Network Architecture and Campus Networking


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Modernize your campus network on your terms while lowering TCO by up to 60% and increasing performance.

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  • Delivering real results in the data center…, and now, breaking barriers in the campusCustomer voice:“[We need] improved services for students and guests to attract new students because they see we use up-to-date technology” – Texas A&M International“We must ensure we have the infrastructure in place to meet the mobility our company requires to deliver greater efficiencies in how we run our businesses.” – Japan Pulp & Paper“We need to be able to react and take immediate advantage of opportunities that could allow us to maximize our competitive advantage.” – Chip Ganassi Racing
  • Campus and small business networks are the backbone for user communications and collaboration, and are ready for a new level of efficiency and performance to maintain productivity.nd-users are clamoring for a better user experience, faster operation, better access and flexibility to bring their own devices, in order to remain productive. They want to consume data and distribute their data faster, and further (globally). IT is already pressured to maintain the network, while scaling it for future growth and new applications. The continued explosion of data creates new congestion points in the network and supporting new employee devices makes deployment and integration more complex, with management of the network not simple. With IT resources already lean, how can IT do more with less? And spend less?Business leaders want new applications and want more productivity from the employee base, while processing and streaming data to different systems. But adding new equipment to meet needs always takes long, incurring a business upgrade cycle coupled with downtime and cost. Network uptime is critical to maintain a 24/7/365 network and ability to easily scale a network appears not so easy.Today’s campus network is expensive, complex and inefficient. How can it scale further, support wired and wireless; employees, customers, partners, vendors…; add features functionality without complexity; Maintain 24/7/365 availability
  • There has been an architectural lock on the network. Slow innovation, high costs, patchwork improvements have created lock-in and a focus on the “plumbing”. Plus, legacy networks can’t keep up with :Continued Explosive Data Growth - UC&C, VDI and streaming accelerate growing data ratesDevice Explosion - Clients continue to drive the consumerization of IT, while network bandwidth is consumedCost Pressures - Grow while spending less Scale - Must support large scale across both wired and wireless; must support employees, customers, partners, vendorsSimplicity - Must continue to add feature functionality without complexityReliability and Availability 27/7/365It takes a network architect to know the issues.
  • SimplicityReduce risk of a second networking vendor with familiar tools and practices.Simplify deployment and management of services such as UC&C.Easily design networks with reference architectures.FlexibilityAccelerate north-south traffic patterns Expand workforce mobility with integrated policy management and bandwidth provision.Reduce costs and lock-in with SDN-ready open architectures.ScalabilityLarge portfolio of access layer components for nearly all network design types and price points.Support growth with 1/10GbE solutions.Investment protection with 40GbE and 802.11ac.
  • New silicon & softwareComprehensive enterprise-class Layer 2/3 feature setConsistent simplified management & CLI/GUICommon management, data encryption, security Deploy with confidence at any scaleUSB rapid deployment and built-in stacking Lifetime warranty across hardware, software updates, power supplies, fans and opticsProactive support options
  • High-density 9- and 13-RU chassis switches1.536 Tbps throughput powered by FTOS softwareUp to 48 x 40GbE, 128 x 10GbE or 312 PoE+ ports in a single chassis Maximum flexibility and versatilityDesigned for wide-range access, aggregation and core applications Mix-and-match different speeds and reaches Integrated resiliency and redundancy SFP+, PoE+ maximize connectivity
  • Enterprise-class support in our point of view means:A single point of contact into the support organization Broad as well as deep experience beyond the single piece of hardware Eliminating the fact that we will have issues with automation and tools (the more we can automate these complex scenarios, the less time the customer has to deal with it, the more proactive we can be, the more we can leverage the environment we’re going to gain to drive significant enhancements and performance back to our customers). And you want all of this from a provider who has the established infrastructure and scale to deliver a consistent global experience regardless of where you’re located or what language you speak.  Optional* multi-vendor hardware support reduces communications to one interface to resolve issues *help re-purpose resources for higher priorities.
  • Network Architecture and Campus Networking

    1. 1. Direct the future of your campus network to accelerate business performance Arpit Joshipura VP, Dell Networking 2013
    2. 2. Helping customers move beyond plumbing Delivering real results in the data center… …and now, breaking barriers for the campus. 1 Optimized architectures for east-west traffic—helps reduce CAPEX by 40% Maximize efficiency with visibility into the environment to make better decisions 1 2 Active Fabric is the new economic benchmark, delivering across-the-board cost savings Run reliably: secure the edge, devices, and information while preserving existing investments 2 Deliver results faster: rapidly deploy and scale with simplified upgrades, easy installation, and industry-standard CLI 3 3 An open, unbiased approach to Software-Defined Networking delivers simplicity and futurereadiness 2013
    3. 3. Rising demands for the mobile workforce in campus network environments IT “I need visibility into the campus networking environment to accelerate response and impact.” End users Business “I want a modern mobile experience – the same experience I’m used to at home on my personal device, with my apps, and more than enough bandwidth.” “We need to lower costs and ensure the security without inhibiting workforce freedom.” 2013
    4. 4. Releasing the architectural lock on the network WAN Campus Branch Office Branch Campus Network Internet Data Center Network SAP Hadoop Data Center 2013 Storage Network VDI Exchange Remote Data Centers SharePoint Oracle Servers Remote Office Public Cloud Storage
    5. 5. TAMIU Albert Chavez Challenge Modernize IT infrastructure to provide fast, available, and secure network access to online resources from anywhere on campus Results • University attracts students at 10% annual growth rate and boosts productivity • Guest access in less than two minutes • IT resources freed for other projects 2013
    6. 6. Modernize your campus network on your terms Simplicity Wireless, access, and chassis solutions that put you in charge Dell Networking Campus Solutions  Deploy up to 75% faster  Works with existing investments  Lower TCO by up to 60% while increasing performance 30% 2013 1 Compared to Cisco 3750-X 2 Scalability Flexibility 3 Compared to Cisco Catalyst 500-E series
    7. 7. Our new status quo-busting campus portfolio Wireless Access Chassis Ultimate performance Ultimate efficiency Ultimate versatility Wireless access utilizing 802.11ac gigabit wireless for unprecedented performance and scale Energy-efficient 1/10GbE switches designed for modernizing and scaling campus networks Fully redundant, fully modular 1/10/40GbE switching system for high availability and resiliency Next generation firewall and secure mobile access 2013
    8. 8. Dell Networking W-series 802.11ac platforms Flexibility • Scalable for thousands of users • Automated BYOD and Guest Access Performance • Gigabit wire-like performance ClientMatch™ technology Security • Dell SonicWall Deep Packet Inspection • Protection from wireless intrusion with parttime or dedicated air monitoring 2x The data rates of current 802.11n wireless access points 2013 $2/Mb For desktop-like speeds wirelessly
    9. 9. Dell Networking N-series 1 & 10 GbE switches Flexibility • USB rapid deployment and built-in stacking • Lifetime warranty Simplicity • Consistent management and CLI/GUI • Common management, data encryption, security Scalability • Comprehensive Layer 2/3 feature set • High throughput and capacity 1.5X 80% Performance stacking units & ports, switching capacity 2013 75% Faster deployment with simplicity features Greater energy efficiency with Fresh Air Green innovation 1 Compared to Cisco 3750-X 2 3 Compared to Cisco Catalyst 500-E series
    10. 10. Dell Networking C-series 1/10/40GbE switches • Wide-range access, aggregation, and core applications Mix and match speeds and reach Simplicity • • Easily manage with comprehensive tools. SFP+ and PoE+ maximize connectivity Scalability • • High-density 9- and 13-RU Integrated resiliency and redundancy • Flexibility 1.3-1.6x Throughput and density 2013 2-4x Performance scale *Compared to Cisco 6500-E series and 4500-E series
    11. 11. Focused on what matters to customers Standards-based with no lock-in Energy efficiency Future-ready Security of devices, information, activity End-to-end, one-stop shop $ Lower TCO by up to 60% 2013
    12. 12. Deploy your network with confidence Optimized performance to keep your business running smoothly Network Deployment • Optimized configurations • Efficient integration • Maximize availability Experts • 94% customer satisfaction • Expert deployment engineers • Proven processes 2013 ProSupport Plus • Dedicated Technical Account Manager • Elite ProSupport Plus engineers • Monthly reporting and recommendations • System maintenance • For critical systems Insights  Ease • 24,000+ support engineers • 8,700 certifications • 20% reduction in hardware issues
    13. 13. Designed with you in charge 1 Start with wireless Upgrade to W-series 802.11ac for ultimate performance and scale at the edge 2 Upgrade the wiring closet Easy migration and rapid deployment with N-series 3 2013 Expand with confidence C-series for dependable operation and proven software
    14. 14. Let’s get started Meet with Dell subject matter experts at the Solutions Showcase Gain hands on experience, see demonstrations: Dell Networking data center and campus solutions Schedule a post-event Whiteboard Session to address your specific requirements. Contact your account team for details. Visit a Dell Solution Center near you: Austin • New York City • Washington D.C. Chicago • Santa Clara • Mexico City • Sao Paolo Visit 2013
    15. 15. 2013