Size Does Matter: Performance, Uptime, Growth and You


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When instant, reliable access to millions of files is required 24/7, every aspect of an IT infrastructure must be designed with performance and uptime in mind. Database/web/directory servers, storage, networking, and security/virtualization software must all work in harmony to meet strict SLA uptime and performance metrics. George Jon & Associates uniquely employs a replicable baseline network configuration for clients of all sizes, from small business networks to massive international compliance projects. The lessons learned from their experience with clients around the globe are directly applicable to organizations of all sizes, as the core requirement of the architecture is modular scalability with little to no downtime.

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  • Question: You talked about Equallogic – what about Compellent?
  • When you need more information a set of master presentations will be maintained on SalesEdge to enable the AE and Specialists to extract materials for customer presentations and address the key issues and solutions of focus.

    They are:

    Why Dell Storage - Redefining the Economics of Enterprise Storage – including AE and Specialists areas of focus

    Additional Workload Specific Decks will drill into areas of:
    VDI for Storage
    Big Data for Storage
    Virtualization and Cloud for Storage

    This eLearning module will address the AE section of Why Dell Storage, and additional eLearning modules will be available through MyLearning for the remaining focus areas.

    The SalesEdge Dashboards have been realigned by roles so the AEs can click and find the information they need and Specialists can click on their link and find specific information for their role.

    Also watch SalesEdge for a new series of Workshops designed to gain hands on experience in “How to sell into workload-oriented storage” environments

  • Size Does Matter: Performance, Uptime, Growth and You

    1. 1. Dell sponsor session overview Monday, August 25th 2:30- 3:30p Session 3021: Size Does Matter: Performance, Uptime, Growth and You (ESG session, Dell customer solutions discussion) Presenters: Travis Vigil, Exec Director Product Marketing and a Dell customer, George Nedwick, CEO, George Jon & Associates vmworld® 2014
    2. 2. Size does matter Performance, uptime, growth and you Session 3021
    3. 3. Who is George Jon? • 7 years of eDiscovery-specific information technology experience • Experts in planning, building, scaling and maintaining eDiscovery networks • Plan and design state-of-the-art eDiscovery infrastructure • Audit existing systems to optimize speed, performance, scalability, efficiency • Provide 24/7 ongoing maintenance to ensure performance (and profitability) vmworld® 2014
    4. 4. Requirements:performance, reliability, scalabilityn • Deliver stable, scalable, fault tolerant environments for all eDiscovery platforms • Work with both corporate entities and independent resellers/hosting companies • Unparalleled experience with large-scale eDiscovery • Proven, consistent baseline configuration that delivers predictable results • 24 x 7 availability for eDiscovery tools vmworld® 2014
    5. 5. What are the IT challenges? Challenge Implication PetaBytes Harmony of components Performance Response times Perpetual uptime High availability Protection Data loss prevention Planning Future growth accommodation vmworld® 2014
    6. 6. Solution components Server • High VM density Storage • Performance, efficiency, modularity Networking • Flat networks, high performance • Intrusion prevention and detection Software • Security, data protection • Management integration vmworld® 2014
    7. 7. E D I S C OV E R Y S E R V I C E S
    8. 8. Non-disruptive scalability Why make capital investments before revenue generation? Inherently scalable design Your capacity needs to be able to grow with your business • Network • Storage • Compute vmworld® 2014 Room to grow
    9. 9. VMs vmworld® 2014
    10. 10. VM Cluster vmworld® 2014 Dell PowerEdge Dustin – either one of these are current
    11. 11. Storage vmworld® 2014 Dell Storage PS Series EqualLogic Performance-optimized Capacity-optimized
    12. 12. LAN/WAN vmworld® 2014 Dell Sonicwall Dell Networking Z9000
    13. 13. SAN vmworld® 2014 Dell Networking S60, S4810
    14. 14. Database & Backup processing vmworld® 2014
    15. 15. Business continuity and data protection • Comprehensive global HA/DR • Fully redundant to guarantee fidelity • Layered data protection • Continually DR/HA testing • Storage-based replication • VMware SRM integration vmworld® 2014
    16. 16. Security • Security problems are global in nature • Sensitive data requires containment • Use SecureWorks to safeguard customer data vmworld® 2014
    17. 17. Questions and answers vmworld® 2014
    18. 18. Where to go for more information vmworld® 2014 Visit
    19. 19. Thank you. Dell - Restricted - Confidential