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Cutting Power with Virtualized Servers: A.L. Filter Case Study

Cutting Power with Virtualized Servers: A.L. Filter Case Study



Filter manufacturer cuts power use by around 60 percent with virtualized server and storage infrastructure.

Filter manufacturer cuts power use by around 60 percent with virtualized server and storage infrastructure.



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    Cutting Power with Virtualized Servers: A.L. Filter Case Study Cutting Power with Virtualized Servers: A.L. Filter Case Study Document Transcript

    • SOLUTIONS: •  ACKUP,RECOVERYAND B ARCHIVING •  ATACONSOLIDATIONAND D MANAGEMENT •  REENIT G •  IRTUALIZATION V Pure and SimPle CuStomer ProFile Company: A.L. Filter Industry: Manufacturing & Logistics Filter manufacturer cuts power use by around 60 per cent Country: Israel with virtualized server and storage infrastructure Founded: 1965 employees: 1,000 WeBsIte: www.alfilter.com Challenge A.L. Filter was expanding internationally, but its disparate IT infrastructure lacked capacity and was expensive to run. The company also needed a business continuity solution. Solution Supported by Dell Certified Partner Omnitech, A.L. Filter switched to a virtualized, consolidated and simplified infrastructure, which included a disaster recovery facility. BeneFitS Get It Faster • IT team launches virtual servers in less than five minutes • Dell Certified Partner delivers solution in two months • Virtualized server and storage demonstration helps determine needs run It Better • Virtualization consolidates infrastructure by approximately 70 per cent • Consolidation reduces power use by around 60 per cent Companies undergoing rapid expansion can all too soon • Easy-to-manage environment reduces find their IT infrastructures becoming unwieldy, inadequate need for outsourced IT support and expensive to manage. Switching to virtualization with a Grow It smarter • Solution designed to last up to five years consolidated and simplified datacentre environment can help pull IT back to the heart of the business – powering growth, not hindering it.
    • Automotive filter manufacturer A.L. Filter data volumes. Infrastructure management was expanding beyond its base in Israel, was another challenge. With a small IT team, winning customers in Europe and the United the company frequently had to outsource States. Aside from two factories in Israel its IT management. Furthermore, due to and one in China, the company had opened a its increased dependence on IT, A.L. Filter new manufacturing facility in Bulgaria to take urgently needed a disaster recovery solution. advantage of increased demand for its range Says Michel Sebag, chief information officer, of car and truck filters in Europe. A.L. Filter, who led the project: “We were However, A.L. Filter’s ageing and disparate looking for a one-stop provider and advisor server infrastructure had insufficient to give us a simplified solution with plenty of processing power and was difficult to scale. processing and storage capacity that was It used decentralised disk storage, but this also secure, manageable and cost-efficient.” lacked capacity for the company’s growing dell CertiFied Partner ProvideS oPtimiSed Solution A.L. Filter approached Dell Certified Partner Omnitech, a provider of enterprise IT. Omnitech had supplied the previous infrastructure, supporting A.L. Filter’s transformation from Israel-only to international producer. Now, Omnitech proposed consolidating the infrastructure on a virtualized platform to power the next phase of growth. The company suggested using Hyper-V™ technology from Microsoft, with whose tools and interfaces A.L. Filter was familiar. Also, as Hyper-V™ was part of the Windows Server® 2008 operating system, it would not require additional licences, which made it cost-efficient. Finally, Omnitech proposed a disaster recovery facility, allowing A.L. Filter to recover rapidly from any serious incident at its main datacentre. “running hyPer-v on our dell Poweredge r805 ServerS, we Can ProviSion virtual maChineS in leSS than Five minuteS. thiS enhanCeS our FlexiBility and helPS to SuPPort BuSineSS growth.” Michel Sebag, chief information officer, A.L. Filter Omnitech explained to A.L. Filter that Dell Solution delivered in two how it workS offered products designed specifically monthS thankS to Strong hardware for virtualization, which would optimise CollaBoration the performance of the infrastructure, • Dell™ PowerEdge™ R805 servers with Omnitech organised an on-site demonstration while reducing energy use and simplifying Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors to show Sebag and his staff how easy it management. Sebag and his colleagues did • Dell EqualLogic PS5000XV and would be to deploy and manage virtualized not need to be persuaded: “Omnitech has PS5000E storage area network (SAN) Dell servers and Dell EqualLogic storage been our single point of contact for IT for area networks (SANs). This also helped SoFtware the last 15 years. We have complete trust in determine the company’s specific needs for • Dell OpenManage™ Systems the company and its understanding of Dell data processing and storage. Throughout Management 5.0 solutions. When Omnitech’s consultants told the process, Omnitech worked with Dell • Windows Server ® 2008 us that Dell offered greater virtualization to propose the most appropriate products • Hyper-V ™ benefits than other vendors, we had no for A.L. Filter. “The collaboration between • Microsoft ® System Center Service reason to question it.” Omnitech and Dell was impressive and helped Manager to ensure that our entire project ran smoothly. Both companies were committed to finding the optimal solution for us,” says Sebag.
    • “we uSe the auto-SnaPShot manager tool that Came with our dell equallogiC PS5000 SerieS SanS to reStore data quiCkly. thiS giveS uS PeaCe oF mind that our data iS ProteCted at all timeS.” Michel Sebag, chief information officer, A.L. Filter Following the demonstration, A.L. Filter has invested many hours in developing planning (ERP) applications. And the PS5000E assigned Omnitech to deploy an architecture its PowerEdge servers for optimised with serial advanced technology attachment based on Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V, virtualization on Microsoft’s Hyper-V (SATA) disk drivers offers up to 16 terabytes of running on three Dell™ PowerEdge™ R805 technology. capacity. Thanks to the products’ automated servers with Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ configuration and deployment features Processors. Storage was delivered by Dell virtual ServerS launChed Omnitech was able to deploy the two arrays EqualLogic PS5000XV and PS5000E SANs, in leSS than Five minuteS rapidly for A.L. Filter, installing both in less with the latter deployed at the new disaster By virtualizing the infrastructure with Hyper-V, than one hour. recovery site alongside one of the R805 Sebag and his colleagues can deploy virtual The Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series SANs servers. Omnitech delivered the entire servers rapidly whenever they’re needed. can be scaled seamlessly, which helps A.L. solution, including installation, in two months. Says Sebag: “Running Hyper-V on our Dell Filter ensure that its storage resources are PowerEdge R805 servers, we can provision neither overstretched nor underutilised at any Server ConSolidation virtual machines in less than five minutes. time. Furthermore, they come with enterprise CutS Power uSe By around This enhances our flexibility and helps software features, such as replication, at no 60 Per Cent support business growth. We now have an additional cost. And they use cost-efficient Thanks to virtualization, A.L. Filter has environment that’s truly aligned with our internet small computer system interface consolidated its servers by approximately 70 strategy for further expansion.” (iSCSI) technology, which avoids the need per cent. The number of servers is down from By using Microsoft® System Center for fibre channel expertise and training. 10 to just three machines, currently delivering Service Manager, A.L. Filter can move This helps A.L. Filter keep its total cost of 10 virtual servers. In this way, the company workloads dynamically between physical ownership (TCO) low. has released space for future infrastructure machines, which prevents downtime during expansion. At the same time, A.L. Filter has Finally, the company’s data is much more maintenance. “Our Dell PowerEdge servers considerably reduced its power cost and secure because it can use its second with Hyper-V help us minimise downtime. environmental impact. “By switching to Dell EqualLogic array, deployed at a remote site, We can take a machine off-line without losing PowerEdge servers virtualized with Hyper-V, to restore systems quickly, should the main availability, simply by moving its workload to we have cut our power use by around 60 per datacentre be affected by a major incident. another machine,” says Sebag. cent. This makes a big difference to us, not The EqualLogic PS Series SANs come with just on the bottom line, but because it helps us all-inCluSive Storage tools that help optimise administration to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Sebag. helPS to lower total CoSt efficiency and data protection with fast oF ownerShiP online backups and quick restores of A.L. Filter chose servers specifically designed Hyper-V virtualized servers. “We use the to combine virtualization performance With its two Dell EqualLogic PS Series SANs, Auto-Snapshot Manager tool that came with with reduced power consumption. Dell A.L. Filter no longer has to worry about our Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series SANs to PowerEdge R805s are built with highly running out of storage capacity or losing data. restore data quickly. This gives us peace of energy-efficient power supplies, memory, The PS5000XV delivers high performance mind that our data is protected at all times,” diskless configuration and AMD Processor with automatic load-balancing and 15,000 says Sebag. technology, which help to reduce RPM serial attached SCSI (SAS) drives with unnecessary power use. What’s more, Dell up to 7.2 terabytes of storage capacity for its critical Microsoft SQL Server®, Microsoft Exchange Server and enterprise resource
    • “dell oPenmanage iS uSer Friendly and FaSt, whiCh reduCeS the time we SPend managing our inFraStruCture. aS a reSult, we exPeCt to rely leSS on outSourCed it management, whiCh will Save uS money.” Michel Sebag, chief information officer, A.L. Filter SimPliFied management years. The infrastructure is highly scalable reduCeS need For outSourCed and will support the company as it continues it SuPPort to grow. The modular design of the Dell Because its virtualized Dell infrastructure EqualLogic SAN helps A.L. Filter to add arrays is so easy to manage, A.L. Filter’s small IT quickly and easily, and, likewise, Hyper-V team has more time for strategic work, such supports cost-efficient expansion through fast as upgrading the company’s ERP solution. deployment of virtual machines. Says Sebag: Maintenance work no longer results in “Our virtualized Dell infrastructure is future- downtime, so IT employees avoid working proof for up to five years. This is important to after hours and at weekends, which improves us because it means that we avoid expensive their work/life balance. IT rethinks for the foreseeable future and can concentrate fully on moving our business Dell OpenManage™ Systems Management 5.0 forward.” further simplifies management by allowing the IT team to monitor and troubleshoot the For more information on this case study infrastructure through a single interface. “Dell or to read additional case studies, go to OpenManage is user friendly and fast, which www.dell.com/casestudies reduces the time we spend managing our infrastructure. As a result, we expect to rely This case study is for informational purposes only. less on outsourced IT management, which dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study. will save us money,” says Sebag. Solution deSigned to SuPPort a.l. Filter For uP to Five yearS Dell worked with Omnitech to provide an architecture that would last for up to five SimpliFy your total Solution at DEll.Com/Simplify Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit www.dell.com/servicedescriptions Reference number: 10007087 © November 2009, Dell Inc. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, AMD Opteron, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Microsoft, Microsoft Office and Windows, SQL and SharePoint are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.