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iland Case Study: Cloud Based Replication, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Solutions
iland Case Study: Cloud Based Replication, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Solutions
iland Case Study: Cloud Based Replication, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Solutions
iland Case Study: Cloud Based Replication, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Solutions
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iland Case Study: Cloud Based Replication, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Solutions


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iland needed a fully redundant, cloud-ready solution that would provide customers with high availability, scalability, ease of management and financial efficiencies while enabling them to target …

iland needed a fully redundant, cloud-ready solution that would provide customers with high availability, scalability, ease of management and financial efficiencies while enabling them to target replication to a remote facility for disaster recovery.

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  • 1. iland saves seven figures while providing cloud- based replication, disaster recovery and desktop •  Backup/Recovery/Archiving virtualization solutions •  Cloud Computing •  Virtualization “The need to build in high availability has pushed us in the direction we have gone with our major technology partners.” Justin Giardina, CTO, iland   Benefits Customer Profile •  More than $1 million saved across several  Company: iland multi-array implementations of Dell  Industry: Technology EqualLogic iSCSI storage compared to  Country: United States cost of Fibre Channel SANs Employees: 26 •  Able to provide cost-effective disaster  recovery capabilities to more customers  Web: using built-in replication capabilities of  Dell EqualLogic Business Need •  Eliminated planned downtime with non- iland needed a fully redundant, cloud-ready solution that would provide disruptive maintenance customers with high availability, scalability, ease of management and financial efficiencies while enabling them to target replication to a •  95% of iland’s growth comes from cloud  remote facility for disaster recovery. offerings due to fast set-up and scalability  of data processing and storage Solution •  5-10 minutes to install and configure a  iland chose Dell as one of its key technology partners to provide server new EqualLogic unit and storage environments through cloud offerings based on Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers and Dell EqualLogic™ iSCSI SAN storage. •  Global visibility into multiple EqualLogic  units via one pane of glass with no-charge  SAN HQ software •  30% less administrative time with  EqualLogic iSCSI storage compared to  Fibre Channel
  • 2. Having evolved from a colocation and application hosting company into a cloud infrastructure provider, iland knows a lot about the challenges facing the hosting industry today. “In the past, when our business model focused more on colocation space, there was one problem we were always up against,” says Justin Giardina, CTO of the Houston-based company. “That was space. Space was the only commodity we had to offer. Obviously, there are all the good things we build in such as connectivity and security that are extremely valuable, but we were only as good as the amount of floor space we had.” Now in a world that virtualization Saving Seven Figures With   has transformed, iland is a provider iSCSI Storage of cloud computing infrastructure Small to mid-market companies “With Dell EqualLogic, with high-availability cloud data requiring a dedicated resource pool centers in Boston, Washington, D.C., can utilize the iland Resource Cloud©. we’re able to keep our Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas and With the iland Resource Cloud expenses down and London. Space is no longer an issue customers reduce IT costs, eliminate because virtualization has reduced electricity and cooling expenses, and pass the savings on to physical server sprawl, and most of the eliminate server sprawl. processing capability that customers our customers. Our want to access is on virtual servers. iland also provides cloud-based disaster recovery and business savings in storage Seeking 100% Availability continuity services. Its solution, the help us offer an Availability is the basic commodity iland Continuity Cloud©, includes data replication targets for enterprise now. “We can never go down,” says affordable business Giardina. “Companies utilize us to data, and standby resources that can be activated during disasters to continuity solution.” provide them with infrastructure restore data, applications and business resources. The responsibility services. Seeking a storage solution Justin Giardina, CTO, iland for providing server and storage environments is all ours. The need to build in high availability has pushed us in the direction we have gone with our Technology at Work major technology partners.” Services iland chose Dell as one of its key technology partners to provide Dell™ Support Services server and storage environments through virtualized cloud offerings Hardware or hybrid virtualized offerings, which Dell EqualLogic™ PS6000, PS5000 are a mixture of virtual and dedicated and PS4000 series iSCSI SAN physical servers. Dell has helped arrays iland shrink its data center footprint Dell PowerEdge™ R905, R805 and with high availability cloud solutions R710 servers on virtualized servers using VMware Enterprise Plus on Dell PowerEdge Software R905, R805 and R710 servers. The Dell EqualLogic SAN PowerEdge R805 server in particular HeadQuarters (SAN HQ) has become a staple for iland. Featuring up to twice the memory and Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 I/O scalability of previous generation VMware vSphere 4 Enterprise Plus standard 2U 2-socket servers, the PowerEdge R805 helps remove the VMware vCenter Site Recovery barriers to running memory and I/O Manager bound applications such as VMware VMware View 4 ESX server.
  • 3. for its cloud offerings, iland looked for be brought out of the cluster to be enterprise storage that would provide patched if needed without causing the same availability that its virtualized downtime. And the networking server solution provides on a small infrastructure that connects the hardware footprint. storage arrays is redundant, so we can even take a switch offline and upgrade “We were impressed with the density its firmware, and bring it back online that we could get on a pretty small without disrupting service.” footprint with Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SANs,” says Giardina. “We chose For additional protection against Dell EqualLogic also because of the downtime through disaster recovery software features that are included in planning, iland is using replication the product. Unlike with other vendors, between its sites and automating we don’t pay an additional fee if we disaster recovery using VMware want to do snapshots or replication. vCenter Site Recovery Manager, And Dell support through 24-hour and which is enabled through the vStorage 4-hour response is fantastic. If the API’s integration with EqualLogic storage unit sends an email home, by Auto-Replication. the time iland receives an alert, there’s already a support person from Dell Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery talking to the company. I also like the iland’s cloud-based data replication fact that I can call Dell support and know those people by name and speak and recovery solutions built on Dell EqualLogic storage are saving its “Cloud infrastructure to somebody who’s knowledgeable customers money compared to accounts for 95 24x7. The people on the other end traditional disaster recovery solutions— really care.” and bringing DR capabilities within percent of our iland started purchasing Dell reach of more organizations. For example, a healthcare provider that growth over the EqualLogic PS4000 and PS5000 series iSCSI SAN arrays and now has could not afford to build and maintain past two years. The a secondary data center leveraged standardized on the PS6000 series the iland Continuity Cloud to gain high availability models, which represent most of the EqualLogic units in iland’s six data enterprise-class data protection and business continuity capabilities. and simplified, fast centers. By using iSCSI storage instead of Fibre Channel, iland saved more “With Dell EqualLogic, we’re able to scalability of the Dell than $1 million across several multi- keep our expenses down and pass PowerEdge and Dell array implementations. the savings on to our customers, who benefit in major ways,” says EqualLogic platform Eliminating Downtime Giardina. “Our savings in storage iland appreciates the high availability help us offer an affordable business has played a vital features of Dell EqualLogic storage continuity service. Not only do role in achieving our that help keep its customers’ data and other vendors charge separately for applications accessible 24x7. “When the replication software, but if you customers’ goals.” a new firmware comes out from Dell upgrade and add another controller EqualLogic that addresses, for example, head, you have to pay twice as much Dante Orsini, Vice President of Business Development, iland a locking issue with the ESX server or a in maintenance. With Dell EqualLogic, performance issue with iSCSI, we really you don’t pay for software at all, and like the fact that all our SANs have there are no forklift upgrades.” dual controllers and we can upgrade firmware on the fly,” says Giardina. “And Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts we have never experienced the failure iland also benefits from the simplified of an array with EqualLogic.” scaling architecture of Dell EqualLogic. “When you add extra capacity, you’re Giardina comes from the corporate adding members with new controllers world, where scheduled maintenance that double your network I/O,” says windows used to be par for the course. Giardina. “The built-in load-balancing “In my past experience, maintenance features of EqualLogic tie the new was always done late at night or on member into the existing storage, and the weekend,” says Giardina. “We you can load balance across units. So had to send out that email to give as you scale with EqualLogic—as you people notice, and there was always add spindles or disks to your groups, someone who wasn’t happy. The way add network ports and front-end we have architected our servers and cache—your systems just keep getting storage, there’s never a need to disrupt faster and faster. Whereas with other customers. The EqualLogic arrays solutions, that’s not the case at all.” can fail over, and the ESX servers can
  • 4. Adding a new unit of Dell EqualLogic “We have many multi-array Dell storage involves taking the unit out of EqualLogic implementations in each of the box and plugging it in. Supply the our data centers, and SAN HQ enables unit with networking information and us to see them all under one pane of a group password, and the unit is ready glass,” says Giardina. “We can see if to put in production. “It takes between there are any errors. We can look at five and ten minutes to get it online and performance data and history—we can configured,” says Giardina. see any issue going on with any of the arrays across the board. And we get that iSCSI is supported by all major for free. It’s a very powerful feature.” operating systems, so no specific hardware has to be in the servers. Another advantage for the system Microsoft Windows Server 2008 has a administrator is the fact that Dell built-in iSCSI software initiator, so all EqualLogic is a preferred partner with the administrator has to do is create a VMware. “VMware actually offers native volume on the EqualLogic SAN, turn EqualLogic support,” says Giardina. “So on the iSCSI software initiator, and when you add a Dell EqualLogic array supply a user name and password to an ESX 4 server, it knows that it’s an and an IP address. EqualLogic and takes advantage of the functionality and features that are built The speed with which iland can provide in. That speaks volumes, because it new capacity has been critical to its further simplifies the deployment of the success as a cloud provider, which is a arrays. A senior person doesn’t have to major piece of iland’s business. “Cloud be involved. A data center technician infrastructure accounts for 95 percent can do it. On the whole, storage of our growth over the past two years,” administration takes 30 percent less says Dante Orsini, Vice President of time with Dell EqualLogic.” Business Development, iland. “The high availability and simplified, fast Leveraging VMware View, iland offers a scalability of the Dell PowerEdge and virtualized desktop offering called the Dell EqualLogic platform has played a iland Workforce Cloud©. Customers vital role in achieving our customers’ are able to compute at data center goals. When our customers want speeds and have access to their to expand, they expect a very fast desktops from anywhere. “We’re doing response from us, and that’s what some exciting things with Dell,” says they get.” Orsini. “The high availability, scalability, ease of management and financial 30% Less Administrative Time efficiencies that the Dell platform From an administrative perspective, the brings to our current cloud offerings Dell EqualLogic SAN HQ administration are equally important to our desktop and monitoring interface provides virtualization initiative.” iland with a streamlined method of performing system administration tasks. View all Dell case studies at: Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit: © June 2010. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY. Microsoft and Windows Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Reference number: 10008631