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RightNow Case Study: Saving On Cooling Costs with Dell PowerEdge Platforms
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RightNow Case Study: Saving On Cooling Costs with Dell PowerEdge Platforms


RightNow needed to update its robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. It also needed a server solution for its internal data center to eliminate server sprawl and reduce power and cooling costs. …

RightNow needed to update its robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. It also needed a server solution for its internal data center to eliminate server sprawl and reduce power and cooling costs. The company chose Dell to power its customer-facing applications, its internal corporate applications and its laptop computing needs. RightNow uses Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers for its SaaS offering and its internal corporate data center.

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  • 1. RightNow providespositive customerexperiences andsaves on power andcooling costs with Dell • Consolidation • Desktop/Laptop Refresh • MobilityPowerEdge platforms • Power & Cooling • Virtualization “We’re doing a lot of videoconferencing this year. It cuts down our travel costs and puts a personal touch in our communications. And as the customer experience experts, we definitely appreciate that.” Ben Nelson, CISO, RightNow Customer Profile Company: RightNow Technologies Industry: Technology Country: United States Employees: 800 Web: www.rightnow.com Benefits • Savings in power and cooling costs Business Need for internal data center RightNow needed to update its robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) • 15 minutes to deploy virtual servers offering. It also needed a server solution for its internal data center to eliminate server sprawl and reduce power and cooling costs. The vs. 1 month for physical servers company also wanted a laptop solution to provide employees with • Nearly doubling capacity of its mobility along with the processing power to run desktop applications. customer-facing servers using PowerEdge servers Solution • 65 physical servers eliminated The company chose Dell to power its customer-facing applications, from corporate data center using its internal corporate applications and its laptop computing needs. virtualization RightNow uses Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers for its SaaS offering and its internal corporate data center. The internal platform is virtualized with • Ability to put 35-40 virtual VMware vSphere 4. The company is also using Dell Latitude™ laptops machines on one VMware ESX host for 80 percent of its employees’ desktop computing needs.
  • 2. There’s a lot riding on the shoulders of contact centers today, as budgets and staffing tighten while email and call volumes continue to escalate. The contact center is the critical area where customer attitudes are shaped. Many companies are turning to RightNow to drive costs down while improving the customer experience. RightNow is helping to rid the world of bad customer experiences, one consumer interaction at a time, seven million times a day. Based in Bozeman, Montana, the server is Apache, which it runs on the 800-employee company delivers its PowerEdge R410. External applications“We can put 35 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer run on CentOS Linux. experience applications through a to 40 virtual cloud solution hosted across four The company’s Web server farm was running at around 60-70 percent CPU machines on a data centers. With RightNow’s hosted customer experience management utilization. Then RightNow swapped out its existing servers with R410s, and Dell PowerEdge software solutions, agents share utilization went down to 20-30 percent, a unified view into all customer R905 server, so we interactions across channels—email, nearly doubling capacity. have a tremendous phone, Web and live chat—so everyone is accessing the same information. amount of Among its almost 2,000 customers Technology at Work are British Airways, Black and Decker, headroom for Continental Tire, the U.S. Social Security Services Administration and the U.S. Department Dell™ Support growth, and users of Education. are extremely Doubling processing capacity Hardware Dell Latitude™ E6500, E6400 and pleased with the RightNow’s cloud solution consists of E4300 laptops with Intel® Core™ 2 Dell PowerEdge R710 and R410 rack Duo processors performance of servers. The Dell servers represent the Dell PowerEdge™ R710 and R410 their applications.” latest in a long line of Dell servers that RightNow has used to populate its servers with Intel Xeon® 5500 series processors Ben Nelson, CISO, RightNow data centers to host its customer- facing applications. Dell PowerEdge R905 servers “We’re really impressed with the Dell Software PowerEdge R710 and R410 servers,” CentOS Linux says Tom Jinneman, IT director, RightNow. “Performance is outstanding, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 and we’re definitely saving on power Microsoft Office SharePoint® with these PowerEdge servers.” Server The company uses MySQL databases MySQL database for all its applications, and has VMware vSphere 4 approximately 300 Dell PowerEdge R710 database servers across its Windows Server® 2008 four data centers. Its primary Web
  • 3. Eliminating 65 physical machines order it and get it in house, implement itRightNow’s customer-facing servers and find space in the data center for it.”are not virtualized because its RightNow’s internal IT team issoftware is set up to securely separate considering replacing its professionalcustomers and allow them to run time management and tracking system,on shared equipment. However, the which historically had been hosted byservers hosting the company’s internal an outside vendor. Bringing it in houseapplications are virtualized with VMware would save a great deal of money.vSphere 4. Four Dell PowerEdgeR905 servers host a total of 150 virtual “In a traditional setup, we would havemachines, which consolidated 65 had to purchase three or four extra “We’re reallyphysical boxes as well as 90 virtual servers and get them implemented, allmachines that were on a previous at a significant cost for the hardware,” impressed with theVMware ESXi cluster. says Nelson. “It would have taken a month or more. Now we can stand up Dell PowerEdge R710Saving on power costs virtual servers in 15 minutes, and all we and R410 servers. Prior to the virtualization project, server have to worry about is licensing the sprawl was pushing the limits of space operating system and the software. So Performance is in the data center and taxing power and cooling capabilities. The VMware virtualization makes a big difference to our internal operations by eliminating outstanding, and ESX cluster is now running at 35-40 a great deal of time and cost. We don’t we’re definitely percent utilization. “The performance is even have to make a business case for phenomenal,” says Ben Nelson, CISO. doing it, because its requirements in saving on power.”“With the Dell PowerEdge R905 servers terms of resources are so minimal.” we’re saving on power and cooling Tom Jinneman, IT Director, RightNow compared with our costs prior to this More headroom for growth virtualization initiative.” RightNow’s 800 internal users are the beneficiaries of the new capabilitiesThe ESX cluster runs Microsoft Office that the company has acquired throughSharePoint Server and Microsoft virtualization with the Dell platform.Exchange Server 2007. The virtual “We can put 35 to 40 virtual machinesmachines (VMs) run Microsoft Windows on a Dell PowerEdge R905 server,Server 2008. so we have a tremendous amountSaving by bringing app in house of headroom for growth, and the users are extremely pleased with the“Having a virtualized platform makes performance of their applications,” says it much more likely that we can Nelson. “We’re constantly tweaking the accommodate ad hoc requests that cluster to get better performance. If aren’t in the budget,” says Nelson. “So the users had their way, there would be it’s really made us a lot more nimble as 1,000 virtual machines on the cluster an IT organization. If new applications because the users are constantly come down the pipe, unless there are coming up with ideas for improving very heavy compute requirements, processes. The cluster would be able we can generally stand up a VM in 15 to scale, although we have to exert minutes and be up and be running with controls so that we can manage it. But a new application in two days versus that’s a good problem to have.” having to spec out additional hardware,
  • 4. Mobility for employees a lot of videoconferencing this year,”Of the company’s 800 users, says Nelson. “It cuts down our travelapproximately 80 percent access the costs and puts a personal touch in ourDell cluster on Dell Latitude laptops— communications. And as the customerRightNow’s preferred solution for experience experts, we definitelypersonal computing. The company appreciate that.”purchases Dell Latitude E4300 laptops Longtime users of Dell equipment,for teleworkers and mobile sales people. RightNow single sources all of itsThe majority of office workers use Dell product needs through Dell to get theLatitude E6400 laptops with Intel Core best value for its equipment investment2 Duo processors, and developers and and the latest technology. “We’ve builtprofessionals who don’t do a lot of our business on Dell hardware and it’straveling but need extra horsepower get working just the way we want it,”Dell Latitude E6500 laptops. says Nelson.“We’re ordering all the Latitudes with built-in webcams because we’re doingView all Dell case studies at: dell.com/casestudiesAvailability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit: dell.com/servicedescriptions© August 2010. Intel, Intel Xeon and Intel Core are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporationin the United States or other countries. Microsoft, SharePoint and Windows Server are either registered trademarksor trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This case study is forinformational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY.Reference Number: 10008393