Leveraging Multi-Site IT For Strategic Advantage


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How do you fix, control, migrate, connect, grow, and protect your IT department? Dell can help you take care of everything by leveraging multi-site IT designed around you. See how you can take control with Dell technologies, services, and solutions. Learn more: http://del.ly/DellMultiSiteIT

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  • What to buy? Only an expert really knows what components to buy for the performance needed and how to put it all togetherHow to fix? Usually support must come from the multiple vendors from which you bought the hardware and softwareHow to control? The pieces and parts can't be simply and centrally managed because they weren't designed to work togetherHow to migrate? It isn't easy to change and upgrade systems, from old, under-performing systems to newer onesHow to connect? Even if you get the system to work, it is hard to make sure everything works togetherHow to grow? Once a system is working it is difficult to add to it – processors, storage or software – because it wasn't built to growHow to protect? Backup is only done once a day at best – but to get the data back it generally takes several hours or even a day or two.
  • How many of you in the audience can relate to these photos? How many of you have been in your ROBO’s lately to check up on your remote IT? These are actual photos of ROBO environments. These are not the exception. This is the reality for the vast majority of remote offices and branch offices of Large Enterprises and organizations, and of Small Businesses. There are 23+ million remote offices globally (source: IDC) and 27+ million small businesses in the U.S. alone (source: Small Business Weekly magazine). These businesses and organizations have relied of IT to expand compute capabilities to support their growth. IT decision makers have made good decisions each step along the way, starting with one server, then a second, third and even a fourth. Similarly, they outgrew the storage capacity inside the server, so added an external storage device. They added a network switch. All that stuff has to be cabled together, powered, cooled, and managed. The end result today, however, is what you see in the photos:Hardware sprawl Hardware incompatibility A complex collection of too many systems management tools, taking too much time to perform tasks Remote management complexity Wide-area network performance latency and cost Environmental considerations – floor/rack space, acoustics, and the voltage of wiring in the walls. Finally, IT is tasked to support business growth. If IT can’t grow, due to lack of space to add new resources, then the business can’t grow. We’ve heard your pain in these ROBO offices and Small Business offices. So let’s look at what we engineered to overcome these issues… (move to next slide…)[Alternatively, if the speaker wants to have bullets directly aligned to the points in the blue box on the slide]: Complexity due to disparate hardware Hardware sprawl and lack of space Proliferation and complexity of systems management tools Inefficiency IT cost and TCO System downtime for maintenance Remote systems management inconsistent with data center tools IT Rigidity Insufficient scalability to handle performance spikes or support business growth Power compatibility High noise levels
  • At the end of the day IT is looking for solutions that make delivering services with high performance and reliability and VRTX simplifies that. We have several reference architectures available for environments with hyper-V or VMware and workloads for exchange 2013 and SQL Server 2012. We also have an RA for desktop virtualization for organizations that want to quickly and easily setup a VDI solution either as proof of concept or for a go to production environment. Another example shown here is from a principled technologies report on utilizing VRTX to refresh legacy hardware. In this case three of our competitors tower servers with associated components. The workloads studied here were Exchange, SQL Server database and file/print. What was found was a significant increase in performance across the board along with a much lower TCO over a five year period. Simplification was key and ease of management made much of this possible. You can download and read the full reports available with this webcast…..
  • With AppAssure Software, Dell can now offer next-generation backup and recovery software that protects virtualized and physical machines, applications, and the cloud in a complete, unified fashion.
  • Enterprise-class support in our point of view means:A single point of contact into the support organization Broad as well as deep experience beyond the single piece of hardware Eliminating the fact that we will have issues with automation and tools (the more we can automate these complex scenarios, the less time the customer has to deal with it, the more proactive we can be, the more we can leverage the environment we’re going to gain to drive significant enhancements and performance back to our customers). And you want all of this from a provider who has the established infrastructure and scale to deliver a consistent global experience regardless of where you’re located or what language you speak.
  • So let’s start by looking at our hardware infrastructure in a bit of detail. ServersVirtualization Optimized means more Virtual Machines per U or per rack. (More Memory / Nics per server), More energy efficient. (376% more virtual machines)Switch Independent Partitioning – means that customers can converge the networks on the servers, to use 10G cards and split them into multiple paths for data, management, and live migration traffic without resorting to multiple cards (and larger servers), and without relying on expensive network vendor technologies. (10GbE into 8 virtual NICs)Embedded Fail-Safe Hypervisors – greater density means greater risk – our servers are highly redundant but the trend to embedded hypervisors introduced a new single point of failure. The SD card. Our systems have mirrored SD cards which keeps the server running in the event of a failure. (Only vendor to have built-in hypervisor fault tolerance) StorageFully virtualized storage architecture- Simple storage management and scaling (save up to 80% on storage)Comprehensive integrations with virtualization platforms- Superior performance and integrated managementTransparent perpetual data optimization- Improved VM and application performance; 80% lower storage cost; no manual tuning (Improved VM Performance)Integrated data protection and disaster management tools optimized for virtual deployments; high availability and better business continuity (near-zero recovery time objective)Networking Virtualization layer for networksVNA provides virtual views of network topology for hypervisors. (not constrained by physical topology) VM awareness simplifies management, ending bottlenecksVirtualization of the network means that when an application needs a connection to another host, the application immediately sees the connection to the host with no operator intervention, and no delayEnd of IT SilosA virtual network allows your network teams to focus on the needs of the application, working closer with the application and storage teams and breaking down the siloed boundaries of the pastIntegrated Systems The next step is to help customers implement servers, storage, and networking for virtual infrastructures rapidly, which we started with a program called vStart, which has lead to something called Active Systems which I will get to in a minute. The idea behind vStart is to leverage our expertise and best practices from thousands of virtualization deployments to build virtualization architectures in our factory, and ship to you a fully completed rack that with optimized infrastructure that can be deployed in hours. Mention Clarity = of course, this assumes that you have X86 in the first place, the first step may be to ensure that you can take your infrastructure off of legacy, proprietary systems and onto standards based x86 infrastructure quickly and easily. Our acquisition of Clarity makes this possible. 376% number is Dell R620 blades compared to HP DL380 G7. “The Dell PowerEdge R620 2S/1U rack server provides up to 150% more virtual machines in half the rack space compared to the HP DL380p”“The Dell PowerEdge R715 provides up to 23% better virtualized database performance versus the HP DL380p”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 4S/2U rack server provides up to a 32 to 1 virtualization consolidation ratio compared to the Dell PowerEdge 2950”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 4S/2U rack server provides up to a 16 to 1 virtualization consolidation ratio compared to the Dell PowerEdge R710”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 2S/1U rack server provides from 60% up to 220% more virtual machines per U compared to the 4S/4U HP DL580”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 2S/1U rack server provides from 80% up to 148% higher virtual OLTP performance per U compared to the 4S/4U HP DL580”
  • Leveraging Multi-Site IT For Strategic Advantage

    1. 1. Leveraging multi-site IT for strategic advantage Chad Fenner Session MT17 2013
    2. 2. …run my business more efficiently …improve the performance of our apps …drive standardization I want to … …connect my remote offices more securely …simplify backup and recovery …drive standardization 2013 …manage my infrastructure more efficiently
    3. 3. The reality of office IT today 2013
    4. 4. Redefining IT for offices of any scale Plan / design Deploy Manage Support Backup / recover Secure Optimize 2013 Office IT needs to be… • Easy to deploy and configure • Easily managed and maintained • Workload-optimized • Supported at all levels
    5. 5. IT designed for office environments Dell PowerEdge VRTX: Simple, efficient, versatile PowerEdge VRTX Services: Remote deployment, rack and stack & white glove 2013
    6. 6. Optimized for your applications PowerEdge VRTX Versus traditional architectures, PowerEdge VRTX offers… • 26% lower 5-year TCO • 10% better database performance • 20% less power • 64% better email response time • 10% better file performance Services: Infrastructure consulting, data migration, logistics *Source: Comparing performance and cost: Dell PowerEdge VRTX vs. legacy hardware solution ,, Principled Technologies, June 2013. 2013
    7. 7. Simplified failover cluster deployment A free factory-installed option for PowerEdge VRTX with Windows Server 2012 OpenManage Cluster Configuration Tool (OMCC) • 75% fewer steps than the standard process • Cluster deployment in ~45 minutes • Single connection setup to one server node • Easy customization via Chassis Management Controller (CMC) and all iDRACs on each server node • Support for both M520 and M620 PowerEdge VRTX server nodes 2013
    8. 8. VRTX administer-from-anywhere features Chassis Management Controller (CMC) Reduces management complexity of servers, storage, networking and power in a single console Dell OpenManage Essentials Simple and efficient link-and-launch element management and technical support Geographic View The first geographic location view for remote offices; rapid, at-a-glance identification of remote systems and health status 2013
    9. 9. Integrated backup, replication & recovery Dell PowerEdge VRTX with AppAssure Protect continuously • Backup in minutes, restore in seconds • Application-aware backup and replication for server nodes and virtual machines • Integrated, in-line global deduplication & compression • Anywhere-to-anywhere — P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P — recoveries 2013 Hundreds of snapshots daily – data and applications Recover everything Restore system, applic ation and data in minutes Move anywhere Store, replicate recover – virtual, physical or cloud
    10. 10. Optimize ROBO with service insights Performance & availability management Monitoring Capacity planning Manage complexity 2013 Visualizing Optimizing
    11. 11. Deploy a secure distributed enterprise ROBO security with Clean VPN • IPS with anti-evasion Head office • Application visibility & control • SSL decryption and inspection • Network-based malware protection Remote home office Branch office Global management system Branch office Data center 2013 Major campus
    12. 12. Choose the right support option Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite with SupportAssist Accelerate your business ProSupport Plus ProSupport Flex for Data Center Adopt complex technologies with confidence • • Dedicated Technical Account Manager Elite ProSupport Plus engineers • • Tailored specifically to your needs • Monthly reporting and recommendations System maintenance • Dedicated Technical Account Manager Dedicated elite ProSupport Flex engineers • • Dedicated field engineers Onsite parts options ProSupport Hypervisor and OS support Experts 2013 | 24x7x365 | Insights 3rd party collaborative assistance  Ease
    13. 13. McKesson Medical Imaging PACS (picture archiving and communication system) solutions provider to healthcare Challenges • Broad diversity in healthcare environments and infrastructure IT-readiness • Limited scalability and storage capacity of traditional servers Results • Can offer a standard PACS platform architected on PowerEdge VRTX • McKesson demonstrated PACS running on PowerEdge VRTX at RSNA 2013 Annual Meeting, December 1-6 “VRTX is the ideal platform for our PACS system because it provides all the critical technology in one package to run our applications in a virtualized environment to provide the resiliency needed in critical diagnostic environments.” Dirk De keersmaecker, PACS Infrastructure Product Manager 2013
    14. 14. Dell delivers ROBO solutions at any scale Software • Systems management • Security • Data management • Backup & recovery • Connectivity Infrastructure • Tower servers • Storage solutions • Rack systems • Campus and wireless networks • Converged solutions (VRTX) Applications Business process Consulting Application services Business process services IT consulting Infrastructure Business consulting Infrastructure managed services Services 2013 Deployment Cloud services Support Security Configuration & deployment Support services Security solutions
    15. 15. Let’s get started Engage with experts at the Solution Showcase • • • • • AppAssure Foglight Management Tools Deployment and Support Services Security solutions See solutions in action in the showcase • VRTX • Infrastructure and software Experience • Systems Management Hands-On Lab Schedule • 2013 Further discussion with your Dell team
    16. 16. 2013
    17. 17. Expert services Worry-free deployment and support Deploy Support Maintain Enterprise Deployment ProSupport ProSupport Plus 24x7x365 troubleshooting and resolution for hardware and software Proactive and preventative support for business-critical enterprise systems Maximize performance, increase productivity and minimize disruption with end-to-end global deployment expertise Managed Security Services 2013 Security & Risk Consulting Incident Response Threat Intelligence
    18. 18. Expert Deployment and Support Services Optimized performance to keep your business running smoothly Deployment Services • Optimized configurations • Efficient integration • Flexible remote and onsite delivery Experts ProSupport Plus • • • • • Dedicated Technical Account Manager Elite ProSupport Plus engineers Monthly reporting and recommendations System maintenance For critical systems Insights  Ease Deploying it right the first time • Over 10,000 servers deployed annually Proactively improves performance and gets ahead of problems before they occur • Expert deployment engineers • Proven processes • 24,000+ support engineers • 8,700 certifications • 20% reduction in hardware issues 2013
    19. 19. Rack & Stack and Remote Deployment Data Center and ROBO Implementation Rack & Stack • We rack, cable, configuration, and install server clusters, networking equipment and internal storage • We install many common software packages including Dell OpenManageTM, VMWare vCenter, Microsoft Operating Systems, replication and backup applications and more Remote Deployment • Through a secure Internet connection, we can remotely • You do the labor & we provide the same configure your new equipment or simply provide expert planning and preparation as if we were assistance over the phone performing the implementation 2013
    20. 20. Dell Support Services Hardware Support Protection Services Basic Service Dell ProSupport Multivendor Hardware Support Mission Critical Specialized Onsite Services Accidental Damage Extended Battery Service Keep Your Hard Drive Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Support Advisory Services Dell ProSupport Software subscription offers and support IT Advisory Services Proactive Maintenance 2013