Preparing For A Rapid, Efficient Windows Migration


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It’s time to pull out the stops before Microsoft® Windows XP support ends on April 8, 2014. Migration services from Dell offer a holistic approach to fit any enterprise’s needs, whether starting a new migration or fast-forwarding one in progress.

By Eugenio Soltero and Jefferson Raley

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Preparing For A Rapid, Efficient Windows Migration

  1. 1. Features R efreshing the client environment can be its own reward, enabling IT leaders to adopt innovative technologies that help their organizations gain a competitive edge. Migrating to an updated OS provides a golden opportunity for an efficient hardware refresh, moving to high-performance PCs with advanced security capabilities. A modern OS such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 also can enhance security with the latest malware protection and ongoing updates. Moreover, Windows 8 adds optimized touch-screen support to the Windows 7 code base, helping improve productivity, collaboration and creativity throughout a highly mobile workplace. An added impetus for an OS upgrade Preparing for a rapid, efficient Windows migration is the end of Microsoft support for Microsoft® Windows XP on April 8, 2014. For organizations that are still using Windows XP, migrating to Windows 7 or Windows 8 is becoming an imperative. In addition, latest-generation x86-based processors do not support Windows XP. Without security updates, hot fixes or support options from Microsoft, IT departments are By Eugenio Soltero and Jefferson Raley likely to field an escalating number of service calls related to Windows XP, leading to rising It’s time to pull out the stops before Microsoft® Windows XP support ends on April 8, 2014. Migration services from Dell offer a holistic approach to fit any enterprise’s needs, whether starting a new migration or fast-forwarding one in progress. internal support costs. The advantages of migration are clear. However, for midsized and large enterprises, Windows migration can be a complex undertaking that strains IT resources. In fact, a survey of nearly 500 IT professionals revealed that 47 percent of the respondents have not completed their migrations off Windows XP.1 To meet the deadline, many organizations need to simplify, streamline and automate their Full speed ahead Windows migration. Dell offers services Having determined that it’s time to leave Windows XP behind, organizations can accelerate the migration process. See how modularized services from Dell help organizations speed a new or existing migration through best practices and expert guidance. 1 2013 Issue 04 | and technologies designed to accelerate the migration process. 1 “Migrating Away From Windows XP: A Survey of IT Professionals,” by Dimensional Research, sponsored by Dell, September 2013, Preprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Optimizing the stages of migration Migration to Windows 7 or Windows 8 encompasses far more than OS deployment. Prepare applications Plan deployment implementation • Application inventory • Compatibility testing • Remediation • Package for automation • Site and user surveys • Scheduling • Configuration of project management tools It also may consist of analyzing application inventory readiness, migrating user states, distributing software and patches, virtualizing applications and performing ongoing asset management. An effective Windows migration Engineer images Design deployment Deploy OS stages (see figure): • Base OS image • Core applications • Security settings • OS image load • Application load • User data and settings • Zero-touch OS upgrades • PC and peripheral replacements • User training and support 1. Prepare applications: Take an inventory Concurrent stages of a Windows migration process can be broken down into five of applications, test them for Windows 7 or Windows 8 compatibility and perform engineering, design and planning tasks. remediation as necessary. Package the This concurrent scheduling, facilitated by applications for automated distribution the right professional services and tools, • Deployment planning: IT decision and management. can shorten overall time to completion. makers can work with a Project 2. Engineer images: Build images for low- are remediated and packaged for automated installation. Management Institute (PMI)–certified Dell or zero-touch deployment automation, Capitalizing on professional services program manager or solutions architect including the base OS, core applications Dell | Windows Migration Services offers to build a comprehensive deployment and security settings. a holistic approach to migration that is plan. Dell Client Deployment Manager 3. Design deployment: Engineer automated modularized to fit an organization’s needs is a cloud-based tool used to track and loading of the OS image, applications, and at any stage, whether the goal is to jump- user data and settings — ideally, to enable start a new migration or fast-forward one a fast and efficient migration in campus already in progress. Projects can include Using patent-pending tools and environments and so that users who work imaging and deploying new systems as methodologies, Dell consultants help from home can execute the process well as upgrading and re-imaging existing organizations automate end-to-end PC without any special skills or training. systems. Services and tools from Dell help 4. Plan implementation: Create a reduce migration complexity and accelerate manage the migration. • Dell Optimized Deployment Services: provisioning and deployment. • Dell Managed Deployment Services: comprehensive plan for implementing time to completion while ensuring best Dell specialists work with IT managers the migration, including conducting practices are followed: to execute their deployment plans, from site and user surveys, scheduling the deployment for each site and configuring project management tools. 5. Deploy OS: Migrate the systems, replace PCs and peripherals as planned, conduct any needed user training and manage version changes moving forward. coordination of hardware orders and • Image engineering: Experienced image experts can create 32-bit and 64-bit images based on an organization’s to disposal of old PCs. • Dell Asset Recovery and Recycling requirements or Dell best practices based Services: Dell handles the removal and on worldwide experience. retirement of old computer equipment, • Application inventory and rationalization: Utilizing field-tested Dell tools, consultants Optimizing the timing and execution management of the deployment process inventory an organization’s PCs, clean and allowing organizations to concentrate on supporting their end users. • Dell Education Services: Training offerings of these stages helps ensure a fast, rationalize the inventory, and prepare the cover Microsoft technical and end-user smooth transition. Careful preparation application library for testing. products as well as Dell computers, storage, of applications, which includes taking • Application compatibility testing: networking equipment and software. an application inventory and testing Dell global application factories use Dell applications for OS compatibility, ChangeBASE to test critical applications can take place at the same time that for compatibility with the Windows 7 University College, which worked with Dell the organization carries out image or Windows 8 image. Applications to migrate new and existing computers Preprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. A case in point is the University of Maryland | 2013 Issue 04 2
  3. 3. Features District-wide deployment Pflugerville Independent School District needed to replace an outdated fleet of PCs — some reaching seven years in age — at schools across the district. View how the district worked with Dell to acquire and deploy over 2,000 PCs in three months. to Windows 7 quickly and efficiently, with use patented Dell technology to prepare Expediting a cost-effective migration minimal downtime to staff services.2 PCs for mass deployment while maintaining With the right resources, enterprises can user productivity. They can manage user complete migrations to Windows 7 or Leveraging tools and automation communications, resource planning, timelines Windows 8 in a timely manner. Optimizing The pace of migration depends on having the and reporting through the cloud-based Dell the migration process and capitalizing right tools and automation capabilities in place Client Deployment Manager. In addition, the on professional services help speed to help remove potential roadblocks and speed Dell Automated Deployment tool provides completion, reduce costs, ease downtime potentially time-consuming processes. One robust error handling and automation to key and relieve pressure on IT staff. of the top barriers to migration is application tasks in the PC build and migration process. compatibility. To overcome this roadblock, Dell As a single source of support for the migration and deployment process, Dell Refreshing hardware for expanded functionality provides the powerful tools, methods and to automate application compatibility testing, remediation and packaging. To leverage the enhanced functionality of an control and consistency to the desktop upgraded OS, organizations can complement environment. Once the OS migration is by those that can be migrated and those their Windows migration with a PC refresh. Dell complete, the latest Dell PC offerings that can be virtualized, replaced or retired. has designed its latest devices — including enable enterprises to take advantage of ChangeBASE also is designed to perform bulk Dell OptiPlex desktops; Dell Precision enhancements in processor performance, fixes of detected Windows 7 or Windows 8 workstations; and Dell Latitude laptops, power efficiency, data protection and application compatibility issues in much less Ultrabook™ systems management that come with new time than required for equivalent manual generation Windows operating systems in mind.3 operations. Some organizations purchase By replacing outdated PCs with the latest models, ChangeBASE software to use post-migration organizations can safeguard their data on for ongoing application management needs. systems fortified with robust Dell Data Protection consultants use Dell ChangeBASE technology ChangeBASE sorts existing applications Dell consultants can package applications systems and tablets — with next- solutions, which include comprehensive to ready them for automated OS installation encryption, advanced authentication and and de-installation using the Dell KACE K2000 leading-edge malware protection. Deployment Appliance, Microsoft® Center Configuration Manager or System Microsoft® The latest Dell PCs feature the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family, Deployment Toolkit. An integrated system enterprise-ready security, remote Deployment Appliance helps simplify a range and power. Also, Dell PCs are equipped application provisioning, user migration, and with exclusive client systems management system repair and recovery. technologies, including Dell extensions Authors Eugenio Soltero is a marketing manager at Dell with several years of experience in end-user computing solutions. Jefferson Raley is a practice director for End User Computing Consulting at Dell. manageability, and enhanced performance of systems deployment tasks, such as OS and client devices. which is designed to deliver embedded, provisioning solution, the KACE K2000 services that organizations need to bring To optimize the effectiveness of for Intel® vPro™ technology that enable ChangeBASE and the KACE K2000 an entire fleet of systems to be updated at Deployment Appliance, Dell consultants once, even when they are powered off. Learn more Windows migration and PC deployment: Dell | Windows Migration Services: Windows 8.1 for business: 2 For more information about how the University of Maryland University College migrated to Windows 7, see “Empowering faculty and staff with desktop technology refresh,” in Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4, 3 For more information about PC refreshes, see “Zeroing in on the right devices for a client refresh,” by Christian Childs, in Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4, Dell, Dell Precision, ChangeBASE, KACE, Latitude and OptiPlex are trademarks of Dell Inc. 3 2013 Issue 04 | Preprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 4. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.