a check fails twice in a row, IT staff are alerted immediately – usually within 10 minutes of the service failing – allowing time for the issue to be fixed before the users notice.
  • The premier global airline alliance11 airline membersCarrying ~1 million passengers per dayCHALLENGE:Faced with the requirement to link 11 different airline systems, the program required a solution for easily exchanging a complex web of data across disparate member infrastructures RESULTS:Dell Boomi utilized to implement a cloud based hub and spoke modelGreatly simplified the exchange of frequent flyer information and eliminated the need for members to code anything for new airlinesQUOTE: “The development of this hub is one of the most significant IT developments since oneworld was established. Thanks to the latest cloud integration technology from Dell Boomi, the IT hub dramatically speeds up and simplifies the addition of new airlines to the alliance, making the entire process substantially more efficient and cost effective.” said oneworld IT Director Jouni Naskali
  • GoProThe world’s leading activity image capture company300% year-over-year company growthWearable and gear mountable cameras used by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the worldChallengeGoPro needed to find a way to quickly connect NetSuite with value-added networks (VANs) and AS2 connections in order to meet the strict EDI compliance standards of key retailers who sell GoPro cameras.The previous methods by which GoPro achieved these complex but necessary process tasks were manual and time-consuming; GoPro needed a more automated solution that would provide them with a high level of confidence that errors and costs would be minimized, and efficiencies gained. Finally, GoPro required a solution provider with a high level of familiarity with NetSuite, EDI and application integration in the cloud. Benefits• 25 to 30% of transactions flow through EDI• Significantly improved operational efficiencies• 300% year-over-year growth that can scale to meet shifts in demandUsing the pre-built NetSuite connector, Dell Boomi was able to help GoPro quickly implement EDI and demonstrate that they meet the testing protocols and requirements of many major retailers. A competitive EDI solution cost three times as much a Dell Boomi, and only provided reporting, not transaction management that Dell Boomi enables. “We can now prove that we’re a profit center, not a cost center. The perception of our team is elevated with Dell Boomi.”
  • Hall County Schools is a public school district in Hall County, Georgia. Based in Gainesville, the district employs 4,800 teachers and staff members, supporting up to 26,000 students attending 21 elementary schools, six middle schools and seven high schools. Hall County Schools purchased Dell™ SonicWALL™ SuperMassive™ E10400 Next-Generation Firewall and Aventail™ E-Class EX9000 Secure Remote Access (SRA) solutions to add the power, performance and flexibility it needs to secure and future-proof its WAN.The challenge: influx of student devices and management of multiple point solutions.The E-Class SRA EX9000 offers the district full-featured, easy-to-manage, clientless or thin-client “in-office,” integrated 10GbE connectivity for up to 20,000 concurrent users from a single appliance. E-Class SRA enhances productivity and business continuity with policy-enforced remote access to network resources from Windows®, Windows Mobile, Apple® Mac OS®, iOS, Linux® and Google Android® devices.Based on the latest multi-core technology, the SRA EX9000 can provide over 8 Gbps of SSL performance. “We want to bring education to studentson their terms,” noted Smith. “The EX9000 will let students and teachers work remotely at their own pace and style. A teacher can access otherschools around the world, or teach at multiple locations without leaving the classroom. It will also protect our SharePoint and provide access to remote support staff who did not have it before.”In order to protect is network, “The SuperMassive E10400 had all the features we wanted, plus others we didn’t have before, like integrated gateway security services, SSO and application intelligence and control,” said Jay Smith, senior network engineer, Hall County Schools. “Dell SonicWALL allowed us to consolidate appliances and manage everything through a single interface.”The district can configure and control content filtering from the SuperMassive E10400, eliminating the costs of a well as three point solutions.“SuperMassive has not only increased performance, but also given us flexibility in segmenting traffic,” said Daab. “We can now manage and secure increased traffic without bottlenecking performance.”The district plans to utilize the SuperMassive E10400 application intelligence and control to prioritize and throttle application traffic for socialmedia resources such as YouTube, Twitter and videoconferencing as latency-sensitive traffic, such as VoIP and LifeSize® video conferencing. These capabilities will guarantee bandwidth prioritization and ensure maximum network security and productivity.
  • Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School is a non-profit, independent, preparatory school educating 1,250 studentsChallenge The IT team lacked a solution to efficiently manage the growing number of student-assigned laptops and tablets.Results Utilizing Dell Kace appliances, MICDS is able to annually reimage several hundred laptops efficientlyReduced service desk calls 56%Reduced re-imaging time from months to weeksExperienced nearly 700% ROI
  • More than 9,000 employees $4 billion in revenueEighth largest service provider in the U.S., serving about 5.8 million customers in 126 markets in 26 states.  CHALLENGE: U.S. Cellular needed to secure a 4G LTE network by 2012. The company needed to protect its network traffic from outside attacks and a multitude of ever-evolving threats. U.S. Cellular needed a solution that could handle tremendous volumes of traffic and could support 40GB throughput per second. RESULTS:Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive Next-Gen Firewall provides extreme scalability and performance. The SuperMassive solution was specifically chosen because of its extensible multi-core architecture and ability to manage bandwidth for heavy loads of network traffic.US Cellular was able to expand remote access for employees to access corporate resources remotely by implementing Dell SonicWALL’s Aventail SSL VPN platform
  • WILLIAMS ENERGYWilliams Energy is one of the largest providers of energy infrastructure in North America (pipelines and such)Employs over 4,000 people Challenge:When a user at Williams needed to get access to something they had a very cumbersome and error-filled process to grant that access. So it took a long time and was not necessarily done the right way. They had all kinds of security and compliance problems because either access was set up inappropriately or they couldn’t prove their compliance because they couldn’t assure anyone that proper controls were in place. So it was a big mess. Solution:Quest One Identity Manager gave them a single pane of glass for requesting, approving, provisioning, and auditing (re-certifying) access across all of their infrastructure including several critical cloud apps Bottom Line: People get the access they need quickly, efficiently, without friction, with full visibility and control in the hands of the right people.Dell IAM provided an enterprise wide customized access request portal that enables end-users to “shop” for, and request, the access they requireA crucial requested deliverable, was in the case of new hires, management now has the ability to see what an existing user has and copy that for the new user, streamlining the process
  • The Dell Software Revolution

    1. 1. Introduction to Dell Software
    2. 2. Mega trends bring huge potential and risk Cloud Big data Mobility Security and risk mitigation 2 Software
    3. 3. Cloud 85% 68% of businesses said their organizations will use cloud tools moderately to extensively in the next 3 years. of spend in private cloud solutions. - Bain and Dell 3 Software
    4. 4. Big data 35 Volume of data stored Zettabytes - IDC 0.8 2009 4 2020 Software
    5. 5. Mobility 5X growth in smartphones and tablets used at work… Corporate Corporate Personal Smartphone and tablets used at work % of total customer type …and source shifts from 62% / 38% corporate / personal owned to 37% corporate owned and 63% personal owned - IDC, Dell internal analysis 5 Software
    6. 6. Security and risk mitigation 79% $1.1M of the surveyed companies experienced some type of significant security incident within the past year that resulted in financial and/or reputational impact average data loss impact for reactive organizations - McAfee 6 Software
    7. 7. Dell Software solutions Data center and cloud management Information management Mobile workforce management Security and data protection 7 Software
    8. 8. Why Dell Software? 8 Software
    9. 9. Trend Dell Software addresses key trends Cloud Big data Mobility Security Management Security 9 Software
    10. 10. Dell Software leverages our core strengths End-user computing Services, Security, Cloud Server, storage and networking capabilities Software that leverages Dell core strengths No legacy to protect 10 Software
    11. 11. Dell Software drives business outcomes The power to do more Transform Connect Inform Protect Driving greater operational efficiency and accelerating results Business-class connected solutions Integrated, optimized enterprise Software that simplifies IT and mitigates risk Flexible, next-generation services Differentiated with a scalable design point 11 Software
    12. 12. Scalable design point Enterprise features to scale up or down Flexible solutions, delivery and support 12 Comprehensive and standards based Modular, scalable solutions with quickest time-to-value Easy-to-use and manage, reliable and secure Expertise embedded in solution and delivery Software
    13. 13. Multi-channel approach 2.7 million 2.7 million 2.7 million 2,500 Dell Software sales-makers 20K+ Dell sales makers 13 5th largest e-commerce site Frictionless model Premier Pages 20K+ channel partners Partner Direct network 35% of all Commercial revenue Software
    14. 14. Dell leadership in software +$1.5B +6,000 1,600 + software engineers 2,500 + software sales 2M 90% +1M software revenue (approx. based on run rate) team members user community members of Global 1000 are Dell Software customers customers EMA NSS Labs Gartner Radar Report Value Leader for Boomi Cloud Integration 14 Highest overall protection Next-Gen Firewall 9 Magic Quadrants Software
    15. 15. Dell Software purpose We believe complexity and risk prevent companies from unlocking the power of technology We make software that simplifies IT management, mitigates security risks, and accelerates results  We make the complex simple and the powerful easy to use  We drive out inefficiency and risk  We enable organizations to seamlessly integrate and scale  We deliver superior results more quickly 15 15 Software
    16. 16. Dell Software solutions 16 Software
    17. 17. Data center and cloud management Cloud management Endpoint management Transform:  Simplify application management whether running on-premise, virtualized, private cloud, or multicloud Performance monitoring  Automate workload administration and migration for Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory and Lync Virtualization management  Improve performance monitoring and systems management across servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices Windows server management 17 Software
    18. 18. Information management Application and data integration Inform: Business intelligence and analytics  Simplify database design and administration, database monitoring, and database replication Data warehousing Database backup and recovery Database management and design Master data management  Transform structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data into actionable insights to turn big data into big ideas  Integrate applications and data from multiple, disparate silos across your business whether on premise or in the cloud Replication and disaster recovery 18 Software
    19. 19. Mobile workforce management Desktop virtualization Endpoint management Endpoint security Network security Secure remote access 19 Connect:  Streamline deployment of desktop virtualization and provide users secure remote access, no matter where they are located  Implement network security and endpoint security from the device through the infrastructure to the application  Reduce complexity with endpoint management solutions that centralize a variety of endpoint devices – iOS, Android and Windows Software
    20. 20. Security Email security Protect: Endpoint security  Protect your network perimeter with powerful threat detection and content filtering Identity and access management  Control access to enterprise applications and information, including privileged user accounts Network security Secure remote access  Provide secure remote access, including email and web application protection, from any device and any location Web security 20 Software
    21. 21. Data protection Application protection Protect: Backup and recovery  Back up data and applications continuously across your physical and virtual environments Disaster recovery  Recover applications and data quickly, from complete systems to individual files and objects Endpoint protection  Replicate critical data to other locations for off-site protection and improved availability Virtual protection 21 Software
    22. 22. Dell Software solutions capabilities Data center & cloud management • • • • Endpoint management Performance management Virtualization & cloud mgmt Windows server mgmt • • • • Application & data integration Big data analytics Business intelligence/analytics Database management Security • • • • 22 Mobile workforce management Information management Email security Endpoint security Identity & access management Network security • • • • Application enablement/delivery Desktop virtualization Mobile device mgmt Mobile security Data protection • • • • Application protection Disaster recovery Enterprise backup/recovery Virtual protection Software
    23. 23. Simplify IT Mitigate risk Accelerate results 23 Software
    24. 24. Appendix A 24 The following slide can be substituted for the TREND SLIDES (3-6). It summarizes the content on a single slide and reduces the overall length of the presentation. Software
    25. 25. Cloud Big Data Mobility Security and risk 25 85% of businesses said their organizations will use cloud tools moderately to extensively in the next 3 years. 35 By 2020 volume of data stored will reach 35 Zettabytes 5X Mobility source shifts from 62%/38% corporate/personal owned to 37% corporate owned and 63% personal owned 79% of the surveyed companies experienced some type of significant security incident within the past year that resulted in financial and/or reputational impact Software
    26. 26. Appendix B 26 The following slides can be inserted into the presentation as necessary. They are customer case studies aligned (by color) with each of the solution areas and are intended to be placed between the solution area slides (17-21) Software
    27. 27. Snapshot • $6 billion corporation • Operates 20 hospitals and 80 clinics • Serves 500,000 patients Challenge HHC’s infrastructure was broken up into eight Active Directory domains for email, messaging and records. HHC decided to consolidate into a single directory Results • With all of its information under one AD structure, HHC now has better control over its data, enhancing security and reducing cost • Single ID access for doctors and staff from any facility, increasing productivity 27 Software
    28. 28. Snapshot • Public research university specializing in science, engineering, medicine and business • Serving 20,000 faculty and students with 200 IT-delivered end-user services Challenge Existing monitoring tools were reactive resulting in dissatisfied users and low systems performance Results • Dell Foglight provided a correlated proactive 360-degree view of critical IT system and application performance • $200k savings •28 Reduced help desk calls Software
    29. 29. Snapshot • The premier global airline alliance • 11 airline members • Carrying ~1 million passengers per day Challenge Required to link 11 different airline systems, the program needed a solution for ease data exchange across a complex web of disparate member infrastructures Results • Dell Boomi AtomSphere allowed oneworld to create a hub and spoke-modeled data exchange in the cloud. • New IT hub allows member airlines to quickly integrate their IT systems into the alliance. • Time and cost savings for all oneworld airlines. 29 Software
    30. 30. Snapshot • Wearable cameras used by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the world • 300% year-over-year company growth Challenge Meeting the stringent EDI compliance standards of key retailers who sell GoPro cameras Results • Dell Boomi cloud solutions scaled IT to meet demands of 300% company growth • Achieved EDI and application integration: 25 to 30% of transactions now flow through EDI •30 Saved 30% over competitive EDI solution Software
    31. 31. Snapshot • Public school district with 26,000 students and 4,800 teachers /staff • 21 elementary schools, six middle schools and seven high schools Challenge District is tasked with securing on its network over 9,000 student and employee mobile devices at any one time. Results • • • 31 By deploying a Dell SonicWALL solution, district cuts costs by 50% Students increase access to critical educational resources; teachers can access other schools around the world Mobile device users are authenticated, ensuring secure BYOD Software
    32. 32. Snapshot • Non-profit, independent preparatory school educating 1,250 students Challenge The IT team lacked a solution to efficiently manage the growing number of studentassigned laptops and tablets Results • Experienced nearly 700% ROI • Reduced service desk calls by 56% • Utilizing Dell KACE appliances, MICDS efficiently reimages several hundred devices 32 Software
    33. 33. Snapshot • • • • Eighth largest svc provider in the U.S. Serving 5.8M customers in 26 states 9000+ employees $4 billion in revenue Challenge Company needed to protect its 4G LTE network from outside attacks and a multitude of everevolving threats Results • Dell SuperMassive Next-Generation Firewalls works with the complex 4G LTE architecture handling volumes of traffic for the expanding business • Supports 40GB throughput per second for extreme scalability and performance 33 Software
    34. 34. Snapshot • One of the largest providers of energy infrastructure in North America • Employs over 4,000 people Challenge Old in-house access request application was time-consuming for users and lacked an access review process. Results • Dell Identity and Access Management software provided an enterprise wide customized access request portal enabling end-users to “shop” for, and request access • Frictionless full visibility and control now in the hands of the right people. 34 Software