Paper manufacturer inGermany cuts energy costsby €18,000 a year andimproves availability                                  ...
The Koehler Group is a paper-manufacturing business                       headquartered in Oberkirch, Germany. The firm ha...
The solution, based on VMware running           Business cuts energy costs by                                             ...
High availability reassures                                    Added sense of security with business                      ...
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Cutting Energy Costs: Koehler Case Study


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Paper manufacturer in Germany cuts energy costs
by €18,000 a year and
improves availability
of critical SAP system.

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Cutting Energy Costs: Koehler Case Study

  1. 1. Paper manufacturer inGermany cuts energy costsby €18,000 a year andimproves availability •  Backup, recovery and archiving of critical SAP system •  Data consolidation and management  •  Green efficiency •  Standardisation •  Virtualization “We told Dell we’d allow maximum downtime of two hours, and it delivered. We can now have production up and running within two hours if we ever have a system failure.” Karl Schindler, Head of IT, Koehler Group Customer profile Company: Koehler Paper Group Industry: Manufacturing Country: Germany Benefits Employees: 1,600 •    oehler gains single contact for  K Website: servers, storage, software, training  and services •    mployees find it easier to meet  E Business need internal service level agreements Koehler wanted a secure SAP environment to meet customers’ expectations and minimise production downtime. •    usiness cuts costs by €18,000 a  B year  Solution •    T team supports 14 per cent  I The company deployed Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers running VMware® staff growth without additional  vSphere™ 4 and Dell/EMC storage. recruitment •    aximum two-hour recovery time  M protects business •    dded sense of security from Dell  A ProSupport 
  2. 2. The Koehler Group is a paper-manufacturing business headquartered in Oberkirch, Germany. The firm has an annual turnover of €540 million and sells around 429,000 tons of paper. The business is more than 200 years old and has grown through a number of acquisitions. Most recently, Koehler acquired the Katz Group, which is the world’s leading beer-coaster manufacturer. Koehler produces 4,000 kilometres offered me just that.” At the outset, of paper each day to fulfil around 500 Koehler undertook a Virtualization“The consolidation orders, and its SAP system underpins Readiness Assessment with Dell. The each step of the process. It helps assessment showed the load and we’ve achieved with employees manage production performance Koehler required from its Dell and VMware processes, track raw materials and co- ordinate storage and dispatch. In an servers and storage. It also determined how the company should distribute has helped us cut industry where margins are tight, the load between its datacentres. Haas supply chain needs to run efficiently says: “Based on our Virtualization energy costs by to give customers the service they Readiness Assessment, a Dell consultant around €18,000, and expect. Karl Schindler, Head of IT at Koehler Group, says: “IT is essential – and solutions architect designed an infrastructure that would increase our enhances our green our core systems have to be up and enterprise efficiency and meet our running within two hours of a system availability criteria.” efficiency.” failure. We work 24/7, which means weKarl Schindler, need continuous availability, otherwiseHead of IT, production comes to a standstill.”Koehler Group Unscheduled interruptions to production are expensive. Depending Technology at work on the facility, they can cost Koehler Services up to €1 million a day. Dell Consulting Services Koehler’s IT team was managing – Enterprise Architecture 160 servers with its SAP systems – Virtualization Readiness running on 35 servers. It also had a Assessment disc and tape backup system, which Dell ProSupport the administrators ran manually – Mission Critical option and monitored regularly. Schindler realised that the company needed Dell Education Services to improve efficiency to support future business growth. He wanted to Hardware introduce an infrastructure that was Dell™ PowerEdge™ R710 servers easy to maintain and cost effective. with Intel® Xeon® processors 5570 But, above all, he was looking for a series secure infrastructure to support its Dell/EMC CX4-240 storage area SAP system. “We wanted our secure network solution to be even more secure. The highest possible availability was Dell PowerVault™ ML6020 tape essential,” he says. libraries Koehler gains holistic solution  Software from Dell consultants SAP Business Objects Explorer Karl Haas, IT Infrastructure Manager CommVault Simpana® 8 at Koehler Group, says: “I needed a supplier that could provide me with a VMware® vSphere™ 4 Enterprise one-stop solution for servers, storage, software and implementation – Dell
  3. 3. The solution, based on VMware running Business cuts energy costs by  €18,000 a year  on Dell™ PowerEdge™ R710 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors 5570 “Virtualization is a critical IT strategy, “Based on our series, impressed Schindler. However, and we’ve gained considerable Virtualization he wanted his team to virtualize the expertise from Dell,” says Haas. At servers and migrate the data. He says: Koehler, the benefits of virtualization Readiness“Dell trained us on virtualization, which meant we could virtualize the servers were immediately apparent. Following training from Dell, Haas’s team initially Assessment, a Dell and migrate the data ourselves.” In consolidated 123 physical servers onto consultant and addition, Dell’s quick response on the 10 physical servers. Koehler chose project made life easier for Schindler. “I Dell PowerEdge R710 servers because solutions architect really liked the direct contact with Dell. I had access to skilled consultants, who they provide better virtual server capacity than anything he’d seen in the designed an were instantly available and responded past. In addition to strong enterprise infrastructure that straight away,” he says. performance, the servers offer low power consumption. Schindler says: would increase ourEmployees get better systems and service from IT team “The consolidation we’ve achieved with Dell and VMware has helped us cut enterprise efficiencyHaas’s team migrated systems to energy costs by around €18,000, and and meet ourthe new infrastructure without any enhances our green efficiency.” Withdisruption to end users. “We migrated these savings, Koehler is better placed availability criteria.”systems for 1,600 employees without to support business growth than it was Karl Haas,any of them noticing,” he says. This in the past. IT Infrastructure Manager,was crucial considering the cost Koehler Groupof disruption to production. Since IT team gains more time for implementing new servers and storage, projects that support business Haas’s team has seen a positive growthreaction from end users. He says: “We Koehler’s IT team now plays a morecan respond faster to the needs of our strategic role because it doesn’t need Consequently, when Koehler acquiredcolleagues because of our virtualized to spend as much time on routine a new factory and 200 staff, the ITDell environment. We don’t get any maintenance tasks. Schindler says: team found it easy to integrate thecomplaints from end users now, just “We manage around 80 per cent fewer facility with the Dell/EMC CX4-240positive feedback.” physical servers thanks to VMware storage area network (SAN), which virtualization technology.” scales up to 240 drives and canOn top of this, Koehler’s business connect to as many as 512 hosts.intelligence has improved significantly In addition, the team has simpler Haas says: “Our Dell infrastructurethanks to a virtualized infrastructure processes for deploying and managing simplifies horizontal growth. We simplythat supports high performance. As a servers. “With VMware running on expanded our Dell/EMC CX4-240result, the company will be one of the Dell PowerEdge servers, I can SAN and added two PowerEdge R710first organisations to implement SAP simply switch off a server, carry out servers with VMware licences. It wasBusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated maintenance work and boot it up as simple as that.” Moreover, Schindlerversion. This software will give again, without any downtime. As a didn’t need to expand his team to copeKoehler’s employees access to real- result, we can maintain optimum with the increased demand.time data that will help them analyse performance without interrupting thebusiness scenarios faster. production processes that keep our business moving,” says Schindler. “We can also roll out new virtual machines in less than 30 minutes.”
  4. 4. High availability reassures  Added sense of security with business Dell ProSupport “We told Dell we’d allow maximum downtime of two hours, and “The Dell infrastructure protects our business better than ever before. “The Dell it delivered. We can now have But for added peace of mind we also infrastructure production up and running within have Dell ProSupport, which means two hours if we ever have a system the team can rest easy,” says Dominic protects our failure,” says Schindler. Koehler now has 12 Dell PowerEdge servers split Kunzweiler, IT Administrator. Support is crucial for Koehler, when you consider business better than over two mirrored datacentres to meet the cost of interruptions to production. ever before. But strict requirements for system and Schindler says: “Production downtime application availability. Furthermore, can cost the company €1 million for added peace of the company has consolidated its backup system, mail compliance a day, which is why we chose Dell ProSupport Mission Critical option with mind we also have archiving and data storage for mail four-hour on-site response.” Dell ProSupport, and file systems onto CommVault’s Simpana software. Schindler says: For more information go to: which means the“We chose to back up our data on Dell PowerVault ML6020 tape libraries so and team can rest easy.” that we could quickly access data and Dominic Kunzweiler, restore our systems in the event of a IT Administrator, system failure. In addition, CommVault Koehler Group Simpana® 8 gives us the peace of mind that our data is continuously backed up. If we lose our primary datacentre, we’ll have an up-to-date copy of all our critical data, which will make a huge difference to business continuity.”The Efficient Enterprise runs on Dell: efficiententerprise.comAvailability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© July 2011, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel, Intel Xeon, , Intel Core and the Intel logo are registeredtrademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is forinformational purposes only. dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study.Reference number: 10008746
  5. 5. Data Center For more info on Data Centers, visit: Visit our other linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise TC