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  • Praveen Asthanatalked about our Enterprise Strategy and how we are helping our customers achieve outcomes. I want to take you to the next level. We’ve always taken a different approach than our competitors. Our strategy is grounded in listening to customers through our direct model for more than 27 years. Frequent and deep interactions give us a unique perspective of customer needs which inspires our design philosophy and our technology strategy.  In designing the next generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, we conversations with more than 7,700 customer interactions worldwide to get input on what they need to power their business. The result is a portfolio of solutions that help answer the biggest challenges IT faces.  Our customer needs influenced our design principles in three key areas:Our customers tell us solutions have to be practical. That’s what we are delivering. We build purposeful solutions that add value to their business. We help customers improve productivity with solutions designed to make business applications more effective. Customers don’t want complex technologies with complicated processes that require them to retain their staff. We deliver technology that simply works. We help customers speed time to value with seamless operation of your customer’s dynamic infrastructure, be it physical, virtual, or in the cloud, with integrated technologies, services and processes. Customers want technology built on open standards so they don’t get locked in to a single vendor. We are bringing open, flexible architectures across enterprise hardware and software and into client computing. We preserve choice and allow customers to scale at their own pace with solutions that work in mixed environments.  We’ve focused everything we do, everything we invest in, everything we build and deliver innovations that provide uncompromising performance and capabilities you need where it matters.  <next>
  • That’s the philosophy we have in designing enterprise solutions. I want to talk about that in more detail. What I’m not going to do is start off by going right into the product speeds and feeds. What I want to do instead is talk about the real results we are delivering to our customers. It’s all about improving our customers’ productivity with solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business applications.  One size doesn’t fit all! Customers have different approaches to architecting the infrastructure that runs their most important applications:  Today we are announcing new all-in-one appliances specifically tuned to significantly improve application management and performance for data warehousing, virtual desktop (VDI) and Big Data: Get better customer insightsfaster with the new Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance. Easily integrate data from any source — on-premises, SaaS or cloud — based on both the Dell’s new PowerEdge 12G Server and the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and will leverage Dell BOOMi for data integration.Remote offices and distributed work environments can quickly and easily set up a virtual desktop environment to more effectively and securely utilize resources. The industry’s first complete integrated VDI appliance; the Dell desktop Virtualization Solution is a pre-configured VDI appliance that comes with pre-integrated software and a wizard based set up simplifying the implementation, management and growth of your VDI solution. Just plug in and start. Initial set up in as little as 4 hours, supporting 50-80 virtual desktopsThe Dell Apache Hadoop Solution is a powerful data analytics solution is pre-configured and easy to deployed from bare metal to a functioning Hadoop cluster in 1/10 the time (deploys in less than 8 hrs with Crowbar vs 5 days when done manually). In combination with our Virtual Networking Architecture allows customers to consume ¼ the power at 1/5 the cost. Dell Apache Hadoop Solution (PE / PEC + Dell Networking + Crowbar + Cloudera Software + Support + Services)  We’ve done a lot of work to introduce innovations in flash-based stoarage drives. I don’t want to talk about that right now, but what I want to talk to you about is how it gives an increase of up to 18 times more Microsoft® SQL® Server transactions per second. We’re delivering that technology wrapped up in complete configured, tested and validated solutions for so our customers can deploy them quickly. There is no guess-work. We’ve reduced their risk Build your own: It’s not just about appliances and reference architectures,we’re also providing the fundamental building blocks that help get results faster. For example in our new PowerEdge mainstream servers, we have the ability to integrate two Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). This gives a single server immense compute power. In fact, itwould put our single server in contention to be in the top 50 fastest supercomputers just a decade ago – competing with huge clusters of servers. <next>
  • Our customers expect us to help them speed time to value. It takes more than just high performance servers to do that.  Our ability to offer a complete end-to end10Gb across infrastructure. Customers can achieve nearly 10 times greater application performance for decision support and business intelligence workloads with 10GbE support across Dell servers, storage and networking.We’ve refreshed our storage portfolio with 10Gb, and our acquisition of Force10 provides the networking. Now offer for the first time ever in servers we offer the choice of vendor, 1Gb or 10Gb bandwidth and interconnect technology we are introducing the new Select Network Adapters which lets you choose the right network fabric without using up a valuable PCI slot.Networking tuned for your application requirements. Eliminate time consuming IT management tasksSpeed isn’t just about the performance of the application. It’s about eliminating wasted time. Dell is introducing our second generation of embedded intelligence.PowerEdge 12th generation servers are equipped with the Dell OpenManage systems management portfolio. OpenManage eliminates tasks from the IT administrator’s day. With our first generation three years ago we already have customers saving up a significant amount of administrative time on an install base of more than 3.5 million servers. Our second generation of embedded intelligence saves 43 days a year by automating and eliminating common tasks across the lifecycle of deploying, updating, monitoring, and maintaining servers.  Not only that, we have auto-sensing on our PowerConnect switches that eliminates a lot of guess-work when our customers are setting up networks with our EqualLogic storage platforms. We’re going to continue to introduce innovations that eliminate unnecessary IT steps, because that’s what our customers want.  Quick and seamless technology transitions When customers buy new infrastructure, they want to get the value of that equipment as quickly as possible. They want to migrate their applications over to the new servers, storage and networking to get higher performance. Often times that takes weeks or months. With Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager and the new PowerEdge 12th generation servers, we’re able to shorten time to upgrade workloads from months to days with. With AIM, IT teams can rack once, cable once, then effortlessly reconfigure and repurpose server infrastructure as needed. <next>
  • Getting the right results and doing so quickly is incredibly important. Don’t let lack of expertise or time slow down progress – use our best practices and expertise. Deploy efficient private cloud: Get a private cloud up and running faster with vStart Private Cloud all-in-one infrastructure and software preconfigured, ready to run. Unlike competitors like vBlock/VCE, we are a single source provider who doesn’t send customers to multiple companies for support. With PowerEdge 12th generation servers we now offer a higher performing more scalable foundation: Brodart Co., a retail wholesaler, achieves six-fold faster time to value for VMware implementation with Dell vStart pre-cabled, validated virtualization solution. They also achieved 25% reduction in rack space required for server and storage and reduction of 30-40% in power and cooling consumption.  Maximize your ROI by modernizing your data center: Customers typically keep their servers for 3 to 5 years. In our conversations the majority of our customers say they are looking to refresh their servers this year (from message testing research). In addition to the significant performance improvements, we’ve increased the memory density of our servers which lead to the ability to consolidate with 300% more virtual machines in the same physical space. That, along with increased energy efficiency leads to significant savings that will provide a near-term return on your infrastructure investment. PowerEdge 12th generation servers are up to 26% more energy efficient than previous generations which can lead to savings of almost $5M per year in operational expenses for large data centers and $1M per year in mid-size data centers.  Tune power on demand We’re combining the world’s most energy efficient servers with a new OpenManage Power Center to give you visibility and control and the server-level, rack-level, row-level and room-level power consumption to control your energy costs. It’s all built on industry standard innovations in partnership with Intel Node Manager. OpenManage Power Center can read power usage information from Dell 11G and 12G servers, Power Distribution Units or PDUs, Uninterruptable Power Supplies or UPSes, and the M1000e blade server chassis. Simply put, with Dell OpenManage Power Center you can measure your power usage, visualize it, and then optimize it through better policies.Power Center maximizes uptime of business-critical applications by reducing non-critical consumption (and performance) first.  When talking to our customers about efficiency, one thing that leapt out is that the data center over all is a source of inefficiency. If you think about the infrastructure that surrounds the servers, storage and networking today, it’s just there to maintain an environment to keep cold air blowing on the equipment at all times. <next>
  • Customers don’t really want air conditioning. What they really want is the value of the IT infrastructure. Anything else is overhead. The world’s most efficient data center is the data center that doesn’t exist. One that pulls fresh air directly in to the servers and lets you get all of the IT value without the overhead. At Dell we’ve taken that to heart.  <Click for Build>  We’ve really rethought data center efficiency from the ground up. We’ve introduced our Fresh Air capable hardware that are capable of taking in filtered outside air, and can operate virtually anywhere in the world without any mechanical cooling at all. This is a transformative innovation. For customers building a new data center, they can defer a massive amount of capital expense by eliminating the need for mechanical cooling. That equates to a savings of $3 million dollars for every megawatt of IT.  For smaller customers, or those who already have a data center, this allows them to turn up the temperature with confidence. Most data centers are meat locker cold. By simply shifting from 55°F (or 13°C) to 75 °F (or 24°C) helps cut cooling-related energy by one-third, enabling a reduction in the facility’s electric bill of 15 percent or more. That equates to $100-275K of OpeEx savings per megawatt of IT per year. What if you could let your temperature run up as high as 45°C (or 113°F)? Think how much more you could save...  Dell’s answer to fresh air or “chiller-less” data centers is a complete, integrated data center solution – across server, storage and networking - that is tested, validated and warrantied to operate within the highest current temperature and humidity guidelines.  This innovation isn’t about just speeding up the fans. It is the result of three and a half years of reliability and materials science research. We changed not just the thermal design, but the very materials that go into them to survive in this kind of environment.  So no more meat locker. No expensive or custom equipment. And wherever you are, you can deploy confidently knowing that Dell has a complete package to support your IT environment. <next>
  • I told you I would focus on the value that our Enterprise Portfolio provides, but I would be remise if I didn’t introduce you to the family. Our new family of PowerEdge 12th generation servers; our highest performing, the most manageable, most innovative servers ever.  We’ve spent the last few years collecting customer feedback as we develop innovations to help them get the most out of their IT. We think of the PowerEdge 12th generation servers as systems designed by customers, and engineered by Dell! For high capacity and hyperscale computing we are introducing: PowerEdge R820 the first 4 socket server based on the Intel Xeon E5 processors.Designed with high memory capacity, impressive I/O capabilities and four-socket performance in a 2U chassis, this server excels at scale-out database and dense virtualization.An excellent balance of processing power, storage capacity, redundancy, multiple RAID controllers and front-access Express Flash SSDs brings screaming performance for data hungry applications. We don’t think you’ll see anything in the market like this for quite some time. PowerEdge C6220 with four independent server nodes in a 2U chassis with shared infrastructure offer an optimal mix of performance, efficiency, and flexibility for scale-out environments such as HPC, big data, clouds, hosting, and Web 2.0. PowerEdge R720xd, The world’s best collaboration server. Built to quickly access vast amounts of data and process data-intensive operations and workloads such as medical imaging, databases and e-mail servers, this 2U, two-socket rack server offers extraordinary internal storage capacity. For virtualization efficiency we are introducing PowerEdge R620 exceptional computing density packing in 300% more VMs per rack than previous generation virtualization, HPC, and workgroup collaboration applications. Powered by the Intel Xeon processor E5 series, the server features up to 768 GB RAM balanced with highly scalable I/O. Flexible internal storage and networking options help maximize the number of virtual machines per server.PowerEdge R720 This incredibly efficient serverexcels in application and virtualization environments including data warehouses, e-commerce, VDI, databases, and HPC as a data node. Powered by the Intel Xeon processor E5 series, the server offers up to 768 GB RAM, impressive I/O scaling, and flexible network options. Up to four Express Flash PCIe SSDs enable in-box storage tiering; dual RAID controllers enhance throughput and data security.PowerEdge M620, the first half height blade with 24 DIMMs and full enterprise features. Most rack dense system ever designed for virtualization.  PowerEdge M420If you think that’s dense, just wait. It gets even better. Coming this spring, Dell will cut your blade infrastructure costs in half by introducing the world’s first quarter height blade. We’re introducing a blade server with double the processing density without any enterprise feature compromise. This svelte blade packs a walloping performance punch with 175% rack-level improvement over half-height blades. The densest 2 socket server on the market with the reliability, efficiency and enterprise class features that customers demand.  We also have tower servers and haven’t forgotten about our smaller customers. One thing that came through loud and clear is that they have to live with their servers and they need them quiet. Our new PowerEdge T620 has unmatched horsepower and is whisper quite– it’s as silent as a library. The large memory footprint, I/O bandwidth, extensive internal storage, and GPUs equip this server for virtualization and workloads such as business analytics, information management, customer relationship management, security management, VDI, seismic rendering, and medical imaging.<next>
  • One important advancement in our next generation servers is the new Intel Xeon E5 processor family. But that is just part of the story. There are a lot more Dell innovations that provide exceptional efficiency gains, performance boots and security advancements. We’re not going to talk about how much we spent on developing new innovations, like some companies might. Our focus is on how much our customers can save with our technology.  PowerEdge 12th generation servers will help customers maximize efficiency to save real money: Our second generation embedded intelligence saves not only time, but also money. Agent-free monitoring of hundreds of sensors including network, storage, and add-in adapters across the lifecycle and eliminates repetitive tasks otherwise done by an IT administrator. The result is a $2.5M annual savings in maintenance costs. Energy Smart innovations in our 12th generation rack server designs deliver significant savings – almost $5 for a large data center - compared to our prior generation. I’m excited to announce that Dell is the first server vendor to have certified Titanium rated power supply, further saving our customers money. PowerEdge 12th generation servers help our customers Turn data into insights for faster results Data is useless unless you can convert it into insights. We are Extending Fluid Data Architecture storage technology to the server to give you the information you need in a flash.Automated storage tiering: Faster answers with 86% better database application response time. Scalable Storage: Certain workloads, like Microsoft Exchange Server, perform better using internal storage. Our new PowerEdge R720xd has what it takes, with up to 24 internal hard drives, to give you the ability to support three times the number of Exchange 2010 mailboxes and process twice the number of messages per day. PowerEdge 12th generation servers will help ensure business continuity by keeping operations up and running with redundancy and dynamic solutions Digitally signed firmware: provides protection from intrusion with signed firmware updates to prevent unknowingly introducing a virus during systems maintenance operations. iDRAC Credential vault: authenticate the integrity of updates using digitally signed firmware, safeguard access to passwords and certificates with, and protect access to data at rest with automatic encryption. But wait there’s more…..Today, we showed you how Dell creates one of the industry’s fastest network fabrics, with Native integration across our server, storage and networking portfolios. You could reference the EQL 69% perf improvement enabled by capacity gains and 10GbE.You have also seen a lot of activity from device and platform makers (including Dell) offering PCIe Flash technology to enable massive performance improvements. Dell’s vision is to address many of the reliability, serviceability and integration challenges that prevent broader adoption of Flash technology and realization of its benefits in the datacenter.We talked about Express Flash, the industry’s first hot-pluggable, front access PCIe Flash storage device. An impressive innovation on its own Express Flash is a foundational element of a broader vision in which Dell will extend the Fluid Data Architecture from the SAN to Server and transform the way users think about enterprise applications in the future.Later this year, Dell will launch “Fluid Cache”, which will link active data working sets directly to the CPU’s integrated I/O engine and maintain a coherent link with a scalable cluster of Fluid Cache nodes as well as the rock-solid SAN. Dell is driving to deliver business benefits source from massive improvements in response time for key customer facing applications or the elimination productivity bottlenecks with increased transaction processing speed. IT departments will see improvement by virtualizing performance sensitive applications and lower acquisition cost for the entire system.Fluid Cache requires a system level solution and Dell is uniquely positioned to apply internally developed IP as well as recently acquired IP from RNA, Force 10 and Compellent to deliver a true enterprise class end to end system.
  • We have had our 12th generation servers in the hands of more than 600 customers for the past few months and we are getting stellar feedback. We’re excited for to begin taking orders soon!
  • Thank you. More information is available in our breakout sessions.
  • New Dell Enterprise Innovations

    1. 1. New Dell enterprise innovationsForrest Norrod,Vice President and General Manager, Dell
    2. 2. Innovations that Design input from more thandeliver results faster 7,700 customers worldwideInnovative and practicalImprove productivity with solutions designed tomake business applications more effective The power toTechnology that simply works do moreSpeed time to value with end-to-end performanceand simplified managementOpen, flexible architecturesComplement your expertise with the right solutionsto maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure2 #DoMoreIT
    3. 3. Improve productivity with solutions designed to make business applications more effective Risk Dramatically improve application performance Speed implementation with application optimized appliances for data warehousing, VDI and Big Data Manage complex data faster Faster customer insights — 28 times faster Oracle 11g response Problem time and 18 times more Microsoft SQL Server transactions per second — with complete configured and validated solutions Achieve research results faster A mainstream PowerEdge server with graphics processing units has comparable to a Top 50 supercomputer just a decade ago3 #DoMoreIT3
    4. 4. Speed time to value with end-to-end performance and simplified management Unleash information with 10Gb across infrastructure Achieve 10x greater application performance for decision support and business intelligence with Dell servers, storage and networking Eliminate time consuming IT management tasks Save 43 days a year of administrative time with comprehensive, second generation lifecycle management Quick and seamless technology transitions Shorten time to upgrade workloads from months to days with Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager4 #DoMoreIT4
    5. 5. Complement your expertise with the right solutions to maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure Deploy efficient private cloud Up and running six times faster with vStart Private Cloud complete, pre-assembled infrastructure, ready to run Maximize your ROI by modernizing your data center Save almost $5 million per year in operational expenses by deploying Dell PowerEdge servers —up to 26% more energy efficient Take control of your power Embedded expertise to take control of room-level power consumption with OpenManage Power Center built on industry standard innovations5 #DoMoreIT5
    6. 6. Re-think data center efficiency: a breath of fresh air Transformative innovations “Fresh air” cooling Reduce energy cost by 15% by raising the temperature Save $3 million in CapEx per megawatt of IT going chiller-less6 #DoMoreIT
    7. 7. Introducing our highest performing,most manageable, most innovative servers everHigh capacity and hyperscale Virtualization efficiency Small business andThe right server for database: Pack it in 300% more Virtual remote officePowerEdge R820 Machines per rack: PowerEdge R620 Certified for librariesThe world’s best collaboration server: Cool your server with the same everywhere:PowerEdge R720xd power needed for a 5W nightlight: PowerEdge T620 PowerEdge R720Ultimate performance-focused, shared infrastructure: Most dense blade server everPowerEdge C6220 designed for virtualization: PowerEdge M6207 #DoMoreIT
    8. 8. Introducing innovations that make a difference Saving our customers money Extending Fluid Data Ensuring business with Intelligent Infrastructure Architecture to the server continuity Second generation embedded Automated storage-tiering provides Authenticate the integrity of intelligence saves $2.5 million faster answers with 86% better updates with digitally signed annually in maintenance costs Oracle database application firmware response time Save energy cost with the world’s first Safe-guard access to Titanium energy efficiency rated Scalable Storage allows for the passwords and certificates power supply support of three times the number of with iDRAC Credential Vault Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and8 #DoMoreIT process twice as many messages
    9. 9. Delivering results faster Deliver real Maximize Achieve more results faster efficiency “With Dell servers, we can “Our customers can “The new agent-free help researchers speed time to market iDRAC streamlines significantly accelerate of their solutions the way we manage projects, tackle more using these new Dell systems.” complex questions, and servers.” Max Wagener, GfK enhance the resolution of Austin Hipes, NEI results.” Dr. Tommy Minyard, TACC9 #DoMoreIT
    10. 10. The power to do moreWe empower IT to respond torapidly changing business needs10 #DoMoreIT
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