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Inboxer Case Study
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Inboxer Case Study


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Inboxer works with Dell OEM Solutions to produce the Dell server-based InBoxer Intelligent Message Archiving appliance. InBoxer created multiple models and capitalizes on Dell support to serve global …

Inboxer works with Dell OEM Solutions to produce the Dell server-based InBoxer Intelligent Message Archiving appliance. InBoxer created multiple models and capitalizes on Dell support to serve global customers.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. InBoxer launches a newe-mail archiving applianceworldwide and reducessupport calls by 90 percentwith Dell OEM Solutions • Backup/recovery/archiving • OEM “We have reduced the number of hardware- related support calls by approximately 90 percent since producing new appliances based on Dell servers.” Stephen Catanzano, CEO and President, InBoxer Customer Profile Company: Safecore, Inc. (dba InBoxer) Industry: Technology Benefits Country: United States • aunched multiple models of an L Employees: 25 e-mail archiving appliance that helps Web Address: sustain compliance and facilitate e-discovery Business need • utsourced integration, reducing O To launch a new appliance-based e-mail archiving solution, InBoxer costs and refocusing in-house staff needed to find an OEM partner that could provide a robust, reliable on innovation hardware platform available in a broad range of configurations, combined with a global support infrastructure. • educed hardware-related support R calls by 90 percent with reliable Solution hardware and global support The company works with Dell OEM Solutions to produce the Dell • ccelerated time to market from A server–based InBoxer Intelligent Message Archiving appliance. InBoxer months to weeks created multiple models and capitalizes on Dell support to serve global customers. • eached new customers through the R Dell sales network
  • 2. For all corporations, financial firms, healthcare groups, schools, and government agencies alike, e-mail and instant messages have become a critical part of the communications record. For more than a decade, InBoxer has produced e-mail archiving solutions that help a range of organizations protect intellectual property, sustain regulatory compliance, prepare for legal proceedings, and enforce company policies by keeping a growing volume of messages safe, secure, and accessible. In 2009, the company decided to long-term growth within the appliance,”“We can keep introduce a new version of its archiving solution to help improve data security. says Catanzano. internal resources “In the past, we focused on software Establishing partnerships with Dell OEM alone,” says Stephen Catanzano, CEO focused on our core and president of InBoxer. “We saw an After evaluating several different OEM opportunity to tighten security and meet options, the InBoxer team decided to competencies and increasingly stringent regulations by produce its new Intelligent Message accelerate delivery introducing a hardened appliance that could prevent unauthorized users from Archiving appliance by working with Dell OEM Solutions in conjunction with time for customers— moving, modifying, or deleting data.” Whalley Computer Associates. “Whalley offers a full array of system integration we ship out The InBoxer team wanted to work with services. By outsourcing hardware tasks an OEM partner that could provide appliances in just a robust, reliable systems and had a to Whalley, we can keep in-house staff working on new software development,” global support network that could few days by working deliver a better experience to end users. says Catanzano. “The Whalley team has an automated production and quality with Dell and our “Customers previously installed our software on a wide range of systems. system for our products and helps us to integration partner If a hardware-related problem achieve the high-quality standards our customers expect.” developed, customers called us to Whalley Computer help resolve the issue,” says Catanzano. The InBoxer team found the product Associates.” “We needed a reliable hardware platform backed by solid global support to reduce selection they required with Dell OEM Solutions, creating seven distinct, customer problems and decrease our rightsized models of the appliance usingStephen Catanzano, support responsibilities.” Dell™ PowerEdge™ R410, R610, and R710CEO and President,InBoxer servers. The seven models are designed Performance and scalability were key. “Our customers can accumulate a large volume of data very quickly, including not only e-mail but also Technology at work instant messaging traffic and Bloomberg Services messaging,” says Catanzano. “The hardware needed the capacity for storing Dell ProSupport the current data volume, scalability for growth, and the processing power Hardware for indexing, analyzing, and searching Dell™ PowerEdge™ R410, R610, massive data volumes rapidly.” and R710 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors The company also needed to create several distinct appliance models. “We Software wanted to give customers the ability to find a model that fits the current number InBoxer software of users and storage capacity needed Linux® operating system while also providing the scalability for
  • 3. to accommodate different numbers of and distribution, and because Dellusers and message data volumes. Serversrun the InBoxer software on a Linux® handles all regulatory issues, we can avoid having to seek approvals for shipping to “Analyzing andoperating system (OS). “We can easily foreign countries,” says Catanzano. “We searching largeaccommodate organizations of any size can keep internal resources focused onwith our standard systems by drawing our core competencies and accelerate data volumesfrom the broad Dell product portfolio,” delivery time for customers—we ship outsays Catanzano. “We can customize appliances in just a few days by working are processor-appliances easily—it would not be nearlyas easy to provide tailored configurations with Dell and our integration partner Whalley Computer Associates.” intensive tasks....with white-box vendors.” While other OEM vendors might have Our appliancesStandardizing on the Dell hardware insisted on working with a particular can handle thoseplatform for all appliance models offers system integrator or handling integrationadvantages for InBoxer and its customers. themselves, the Dell OEM team had no functions easily“Using a common platform across models trouble accommodating the InBoxerhelps us simplify software development team’s preferences. “We gained the by using Delland streamline production while enablingour customers to transition easily from flexibility to work how we wanted to work by partnering with Dell OEM Solutions,” PowerEdge serversone model to the next or add on additional says Catanzano. based on IntelDell capabilities,” says Catanzano. Delivering exceptional performance Xeon processors.”Increasing production efficiency for messaging analysis and searchand accelerating deliveries Stephen Catanzano, Organizations often face tight deadlines CEO and President,InBoxer, Whalley, and Dell work together from regulators or courts when searching InBoxerclosely from customer order to product for electronic content. The InBoxerdelivery. Whalley keeps Dell servers in solution helps accelerate searches byinventory in anticipation of orders. When analyzing, categorizing, and indexinga customer places an order, InBoxer messages as they are received. Bytransfers the order to the Whalley team, integrating Dell servers into the InBoxerwhich installs the OS and InBoxer appliance, customers now have thesoftware image on the Dell server, creates performance they need for all e-discoveryRAID partitions, applies the InBoxer logo, functions. Equipped with Intel® Xeon®performs extensive quality testing of processors, the Dell servers combinethe solution, encloses Dell and InBoxer raw compute performance withsystem guides, and then ships the large memory capacity to help speedsolution directly to the customer with processing even when organizations haveDell and InBoxer–approved packaging. accumulated many terabytes of data.All systems are preconfigured based “Analyzing and searching large dataon customer details and arrive ready to volumes are processor-intensiveoperate—customers can typically set up tasks,” says Catanzano. “In the past,the appliance in less than 40 minutes. organizations often installed our software“We are eliminating all of the time and on underpowered systems that barelycosts involved with system integration met our minimum specifications.
  • 4. Our appliances can handle those If a hardware problem does arise, InBoxer Catanzano. “If we were building thesefunctions easily by using Dell PowerEdge and its customers can depend on Dell appliances in-house, the process ofservers based on Intel Xeon processors.” ProSupport to resolve issues quickly. sourcing components, putting pricing in Customers contact the InBoxer support place, and reintroducing updated modelsProviding the scalability for long- team, who then call Dell directly on behalf to our channel partners could have takenterm data growth of the customers for hardware assistance. months. But we were able to make theCustomers also gain the scalability to Dell and InBoxer then select the best change in just a few weeks by workingaccommodate rapidly rising volumes of course of action for solving problems. with Whalley and Dell.”messages. “The amount of messaging “Depending on the problem, customersdata is growing, and many organizations might receive replacement parts overnight Reaching new customers through are keeping that data for longer and or have technicians arrive on-site to fix the Dell sales networklonger periods of time. It was essential for problems fast,” says Catanzano. In addition to producing and supportingus to provide the expandability to support appliance-based solutions, the Avoiding the need to ship out appliances forlong-term data growth without forcing partnership between InBoxer and Dell is repair helps protect data security. “The dataour customers to ship back the solution helping InBoxer to reach new customers. that organizations store on our appliancesand buy a bigger box,” says Catanzano. “All of our products are included among is extremely sensitive,” says Catanzano. “By“With the new appliances, we can easily the software and peripherals that can repairing systems on-site, we can makeprovide more capacity within each server be sold by Dell sales representatives. sure that sensitive information never leavesand facilitate connections to external Customers can select our hardware a customer’s premises.”storage, including a full range of Dell appliance solutions or our virtualizedstorage solutions. Our customers can Tapping into a global support appliances, which run in VMwarestore as much information as they need, infrastructure helps InBoxer ensure that vSphere environments, all through Dell,”for as long as necessary, with our Dell- all customers receive timely, on-site says Catanzano. “We can gain access tobased appliances.” support wherever they are located. a wealth of new customers through our “We needed an OEM partner that Dell relationship.”Enhancing reliability and reducing could deliver global support so wesupport calls by 90 percent could accommodate organizations Preparing for continued By introducing the new appliance, throughout North America and Europe,” business growthInBoxer has significantly decreased says Catanzano. “We can support our Looking ahead, the InBoxer team knowssupport issues. “In the past, we had customers effectively and efficiently they can scale the OEM program tono control over what hardware our everywhere we do business.” meet rising customer demand. “As thecustomers were using, and we often number of regulations and the volumereceived support calls related to hardware Accelerating time to market by of messaging data increase, the needissues,” says Catanzano. “We have several weeks for effective e-mail archiving andreduced the number of hardware-related With the OEM relationships in place, the e-discovery solutions continues to growsupport calls by approximately 90 percent InBoxer team can update its appliance rapidly,” says Catanzano. “Fortunately,since producing new appliances based on models quickly. “We recently decided to we can scale this OEM program quicklyDell servers. As a result, we can continue implement new disk drives with greater and easily with Dell.”to grow as a business without having to capacity and faster speeds to providehire more support staff.” even greater value to customers,” saysView all Dell case studies at: 2011. © 2011 Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel, the Intel logo, and Intel Xeon are registeredtrademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Other trademarks andtrade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or theirproducts. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,IN THIS CASE STUDY. Reference number: 10009591
  • 5. OEM Solutions For more info on OEM Solutions, visit: Visit our other linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise TC