LemnaTec Case Study


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Working with the Dell OEM team, LemnaTec offers tailored solutions based on Dell servers, storage and desktop architecture, with 4-hour support anywhere in the world.

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LemnaTec Case Study

  1. 1. Scientific technologyprovider delivers tough,long-lasting solutionsto customers in remotelocations around the world •  OEM solutions “Only Dell could demonstrate the global capabilities and fast delivery times we needed.” Dirk Vandenhirtz, Chief Executive Officer, LemnaTec Customer profile Company: LemnaTec Industry: Technology Country: Germany Employees: 30 Benefits Website: www.lemnatec.com •    ingle point of contact within Dell  S OEM team simplifies deployment and  logistics Business need To help provide scientific research solutions and high-resolution image •    obust technology delivers results in  R processing, LemnaTec needed an original equipment manufacturer harsh climates (OEM) with global reach and robust technologies with long lifecycles. •     powerful platform for world- A changing research Solution •    ong lifecycles keep systems running  L Working with the Dell OEM team, LemnaTec offers tailored solutions based on Dell servers, storage and desktop architecture, with four- for up to 15 years hour support anywhere in the world. •    eliable four-hour response to service  R issues worldwide
  2. 2. Understanding how we interact with our environment is crucial if we’re to find more harmonious ways to coexist with nature. But behind each step forward is years of research and hard work by scientists around the world. LemnaTec’s scientists and engineers are part of this advancement. They develop software solutions for plant phenomics – the study of the physical and biochemical traits of organisms as they change in response to genetic mutations and environmental influences. Better knowledge of the changing effects of genes, environmental“The OptiPlex XE has a conditions and plant phenotypes is Technology at work becoming a more important factor distinct advantage over in agricultural economics and Hardware solutions from other sustainability. Research teams around Dell™ PowerEdge™ R610 server the world use LemnaTec technology with Intel® Xeon® processors 5500 vendors because it’s to study the effects of natural and series resistant to heat, dust man-made pollutants on ecosystems. Dell PowerEdge R210 server with Intel Xeon processors 3400 series and dirt, and resilient LemnaTec has two primary platforms for its solution. Scanalyser HTS Dell OptiPlex™ XE desktop enough to work reliably provides tools to analyse small plants Dell PowerVault™ LT2000 tape wherever we send it, in multiwell plates or trays in air- drive storage conditioned chambers. And Scanalyser such as in greenhouses 3D offers tools to sequentially image Dell PowerVault MD1200 direct or phenomics centres.” plants in 3D, creating reproducible attached storage data points on the development ofDirk Vandenhirtz, Services large plants on conveyor belts inChief Executive Officer, greenhouses. When LemnaTec first Dell ProSupportLemnaTec developed these platforms it needed - Mission Critical option computing technology to control the systems and support image analysis. It tested products from a variety of suppliers before looking Working together to build  for a single global original equipment a powerful platform manufacturer (OEM). Dirk Vandenhirtz, LemnaTec’s software demands Chief Executive Officer at LemnaTec, powerful technology. Specifically, explains: “Our primary concern was LemnaTec needed a server/storage to find a partner with global reach in solution for the analysis portion of its terms of delivery and support. Plus, solution and a desktop-based platform due to the data-intensive nature of for reviewing results. The IT team our solutions, we needed technology at LemnaTec worked with Dell OEM with high I/O and enough power for to choose the right solutions over a high-resolution image processing.” period of months. Vandenhirtz says: After talking to a number of solution “Dell supplied us with test units, which providers, LemnaTec chose Dell. was very important. We came up with Vandenhirtz says: “Only Dell could a theoretical concept for our solution, demonstrate the global capabilities but we had to put it into practice to and fast delivery times we needed.” gauge performance and reliability.”
  3. 3. Creating a tough solution for  inhospitable locations – they typicallyremote locations remain in place for around 10 to 15Although LemnaTec creates tailored years,” says Vandenhirtz. “Dell has always kept to solutions for its clients, it uses Dell PowerEdge™ R610 and R210 servers Single point of contact for all  a four-hour response, with Intel® Xeon® processors 5500 questions and issues  wherever it’s been and 3400 series respectively, Dell Vandenhirtz has direct regular contact PowerVault™ LT2000 tape drive with his account manager in the needed. This really storage and Dell PowerVault MD1200 Dell OEM team, but he knows that differentiates Dell direct attached storage as a basis for there are hundreds of dedicated each one. LemnaTec also uses the Dell OEM specialists working to improve from the competition OptiPlex™ XE, a purpose-built OEM technology and deliver great service. because other firms desktop for embedded solutions. The Vandenhirtz says: “It’s very important OptiPlex XE has a three-and-a-half- for us to have a single point of contact aren’t as flexible. It year lifecycle, which includes the supporting us so we don’t have to means a lot to our‘locking’ of key hardware and software go through multiple call centres. components. Plus, the Dell OEM Everything we’ve done with the Dell customers and we’ve team offers a six-month managed OEM team has worked well. We’re very seen positive feedback.” transition period, which allows satisfied, both in terms of expertise Dirk Vandenhirtz, LemnaTec to deliver a consistent work and responsiveness. Working with Chief Executive Officer, environment to customers while Dell, we’re always confident that we LemnaTec planning deployments based on the can deliver a great solution to our next generation of technology. What’s customers as fast as possible.” more, the OptiPlex XE is designed to work in extreme temperatures and Customers enjoy four-hour  tough environments, as Vandenhirtz service response anywhere in  explains: “The OptiPlex XE has a the world distinct advantage over solutions from Through Dell ProSupport Mission other vendors because it’s resistant Critical option, LemnaTec can provide to heat, dust and dirt, and resilient customers with four-hour response enough to work reliably wherever we in even the most remote locations. send it, such as in greenhouses or However, LemnaTec maintains control phenomics centres.” of customer issues by acting as the initial contact, before engaging DellLong lifecycles keep systems  when necessary. Vandenhirtz says:running for up to 15 years  “Dell has always kept to a four-hourIn addition, the longevity of Dell response, wherever it’s been needed.technology makes a difference to This really differentiates Dell fromLemnaTec. “Dell offers a three-and-a- the competition because other firmshalf-year lifecycle on its technology, aren’t as flexible. It means a lot towhich is a real differentiator. Our our customers and we’ve seensolutions are often used in remote and positive feedback.”
  4. 4. Global standards simplify  LemnaTec to keep systems compliantcompliance and regulatory issues as regulations change. VandenhirtzBecause LemnaTec sends its says: “Dell provides the required “Working with Dell,solutions all around the world, the papers and certifications for all thetechnology used in its platform must countries we work in. This makes we’re always confidentmeet standards set by a number of life easy for us from a logistical that we can deliver aauthorities and governing bodies. In perspective, and helps minimisethe past it was up to LemnaTec’s in- delays in delivering solutions to great solution to ourhouse team to confirm compliance our customers.” customers as fast aswith these regulations, but now thisis handled by the Dell OEM team. Dell possible.”OEM systems include regulatory marks For more information go to: Dirk Vandenhirtz,that aid with shipping throughout dell.com/casestudies/emea and Chief Executive Officer,the European Union and Americas, LemnaTec dell.deplus the Dell OEM team works withThe Efficient Enterprise runs on Dell: efficiententerprise.comAvailability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit: dell.com/servicedescriptions© January 2011, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of IntelCorporation in the United States or other countries. This case study is for informational purposes only. dell makes nowarranties, express or implied, in this case study. Reference number: 10009265.
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