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Storage services

  1. 1. Storage Services OverviewDell storage solutions
  2. 2. Rising expectations and shrinking resources? Need to increase IT innovation to help drive the business forward? Told to do more with less – and do it faster?2
  3. 3. What if you could shiftup to 50% of your spend fromIT operations to business innovation? Keeping the Lights On Value Creation Technology Change Customer Connection Regulatory Compliance Strategic Alignment Security Business Results End-User Productivity 20% 50% Business Up & Running On innovation On innovation Start Goal “Keeping the lights on” devours up to 80% of IT budgets, starving innovation of funds.3
  4. 4. What if you could instantly respond to changing business conditions to increase and accelerate IT service levels?4
  5. 5. What if you could have applications and information always available to make decisions?5
  6. 6. Dell storage solutions automaticallyand intelligently optimize dataeverywhere to drive innovationand business results Shift up to 50% of your spend from IT operations Efficiency to business innovation Instantly respond to changing business conditions Agility to increase and accelerate IT service levels Ensure applications and information are Resiliency always available6
  7. 7. Solution Hardware Software Services Open, capable, Innovation based Select, deploy Get the most value affordable on industry & manage the from your standards best software technology for your needs investment Dell Services will accelerate your time to value.7
  8. 8. Start thinking Dell Services! Professional Support Training Simplify & transform Triumph over IT Get more out of your environment obstacles – with your technology ease8
  9. 9. IT Consulting Provides an Enterprise • Connect IT business requirements to technologies to transform data center Class comprehensive • Makes decisions from a position of knowledge storage, data protection • Protect assets for rapid recovery and meet regulatory compliance requirements or archival design that • Reduce risk, increase efficiencies and improve maximizes customer optimizationinvestments and positions • Flexible engagements available for the following topics: them for the future – Storage Consolidation & Tiering – Data Archiving – Data Protection Increased agility, Simplification Eliminate redundancy efficiency and stability and improve efficiency9
  10. 10. Storage Implementation Faster time to value • Detailed analysis of requirements to create the right deployment plan by leveraging the • Dell experts execute every phase of the project efficiencies of Dell • Implementation and configuration to product best practices readiness and final approval (typical onsite presence is 3 – 4 day) • Project activities include: – Rack, stack, cable & label – Configure hosts, arrays, switches – Configure volumes – Product orientation and documentation Get your business up Rely upon proven and Free-up key resources and running faster consistent processes to focus on strategic projects10
  11. 11. Data Migration Reduce risk and down • Careful planning and project management time through proven • Risk mitigation and reduced downtime (faster time-to-production readiness) Dell methodologies and • Easy retirement/ archiving of legacy practical experience equipment • Services available for: – CML, EQL and PowerVault for iSCSI, Fibre Channel and Direct Attach – Offline or online block, NAS/File and Object – Data Migration Planning for complex environments Mitigate risk Reduce downtime Get the right expertise11
  12. 12. ProSupport Premium hardware and • Single point of accountability with highly-trained experts software support • Next Business Day onsite service with four and available around the eight hour parts & labor response options clock, 24x7x365 • Third party collaboration for hardware and software issues • Escalation management with customer-set severity level options • Options for varied software, protection and advisory services Dell Services ranked #1 for onsite support response time1 Leverage our global Shift downtime into Conquer complexity so scale and skill uptime & escalations you can focus on to satisfaction innovation 1 Technology Business Review, “Service & Support Customer Satisfaction | Fourth Calendar Quarter 2010”12 March 2011, Julie Perron. Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit
  13. 13. ProSupport Mission Critical Dell’s most rapid • Accelerate onsite parts and labor by identifying your incident as a severity issue 1, 2 or 3 resolution option • Initiate emergency dispatch, in parallel with troubleshooting, for issues you self identify as severity level 1 • Receive regular status updates to keep you informed every step of the way • Available with two, four or eight-hour options Get your business up Rely on a proven Deliver exceptional and running in minutes critical situation service and support – not days process13
  14. 14. ProSupport Multi Vendor Support Expansion of ProSupport • One number to call for support across all assets and basic capabilities to • Consolidate laptops, desktops, servers, storage, andcover select non-Dell assets networking under a single support contract • Manage expiring warranties and support beyond three or five years • Plus all of the same features you expect from Dell ProSupport or Basic Service Includes non-Dell servers, • HP, IBM, Sun, NetApp, Cisco, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Fujitsu and more storage, networking, UNIX, desktops & laptops Launched globally • Continued country and scope growth planned throughout FY13 (ABU, EMEA, APJ) Save time Improve efficiency Realize cost savings 14
  15. 15. ProSupport for Data Center • Customer-specific support plan tailored to yourA tailored support plan with environment and capabilities.consumption based pricing • Flexible support model allows you to adapt your service levels in response to your changing business needs. and a dedicated team • Control the varying elements of your data center enabling you to adapt environment with dedicated people, customized reporting, and data protection.quickly and pay for only the support you need. Optimize resources Adapt with agility Control your environment15
  16. 16. IT Advisory Services Two advisory packages to • Monthly incident and warranty tracking reporting choose from that help • Annual health check and assessment • Custom patch notification reduce down-time with • Custom support plansenvironment-wide reporting, • Designated IT professional analysis and planning • Value analysis itemizing recommended benefits • Flexible payment options – fixed fees or tag-based Dell customers purchasing features found in IT Advisory Services Strategic Package have seen 27.3% lower incident and 11.7% lower dispatch rates than Reduce case activity Control costs Rely on expert those without.* rates and downtime support * Features found in Enterprise-Wide Contract are very similar to those in IT Advisory Services Strategic Package with the exception of IT Service16 Management Review assessments that are now available as a separate option. Enterprise-Wide Contract was replaced by IT Advisory Services in May 2011. Data is based on Dell Cases and Dell Dispatches specific to Enterprise-Wide Contract, January 2011.
  17. 17. Proactive Maintenance Reduce unplanned • Data Collection of key performance indicators downtime and optimize • Analysis of data against current version requirements and Dell Best Practices stability with • Detailed report of assessment and assessments, patch recommendations management, detailed • Customer review with a Dell Product Specialist • Application of customer-approved patches and reporting, and more system updates Customers with Proactive Maintenance report up to 40% less issues than customers who do not have the service.* Mitigate unexpected Reduce possibility of Keep systems up-to- costs critical incidents date Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit
  18. 18. Storage Training Learn to simplify storage • Compellent: Learn to perform key administrative tasks for a Compellent Storage Center and administration, optimize effectively manage all tools associated with Storage Center operations resources or improve • EqualLogic: Learn what hardware and softwaredisaster recovery with our features are available with the PS Series Storage Array and its advanced featuresintuitive Dell Compellent, • Dell SAN: The Dell Storage Area Network (SAN) EqualLogic, and SAN Management course provides you with the expertise necessary to implement Dell|EMC training modules storage into an existing IT infrastructure • Current classes range from 2 to 5 days; however custom and online classes are available as well Improve efficiency Reduce downtime Remain confident18
  19. 19. With a single point of contactfor everything – hardware, software, services Dell Services presence globally #1 for IT Service Support : & Support • 12.8M clients Customer • 1.4M servers & Satisfaction storage (TBR) systems Manage: #1 in Healthcare • 2.5M+ clients IT worldwide (Gartner) • 36 customer data centers 7 Outsourcing • 10K+ SaaS Excellence customers Awards • Manage over (Outsourcing 6.2M Center/Forbes) SaaS seats 43,000 team members | 90 countries | 60 tech support centers | 7 global command centers19
  20. 20. Let’s talk...• Let’s identify a storage or data management project where you think Dell can help• Visit a Dell Solution Center• Leverage Dell consulting assessments for storage consolidation, backup and recovery, archive• Visit dellstorage.com20