Sun Life Everbright Case Study


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Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance
forecast a return on investment
of 194 percent with virtualized
server solution.

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Sun Life Everbright Case Study

  1. 1. Sun Life Everbright Life Insuranceforecast a return on investmentof 194 percent with virtualized • Backup, recovery and archiving • Data consolidation and management server solution • Green efficiency • Virtualization “We have transformed our environment with the help of Dell. The consultants we worked with had excellent virtualization- specific expertize and a responsive, enthusiastic approach to working with us” Olivia Liu, chief information officer, Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Customer profile Company: Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Benefits Industry: Life Insurance • xpected return on investment E Country: China of 194 percent over three years Website: through virtualization • ower consumption and cooling set P Business need to decrease by 53 kWh and carbon Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance needed a scalable, efficient server emissions by 297,525 lbs annually solution to support ambitious growth plans. • ains in operational efficiency G Solution through reduced application server Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance worked with Dell – a long-term staging time, from over seven solution provider to the company – to design and deploy an energy- business days to less than one hour efficient, flexible infrastructure based on Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers • hysical servers consolidated by P virtualized with VMware® software. 80 percent, significantly freeing up space in the data center • ncreased business continuity I through reduced server Recovery Time Objective, from over three hours to less than 30 minutes
  2. 2. Headquartered in Tianjin, China, Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in April 2002. The company’s existing shareholders include China Everbright Group, Canada Sun Life Financial Group, China North Industries Group Corporation, as well as Anshan Iron and Steel Group Company. Since inception, Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance has achieved rapid development and the company’s premium income and total assets have grown steadily. In 2010, the company increased registered capital to RMB 30 billion and rose to the first tier of domestic life insurance companies, while its business also increased by a significant amount. In the future, Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance will take maximum advantage of the resources of all the shareholders and develop rapidly to enhance its market positioning. The addition of two China-based other providers, the virtualized Dell investors in 2010 made Sun Life solution was the closest fit to our Everbright Life Insurance a state- needs,” says Liu.“Our virtualized owned entity, which strengthened the Customer references also supported firm’s ability to compete with China’s Dell solution leading insurers. The organization the firm’s decision-making process. “Dell organized visits to other provides us with had ambitious plans to double in size every year, and to support this goal, customers that had successfully the same amount of the IT team needed to review the deployed virtualized infrastructures,” Liu explains. Our visits gave us the company’s approach to IT. computing power confidence to roll out the solution in a Incremental growth had led to server production environment.” as our previous sprawl, with increases in energy and The planning and design process infrastructure, space requirements. Sun Life needed an easy-to-scale, energy-efficient included a proof-of-concept (PoC). Says Liu, “The PoC we ran with lower energy infrastructure with a smaller footprint. with Dell demonstrated the solution consumption. Long-term, deep understanding of virtualization locks in action and provided us with a hands-on opportunity to This is a great company’s decision understand the technology.” Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance achievement.” engaged Dell to help solve the challenge of increasing energy costsOlivia Liu, chief information officer, and space limitations. Olivia Liu, chiefSun Life Everbright Life Insurance information officer, Sun Life Everbright Technology at work Life Insurance explains, “We told Dell Services* we were interested in virtualizing our servers. The Dell consultants helped us Dell™ Consulting Services develop a deeper understanding of the –Virtualization Assessment (VRA) features and benefits of VMware –Virtualization Plan and Design virtualization software, which –Virtualization Streamlined was extremely valuable.” Migration –Virtualization Health Check Dell conducted a Virtualization Readiness Assessment to provide Liu Dell ProSupport with a clear picture of the servers and –Mission Critical option applications that could be virtualized, Hardware along with how the solution should be configured to meet current and Dell™ PowerEdge™ R900 server predicted workloads. “The initial with Intel® Xeon® processors calculations we ran with Dell were Dell/EMC CX4 -80 storage crucial to pinning down the right area network solution,” says Liu. Software A rigorous selection process ensued, VMware® vSphere™ 4.0 however the firm continued with Enterprise Edition long-term solution provider Dell. “When compared to solutions from
  3. 3. Finally, Liu received an analysis of the response time. This gives thereturn on investment she could expect company maximum uptime andin terms of power, cooling, and space. helps maintain high productivityWith this information, the IT team had levels across the business. “For us, respondinga clear, long-term view of howvirtualization would support the As Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance quickly to change opens new offices and the demandscompany’s potential for growth. on IT grow, Liu and her team will need is more important IT team gains valuable knowledge through collaborative to respond quickly and cost effectively. The new virtualized infrastructure than ever. With our deployment process makes this possible. “We will need 66 virtualized DellThe deployment process ran smoothly additional servers over the next three over three months, with Dell managing years. However, by deploying virtual PowerEdge solution, server deployment and the migration of physical machines to virtual servers. machines on our Dell PowerEdge servers rather than buying physical we can expand“The deployment was a collaborative servers, we forecast a return on on demand, while process that provided us with investment of 194 percent,” says Liu. continuous knowledge transfer,” says Consolidation of physical servers by managing costs, Liu. “After the first physical to virtual migration, we were able to conduct 80 percent significantly frees up minimizing carbon space in the data center the procedures ourselves.” Virtualization has eliminated server emissions, and A collaborative relationship between the two firms was at the core of sprawl and freed up space in the data center. Two server racks have been freeing up time the project’s success. Liu asserts, removed thus far, along with 48 for innovation.”“We have transformed our environment network connector ports. with the help of Dell. The consultants Olivia Liu, chief information officer, Liu and her team have already Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance we worked with had excellent virtualized over 60 servers, with a virtualization expertize and a consolidation ratio of 15:1. This has responsive, enthusiastic approach reduced the number of physical to working with us.” servers to just five, which includes oneReturn on investment of 194 percent standby server. “Our physical serverexpected through virtualization count has already fallen by 80 percent.Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance Just five virtualized Dell PowerEdgenow runs five Dell PowerEdge R900 R900 servers now generate theservers with Intel Xeon processors, computing power of 60 machines,”virtualized with VMware vSphere 4.0 says Liu.Enterprise Edition. Liu explains, “Our virtualized Dell“We chose the Dell PowerEdge R900 PowerEdge servers will meet our server for its high efficiency and needs for the next three years, virtualization-ready architecture,” without the addition of more says Liu. For storage, the firm chose hardware. By creating virtual a Dell/EMC CX4 -80 storage area machines with VMware vSphere, network. The environment is protected we can expand server resources by Dell ProSupport*, Mission Critical without stretching the physical option, with a four hour on-site limits of the data center.”
  4. 4. Green efficiency improved with “Today, we use VMware vSphere to roll specific application as he spendspower consumption, and cooling out a new server in less than an hour. less time on routine maintenance.”costs set to decrease Whether we have a new office to set With the business poised for growth,With server numbers dramatically up, or a new line of business to Liu and her colleagues now havereduced, the data center now accommodate, we will be able to the flexible, efficient infrastructurerequires less operational power. respond almost instantly,” Liu says. they need. Liu concludes, “For us,The temperature has fallen by one Similarly, new applications now take responding quickly to change isdegree centigrade, lowering the one hour to launch, rather than two to more important than ever. With ourneed for cooling. three weeks. The IT team is now able virtualized Dell PowerEdge solution“With our virtualized Dell PowerEdge to set up virtual test environments and Dell/EMC CX4-80 SAN, we can R900 servers, we expect to save within minutes, instead of locating expand on demand, while managing 53 kWh on power consumption,” space on a physical server. When the costs, minimizing carbon emissions, says Liu. “Our virtualized Dell solution application is ready for launch, it and freeing up time for innovation.” provides us with the same amount operates on its own virtual machine. of computing power as our previous For more information go to: Liu says, “In the past, we bought a infrastructure and with lower and server each time we launched new energy consumption. This is a software. Now we simply set up a new great achievement.” virtual machine. Our operating systemsAdditionally, the energy use reduction and applications are hardwaresupports the firm’s bid to minimize its independent, and our physical serversimpact on the environment. Through are better utilized.”virtualization, Sunlight Everbright has As uptime optimizes, management reduced its carbon footprint by time decreases297,525 lbs. “As life insurers, we are Furthermore, the team cankeen to promote healthy living, so troubleshoot issues faster now andgreen efficiency is important to us. Our without scheduling downtime. “If aDell solution has reduced our carbon server needs attention, we use vMotionemissions by the equivalent of 25 cars to transfer live virtual machines toon the road for a year,” says Liu. another server, and the impact onIT team efficiency dramatically end users is zero,” says Liu.increases with ability to set up With simplified management, the ITvirtual machines team has more time for innovation.Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance plans “Far from recruiting additional teamto set up as many as six new offices members to cater for growth, wewithin three years, therefore the IT have actually gained time for workteam must be able to provision IT on strategic projects with ourresources quickly. In the past, a request existing team,” comments Liu.for new server resources involved a “For example, one of our techniciansmonth-long process of ordering, has developed new expertize on aconfiguring, and deploying equipment.The Efficient Enterprise runs on Dell:*Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit 2011. © Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of IntelCorporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is for informationalpurposes only. Dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study. 10008893