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Schneider Electric is a global organisation        to buy non-virtualized servers, but after
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 on hyPEr-v, wE havE Cut sErvEr ManagEMEnt tiME
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“thanks to dELL sErvErs and hyPEr-v,
 wE ConsoLidatEd our sErvErs By
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 rEduCEd our LiCEnsing...
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Schneider Electric Case Study: Global Energy Management Company Consolidates Key Server Environment 66%


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Dell helps global energy management specialist consolidate key server environment by approximately 66 per cent with Hyper-V.

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Schneider Electric Case Study: Global Energy Management Company Consolidates Key Server Environment 66%

  1. 1. SolutionS: •  ERVERConSoliDAtion S •  iRtuAliZAtion V EnErgisEd for thE futurE Dell helps global energy management specialist consolidate key CustoMEr ProfiLE Company: Schneider Electric Industry: Technology Country: France Founded: 1836 server environment by approximately 66 per cent with Hyper-V employees: 114,000 WeBsIte: ChaLLEngE Schneider Electric needed additional server capacity for testing and production, while controlling costs. The group also wanted to minimise management time. soLution Dell Infrastructure Consulting Services evaluated the team’s needs and recommended a simplified, virtualized environment based on Windows Server® 2008 Hyper-V™. Schneider Electric chose Dell ProSupport for IT to optimise performance. BEnEfits Get It Faster • Dell Infrastructure Consulting Services ensures optimal solution design • Deployment time reduced by around 83 per cent • Developers launch virtual servers in five minutes run It Better • Servers consolidated by approximately 66 per cent Grow It smarter Corporate departments with growing data processing needs • Hyper-V allows fast deployment of can end up wasting staff resources on the management of large, test environments complex server infrastructures. Switching to virtualization can help simplify routine tasks and boost operational flexibility, freeing employees for work that adds value to the business.
  2. 2. Schneider Electric is a global organisation to buy non-virtualized servers, but after that specialises in helping companies manage discussions with Dell Infrastructure their energy requirements reliably and Consulting Services – part of Dell ProConsult efficiently. Eighty developers in the company’s – virtualization with Windows Server® 2008 Customer Software division create and test Hyper-V™ emerged as the most efficient electrical design and calculation software, answer to the challenges of the Customer which allows customers to select the most Software division. efficient Schneider Electric products and solutions for their needs. dELL ConsuLtants oPtiMisE soLution dEsign The development team needed to refresh its Dell assigned a solutions architect to the IT infrastructure to provide additional capacity project, who explained the functionality and for testing and production. Rather than benefits of Hyper-V virtualization. simply expand existing systems, it wanted to consolidate the environment, replacing older servers with more powerful machines. Because the team has no dedicated resources for IT maintenance, simplicity was a priority, as was the support of a reliable solution provider. Lastly, the team had recently moved to a new office and needed to deploy an IT infrastructure independent of the rest of the group. Jacques Sautier, project manager, Schneider Electric, says: “We needed a manageable infrastructure that we could launch quickly and maintain easily, allowing developers to focus on development. Scalability was also important because developers often need to set-up test environments for software rapidly.” Schneider Electric turned to Dell, whose desktops and laptops had served the company well in the past. Sautier planned “thE dELL soLutions arChitECt was a hyPEr-v ExPErt. our dEvELoPErs gainEd aLL thE skiLLs thEy nEEdEd and wErE ConfidEnt Enough to ManagE thE EnvironMEnt without assistanCE within two days of dEPLoyMEnt.” Jacques Sautier, project manager, Schneider Electric how it works By virtualizing, Schneider Electric would Schneider Electric had already worked with consolidate multiple server workloads onto Microsoft® software, but without existing sErviCEs fewer machines, simplify management and knowledge of virtualization, training was • Dell ProConsult give developers the means to launch test essential. “We hadn’t used Dell Infrastructure • Dell ProSupport for IT environments more quickly. “Our discussions Consulting Services before, but when Dell – Mission Critical option with the Dell consultants made us aware of proposed four days of consulting services to hardwarE an option that we might not otherwise have implement Hyper-V and provide knowledge • Dell™ PowerEdge™ 2900 servers with considered,” says Sautier. “The solutions transfer, we knew that Dell was the right Intel® Xeon® Processors E5430 architect really listened to us. He showed partner,” says Sautier. us how we could make the most of Hyper-V softwarE The Dell solution replaced the existing six technology in our environment.” The • Windows Server ® 2008 Enterprise servers with just two Dell™ PowerEdge™ assessment and design process included • Hyper-V ™ 2900 servers with Intel® Xeon® Processors a number of stages: • Microsoft ® System Center Virtual E5430, optimised for Hyper-V virtualization. Machine Manager 2008 • Virtualization Assessment Schneider Electric chose to maximise uptime • Microsoft System Center Data • Virtualization Design and Plan with Dell ProSupport for IT Mission Critical Protection Manager 2007 • Virtualization Health Checks option. • Virtualization Operational Assessment • Virtualization Proof of Concept
  3. 3. “thanks to dELL’s virtuaLization soLution BasEd on hyPEr-v, wE havE Cut sErvEr ManagEMEnt tiME suBstantiaLLy.” Jacques Sautier, project manager, Schneider Electric dEPLoyMEnt tiME rEduCEd deployment time by around 83 per cent. Dell Protection Manager, we get disk-to-disk- By around 83 PEr CEnt designed, deployed and trained us on all to-tape backup for our physical and virtual The solutions architect from the Dell team elements of the solution.” servers, without downtime. It’s fast, reliable spent four days at Schneider Electric, helping and cost efficient thanks to minimal use of to deploy the solution and train the team on ManagEMEnt tiME rEduCEd disk space,” says Sautier. Hyper-V, Microsoft System Center Virtual The company now has a consolidated Machine Manager 2008 and Microsoft infrastructure, with fewer physical servers to hyPEr-v and systEM System Center Data Protection Manager look after and user-friendly tools to simplify CEntEr hELP LaunCh sErvErs 2007. In the first two days, the PowerEdge management. With Microsoft System Center in fivE MinutEs servers were deployed and the virtualization Virtual Machine Manager 2008, the team has With seamless, hardware-free expansion, parameters created. The Dell solutions a centralised console for the management the development team has a solution ideally architect then helped install Microsoft System of physical and virtual servers at all levels, suited to its needs. Developers use System Center and showed the team how to manage from hardware to workloads. Says Sautier: Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to the virtualized environment and perform “System Center Virtual Machine Manager provision and optimise virtual machines physical-to-virtual migrations. “Dell carried helps us automate routine tasks, which quickly. Says Sautier: “Our developers create out the first two physical-to-virtual migrations maximises the time that developers spend software that’s essential to our sales process, and showed us how the process worked – creating applications that enhance customer so the faster they can build test environments, then we conducted the rest ourselves,” experience and drive sales.” the better. With our Hyper-V solution from says Sautier. Dell, it now takes just five minutes to deploy a For example, developers can move virtual server, as opposed to several weeks.” The last day was devoted to more informal servers dynamically between physical training on Hyper-V and System Center Data machines using the Performance and sErvErs ConsoLidatEd By Protection Manager 2007, as well as system Resource Optimization tool. This allows them aPProxiMatELy 66 PEr CEnt tests on data backups. Sautier says: “The Dell to carry out maintenance within normal With virtualization, Schneider Electric’s solutions architect was a Hyper-V expert. Our working hours without loss of availability. development team has reduced its physical developers gained all the skills they needed “Thanks to Dell’s virtualization solution based server count from six to two. As well as and were confident enough to manage the on Hyper-V, we have cut server management simplifying management, this has improved environment without assistance within two time substantially,” says Sautier. “Even hardware utilisation and resolved networking days of deployment. without a dedicated IT team, we can easily limitations. The company’s two Dell PowerEdge manage the infrastructure.” “Without Dell we would have spent at least servers currently run eight virtual servers. 24 days implementing our virtualization The developers also use System Center “We were running out of space for networking solution. Dell’s technicians completed the Data Protection Manager 2007 to backup, plugs, but with our virtualized Dell servers, work in just four days, which reduced our archive and recover data. “With Data that’s no longer an issue,” says Sautier.
  4. 4. “thanks to dELL sErvErs and hyPEr-v, wE ConsoLidatEd our sErvErs By aPProxiMatELy 66 PEr CEnt and rEduCEd our LiCEnsing Costs By aBout thE saME aMount.” Jacques Sautier, project manager, Schneider Electric One virtualized server can do the job of option with four-hour on-site support. “Dell many physical servers, so the infrastructure offers immediate telephone assistance 24/7 is better utilised and requires less space. and will provide on-site troubleshooting within Fewer servers also mean fewer licences for just four hours. This gives us peace of mind software such as management tools. “Thanks that our availability is protected at all times,” to Dell servers and Hyper-V, we consolidated says Sautier. our servers by approximately 66 per cent and reduced our licensing costs by about the For more information on this case study same amount,” says Sautier. or to read additional case studies, go to Original (from ftp) and With fewer physical servers, the company also cuts its energy consumption. Sautier says: “With Intel-based PowerEdge servers This case study is for informational purposes only. and Hyper-V, we use approximately 50 dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study. per cent less power, which reduces costs and underpins our corporate message of protecting the environment.” NEW avaiLaBiLity MaxiMisEd with dELL ProsuPPort for it For maximum availability, Schneider Electric chose Dell ProSupport for IT Mission Critical Modify logo http://www.schneider-elect Simplify your total Solution at DEll.Com/Simplify Reference number: 10007603 Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit © October 2009, Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Microsoft, Microsoft Office and Windows, SQL and SharePoint are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries..