Going For a Global Solution: Kennametal Case Study

Going For a Global Solution: Kennametal Case Study



Going for a Global Solution: Simplified IT architecture with virtualization cuts total cost of ownership by eight per cent at metal tools manufacturer.

Going for a Global Solution: Simplified IT architecture with virtualization cuts total cost of ownership by eight per cent at metal tools manufacturer.



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Going For a Global Solution: Kennametal Case Study Going For a Global Solution: Kennametal Case Study Document Transcript

  • SOLUTIONS: •  ataConsoliDationanD D ManageMent •  reenit g •  irtualization V GoinG for a Global Solution CuStomer Profile Company: Kennametal GmbH Simplified IT architecture with virtualization cuts total cost Industry: Manufacturing & Logistics of ownership by eight per cent at metal tools manufacturer Country: Germany Founded: 1938 employees: 14,000 WeBsIte: www.kennametal.com ChallenGe Global metal tools manufacturer Kennametal was running out of processing power and its multinational IT infrastructure was expensive and time consuming to maintain and support. Solution Kennametal chose virtualized Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers and Dell storage for sites worldwide. It secured maximum uptime for the solution with Dell ProSupport for IT Mission Critical. benefitS Get It Faster •    urchase decision time cut from  P one week to a few hours through standardisation •    ew servers launched in hours rather  N than weeks run It Better •    ystem management time reduced  S by 15 per cent •    umber of physical servers cut by  N Global companies with multiple sites and disparate IT approximately 80 per cent environments often spend considerable time and money on •    ower cost and carbon footprint  P reduced basic infrastructure maintenance. Teaming up with a one-stop •    otal cost of ownership down by eight  T global solutions provider is a step in the right direction: reducing per cent the number of servers and storage systems can help companies Grow It smarter •    olution easily scaled to meet needs  S simplify their infrastructure and cut cost. for five years
  • Metal tools manufacturer Kennametal The IT team – Kennametal Shared Services has grown fast since its foundation in the – relied on multiple support contracts with US in 1938, acquiring new customers and different suppliers, so repairs were difficult subsidiaries year on year. As a leading to organise and resolution times were slow. supplier of metal tools to car manufacturers, As a result, employees often experienced aerospace producers and other industrial disruptions to the service. Flexibility was companies, Kennametal had growing needs restricted, because any member of staff for IT processing power. But with 731 servers needing a server for a new project had to wait split between 170 sites in 60 countries, IT weeks for a physical machine to be ordered, costs were already high, and Kennametal was delivered and configured. Maintenance committed to reducing carbon emissions. work had to be scheduled after hours to avoid downtime, which affected the work/ life balance of IT staff. What’s more, server replacements were a constant headache, because Kennametal lacked a homogenous solutions strategy. This meant that whenever a server reached the end of its lifecycle, the IT team had to identify and order a replacement solution, which took an average of one week. To tackle these challenges, the IT team decided to standardise the IT platform on server and storage technology that was supported globally and incorporated virtualization software. Kennametal piloted an infrastructure based on Dell, whose products had supported the company well in the past. The team asked Dell Global Infrastructure Consulting Services (GICS) to propose a standardised virtualization model that could be rolled out worldwide. “we exPeCt to Save 15 Per Cent on manaGement time thankS to the SimPliCity of our dell Solution.” Roland Foerster, manager of European IT-services, Kennametal After working with Kennametal to assess the •    riedrichsdorf and Mistelgau (medium  F how it workS company’s needs, Dell proposed a modular sites): replace six physical servers with server solution that could be installed at any three virtualized Dell PowerEdge servers, hardware site – production, sales or back-office. This  supported by a Dell AX4-5 fibre channel  •    ell™ PowerEdge™ 2900 and 1950 D consisted of two Dell™ PowerEdge™ 2900 storage array. Install a Dell PowerVault  servers with Intel® Xeon® Processors servers and one PowerEdge 1950 backup TL2000 tape library for backup. •    ell AX4-5 storage array D server, all with Intel® Xeon® Processors and •    ell PowerVault™ MD3000i storage D •    ichtenau (small site): replace six physical  L array running VMware® ESX server virtualization servers with three virtualized PowerEdge •    ell PowerVault ML6020 tape library D software. The servers would be combined servers, supported by a Dell PowerVault  •    ell PowerVault TL2000 tape library D with different models of Dell storage and MD3000 iSCSI storage system. Install a Dell Dell PowerVault™ tape libraries, according to Software PowerVault TL2000 tape library for backup. whether the site was small, medium or large. •    ell OpenManage™ Systems D Dell technicians carried out the Management 5.0 As part of the pilot project, Kennametal implementation in one month. Kennametal’s •    Mware® ESX server software V asked Dell to deploy the following solutions IT team scheduled migration outside working •    Mware vCenter  V in Germany: hours, taking advantage of the fact that Dell ServiCeS •    ssen (large site): replace eight physical  E resources are available at any time. Dell •    ell Global Infrastructure Consulting  D servers with three virtualized Dell completed the migration within one weekend Services (GICS) PowerEdge servers, supported by an per site, and the IT team received VMware  •    ell Education Services D existing Dell/EMC CX300 storage system. training through Dell Education Services. •    ell ProSupport for IT D Install a Dell PowerVault ML6020 tape  – Mission Critical library for backup.
  • “orderinG, ConfiGurinG and inStallinG a PhySiCal Server took weekS in the PaSt. now, with our virtualized dell infraStruCture, we uSe vmotion to launCh new ServerS in minuteS, aS and when our enGineerS or develoPerS need them.” Roland Foerster, manager of European IT-services, Kennametal Roland Foerster, manager of European energy use. PowerEdge servers are built using PurChaSe deCiSion time IT-services at Kennametal says: “We  Dell Energy Smart technology that can help Cut from one weekto wanted a single partner who could take our reduce unnecessary power consumption. a few hourS project and run with it, from design through With a standardised infrastructure, Kennametal implementation to after-sales support. Dell  SimPlified Solution Shared Services can replace redundant was that partner.” CutS manaGement time servers quickly, because the time that Foerster by 15 Per Cent and his colleagues spend contacting different Following the successful German pilots, With Dell OpenManage™ Systems suppliers has been reduced considerably. This Kennametal decided to deploy the solution Management 5.0, the IT team can monitor and simplifies the purchasing process and speeds at every site when existing servers reach troubleshoot the entire server infrastructure up delivery of new hardware. “It used to take  the end of their lifecycle. The team chose to from a single console. “We expect to save  us about a week to research and finalise ensure maximum uptime for the solution with 15 per cent on management time thanks to the hardware purchase orders. Thanks to our Dell ProSupport for IT Mission Critical with a simplicity of our Dell solution,” says Foerster. global solutions model from Dell, it now takes four hour on-site response time. just a few hours,” says Foerster. As a result, the IT team has extra time for enerGy CoStS reduCed developing future projects. Because Dell All the IT team has to do before placing an aS Server Count fallS by OpenManage raises IT issues before they  order with Dell is to classify the size of the site aPProximately 80 Per Cent become problems or result in downtime, in question. Also, because there are fewer Kennametal Shared Services estimates that the IT team administers the network more machines to maintain, the IT team can keep virtualization will cut the company’s physical proactively and schedules maintenance work to scheduled replacement cycles, as opposed server count by approximately 80 per cent. well in advance. What’s more, the team can to the constant replacements necessary in In turn, this will significantly reduce energy use VMware vCenter to move workloads  the past. consumption, helping the company meet its dynamically between physical servers, which targets for lower carbon emissions. means it can carry out tasks during the working SimPlified arChiteCture day without disrupting staff. This avoids the CutS total CoSt of ownerShiP Thus, the company was able to reach two need for after-hours work and improves the  by eiGht Per Cent targets at the same time: reducing power IT team’s work/life balance. Moreover, it Overall, Kennametal expects significant  consumption and cutting its number of physical increases uptime for Kennametal employees, financial gains from switching to virtualization. servers. It also chose Dell PowerEdge 2900 and which gives them a better user experience. “We estimate that our simplified Dell  1950 servers with Intel Xeon Processors that architecture will lower our total cost of optimise processing power while minimising ownership by eight per cent,” says Foerster.
  • “havinG dell aS our SinGle Point of ContaCt for SuPPort SaveS uS a lot of time and haSSle. now, with ProSuPPort for it miSSion CritiCal, juSt one Call enSureS on-Site SuPPort within four hourS.” Roland Foerster, manager of European IT-services, Kennametal Kennametal bases this overall estimate on for the next five years, maximising return expected budget savings on hardware, power, on investment and minimising the need for maintenance, management and support. modifications as the business grows. new ServerS Can be launChed PeaCe of mind with Global in hourS rather than weekS one-StoP SuPPort With Dell’s virtualization solution, the IT team It was important for Kennametal to find a can respond more quickly to demand for solutions provider that offered complete post- new servers from Kennametal’s employees. sales support covering both hardware and “Ordering, configuring and installing a physical  software. “Having Dell as our single point of  server took weeks in the past. Now, with our  contact for support saves us a lot of time and virtualized Dell infrastructure, we use VMotion  hassle. Now, with ProSupport for IT Mission  to launch new servers in minutes, as and when Critical, just one call ensures on-site support  our engineers or developers need them,” says within four hours,” says Foerster. At the same Foerster. This helps the IT team provide a better time, Kennametal has peace of mind that Dell service to end users. In turn, employees have is able to support the solution globally, as it is greater flexibility and can be more productive. rolled out across the company’s 170 sites. SCalable Solution meetS For more information on this case study needS for five yearS or to read additional case studies, go to Kennametal’s virtualized architecture can be www.dell.com/casestudies and expanded easily according to need. “Dell has  www.dell.ch designed our virtualization solution to be highly This case study is for informational purposes only. scalable, so we can concentrate on pushing dell makes no warranties, express or implied, our growth agenda forward over the next five in this case study. years, rather than becoming weighed down with technology issues,” says Foerster. Even when the PowerEdge servers reach capacity, extra physical machines can be added easily and cost-efficiently. Likewise,  extra memory can be added to the storage solutions. This means that Kennametal has an infrastructure to meet its requirements SImplIfy your ToTal SoluTIon aT DEll.Com/Simplify Reference number: 10007269 Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit www.dell.com/servicedescriptions © June 2009, Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.