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Business on the go:Wireless solutions toenable the connectedworkforceWilliam Choe
Better   Anytime,                                                                  productivity  anywhere,                ...
Anytime, anywhere access ‟ realconcerns
Solutions for an “on the go”workforcein • Comprehensive portfolio depth & breadth                                         ...
Best in industry solutions       Validated                        Scale across                     Adaptive radio         ...
Context-aware Auto-identification            ✔              solution                                               ✔      ...
BYOD demonstration      Enterprise resources        Data & applications                                        Internet  F...
Customer-ready solutions End to end validation for  interop and performance Packaged solutions:  integrated SKU’s for a ...
Dell Networking ProfessionalServices                                                                 Manage/suppo     Work...
Engage with experts at the ExpoLet’s get   • See our mobility access demonstration in the              Mobility boothstart...
Please help Dell meet your needsby filling out the Session Evaluation Surveys    On paper    Content                      ...
Chip Ganassi RacingIn the business of winning!ChallengeUsing technology to gain acompetitive advantage acrossthe motorspor...
Texas A&MInternationalUniversityPreparing students forleadership rolesChallengeUpgrade network to supportgrowing student b...
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Business on the go: Wireless solutions to enable the connected workforce - William Choe


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  • The workforce grows more mobile by the dayThe transition to “working on the go” is unmistakable.Anytime, Anywhere, Any DeviceFlexibility is the key to success for modern workers and the IT departments that support themAgile WorkforceWorkers are migrating en masse to leading edge mobile platforms outside the boundaries of the traditional workplace and workdayData ExplosionThe wholesale transition to multimedia is testing the limits of the networks in place todayBetter ProductivityEnabling employees to use a single platform of their own choosing is a win-win.
  • Anytime/Anywhere Brings Real Concerns There are many considerations and decisions in the process of creating a mobile computing environment.The diverse needs of end users, LOB owners and IT Decision Makers must be reconciled with corporate legal, audit and security requirements.End users want to be assured their device will connect properly to the network and they will receive the bandwidth they need. IT departments want to be assured the network they manage won’t be swamped by users taking advantage of their newfound capabilities. They will also want assurance they maintain and prove compliance, for example, HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, in support of LOB owners.LOB owners want assurance network resources are utilized appropriately with controls around access. They will also want to know that they can implement a mobility solution without a complete overhaul of their IT infrastructureAll three constituencies want to be assured that all communications and data are kept private.There are other concerns, such as mobile device management, that are being covered in the session “Bring Your Own Device: Don’t Be Afraid”
  • Solutions for an On The Go workforceIt is about connecting your mobile organizationBest In Industry SolutionsSolutions that fit the needs of Dell’s diverse customer baseMobility That WorksBuilt in tools and capabilities to make your wireless work betterContent AwareWhen “one size fits all” policies won’t workBYOD and GuestDell wireless creates a seamless edge for your BYOD implementation
  • Best in industry solutions Dell has the only wireless access solution validated for use with Microsoft’s Lync software, delivering optimized application-aware QoS for a highly differentiated Unified Communications experience to your users.With the rich Adaptive Radio Management features for high density, high capacity, spectrum and load balancing you get a network capable of handing mission-critical traffic and mobile devices for your enterprise on the go.You can build an enterprise wireless network that Scales across campus and branch deployment with a Flexible Architecture (Instant & Controller based) and Remote Access Points to extend your enterprise network to teleworkers.With a best-in-class portfolio of high-performance 11n access points, controllers, antennas and accessories and solutions for Guest and BYOD, you can deploy easily and flexibly to address virtually all deployment needs – whether indoor or outdoor. We continue to build on this and will add and bring you future technologies as they emerge.And with Dell you get investment protection – for example, you start small with Instant APs and when you feel the need to move to a Controller-based architecture you can convert the existing Instant Access Points to work with the Controllers.You can have deep visibility and management from a single pane of glass. TheAirWave Management Suite gives you device and user level visibility, the ability to configure and manage your network, and even help desk support if needed. From one place, you can visualize the network performance, find and fix problems quickly – whether your network is in one location or a distributed multi-site network.Dell Support and Services are something you can depend on. Apart from the Extended Life Warrantee we talked about earlier, we will talk about the various services that Dell can bring together to address your needs.Securityisn’t an afterthought but a capability fully integrated into the solution – including what you need for Government-grade security, and meets the needs of PCI payment industry, as well as Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention features to protect your business network.Like always, Dell promotes Interoperability and follows open standards providing our customers assurance their new access solution will work correctly with their existing network
  • All access requests are completely vetted before they are authorized:Users are fingerprintedDevices are fingerprintedSelf-registration may then proceedA determination to allow access is then based on contextOther features help ensure a robust solution, such as:Application fingerprintingAdaptive radio managementUser and device monitoring via AirWaveVLAN poolingFast ConnectBandwidth contracts
  • Mobility that really works. Everything I will discuss is available in a live demonstration in the expo area.The cornerstone of our wireless solution in the W-Series product line, providing robust enterprise accessGuest and Employee registration is easy with the ClearPass management tool, providing distinct role based policies that determine access to corporate resourcesRobust firewall and secure VPN capabilities are provided by SonicWALL solution components
  • End to End Solutions – including configuration of VLAN, L2/L3 protocolsPackaged solutions - Single SKU integrated secure campus access systems, offered on a continuum of capacity design pointsOff the shelf or custom services offersBenefit - Reduces deployment time, technology and implementation risk
  • Network Consulting Services: Networks provide the simple but critical ability to share information, yet very few organizations are able to harness the full potential of their network infrastructure. Dell IT consultants factor the impact of applications as well as technologies such as storage virtualization, mobility/wireless and security on underlying infrastructure to help maximize network potential. Features• Holistic approach to design that aligns key elements of the data center infrastructure directly to business drivers. • Network planning, design, optimization, performance tuning and implementation services • Reduce cabling complexity — more bandwidth with fewer cables. • Reduce power and cooling expenses — fewer cables, switches, NICs, product lifecycle, and management points.Network Deployment Services: Network Implementation-A data center deployment done right includes proper implementation of switches and routers, not just servers and storage devices. This can ensure that your customer’s network is not overwhelmed with problems such as suboptimal traffic flow, poor database-response time, improper application-level prioritization, and inner switch and storage area network (SAN) congestion.That’s why we offer expert implementation services for switches and routers. Our network specialists are up to speed on the very latest best practices and networking technologies so that your customer can rely on them to get systems implemented quickly — and to optimize those systems for maximum return on data center investments. Features• End to end customized solutions• Low latency• Multivendor integrationNetwork Managed Services: Managed Network Services provide the proactive monitoring and management of networking devices and forms a critical component of Dell’s industry standard, best practices services. Network outages or performance problems can cause significant economic impacts to our clients; our Managed Network Services enable customers to realize reliable worldwide network operations. Features• Proactive management • Cost effective, improved quality• 24x7x365 coverage• Sophisticated trouble shooting & analysis• Standard & customizable reporting • Minimized downtime• Extensive, real-time monitoring • Powerful analytics for true cause faults Networking Support Services: Address your support needs from end-user PCs to complex data centers. Whether you have Dell hardware or mixed vendors, protect your investments with our simple yet flexible approach. Services include: Basic Hdwr Svcs, Dell ProSupport, Data Center Support, Software Support, Solutions Support, Multivendor Hdwr Support, Mission Critical Services, Proactive Maintenance & Specialized Onsite Svcs.Features:Single point of accountability with access to highly trained experts, available 24x7x365 Standard Next Business Day onsite service with optional parts and labor response times Collaborative assistance for 3rd party hardware and software troubleshooting and issue diagnosis Customers set severity levels for escalations with Mission Critical options for critical situations Consolidation of support contracts under multivendor hardware, software, and solution support optionsCustomer ValueManage tech and business changesFocused high impact engagementsFlexible purchase modelsReduced deployment time and costComprehensive Hardware supportReduced and predictable OpExSingle point of case ownershipGlobal service availabilityIndustry best practices
  • Next Steps Come see our mobility solution in action. Visit the Mobility expo booth for a live demonstrationVisit the Dell Solution Center booth to get an understanding of our worldwide integration and proof of concept capabilities. Then schedule a visit to your nearest DSC to see Dell technology in actionSchedule an EBC to learn more about the Dell products, services and solutions that can help your business grow and thrive
  • Chip Ganassi Racing You need a very robust network for the challenging environment presented by race tracks.  When the Ganassi NASCAR team arrives at a racing event, it joins many other teams, all using wireless communications. If signals get dropped, the team loses valuable information.the PowerConnect W-Series is designed to prioritize bandwidth based on demands in a dynamic network, enabling potentially thousands of reliable wireless access points to deliver anywhere, anytime access to informationThe PowerConnect W-Series, enabled Team Ganessi to eliminate client disruptions even in this difficult of an environment. Now, engineers and drivers can get network access anywhere within the track footprint with confidence.
  • Texas A&M: Users get faster, more reliable Wi-Fi service in more areas on campus  Large coverage areas are a challenge to implement cost-effectively.TAMIU is delivering high availability and consistent performance in a larger coverage area, using two redundant Dell PowerConnect W-6000M3 controllers, each in a separate Dell PowerConnect W-6000 chassis. The controllers manage 285 Dell PowerConnect W-AP135 access points in classrooms and 19 Dell PowerConnect W-AP175 access points across outside areas, including sports fields.  Guests access Wi-Fi in two minutes, rather than waiting up to four hours via the PowerConnect W-Series ClearPass GuestConnect 100 appliance.TAMU no longer has to update the Active Directory manually by using the Dell ClearPass Guest Connect solution. Accelerating guest access is critical because Wi-Fi is often one of the first IT tools potential students and their parents experience when visiting the campus. Dell Access solutions ensure this is not a problem. 
  • Transcript of "Business on the go: Wireless solutions to enable the connected workforce - William Choe "

    1. 1. Business on the go:Wireless solutions toenable the connectedworkforceWilliam Choe
    2. 2. Better Anytime, productivity anywhere, Smartphones users work any device 240 hours per year more than the general workforce “The momentum behind bring your own device (BYOD) in the iPass Mobile Workforce Project, 2011 enterprise continues unabated, and is the single largest factor driving enterprise mobility and WLAN market Workers will growth“ telecommute by 2016. This IDC Q1CY12 Worldwide WLAN Report equates to 43% of the American workforce.4Data explosion Agile workforce More connected 95% of mobile workersworkers, more endpoints now have smartphones Tablet ownership has on the network, more Of companies will support grown to 44% of mobile bandwidth consumed corporate applications on personal devices. employees
    3. 3. Anytime, anywhere access ‟ realconcerns
    4. 4. Solutions for an “on the go”workforcein • Comprehensive portfolio depth & breadth  Best 1. industry solutions • Broad customer and geo adoption  • Most secure and reliable 2. Mobility that works • Flexible ‟ controller and instant AP • Dynamic RF optimization 3. Context aware • User, device, application, location, time • Differentiated policies ‟ security, QoS  4. BYOD & guest • Complete and easy BYOD • Simple and fast guest access   Extended 5. lifetime warranty • Extends until 5 years after EOS • Essential services
    5. 5. Best in industry solutions Validated Scale across Adaptive radio Lync campus, branch management solution and teleworker Easy to deploy, Single-pane extensive Protect your management product investment and visibility portfolio Interoperability Service Integrated with your & support security current network
    6. 6. Context-aware Auto-identification ✔ solution ✔ 5. Application Applications✔ Zero IT of „ Unified Communications (Lync) (QoS level 7) Fingerprintin Monitoring, reportingtouch, context (QoS level 4) 2. Device aware 4. Context Aware g „ Virtual Desktop user, device, applicati Control user and perSelf 6. Adaptive Radio Access per Fingerprintin 3.access (QoS level 1) „ Internet Management ong device Registration 802.11n AP Mobility Controller ClearPass Context 1. User • User: Joe Smith Fingerprinting 7. User and • Dept: Finance Device Visibility • Device: Apple iPad • Date: M-F, 8am-5pm • Location: Campus Active Directory AirWave
    7. 7. BYOD demonstration Enterprise resources Data & applications Internet File Server Lync Server 3G/4G SonicWall Remote Firewall & VPN employee Employees ClearPass BYOD & guest Campus/ W-Series Access point branch Wireless controller Guests PowerConnect Enterprise network
    8. 8. Customer-ready solutions End to end validation for interop and performance Packaged solutions: integrated SKU’s for a variety of design points Networking architecture recommendations to support capacity, security, and high availability requirements Offered with a complete portfolio of Dell services
    9. 9. Dell Networking ProfessionalServices Manage/suppo Workshop Assessment Design Implementation rt Understand Make Lay path Capture Ongoing potential informed for success value success decisions • Network optimization: performance analysis Consulting & acceleration services • Network security planning, design, and Deployment implementation services • Integrating Dell networking to 3rd party vendors • Network LAN and WAN consulting (staff Managed services augmentation) • Wireless network assessments, design Support services and implementation • Optimize for wireless and BYOD designs and deployments
    10. 10. Engage with experts at the ExpoLet’s get • See our mobility access demonstration in the Mobility boothstarted • Or visit Envision a solution with a Whiteboard Session Gain hands on experience / demos in the Solution Center
    11. 11. Please help Dell meet your needsby filling out the Session Evaluation Surveys On paper Content On the Dell World app style • Forms in room • Turn in on the way out guideline 1. Select My Schedule s Session Evaluation Survey 2. Select session to evaluate 3. Select Surveys 4. Select survey title Or 5. Simply complete the survey
    12. 12. Chip Ganassi RacingIn the business of winning!ChallengeUsing technology to gain acompetitive advantage acrossthe motorsports series theyparticipate inResults• Eliminated wireless interruptions from competing networks• Delivered network access between engineers & drivers
    13. 13. Texas A&MInternationalUniversityPreparing students forleadership rolesChallengeUpgrade network to supportgrowing student body whileenabling self-serve guest accessResults• Students can now access Wi-Fi across campus with any device• Wi-Fi access can be granted to guests in two minutes or less
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