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High-performance networking for the virtual era - Nikul Sheth Chase Holland
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High-performance networking for the virtual era - Nikul Sheth Chase Holland


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Published in: Technology
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  • The information technology industry is often defined by eras of significant innovation like the PC, mobile computing, and the Internet. For the past few years, it has been recognized that virtualization is one of the highest-impact trends changing IT infrastructure and operations. Virtualization has and will change how companies plan IT, what is bought, how it is deployed, and how IT is managed. Real-time information exchange is the hallmark of the Virtual Era. We have moved from the anytime, anywhere connectivity of the Internet era to the Connectedness without Compromise expectations of the Virtual Era. Our intention is to be a driving force to help customers achieve the full potential of this new era, the virtual era. We are taking advantage of our direct nature to continue to listen intently to customers and make sure we apply that listening to specific solutions to solve the problems that they're telling us about.
  • 1980s-1990s - Wave 1 consisted of mainframes that provided connectivity between end nodes2000s – Wave 2 consisted of server-client solutions based on EthernetToday – Wave 3 is about convergence, virtualization, cloud computing. Today data center consolidation is occurring that is increasing capacity without having to deploy new servers/networking solutions by virtualization the data center environment
  • Dell provides Enterprise solutions that brings servers, storage and networking together along with services, cloud computing, end-user computing and tying it all together with software that includes orchestration and automation infrastructure. Dell provides end-to-end IT solutions for small to medium to large size campus, branch, mobility and data centers across the globe.
  • 1970s and 1980s was the era of mainframes1990s and 2000s was the era of client/serverToday is the virtual era that comprises of campus/branch/data center solutions
  • Dell offers choice, innovative solutions, and value for it’s customers. Dell solutions are based on open standards-based architectures and provides customers the option to mix and match solutions based on multiple vendors to provide flexibility Dell solutions are innovative and engineered with the customer in mind that provide high-performance solutions that are cost effectiveDell offers east-to-use software tools to simply management and configurations that provides a quick uptime when solutions are deployed
  • Dell’s Virtual Network Architecture (VNA) provides open, standards based interfaces to allow seamless continuity and harmonious alignment of infrastructure with the needs of the business. With VNA, you can virtualize, automate and orchestrate networking functions and services and align resources to real-time business events. VNA can take businesses off of the brick-wall path of client server era-technologies, past the proprietary pitfalls crowding the technology landscape, to a platform that can drive enterprise virtualization efforts to the next level while providing a network platform purpose built for the demands of the Cloud Era.
  • Logical ViewThe VNA framework provides the infrastructure stack with a network virtualization layer - a clean layer of abstraction and programmatic interfaces between applications and the network. As server virtualization once liberated workloads from being constrained by physical resources, today server virtualization solutions are being extended to present applications with virtualized views of the network topology so the applications are not constrained by details of the physical topology. To deliver this vision, Microsoft and Dell have jointly developed new network virtualization technologies that are now standard features of the new Windows Server 2012. These features enable the network to become a true platform for the cloud era, providing applications with everything they need from the network, on-demand, when the application needs it, enabling a user experience that delights even the most demanding business consumer. Physical ViewVNA comprises of campus networking solutions, data center fabrics, converged infrastructure that are connected to the cloud.
  • VNA provides end-to-end reference architectures that scale for SOHO, Workgroup, Branch, Campus for end-user networking. In addition VNA provides small, medium, large, extra large size networks for data center networking. Both architectures are designed using Dell Networking products and solutions that offers customers a complete, scalable and high performance end-to-end solution.
  • Dell Networking products include: Access, aggregation, core campus and data center switches (using FTOS)Blade I/O modules for M1000e chassis (converged solutions)Wireless controllers and access pointsManagement software such as AIM, DFM (for S4810/Z9000) and OMNM
  • With Dell Networking solutions you can build small, medium, large or extra large size networks using blade servers or rack servers in a rack. You can build medium to large size networks using a spine-leaf Clos architecture using 10/40GbE fabrics. M1000e with M420 servers, EqualLogic PS-M4110 storage arrays, and Force10 MXL provides a converged blade data center in a 10RU footprint. This solution provides a high-performance, scalable, converged I/O, with a single interface for all compute, storage and network.Active system or vStart provides a data center in a rack solution that comprises of Dell rack servers, EqualLogic/Compellent storage arrays and Dell Networking switches. This provides a solution that is pre-built, has simplified management, minimizes risk, future-proofs your investment, and provides a single point of accountability.
  • Data center fabrics can be built using converged blade data center or rack servers. M1000e is a blade server chassis that supports up to 32 servers, 2 EqualLogic arrays and 6 I/O cards. PowerEdge M420 supports 24 compute nodes with up to 4.6TB of RAM and 384 processor coresPS-M4110 is a SAN with redundant arrays, controllers, 10GbE links and 25TB of 10K SAS drivesForce10 MXL provides end-to-end 10GbE unified fabric, 40GbE backbone and full DCB complianceIntegrated management includes VMWare and Microsoft integrations, CMC and repository managerActive System / vStart provides a solution that is pre-built, has simplified management, minimizes risk, future-proofs your investment, and single point of accountabilityProvides enterprise class hardware (PowerEdge blades/ rack servers; Compellent / EqualLogic storage arrays and Force10 / PowerConnect networking switchesSupports VMware and Microsoft hypervisorsActive System / vStart provides deployment / support servicess, systems management / integrations and flexible hardware configurations
  • Convergence brings together key IT elements, including computing, storage, networking and management into a solution. Today’s application and service delivery models require a higher degree of orchestration and automation in the underlying infrastructure. Convergence offers a new approach to lowering operational costs while increasing responsiveness, simplifying management and less overall complexity.
  • Dell Force10 MXL supports 1/10/40GbE uplink connections to ToR switches or core switches. With support for native 40GbE ports you can consolidate ports using less cables, less ToR ports and reduce overall cost, ie less cables to install results in fewer cables required that equates to a CapEx savings.
  • The consequence of changing application deployment and increased use of VM migration will mean that traffic patterns in the data center network are changing from being predominantly client/server (north-south) to a significant level of server-to-server (east-west) flows. By 2014, network planners should expect more than 80% of traffic in the data center network to be between servers. (Extracted from “Your Data Center Network is Heading for Traffic Chaos” by Gartner).Due to the drastic increase in east-west traffic flows by 2014 it is critical for solutions to provide local switching to help reduce latency, network complexity, cost and managing the networking infrastructure. Without supporting local switching in a blade environment all traffic must travel north-south. This leads to an increase of ToR ports, higher latency and a higher CapEx.With local swithing all east-west traffic can remain in a blade chassis without having to travel north-south through a separate ToR switch. This solution helps reduce latency, requires less ToR ports and ToR switches and reduces over CapEx.
  • Using blade and rack server solutions with storage arrays and Dell switching medium business designs can be architected. PCT 7000 PoE+ switches can be used at the edge for connectivity to PCs and access points. S4810 1/10/40GbE switch can be used as a aggregation switch along with Z9000 10/40GbE switch at the core both using L2 multipath (VLT) instead of spanning tree to prevent loops. Connected to the switches is M1000e or using pre-configured Active System / vStart data center in a rack solutions to design a complete end to end network of servers, storage, networking and software management / orchestration / automation.
  • Using blade and rack server solutions with storage arrays and Dell switching large business designs can be architected. PCT 7000 PoE+ switches can be used at the edge for connectivity to PCs and access points. S4810 1/10/40GbE switch can be used as a aggregation switch. Spine-leaf Clos architecture can be constructed using Z9000 10/40GbE switch (spine) with S4810 (leaf) to built large high scalable, high performance 10/40GbE fabrics. Connected to the Clos fabric switches is M1000e or using pre-configured Active System / vStart data center in a rack solutions to design a complete end to end network of servers, storage, networking and software management / orchestration / automation.
  • For Dell Data center networking the focus is on scalable fabrics that deliver a cost effective and scalable solution no matter how large the data center may be. SOHO, workgroup, branch and campus architecture can be built using PowerConnect switches, C-Series 1/10GbE chassis switch and W-Series access points. They provide feature rich, resilient, scalable and cost effective solutions for various types of business’.
  • Dell Networking products provide a full suite of campus and branch networking solutions designed to deliver maximum ease-of-use, reliability, control and scale. Dell Networking campus and branch products, including PowerConnect fixed form factor stackable Ethernet switches and C-Series chassis switches, deliver essential capabilities including Power over Ethernet (PoE), feature support for Unified Communications and built-in storage networking capabilities. Together, these feature-rich switches present customers with maximum choice and value at any scale.PowerConnect provides connectivity:End users for BYOD users, laptop users, etcPower users (wired to desktop, PoE+ to access points)Conference rooms for unified communications (wired for triple play)
  • Branch office design consists of PowerConnect 5500, 6200, 7000 , 8100 series, with the W-series wireless controllers, PowerEdge servers, and PowerVault/EqualLogic storage arrays.
  • Branch office design consists of PowerConnect 7000 PoE+ switches , 8100 series, with the W-series wireless controllers, M1000e, Active System/vStart solutions.
  • Dell Networking provides the best choice, solution, innovation and value to it’s customers. Dell offers choice with offering open networking framework based on VNADell provides converged solutions to simplify the complex and minimize installation and management of your infrastructureDell is a leader in providing solutions for 10GbE and 40GbE fabrics based on high-performance switching and blade IO (MXL)Dell provides value by offering solutions that interoperate with third party vendors
  • Transcript

    • 1. High-performance networkingfor the virtual eraNikul ShethChase Holland
    • 2. The new network requirements $$A rapidly changing landscape, a tremendous opportunity $$ $$ $ $$ $Cloud $ $$ $80% hybrid by 2015 80% $$$$$$ $$$$ Big data $$ 50% $$$$$$ $$ $$ >50% Enterprises to invest in $$ $$ next 2 years $$ $$Data growth25X BW/rack by 2015 25XPower & Cooling50% will have a project by 2016 50%Mobility(VDI, Devices – BYOD) 3X3X more devices than a year ago Sources: 1 Gartner, Inc., “Virtualization Improves IT Functions and Processes,” G00218877, Philip Dawson, September 28, 2011 2 Gartner, Inc., “Virtualization Key Initiative Overview,” G00214309, Philip Dawson & Chris Wolf, July 22, 2011Virtualization 3 Gartner, Inc., “Best Practice: Virtualize Your IT Systems80% server virtualization 80% Incrementally to Reduce Costs,” G00218910. Philip Dawson, September 23, 2011 4 Forrester, “Sizing the Cloud,” Stefan Ried, Holger Kisker, et al,by 2016 April 21, 2011 5. Big Data: Gartner, July 2012
    • 3. Welcome to the virtual eraA new compute landscape, a new networking landscapeWave 1: ’80s–’90s Wave 2: The ’00s Wave 3: NOW Connect and share/ Consolidate, Ethernet, Converged / mainframes client–server Virtualized / Cloud
    • 4. Bringing all the elements of IT togetherEngineered to be better together, by design Dell Enterprise Solutions Servers, Storage, Networking market design Scalable, mid- IT solutions End-to-end Services and Cloud point End-User Computing Software
    • 5. Dellnetworkingand the VirtualNetworkArchitecture(VNA)
    • 6. Technical underpinnings of the virtual eraA new computing landscape, a new vendor landscape Campus/branch • New architectures for secure user mobility Virtual era • Advanced virtual desktop solutions • Secure infrastructure for consumer 2010s device access Client/server Data center 1990s and 00s • Compute, storage, network convergence Mainframes/minis • Flatter topologies • Virtual machine awareness 1970s and 80s • Integrated automation software
    • 7. Dell networking value propositionsThe differentiated choice in networking Open Open standards-based architectures for Choice maximum interoperability and choice Innovative Better together solutions engineered to Solutions improve IT efficiencies and economics Simple 1-2-3 Easy-to-use software tools to streamline and Value $ simplify operations and service delivery
    • 8. Our framework for the network Virtual Network Architecture Open networking framework for efficient IT infrastructure and workload intelligence Data center End user • Converged infrastructure • Anywhere, anytime access • Scalable fabrics • BYOD, desktop virtualization • Automation and orchestration • Ease-of-use manageability
    • 9. Virtual Network ArchitectureViewed physically and logically Physical view Logical view Data center Software Public cloud Campus Network fabric Enterprise IT services networking Any hypervisor openstack Connection abstraction layer Automation, Virtual network & fabric orchestration & policy control management Blade Rack SDN controller infrastructure infrastructure Network services SDN data plane Security (Firewall, IDS/IPS) WAN/core WAN optimization Aggregation/TOR Load balancer Access/wireless Custom Virtual switch Converged infrastructure application Physical and virtual networking resources
    • 10. VNA Reference ArchitecturesComplete and scalable solutions end-to-end SOHO End-user Data center SMALL networking networking 10s 10s End-users Server/VMs WORKGROUP MEDIUM 10s-100s 10s-100s End-users Server/VMs BRANCH LARGE 1000s 1000s End-users Server/VMs CAMPUS EXTRA LARGE 1000s+ 1000s+ End-users Server/VMs
    • 11. Dell networking product portfolio Top-of-rack Core Management Data Z9000 center S50N/S50V S60 S4810 S55 E600/E1200i S25N/S25V S25P Force10 MXL Blade I/O PowerEdge M8024-k M8428-k M6348 M I/O M6220 Access, aggregation, coreCampus 8024 8100 7000networks 5500 6200 3500 2800 C150/300 Wireless controller Wireless guest Wireless instant access and access point access and BYOD points w/ built-in Indoor controller W-600 Series W-3000 Series Outdoor W-6000/M3 W-series ClearPass
    • 12. Data centerfabrics
    • 13. Data center fabrics that fit your business 10000s servers/VMs • Embedded and top-of-rackFabric scale fabrics 1000s servers/VMs • Highly-scalable, cost- effective spine/leaf fabrics 100s servers/VMs 10s servers/VMs Server/VM density 13
    • 14. Data center fabrics iSCSI / FC • LAN/SAN VM To fabric ConvergenceVM • I/O Consolidation • Local Switching
    • 15. Optimized for LAN/SAN convergenceSimplify your network by using Dell server, storage & networking Not converged Converged iSCSI Ethernet Switching Lossless SAN LAN Ethernet M1000e and Force10 MXL switchDiscrete LAN and SAN Networks Converged Infrastructure Confidential
    • 16. Designed for I/O ConsolidationReduce uplink ports and cabling with 40GbE 10GbE Connectivity 40GbE Connectivity Top-of-Rack Top-of-Rack Switch Switch 4x fewer ToR = More ToR = ports @ 40 GbE ports @ 10 GbE Using 10 GbE port requires more Using 40 GbE port requires less ToRToR ports, more cables, more hassle ports, less cabling, less headaches Confidential
    • 17. Architected for PerformanceImprove intra-chassis performance with local switching Without Local Switching With Local Switching Top-of-Rack Top-of-Rack Switch Switch 50% fewer = More ToR ports = ToR ports West East West East All intra-chassis east-west traffic All intra-chassis east-west traffic(blade-to-blade/VM-to-VM) sent to (blade-to-blade/VM-to-VM) Top-of-Rack switch processed locally Confidential
    • 18. Medium Business DesignDell Force10 Z9000 VLT core End-users PCT 7000 w/PoE+ Access End-user S4810 w/VLT Aggregation Networking Data Center Z9000 w/VLT Core Networking MXL S4810 10/40G Blade 10/40G Switch ToR
    • 19. Large Business DesignDell Force10 Z9000 Layer 3 core End-users PCT 7000 w/PoE+ Access End-user S4810 w/VLT Aggregation Networking Data Center Z9000 Spine Core Networking MXL S4810 10/40G 10/40G ToR ToR S55/S60 for legacy 1G
    • 20. Campus,branch andmobilitynetworks
    • 21. Campus networking to fit your business CAMPUS • Media-rich delivery BRANCH 1000s+ end usersNetwork scale WORKGROUP 100s-1000s end users • Highly-scalable, cost-effective VDI, SOHO UC&C 10s-100s end users • Resilient, scalable 10s end users UC&C User density Global Marketing
    • 22. Campus, branch and mobility Conference Room Wired Users To data center • End users (wireless)Wireless • Power users (wired) • Conference rooms (unified communications)
    • 23. Branch office design PowerVault PowerEdge EqualLogic WLAN: W-Series W-IAP Controller PowerConnect W-3x00 W-6xx 5500 W-AP PowerConnect INTERNET/ 8100 (10G) WAN PowerConnect 8024 (10G) 6200, 7000 7000 (1G) Confidential
    • 24. Small business designPowerConnect 8100 core End users PCT 7000 w/PoE+ Access End-user networking Data center PCT 8100 w/STP Core networking MXL S55/60 10/40G Blade 1/10G Switch ToR
    • 25. Guestspeaker:Texas LotteryCommission
    • 26. Who We Are• Millions of players enjoy the games of the Texas Lottery every day and the biggest winner of all is Texas education. But the Texas Lottery is not just about fun and gamesVision• To be the preeminent Lottery and Charitable Bingo agency through innovative leadershipMission• The Texas Lottery is committed to generating revenue for the State of Texas through the responsible management and sale of entertaining lottery products• The Texas Lottery will incorporate the highest standards of security and integrity, set and achieve challenging goals, provide quality customer service and utilize a TEAM approach
    • 27. Challenges• 1 and 10 GbE integration in a single switch fabric with addition of many 10 GbE portsSolution• Dell Force10 S4810 core replacing a Cisco Catalyst 6509• Dell Force10 S55 edge replacing Cisco Catalyst 2960Benefits• Improved scalability• Reliability, employees can sleep at night• Lower TCO means more money for product development• Dell is a strategic partner for the Texas Lottery’s end to end solution including servers, storage and networking
    • 28. Summary
    • 29. Dell is the right choice for your networkOpen Open standards-based architectures forChoice maximum interoperability and choiceInnovative Better together solutions engineered toSolutions improve IT efficiencies and economicsSimple 1-2-3 Easy-to-use software tools to streamline andValue $ simplify operations and service delivery
    • 30. Please help Dell meet your needsby filling out the Session Evaluation Surveys On paper Content On the Dell World app style • Forms in room • Turn in on the way out guidelines 1. Select My Schedule Session Evaluation Survey 2. Select session to evaluate 3. Select Surveys 4. Select survey title Or 5. Simply complete the survey Confidential