Marius Haas, Enterprise Strategy Update - October, 18, 2012


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Marius Haas,
Dell’s new President of the Enterprise Solutions Group and other senior Dell
executives and customers gathered for an Enterprise Strategy Update for media
and analysts October 18, 2012 in San Francisco. _

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Marius Haas, Enterprise Strategy Update - October, 18, 2012

  1. 1. The Optimized EnterpriseMarius Haas, President, Dell Enterprise Solutions
  2. 2. Dell Enterprise StrategyMomentumMarius Haas, President, Dell Enterprise Solutions
  3. 3. End-to-end enterprise growth+12% End-to-end enterprise in Q2 year over year$110BTotal enterpriseinfrastructure market$12.7BAcquisition investment 39% organic growth 95% including Force 10 revenue #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  4. 4. Dell Enterprise Solutions deliver superior value 218 Awards Complete solutions Integrated Systems in 2012 Leveraging best-of-breed technology in a complete solution with seamless management year to date Servers Storage NetworkingEnd-to-end • Agent-free monitoring– save up to • The best TCO in the industry • High-performance fabrics that at 43 days per year of system admin – save up to 80% on storage offering scale –are 1/4 the power; 1/5 the time price; 1/6 the footprint • Fully automate time-consuming • Industry-leading energy efficiency storage tasks – deploy in under 20 • Embedded blade switching – – 28% more energy efficiency minutes resulting in 30-40% capex savings • Protect your entire infrastructure in • Integrated automation software – • Virtualization optimized – 376% reducing deployment times to minutes, not hours – with a near- more virtual machines minutes and seconds zero recovery time objective Services and Software 4 #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  5. 5. Leading the transitions with industry standards # 1 1 # 1 # # 1 High-end Easy to use In hyper-scale Virtualized workstations iSCSI storage infrastructure infrastructure for ten years solutions WORKSTATIONS STORAGE SERVERS VIRTUALIZATION5 #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  6. 6. Key technology transitions create opportunity Data Insights Integrated $41B storage Systems hardware market 1/3 of infrastructure, 2 Billion by 2015 $98B market by 2015 Customer conversations a year drive unique insight Cloud Mobility $110B market in 2015, $818B market, VDI alone 68% private clouds will top $10B by 20156 #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  7. 7. What’s different about our enterprise approach? The New Proprietaries The Optimized Enterprise Costly solutions where An end-to-end approach that delivers operational savings are superior performance and efficiency consumed by high costs • Breakthrough performance &Operational Efficiency with a lock-in penalty Operational Capital efficiency Operational Capital costs costs costs costs • Greater IT agility & reliability $ $$$ • Solutions that scale $ $ Legacy Systems Commodity Systems and Services Complex, monolithic Low-cost commodity systems that lock in components with no and don’t scale Operational Capital solutions value-add Operational Capital costs costs costs costs $$$ $$$ $$$ $ Price/Performance #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  8. 8. Design philosophy drives customer differentiation Modular, scalable systems Enables customers to achieve: SCALABLE DESIGN POINT Operational Efficiency Breakthrough performance Intelligent orchestration and efficiency Better together innovation Greater IT agility and reliability Systems-level efficiency Solutions that scale Open innovation Price/Performance8 #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  9. 9. Introducing the Active Infrastructure family Solutions right sized to meet your needs today… Scale up Scale out Hyper-scale Integrated scalability 397% ZERO 1.03 return on storage oversubscription in PUE on a roof in Arizona 6X faster time to value investments with our Z9000 with our Modular with pre-integrated Compellent architecture Data Center systems …and grow seamlessly with your needs tomorrow9 #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  10. 10. A focus on key innovation points Driving greater operational efficiency Scalable, Modular Components Integrated, Optimized Systems Next-generation Service Delivery Powerful infrastructure resources Speed time-to-value & simplify Enable everyone to quickly & easily that scale up, scale down, scale tools and tasks deploy capabilities out Key innovations Automated intelligent tiering New memory architecture Intelligent monitoring and balances cost and performance accelerates application management at the global level performance improves IT service delivery Delivering breakthrough price/performance10 #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  11. 11. What’s Next? Continued enterprise momentum Dell continues to win: Dell is committed to a Dell is innovating the Outpacing the market scalable design point enterprise: New Active with 12% growth in that delivers superior Infrastructure family Q2 Y/Y value at every scale redefines integrated systems11 #DoMoreIT Enterprise Strategy Update
  12. 12. The Optimized EnterpriseMarius Haas, President, Dell Enterprise Solutions