ReSource Pro reducesstorage management timeby 70 percent and paves theway for company growth                              ...
ReSource Pro, headquartered in the United States,                                            set up its first offshore ser...
Reduced 75 percent 75 percent decrease in storage costs     Reduced 70 percent 70 percent reduction in storage management ...
Storage  For more info on Storage Solutions, visit:                     Visit our other com...
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ReSource Pro Case Study: Reducing Storage Management Time


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ReSource Pro reduces storage management time by 70 percent and paves the way for company growth with virtualized Dell solution.

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ReSource Pro Case Study: Reducing Storage Management Time

  1. 1. ReSource Pro reducesstorage management timeby 70 percent and paves theway for company growth • Backup, recovery and archiving • reen efficiency Gwith virtualized Dell solution • torage consolidation S • irtualization V “When we compared the Dell solution with those from other suppliers, we found that Dell was the best in terms of quality, performance, and support services.” Arthur Wang, IT specialist, ReSource Pro Customer profile Company: ReSource Pro Industry: Business Process Outsourcing Benefits Location: China • ell EqualLogic storage is D Employees: 700+ approximately 90 percent simpler Website: to manage than the previous solution Business need • torage management time reduced S ReSource Pro wanted to support the continued growth of its offshore by 70 percent compared to previous services site in China with a more scalable, energy efficient and easy- solution to-manage IT infrastructure. • pproximately 75 percent reduction A Solution in costs compared to previous The company achieved its goal by creating a virtualized server and solution storage environment based on a Dell™ EqualLogic storage solution. • irtualized servers enable V company growth
  2. 2. ReSource Pro, headquartered in the United States, set up its first offshore services center through its parent company, Distinguished Programs Group, in Qingdao, China in 2003.The company today works for insurance Virtualization goals made agents and brokers across the U.S. on possible with Dell solutiona variety of functions including data The company created a strategy that Technology at workentry, claims processing, analysis and would answer the existing IT challengesresearch. It has grown rapidly since and help the infrastructure support Hardwarebeing founded, from two employees continued growth in the future. It Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers withto more than 700 employees. decided to virtualize both servers Intel® Xeon® processors and storage in addition to establish aAlong with a rapid expansion in business, Dell EqualLogic PS5000X storage disaster recovery site, so that data couldthe company saw an equally dramatic area network be easily restored in the event of anincrease in data loads. This was emergency at the Qingdao data center. Dell Dimension™ E520 and 5150sustainable at the onset as IT personnelcould add new servers to support the After a careful review of the market desktopsgrowth. However, the policy eventually and alternative solutions from other Dell OptiPlex™ 380, 745, 755 andbecame problematic because the data providers, the company selected Dell 760 desktopscenter began running out of space to help to deliver its IT goals.for new machines, and energy and Software Arthur Wang, IT specialist, at ReSourcemanagement costs were increasing. Pro, says, “We found that with Dell VMware® ESX™ server softwareThe challenges around storing and solutions and technical support weback up of data were also becoming could successfully virtualize our serversparticularly acute. Data was held and storage. We also gained the stability,directly on machines, making performance, and technical support to allows us to order directly from Delladministration more complex, and maximize the value of our investment.” and avoid losing time due to workingdaily backups took between 8 and Solution delivers performance with an intermediary.”12 hours to complete. and reliability Efficient deployment helps It was not the first time the company maximize value of investment worked with Dell. ReSource Pro The company built a new virtualized had previously purchased Dell server and storage environment based solutions based on their performance on Dell solutions and created a disaster“The Dell EqualLogic and reliability. recovery site with the support of SAN is about 90 percent In fact, over time, the company Dell engineers. standardized entirely on Dell, simpler to manage implementing Dell™ Dimension™ Michael Zheng, IT supervisor, at ReSource Pro, says, “We received an and requires only and Dell OptiPlex™ desktops, Dell excellent level of service from Dell’s PowerEdge™ servers, and a Dell about 30 percent of PowerVault™ tape library. engineers, who understood that we needed maximum value from our the management time Wang says, “When we compared the solution. Dell met all our deadlines.” compared to alternative Dell solution with those from other Furthermore, Zheng cites, ReSource suppliers, we found that Dell was the SAN solutions.” best in terms of quality, performance, Pro benefitted from significant savings. “Our capital investment isMichael Zheng, IT supervisor, and support services.” around 25 percent of the investmentReSource Pro He adds, “We were able to complete that would have been required for IT projects faster with Dell thanks to alternative solutions.” the company’s direct model, which
  3. 3. Reduced 75 percent 75 percent decrease in storage costs Reduced 70 percent 70 percent reduction in storage management timeIT team enjoys 70 percent regularly transferred to the seconddecrease in storage SAN at Jinan, so work can continuemanagement time compared should there be an emergency at the “Our growth willwith previous solution primary data center.The company purchased Dell continue to be quiteEqualLogic PS5000X storage area Company handles growth fast, and we are verynetwork (SAN) solutions to create a with virtualized serverscentralized virtual storage platform. The center virtualized its platform confident that DellThe new storage, with its simpler of Dell servers using VMware® ESX™ solutions can help usarchitecture and greater capacity, server software. By virtualizing its Dellenabled IT personnel to reduce PowerEdge servers, the company handle expansion.”complexity and significantly reduce can continue to grow while avoiding Mathew Bruno,backup times. the challenges it faced with the managing director, previous architecture. ReSource ProAdditionally, once the SAN wasintegrated with the existing Dell ReSource Pro no longer has to procurePowerVault TL2000 tape library, the a new server for new internal businesscompany gained a more efficient requirements. Instead, the companyprocess for archiving data. can simply launch a virtual server on one of the physical machines. ApartThe EqualLogic SAN’s iSCSI-based from saving physical space in the dataconnectivity allows it to transmit data center, virtualization will help theacross existing IP connections. Zheng company to better manage their powersays, “The Dell EqualLogic SAN is and maintenance costs.about 90 percent simpler to manageand requires only about 30 percent of Matthew Bruno, managing director,the management time compared to at ReSource Pro says, “Our growth willalternative SAN solutions.” continue to be quite fast, and we are very confident that Dell solutions canIn total, Dell helped install a Dell help us handle expansion.”EqualLogic PS5000X SAN at theQingdao office and a second SANat a new office in Jinan, along with For more information go to:disaster recovery. The two sites are andlinked through a 50 Mbps virtual private connection, and data isView all Dell case studies at:© August 2010, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of IntelCorporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is for informationalpurposes only. dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study. 10008622
  4. 4. Storage For more info on Storage Solutions, visit: Visit our other linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise TC