State and Future of Dell’s Channel Business


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Learn about Dell’s channel business, our strategy, and where we go from here as Dell goes private to serve our customers. See how the switch to a private company will mean growth for Dell, it’s partners, and great things for it’s customers. Find out more at:

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  •  As Michael Dell has said, our focus remains squarely on our customers, creating value in their lives and for their organizations.
  • Introducing the world’s largest startupDell is once again a privately-held company. We couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead. We see ourselves as the world’s largest startup, tapping into our entrepreneurial spirit to inspire innovation and fresh thinking. Yet, we are far more than your average startup. We have a strong balance sheet, a solid cash flow, a globally-recognized brand, millions of customers worldwide, and over 100,000 agents of change ready to further our bold vision—helping people achieve their full potential.You may wonder what this means for you. What customers value from us will remain the same. We will continue to focus on serving you, solving your complex challenges and delivering a best-in-class overall experience. And we will give you the power to do more—even more than before.As a private company, we make decisions that put the customer first.We focus solely on creating value for our customers and our customers alone.All of this leads to several advantages. You will see even more customer-inspired innovation, a greater focus on solutions, and a more forward-thinking approach to solving big challenges.Inspired innovationWe are now free to accelerate our strategy. We can make bolder choices in how, where, and when we invest to propel our company forward and deliver greater value to our customers—without concern of backlash from the street. We will continue to pursue both organic and inorganic investments. We will embrace prudent risks—like a startup company—to bring our customers inspired innovations that matter to their business (or organization). And unlike others who seem to invent for the sake of inventing or who pour millions of dollars into impractical research programs, we instead will continue to make smart, strategic, and targeted investments that address real-world challenges—just as we always have but with greater intensity. And we are disrupting the industry yet again, by innovating not simply what we deliver but how we deliver it. We have refined the Dell business model to ease and accelerate the purchase of our more transactional products, paving the way for a greater emphasis on solutions.Solution focusedRefining our manufacturing efficiency (i.e. through Smart Select) makes our products and solutions easier to buy, which saves you time and money. But there’s more to the story. With popular configurations more standardized and readily available, more of our time is freed up to help you solve bigger challenges. We can evolve our selling approach and concentrate more effectively on in-depth, longer-sales-cycle solution selling. Keep in mind we have been transitioning to a more enhanced solution-oriented approach for many years now. But as a private company we have the freedom to accelerate our transformation, and make the necessary investments to deepen our relationship with customers, expand our presence in emerging markets, and further develop our channel partnerships. We will continue to bring you technology solutions that range from endpoint devices to the data center to the cloud. And we will continue to simplify the complex and make the powerful easy to use across the entire technology lifecycle, just as we always have, but with increased determination as we look to the future.Forward thinkingFew would argue that technology innovation is accelerating at a pace much faster than anyone could have anticipate—with many disruptive technologies and market forces converging all at once. As a result, organizations are finding it difficult to choose the right path forward, taking a wait-and-see approach, postponing tough decisions. We see this “decision paralysis” as a significant obstacle for many people and an opportunity for us to address it. By investing boldly, we are working to re-envision the traditional technology model—to jumpstart the future—and build a fast track to more modern architectures (e.g. Cloud, Big Data, mobility, security) with standardized infrastructure components that enable you to more effectively move forward faster and be more nimble and agile in the long run. We will amplify our efforts to accelerate modernization of both enterprise and client computing, but do it in a manner that is uniquely Dell—by democratizing new trends, making the best technologies more accessible to all, putting more power into the hands of more people than ever before.We encourage you to tell us how we are doing as we embark on this new stage of our journey, and we hope that you will join us as we make history together.###  
  • Helps with your growth strategy: Increased customer satisfaction will result in several growth opportunities where Dell hardware and services can be positioned.Experts without additional investment: Around the country or around the globe, we can help you deploy networking with our expertsSelling networking deployment, helps you make great margins and retire quotas.
  • State and Future of Dell’s Channel Business

    1. 1. State and future of Dell's Channel business Cheryl Cook Vice President Global Channels & Alliances 2013
    2. 2. What you will learn today About Channel 2013 Our strategy Where we go from here
    3. 3. “As a private enterprise, we’ll serve our customers with a single-minded purpose and drive the innovations that will help them achieve their goals. Our partners are a very important part of Dell’s overall growth strategy. In fact, a rapidly growing portion of our commercial business is now with our partners, and we see that continuing to increase. We’re very committed to these relationships, and we value our channel partners’ unique insights into what customers want and need from IT solutions. When our customers grow and succeed, so do our partners and so do we.” 2013 – Michael S. Dell
    4. 4. Introducing the world’s largest startup Renewing our entrepreneurial spirit within a private company structure Inspired innovation Solution focused Forward thinking Invest boldly Evolve our sales approach Jumpstart the future Innovate for the real world Solve end to end Accelerate modernization Refine our business model Simplify the complex Democratize new trends 2013
    5. 5. We believe Channel will benefit from the acceleration of our business strategy Four customer segments 12 new Channel industry awards since May 2013 Over 2000 Dell Channel Consumer Preferred Large Global and small employees acrossinstitutions the globe 500 accounts business committed to Global Commercial Channels Distribution Value-added Resellers, Direct to Partner 1/3 1/3 *All OEM Solutions Global System Integrators Channel represents about one third of Dell’s Global commercial business1 figures stated as of Q3FY14 1including SonicWall, Wyse and Quest legacy acquisition revenue, Q3Y14 2013 “Michael Dell, Top 25 Most Influential ” CRN, Oct 28th “Most influential partnership” China “Dell ranked #1 entry-level and mid-range storage vendor in North & South America” IDC 2-3X market growth
    6. 6. Committed to our Channel strategy 2013
    7. 7. Our core principles and promise to you.. Easy to do business with Dell Dedicated Channel Team Dual Compensation Structure Single Partner Tools and Training Single incentive and rebate structure Win in the Datacenter with Dell Dell ranked #1 Entry-Level and MidRange Storage Vendor in North and South America by IDC 2013 CRN Annual Report Card (ARC) – Overall Category: Volume Servers [Won overall and support subcategory] 2013 Trained and skilled on Dell ~110,000 training courses were completed by partners in H1FY14 = +26% Y/Y. We are well on our way to delivering 250,000 courses for 2013 Gain profitability with Dell Dell can be your most profitable partner
    8. 8. Committed to enriching PartnerDirect value 2013
    9. 9. PartnerDirect in history 2008 PartnerDirect established Certified Practice Areas  Strategic value to Dell  Minimal channel conflict  Recognize unique partner solutions capabilities 2013 Managed Services Enterprise Architecture 2008 2008 2008
    10. 10. PartnerDirect making history 2013 Our Partner community 140,000+ 4,200+ global Channel partners certified partners Over 2000 Dell Channel employees across the globe committed to your success 2013
    11. 11. We listen & act $ Predictable Engagement Model 2013 Account Team Compensation Accelerators Expanded Partner Incentives
    12. 12. How this impacts you 1 2 3 Predictable Engagement Model Account Team Compensation Accelerators Expanded Partner Incentives 2013 1 Team Simplified Go-ToMarket Model to Channel Led Approach for Specifically Targeted Accounts Core Sales Teams to Receive 20% Premium for Strategic Solutions Through Channel 5x Investment in Equipment Demo Pool 4x Investment in Partner Sales Rep Incentives
    13. 13. Where we go from here Train & Enable Your Team Sell Dell’s end-to-end solutions That enables your customers to: • Turn data into insights • Overcome the evolving security threat & ensure compliance • Accelerate adoption: virtualization, convergence, cloud Engage Dell Sales & Marketing teams 2013 Take part and benefit from this exciting time at Dell
    14. 14. Q&A 2013
    15. 15. Let’s get started Engage with Dell PartnerDirect subject matter experts at the Solution Showcase Schedule a post-event whiteboard session to address your specific requirements. Contact your account team for details Gain hands on experience, see demonstrations at the Solution Showcase Schedule a visit to a Dell Solution Center near you: Austin • New York City • Washington D.C. Chicago • Santa Clara • Mexico City • Sao Paolo Go to 2013
    16. 16. 2013
    17. 17. 2013