Avoiding death by a thousand cuts" A smarter, more complete approach to virtualization optimization - Aamir Paul Vice President, Global Server Solution Sales

Avoiding death by a thousand cuts" A smarter, more complete approach to virtualization optimization - Aamir Paul Vice President, Global Server Solution Sales






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  • The camel's nose is a metaphor for a situation where permitting some small, seemingly innocuous act will open the door for larger, clearly undesirable actions. A typical usage is this, from U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater in 1958:This bill and the foregoing remarks of the majority remind me of an old Arabian proverb: "If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow." If adopted, the legislation will mark the inception of aid, supervision, and ultimately control of education in this country by the federal authorities.[1]
  • And that’s how Dell approached virtualization as well. In fact, Dell has been a very aggressive adopter of virtualization, with a significant footprint in our production environment (almost 50% virtual); In 2008 we made a decision to go “virtual first” – everything in a lab or production has to go onto VM unless the teams can show why VM won’t work. The CTO had to sign off on exceptionsWe’ve experienced virtualization at a scale that many of our customers are now beginning to approach, with tremendous benefits and a lot of learning along the way. Another thing we did was consolidate applications. Three years ago Dell had nearly 10,000 applications in the environment between supported and non-supported IT apps.We now have less than 3,500 apps and are still reducing significantly- This has been a huge business benefit in terms of agility and driving innovation, since we can now move much faster since we have fewer apps to maintain and interface into The result is we have a highly efficient infrastructure and one with platform and software commonalities. Thanks to being virtualized Dell is able to embrace the cloud in a big way which helps drive new gains such as a reduction is software tools and licenses. Also huge intangible savings in speeding up dev lifecycle and business velocity: server provisioning time down to a couple days instead of monthsOther results:- Consolidated servers up to 30:1- Virtualized 7,000+ servers - Eliminated 6,000 servers - $100M+ savings over two years
  • Virtualization brings the promise of greater infrastructure efficiency and cost effectiveness. The reality is that new efficiencies bring with it greater demands, new ways of managing workloads, and for many customers challenges that were unexpected in managing their new infrastructure with new hidden costs.
  • Our journey matches the journey that many customers have either gone through or are in the process of going through today. Customers find that their virtualization strategy becomes a journey along a path towards greater efficiency. The first step is to virtualize and consolidate as much of the infrastructure with optimized infrastructure.The next step is to optimize the management of the new infrastructure in a way that eliminates tasks, tools, time, and process, while improving reliability and resiliency. The current optimal stage is to reach a point of making IT function as a service, or as a private cloud. To provide end users with on-demand access to resources simply and seamlessly while still maintaining governance and control. Dell’s Approach: Optimize with Intelligent Infrastructure = Leverage built- in features designed for virtual infrastructures. Converge & Unify Infrastructure Management = Simplify management via the virtual machine console you use today. Analyze, Advise, and Automate = optimize resources, plan for growth, allocate costs. Protect & Secure = leverage backup & security solutions designed for virtualizationOptimize IT Services Delivery = Quickly deploy resources on premise or in the cloud
  • In order to achieve this Dell has been making significant investments in developed and acquired IP. Our choices have been informed by a number of factors. Our own experience with virtualization. Our customers experiences and feedback. Our experience with customers operating at hyper-scale. We’ve made multi-billion dollar investments in the best storage infrastructure for iSCSI and FC that was designed for Virtualization Infrastructure. We’ve develop unique tools to help simplify the management of our Infrastructure. We’ve launched the world’s most power efficient blades and servers. We’ve acquired one of the leading Networking technology companies to virtualize network infrastructure. And our most recent acquisition was the $2.4B purchase of Quest software which includes some of the best virtualization management solutions. What you’ll notice is that the investments we’ve been making enable technology that was born in the virtualization, not adapted to it. We don’t have legacy architectures in mainframe systems that we are trying to protect which gives us the flexibility to develop the best architectures for virtual infrastructure.
  • So let’s start by looking at our hardware infrastructure in a bit of detail. ServersVirtualization Optimized means more Virtual Machines per U or per rack. (More Memory / Nics per server), More energy efficient. Switch Independent Partitioning – means that customers can converge the networks on the servers, to use 10G cards and split them into multiple paths for data, management, and live migration traffic without resorting to multiple cards (and larger servers), and without relying on expensive network vendor technologies. Embedded Fail-Safe Hypervisors – greater density means greater risk – our servers are highly redundant but the trend to embedded hypervisors introduced a new single point of failure. The SD card. Our systems have mirrored SD cards which keeps the server running in the event of a failure. StorageFully virtualized storage architecture- Simple storage management and scalingComprehensive integrations with virtualization platforms- Superior performance and integrated managementTransparent perpetual data optimization- Improved VM and application performance; 80% lower storage cost; no manual tuningIntegrated data protection and disaster management tools optimized for virtual deployments; high availability and better business continuityNetworking Virtualization layer for networksVNA provides virtual views of network topology for hypervisors. (not constrained by physical topology) End of the Network Bottlenecks Virtualization of the network means that when an application needs a connection to another host, the application immediately sees the connection to the host with no operator intervention, and no delayEnd of IT SilosA virtual network allows your network teams to focus on the needs of the application, working closer with the application and storage teams and breaking down the siloed boundaries of the pastIntegrated Systems The next step is to help customers implement servers, storage, and networking for virtual infrastructures rapidly, which we started with a program called vStart, which has lead to something called Active Systems which I will get to in a minute. The idea behind vStart is to leverage our expertise and best practices from thousands of virtualization deployments to build virtualization architectures in our factory, and ship to you a fully completed rack that with optimized infrastructure that can be deployed in hours. Mention Clarity = of course, this assumes that you have X86 in the first place, the first step may be to ensure that you can take your infrastructure off of legacy, proprietary systems and onto standards based x86 infrastructure quickly and easily. Our acquisition of Clarity makes this possible. 376% number is Dell R620 blades compared to HP DL380 G7. “The Dell PowerEdge R620 2S/1U rack server provides up to 150% more virtual machines in half the rack space compared to the HP DL380p”“The Dell PowerEdge R715 provides up to 23% better virtualized database performance versus the HP DL380p”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 4S/2U rack server provides up to a 32 to 1 virtualization consolidation ratio compared to the Dell PowerEdge 2950”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 4S/2U rack server provides up to a 16 to 1 virtualization consolidation ratio compared to the Dell PowerEdge R710”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 2S/1U rack server provides from 60% up to 220% more virtual machines per U compared to the 4S/4U HP DL580”“The Dell PowerEdge R820 2S/1U rack server provides from 80% up to 148% higher virtual OLTP performance per U compared to the 4S/4U HP DL580”
  • As the marketplace continues to look toward pre-integrated systems, convergence becomes an ever important theme. To that end we recently launched our Active Systems converged infrastructure solutions. Convergence at Dell means that solutions are built to deliver results, to respond more rapidly, improve efficiency and quality of IT services, scaling as the customer requires without adversely scaling cost, particularly operational cost, of IT services.IntuitiveNew Active System Manager for the common admin tasksSimplified/automated with user-guided workflows75% fewer steps from “power on to production”Pro-active performance monitoring/capacity planningComprehensiveUp to 23% better performance per wattFlexibility of multiple chassis fabrics that support 3rd party ToRChoice within pre-integrated systemsEnd-to-end design, validation, test, lifecycle services, and supportFlexibleUp to 2.3X more compute nodes per rackSimplest bladed enterprise SAN optionNew simplified chassis connectivity: I/O Aggregator with east-west traffic and 6X bandwidth to DC fabricConverged fabric with DCB support for iSCSI/FCoEThe Acquisition of GaleForce Technologies will allow us to add additional capabilities to the Active Systems portfolio that will allow you to move further along the path.
  • And paramount to reducing IT operational cost is removing complexity from the management environment.  A converged virtual infrastructure must simplify and reduce the time IT spends on daily routine tasks.  We accomplish this in a couple of ways; first we design intelligence into our hardware solutions (LCC, CMC, iDRAC 7) to streamline management.  In addition we provide leading integration points into the management console you use every day (vCenter or SCVMM).  In this way we are reducing the number of consoles required to manage your virtual infrastructure while maximizing the use of existing skillsets.  Pre-optimized, pre-tested and predictable: Balanced, certified, sized, configured, fully tested & certified Virtualization-ready: Includes plug-ins for vCenter or Microsoft Server 2008 Rx2 Lowers the cost per VM: No need toconfigure and optimize a custom solution piecemealScalable & modular: Growth from one solution & one vendorNo specialized training, skills or processes neededExpertise built in: Industry-standard management processes, industry best practices and real-world designs included
  • One of the challenges that customers have when they move to virtualized infrastructures is just understanding what is happening. Lack of physical attachment provides benefits but also adds complexity from:Resource contentionInefficient resource allocationsHigh rate of VM creation and destructionExtreme mobility of virtual objectsA dynamic system where issues are interconnected, emerge unannounced, and are difficult to resolveUnderstand what is actually happening now beyond raw data pointsHistorical view of what has happenedPredictive view of what will happenGain sanity for the system administrator to assure environment performanceControl translates into fiscally sound operations to the businessAnalytics – Multiple methods analyze data to gain insights and spot issuesAdvice – Issues are matched to step-by-step resolutions written by expertsAutomation – Optional, controlled implementation of adviceMain use cases enabling control: Performance monitoringCapacity PlanningResource OptimizationChargebackReportingChange Analysis and ComplianceStorage ManagementVKernel and Quest purchased by Dell – vFoglight and vOPS50,000+ users, 8000+ customers, worldwide footprintSimple, complete and scalable solutions to enable virtualization admins to control their world
  • Protecting virtualized architectures has been particularly challenging due to the way in which hypervisors run virtual machines. Backup and replication solutions need to designed specifically to capture crash consistent versions of the virtual machine and the underlying application. A recovery solution needs to cover both backup and replication. Backing up information on site to disk for quick recovery. Replicating data offsite to a DR site or to the cloud for DR purposes. Should include snapshot capabilities in order have the lowest recovery point possible. Work with both physical / virtual environments and multi-hypervisor environments. Dell’s acquisitions give customers an array of choices. Software based backup and replication with AppAssure, NetVault and the new DL4000 appliance (based on AppAssure) AppAssure = RPO/RTO of minutes. Windows, Linux, Hyper-V, VMWare. VMWare focused backup with vRanger, agentless, and virtual centric management. NetVault = if needs Unix and Enterprise app support, Enterprise NAS, or Tape Library. Array based replication and snapshots across both EqualLogic and Compellent. A portion of our overall data protection strategy.
  • Despite optimizing management of the infrastructure, services still need to be delivered to end users. While the creation of a virtual machine may take only minutes, the delivery of that service can actually take weeks when you take into account manual service delivery approaches and approvals. End users and business owners will circumvent these systems and move services outside of IT into the public cloud without IT’s approval or knowledge. Delivering virtualized workloads automatically as a service is now easy. A good self service environment allows you to automate manual workflows, while still maintaining governance and control. It should allow you to provision both virtual and physical services on premise, as well as provide a layer of control over Public IaaS environments. Dell offers an array of choices based on your particular environment. VMWare centric = vCloud Director. Microsoft centric = MS Private Cloud, Systems Center, and Azure. Mixed hypervisor, physical, Cloud = VIS Creator based on VMware's DyanmicOps AcquisitionFuture Direction = Active Systems Portfolio – GaleForce Technologies. - Dell VIS Creator allows you to delegate provisioning via a self-service portal, helping to empowers users while enforcing governance.VIS Creator enforces secure multi-tenancy in a shared infrastructure via policies that limit who can perform which operations on what resources. Business Groups: Organizes resources, policies, processes, and management-access controls for each group or service tier.Authorized Users: Identifies users authorized to utilize the resources of a Business Group and specifies the rights of each.Service Blueprints: Provides a catalogue of available IT services and contains plans and specifications for building, managing, reclaiming, decommissioning, and archiving each machine. Resource Reservations: Reserves dedicated compute resources for a Business Group from shared physical infrastructure.We anticipate the GaleForce Acquisition will add the following features to our active systems portfolio: these are subject to change: • IaaS Portal (for IT admin) (private & Hybrid cloud) • Automated template based provisioning • Template management with multiple associated orchestrations • Provision and de-provision multi-VM Workload application templates with virtual Networking and Storage • Capacity allocation/scheduling aware provisioning • Integration with ASM (roadmap item)
  • Some of the service management tools will allow you to provision to a public cloud environment, like Amazon EC2. Many customers are looking for greater control, security and compatibility with their on-premise infrastructures. Dell is providing 3 major offers. We offer IT resource pools; servers, storage, network resources and support to help customers build a flexible IT service model that meets the needs of their business. Dell’s vCloud is flexible, resilient, and highly secure, while leveraging hypervisor management technologies you are most likely leveraging for your on-premise environments, vCenter and vCloud director. These services are highly secure and resilient, including 24/7 security monitoring services from our SecureWorks acquisition, anti-virus services provided by TrendMicro, and virtual firewall services with vShield. Services: A cloud for every business…a computing approach that can deliver greater agility and be less costly to provision and maintain than traditional, physical environments, while driving higher levels of end user satisfaction. Our complete range of services will help you adopt and expand a flexible cloud computing approach that matches infrastructure to demand.Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service is a multi-tenant Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosted in secured Dell data centers. For large enterprises, the Dell Cloud provides you with on-demand computing capacity as an extension to your existing data center with the same benefits and IT efficiencies you deliver in your own VMware virtualized infrastructure. For medium and small businesses, the Dell public cloud enables you to access similar computing capabilities as large organizations without having to build and maintain your own datacenter. Based on our extensive experience helping enterprises – large and small – build cloud architectures, Dell Services experts provide assessment, planning, design, and deployment services for IT infrastructure transformation. Together, Dell and VMware are changing the way to deliver IT services. Public, private or hybrid cloud - which works best for your organization? Dell Services can help match your business needs to the right technologies.
  • #1 OEM Seller of VMWare Worldwide2004 – 1st to Partner to Support vMotion2007 – 1st Mission Critical workload Virtualized within Dell IT2008 – 1st to Ship ESXi 2009 – EqualLogic delivers support for vStorage APIs 2010 – Launched Plug-in Manager for vCenter2011 – Launched Public vCloud ServiceGlobal Partner of Microsoft75% of servers ship with WindowsGlobal Solution Centers demonstrate both VMWare and hyper-v. Commitment to Mulit-hypervisor Support$24M / 3 Year commitment to develop solution capability for Microsoft’s Private Cloud Solution.
  • Purpose of this slide: Close – question and answerTalking points:

Avoiding death by a thousand cuts" A smarter, more complete approach to virtualization optimization - Aamir Paul Vice President, Global Server Solution Sales Avoiding death by a thousand cuts" A smarter, more complete approach to virtualization optimization - Aamir Paul Vice President, Global Server Solution Sales Presentation Transcript

  • “Avoiding death by athousand cuts"A smarter, more complete approachto virtualization optimizationAamir PaulVice President, Global ServerSolution Sales
  • "If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, hisbody will soon follow." Photo by Tim Sackton
  • Dell: An aggressive adopter ofvirtualization and scale 10 1 Production to 30% Server $200M Saved in two years with virtualization utilization increase virtualization 45 4 to App deployment 30 to 1 6,000 Server day reduction Servers eliminated consolidation 2/3 less 50% Of all servers are 10,000 Fewer applications Servers virtualized virtualized Confidential View slide
  • Dell leads when it comes to scalability#1 In hyper-scale with 1st to market #1 With Express Flash on in data, footprint & price for 53% market share standards-based tech DC & campus networks#1 1 st To market with enterprise iSCSI storage provider data center in one chassis#1 Cloud #1 In industry product 10x infrastructure provider satisfaction for 12G servers Better app performance Confidential View slide
  • The promises & realities of virtualization • Lower power and space footprint • Greater utilization • Improve IT speed and flexibility The promise • Eliminate sprawl & unnecessary IT The reality • Hardware limitations • VM sprawl • Decentralized management • Insecure and nonstandard VMs Hidden Costs • Redefined roles for people, process & technology • Managing complexity of hybrid environments • Delivering ROI Confidential
  • Thevirtualization Service Delivery & private cloud journey • On-demand IT elasticity • Self-service & governance Management Optimization“I thought virtualization • Centralized management • Security and standardization was going to solve Virtualization and • Reliability & resiliency all our problems.” consolidation • Lower power and space footprint • Improve IT speed and flexibility • Eliminate sprawl & unnecessary IT Confidential
  • Multi-billion $ investments in virtualization innovation & IP Born in the virtual era, not adapted PowerEdge PowerEdge 11G Compellent Force10 acquired M420, EQ Quest M1000e launched servers introduced acquired networking leader BladeArray, Force1 Software 3rd gen world’s industry’s 1st industry leader in vStart 50 launched 0 MXL, & vStart acquired most power embedded unified storage all-in-one solution 1000 launched efficient blades management2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 EqualLogic acquired Dell Management vStart 100 12G servers launched Launch of Gale the industry’s leading Plug-in for launched pre- with 2nd gen embedded Convergence Technologies iSCSI storage vendor VMware vCenter integrated mgmt launched solutions & Acquired launched converged vStart for Private Cloud vStart for infrastructure & SharePoint launched workloads system Confidential
  • Optimize with intelligent infrastructure Integrated Systems Best-of-breed technology + complete solution Consulting Services + seamless management End-to-end offering Servers Storage Networking • Virtualization optimized: • The best TCO in the • Virtual Network Architecture: 376% more virtual machines industry: save up to 80% delivers better virtualization on storage network traffic • Switch independent • Open automation framework: partitioning: 10GbE into 8 • Transparent Perpetual Data VM awareness simplifies virtual NICs Optimization – Improved management, ending VM Performance bottlenecks • Fail-safe embedded hypervisors: only vendor to • Protect your entire • End IT silos: embedded have built-in hypervisor fault infrastructure in minutes, virtual server networking tolerance not hours: near-zero functionality recovery time objective Services & software Confidential
  • Results-driven innovationDell Active System Support Deployment Intuitive Intelligent Automate and streamlines steps – 75% fewer steps from Rapidly Active System Manager respond orchestration “power on to Support production” Management Deployment Comprehensive System-level Purpose built end-to-end design 45% better system Improve efficiency Hypervisor efficiency Unified support performance & quality per watt Network Storage Compute Flexible Modular & Industry’s only ¼ height blade server 2.3X Seamlessly Optimized for virtualization more compute scale scalable systems - Blade I/O Aggregator nodes per rack Confidential
  • Converge & unify management tasksSimplified infrastructure management viathe virtual machine console you use today Dell Management Integrations Dell OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Suite for Microsoft System Center Server and storage lifecycle management Server and storage lifecycle management for the most common tasks for the most common tasks Dell M1000e Chassis Management Controller (CMC) Chassis infrastructure configuration / N:1 firmware updates to blades / Chassis cloning Dell Repository Manager Securely download firmware updates and manage a collection of updates for diffèrent workloads Confidential
  • Plan & perform better with service insights Performance, management & monitoring Automation Infrastructure applicationsVirtual /PhysicalStorage Confidential
  • Protect with solutions designed forvirtualization AppAssure Quest vRanger NetVault DL4000 Multi- hypervisor & VMware physical focused Array-based Host-based replication & replication snapshots & snapshots EqualLogic AppAssure Compellent DL4000 Confidential
  • Streamline provisioning with self-serviceDelegating self-service empowers users while enforcing governance • Organize business groups by Request resources, policies, processes, and management • Identify authorized users by each Retire Physical Approve group’s specific rights Virtual • Provide a service catalog of Cloud available IT services and policies • Reserve dedicated resources Manage Provision Confidential
  • Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Services Enterprise Cloud Your Dell Cloud Dell Hosted Private cloud Hybrid cloud Public cloud BridgingCompute by the hour Compute by the month Compute by the serverPay as you go (PAYGO) Reserved DedicatedCharged per hours used Charged per month reserved Charged per month per serverMulti-tenant Multi-tenant Single-tenantNo minimum commitment At least 1 year commitment At least 1 year commitmentCapacity subject to availability 100% guaranteed availability Customer “owns” server Dell SecureWorks Confidential
  • Customerhighlight:NationalGeographic Confidential
  • Recognized for innovating with our partners VMware Global VMware Partner vStart Solutions Partner of the Year Dell delivers Helps customers build their Private Cloud fast Dell SMB – for 2010 #1 more revenue than any partner#1 Installed Most complete Dell’s firstThe most vSphere Only partner to offer all Public public cloud built oncertified server & storagesolutions of any OEM products from the end user to the Cloud Cloud vCloud Datacenter Global Solution Centers First & Fast 75% Demonstrate the full First with vMotion,Of servers ship VMware & hyper-v stack Embedded Hypervisors,with Windows running on Dell vCenter Plug-ins Confidential
  • DISCUSSION Confidential
  • Engage with experts at the ExpoLet’s get • Or visit www.Dell.comstarted Envision a solution with a Whiteboard Session • Virtualization / Private Cloud Architecture • Hybrid / Public Cloud Service Gain hands on experience / demos in the Solution Center • Active Systems Manager • vCenter Plug-ins • vFoglight • AppAssure Experiment with free trials of vFoglight, vCenter Plug-ins Confidential
  • Please help Dell meet your needsby filling out the Session Evaluation Surveys On paper Content On the Dell World app style • Forms in room • Turn in on the way out guidelines 1. Select My Schedule Session Evaluation Survey 2. Select session to evaluate 3. Select Surveys 4. Select survey title Or 5. Simply complete the survey Confidential