Ubiquitous Information Protection: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device


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Jonathan Sander Director Product Strategy, Identity and Access Management Dell Software Group

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  • According to the Gartner 2012 CIO Agenda: Reimagining IT, security/ governance/ compliance ranks in the top 3 barriers to realizing the full potential of information technology.This is just one recent statistic with many similar results elsewhere, one of the top 3 barriers to realizing full IT potential is security, governance and compliance. This isn’t surprising to us, and I’m sure it’s not surprising to you.
  • EXEC QUESTION: how many programs have you stalled because of security? Which ones and what were the challenges? Or have you pushed through while accepting risk (known and/ or unknown)? How often have you continued with known/ or unknown risk (accepted risk)?Or do you give in and throw security caution to the wind? … can’t do that because of compliance requirements… more often stall projects.Question… What is your security profile: ostrich (claim ignorance), vigilant (get all data) and not invented here… what do you want to be… ideal profile, aware of risks, don’t slow down and be careful. JULIE: help define 3 profiles and the ideal profile (and value-add of Dell)… get from where you are today… and get to profile.
  • Lack of security expertise… solutions don’t work together, hard to make them work together… -- attacking problem in two ways… 1) security service practice and 2) within IP of Dell… purposely designing it to make its info easier to consume (put it in there and it works).Devices and solutions are not openThink that people adopting cloud… BYOD, no good security… pushing forward… Mike doesn’t agree. Begin to see more and more attacks to BYOD, and Apple with no security… differentIN order to make them work, need security professionals which are a shortage
  • What it’s NotFully converged security such that layers and pieces are irrelevantNon Dell technology still fits inCompletely centralizedstill going to have security with specific jobsMonolithic and heavyLocked in approachOpen architecture still the way to gomation everywhere (and maintain business operations)
  • Security doesn’t just start when it shows up on your doorstep. It needs to start much earlier. In fact, the single biggest example of connected security today is how we are embedding security into products & solutions BEFORE you even get them (FPR, TPMs, supply chain assurance, cloud security).
  • Security doesn’t just start when it shows up on your doorstep. It needs to start much earlier. In fact, the single biggest example of connected security today is how we are embedding security into products & solutions BEFORE you even get them (FPR, TPMs, supply chain assurance, cloud security).
  • Ubiquitous Information Protection: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

    1. Ubiquitous informationprotection:anywhere, any time, any deviceJonathan SanderDirector Product Strategy, Identity andAccess ManagementDell Software Group
    2. Ubiquitous informationprotection:anywhere, any time, any devicePatrick SweeneyExecutive Director of Network SecurityDell Software Group
    3. Security is impacting the businesswhen it should enable the business A more Complex issue effective and Business efficient way • Threats are everywhere and needs your to solve are constantly changing challenges • Many technology options to not starts with mitigate threats Barrier to realizingadequately an full IT benefits understandinaddressed g of how Dellbyleverages security A major pain Top 3 • Security is identified in the top 3 as the our solutions collective single greatest obstacle to realizing the full benefits of IT assets.
    4. Business can’t stop to wait for securityBut it often does, or even bypasses it How often Desire: have you To embrace Cloud SaaS Data growth BYOD stalled a business trends project due to Challenge: security Security often concerns? gets in the way Web 2.0 Virtualization Compliance
    5. Today, layers and silos get the security jobdone but often don’t support key initiativesIndividual job done well in silos• Solutions often don’t work together• Solutions don’t work across Dell the business belief: there is aSilos and layers add stress to your betterresources way• Difficult to get to work together• Limited security resources
    6. Dell’s vision for tomorrow isConnected Security Connected Security is security that… EffectiveSecurity to • Works collectively together; shares and applies intelligence Protect information enable • Works with the business, end-to-end everywhere business • Maintains flexibility and modularity yet is expansive & cohesive – open architecturewhile also • Enables broad contextual awareness with meeting dynamic controlthe needs Efficient Leverages contextual awarenessof security and shared intelligence to Work with deliver superior security the business
    7. Dell’s approach to Connected Security is acomprehensive lifecycle approach • Embed security at time of Embed manufacturing • Provide active information Protect protection from device to the cloud Respond • Detect threats & mitigate risks with predictive intelligence • Respond to breaches Detect to quarantine and remediate immediately
    8. Dell Connected Security begins with afoundation of best-in-class solutionsInformation & Identity Protection Dell Software GroupData encryptionIdentity & Access Management Dell End User Computing Easy to use, easy to deployNetwork SecurityNext-generation FirewallEmail Security Dell Software Group Actionable, context-Secure Remote Access aware intelligenceSecurity Services Security expertiseManaged Security Services Dell ServicesCounter Threat Unit Intelligence when neededSecurity Consulting & Auditing
    9. Dell Connected Security works with thebusiness, end-to-endProvides improved insight & decision making – better together Dell SecureWorks + Information & Identity Protection Dell Software Group Data encryption Dell SonicWALL + Identity & Access Management Dell End User Computing other security solutions Network Security Dell SonicWALL Next-generation Firewall Dell Software Group firewalls + Dell Email Security Secure Remote Access identity & access management Security Services Managed Security Services Dell Services Dell Business- Counter Threat Unit Intelligence Security Consulting & Auditing In-A-Box
    10. Providing ubiquitous informationprotection while enabling the business Connected Security is Effective Collaboration security that… Protect information between everywhere security and Leverages contextual the business awareness & shared will produce intelligence to deliver vast superior security Efficient improvements results while working Work across with the business the business
    11. Let’s get Engage with experts at the Expostarted • And visit www.Dell.com Envision a solution with a Security Whiteboard Session after Dell World Gain hands on experience/demos in the Solution Center
    12. Please help Dell meet your needsby filling out the Session Evaluation Surveys On paper Content On the Dell World app style • Forms in room • Turn in on the way out guidelines 1. Select My Schedule Session Evaluation Survey 2. Select session to evaluate 3. Select Surveys 4. Select survey title Or 5. Simply complete the survey Confidential
    13. Embed ProtectRespond Predict & Detect