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Relieving IT pressure with Dell Application Modernization Services: reduce costs, limit risk, foster innovation - Cameron Jenkins, Director & Global Practice Executive
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Relieving IT pressure with Dell Application Modernization Services: reduce costs, limit risk, foster innovation - Cameron Jenkins, Director & Global Practice Executive



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  • Key message: Both IT and the business are feeling pain due to both the limitations of legacy systems and the resources required to maintain themThere are many potential challenges facing a business with legacy systems. Multiple redundant applications or outdated legacy systems are eating away at constrained budgets driving cost pressures in IT. Additionally, many of the resources maintaining these applications are filtering out the workforce and not being replaced. Add to this tremendous pressure from the business to understand and enhance these applications and the result is significant pain for both IT and the rest of the organization.
  • So this is essentially what we are going to be talking about today -- Dell’s Application Modernization service offerings – essentially how we take legacy workloads running on mainframes, iSeries and proprietary UNIX platforms – as well as legacy applications – and help you migrate and modernize them over to lower cost and agile industry standard systems. MAYBE ASK THE AUDIENCE – How many of you were aware before coming to this conference that Dell had Application Modernization services outside of packaged application options like SAP?Hopefully you will be pleased to see as we go through this discussion that Dell now has a complete range of end-to-end modernization services to help move you from closed, proprietary and limited systems to the more modern platforms that are going to help you continue to address your current business requirements as well as more easily implement the new initiatives needed to keep your organization competitive in the future.
  • So now, In terms of applications, there really isn’t many workloads we cannot help customers with – This is a very busy slide – that our engineers love – but the main point is over on the left hand side - you can see that we can modernize from the back-end platform, through the data source, development languages, scripts and utilities, thru application environment and end-user interfaces
  • Costco Wholesale faced massive legacy challenges: one of the world’s largest AS/400 implementations with for one monolithic application made up of over 12 million lines of RPG spaghetti code.They couldn’t expand to new markets or keep up with day-to-day enhancements.They knew they wanted to move their commodity functions to COTS, but they couldn’t define those functions clearly or draw the line between the commodity and the unique.They were STUCK.Dell Portfolio Assessment broke up and sized their unique and commodity functions and gave them a roadmap to follow.In 16 weeks, Dell got Costco UN-STUCK and on the road to a hybrid SAP / Java modernization.Today Costco’s Enterprise Architecture team is using the Dell Repository created in their assessment to drive a Master Data Management project and to map their Business Capabilities to the legacy assets that implement them.Dell has become Costco’s core technology for legacy analysis, and Make Technologies has become a key strategic partner.
  • What value does this provideBusiness How are the application usedA fact-based, 360-degree view of how the legacy applications are used to achieve the objectives of the organization.ApplicationsHow do the applications workDataHow do the applications interact with the dataModernization RoadmapDefine a pragmatic modernization strategy that will lower cost and add value.
  • Key Message: The Dell re-architect solution is backed by patented IP that facilitates the above 3 track/3 phase method.The method is divided into three phases: Phase 1 captures legacy assets, Phase 2 transforms and refactors them to best use the new modern platform, and Phase 3 implements and tests the new modern software. Three tracks run through all the phases and reflect the layers of a system, modernizing from business, code and data perspectives.All tasks in the method are enabled by the Dell Re-architect solution IP.
  • So how do we do it? How do we take applications off the mainframe and bring them down to an open architecture without change?Obviously a big part of this is technology – Dell’s mainframe rehosting software (you may have heard it called UniKix in the market) is a product that has been around for 20 years and has really refined the process. Most mainframe workloads involve online and batch systems and this technology lets you run these systems on a distributed platform.Our re-hosting technology creates a similar environment to the mainframe on open systems so we don’t have to re-engineer the workload to run in open systems in a different way.Online – addressed by Dell Transaction Processing Environment (TPE) softwareBatch streams- run on open systems with Dell Batch Processing Environment (BPE) software And since ~90% of the applications running on the mainframe are written in COBOL it important to have COBOL platform that can work seamlessly with our re-hosting software on open systems. So we can handle this with our own IP / Dell’s IP with Dell Enterprise COBOL.We’ve also talked about on the mainframe that there are a lot of expensive 3rd party products; Dell has developed a mainframe re-hosting reference architecture framework to address these critical success factors and this is a big differentiator for us.Lastly, we talked about what once you moved these apps it can be a spring board to other technologies; there are pathways to extend the applications once we get them off the mainframe with SOA and Web-enablement.
  • What this next slide shows is an overview of the mainframe rehosting process. If only one slide were used to tell what re-hosting is about, this slide shows the complete picture put together.On the left, you have a mainframe environment, there is no one ‘typical’ stack – but these are the common items. We move them over to open systems on a like-for-like basis leveraging our re-hosting technology and our migration toolset as you can see on the right hand side.So if you start from the bottom, we address the mainframe platforms that have been discussed, and move them over to the target environment of your choice (Linux, Windows or UNIX). Our mainframe re-hosting technology then address online and batch processing requirements, as highlighted in blue.The primary mainframe platform languages come over largely as is – COBOL, PL/1, EasyTrieve, and some areas like Assembler need to moved into another languages. Databases are addressed either moving relational to relational, or in some cases like IMS, hierarchical to relational. File systems like VSAM come over natively as VSAM. And third-party tools, as we have discussed, are addressed through our reference architecture. At the top, you can see that external user interfaces and end-user interfaces are addressed on a like for like basis as well.At the end of the day we are looking to mirror what as on the mainframe but replace with best of breed solutions and streamline the process


  • 1. Relieving IT pressure withDell ApplicationModernization Services:reduce costs, limitrisk, foster innovationCameron JenkinsDirector & Global Practice Executive Confidential
  • 2. Legacy pain Lack of Shrinking Increasing business pool of skilled operational agility developers costs Legacy applications perform mission critical functions but are harming the business through: Growing Complexity & Lack of insight enhancement redundancy into current backlog caused by portfolio and requests M&A activity Confidential
  • 3. Dell Application Modernization Services help enable emerging compute models Standard Lack of Lack of x86 business Insight into Platform• Mainframes, zSeries agility current portfolio• IBM iSeries Mobility (AS/400) Dell• Unisys Shrinking pool of skilled Growing enhancement Application Flexible• Proprietary UNIX developers backlog and requests Modernization Applications• Legacy Services languages Increasing Complexity & Virtualization & data (COBOL, RP operational redundancy & Cloud G, etc.) costs caused by M&A activity SaaS Confidential
  • 4. Dell Application Modernization Services Application re-hosting 1300+ installations worldwide, largest re-host in N. America, Migrate applications to modern platforms while protecting extensive U2X ecosystem business logic, data investments and end-user interfaces Application re-architecture 150 million lines of code Redevelop applications to modern technologies leveraging (LOC) re-architected business logic, data, and application usage across range of industries Portfolio assessment Millions of LOC, assets and processes in thousands of Assess application portfolios to gain a 360 degree view of applications analyzed and how applications and processes support the business documented Application Package Custom Process Platform extension replacement development transformation modernization4 Confidential Confidential
  • 5. What can Dell modernize?End-user BMS/MSF ISPF 3270 Natural Java Web HTML/ Others…interfaces Maps Services XML IBMApplication IBM® CICS® Batch IDMS DC SAP Peoplesoft WebSphere ®environments IBM IMS TM® TSO CMS jBoss WebLogic Others… COBOL PL/1 REXX JCL Assembler C/C++ Shell ScriptsDevelopment Natural IDEAL ADS/O CLIST Easytrieve Java Perllanguages andutilities VisualAge Easytrieve FORTRAN FOCUS SAS GENER/OL Python Gen Plus Pacbase MANTIS DYL280 COOL:Gen Telon QuickJob Others… VSAM Sequential GDGs IBM DB2 IBM IMS DB Adabas Oracle Others…Data sourcesPlatforms IBM z/OS®-z/VSE®, Proprietary UNIX (IBM AIX®, HP-UX, Solaris), Tandem, Unisys, Windows Confidential
  • 6. CostcoLargest membership warehouse clubchain in the USChallengeThe worlds largest AS/400 system iscomprised of over 12 million lines ofRPG code and not able to handleCostco’s rapid expansionResults• Developed a strategic modernization roadmap that aligns with a SAP implementation• Ability to expand to new markets and keep up with day-to-day enhancements• Dell Repository drives a Master Data Management project that maps their business capabilities to the legacy assets Confidential
  • 7. Dell portfolio assessmentTailored and customizable - only the apps and assets that are relevant Inventory Assess Plan Capture Fit, uniqueness, Application Portfolio Business business usage financial, etc. • Projects • Cost Capture Complexity, dependenc Application software assets y, integration • Schedule • Staffing Capture data Dependency, usage Data assets , integration • Risks • Disposition Capture Dependency, capacity strategies Technology technology assets • etc. R A Modernization roadmap Repository Analyzer . . Confidential
  • 8. Determine application disposition strategyInformed decisions based on data in application repository Re-architect Total Cost of Ownership Granularity of ERP Package current state Replace or (Rewrite) Do not forget Eliminate analysis migrate about the defines the integration Retire Integration services when granularity of Retire the roadmap Services implementing and solution multiple Maintain Enhance solutions alternatives Re-host Industry CRM Package Package Business Value Confidential
  • 9. New Brunswick Healthprovides universal health coverage to theresidents of New Brunswick, CanadaChallenge – Major workflow andflexibility challenges• Many major enhancements deferred since mid-1990’s• Complex batch claims adjudication and payment engineResults -• Semantic batch modernization• 39 major enhancements & 192 approved PCR’s• 2.5 year project with 5 year payback Confidential
  • 10. Dell re-architecture method and softwareEnd-to-end and fit to purpose Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Modernized Understand/Plan Transform Implement system Business process Capture business Streamline Validate and rollout Modern modernization Processes and enhance applicationsLegacy system + COTS Application Parse and analyze Design and Implement applications modernization = source code architecture and test SOA / ESB Data Analyze data Modernize data Cleanse Enterprise modernization and model and model and migrate data PCA FCA Present case analysis Future case analysis Development team Dell re-architecture software is fit-to-purpose for all project tasks Confidential
  • 11. Using existing assets to build future design Confidential
  • 12. NYSE EuronextShared data center group clearsand settles all daily tradesChallenge• Forecasted annual operational costs required to handle growing workloads• Growth driven from globalization, consolidation, regulation, etc.Results• >50% significant cost savings and performance improvements• Nightly batch reduced from 12 to <5 hours Confidential
  • 13. Dell mainframe re-hosting technology Complete environment for migrating and modernizing business-critical workloads Dell mainframe Mainframe re-hostingTPE/BPE re-hosting software MRRA reference architectureComprehensive, robust environment for Proven framework for addressing therunning re-hosted mainframe workloads complete picture, including 3rd partynatively on standard architectures tools during migration COBOL Dell SOA/Web Technology enterprise COBOLPowerful COBOL mainframe offloading Service Builder and Web Connectand modernization platform; tightly technology SOA and/or Web enableintegrated with re-hosting technology legacy application components Confidential
  • 14. Mainframe re-hosting details• Re-host to modern platform IBM z/OS mainframe Migration Open systems IBM z/OS environment stack components compatibility stack with no change in functionality TN3270 FTP Interfaces TN3270 FTP Interfaces Minimal ECI/EPI ECI/EPI changes• Retain experienced JEE 3270 Access JEE 3270 Access staff Sockets Sockets SOAP/XML MQ Interfaces SOAP/XML MQ Interfaces• Platform positioned for future growth at reduced costs Review / 3rd party infrastructure 3rd Party infrastructure replace READY ALARM MESSAGE PUSH VSAM, sequential, GDGs VSAM, Sequential, GDGs HP StorageWorks XP24000 Disk Array HP StorageWorks XP24000 Disk Array Data migration RDBMS (Oracle, DB2 IBM DB2, IBM IMS-DB LUW, SQL Server…) COBOL, PL/I, Easytrieve Plus, Application COBOL, PL/I, Easytrieve Assembler, other logic Plus, other Batch Batch JCL & JES equivalent Mainframe JCL/JES environment (Dell BPE) application IBM CICS, IBM IMS TM Online Transaction monitor compatibility environment (Dell TPE) middleware IBM z/OS, IBM z/VSE Platform Linux, UNIX, Windows Confidential
  • 15. Dell Application Modernization Services Application re-hosting Drive cost savings through reduced maintenance while Migrate applications to modern platforms while protecting keeping functionality business logic, data investments and end-user interfaces. Application re-architecture Move to modern architectures and increase Redevelop applications to modern technologies leveraging agility while maintaining business logic, data, and application usage. differentiators Portfolio assessment Assess and understand applications to develop a Assess application portfolios to gain a 360 degree view of strategic roadmap for the how applications and processes support the business. future Confidential
  • 16. Get a clear picture of what exists in 1 totality, clearly define what is in and out of scope, Secure project buy-in upfront: Develop 2 business case that takes big picture into consideration and technical validation Application Build a detailed implementation plan: modernization 3 Properly resource project, including testing, and automate where it makes sense success factors 4 Set up the right project governance at every level: Maintain constant communication throughout the project Select an experienced partner who can 5 address the complete implementation Confidential16
  • 17. Please help Dell meet your needsby filling out the Session Evaluation Surveys On paper Content On the Dell World app style • Forms in room • Turn in on the way out guidelines 1. Select My Schedule Session Evaluation Survey 2. Select session to evaluate 3. Select Surveys 4. Select survey title Or 5. Simply complete the survey Confidential
  • 18. Confidential