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Ikomm Case Study: Increasing Management Efficiency
Ikomm Case Study: Increasing Management Efficiency
Ikomm Case Study: Increasing Management Efficiency
Ikomm Case Study: Increasing Management Efficiency
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Ikomm Case Study: Increasing Management Efficiency


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Ikomm wanted to support the growing technology needs of its customers in the education sector through increased management efficiency. Ikomm used Dell™ X-Image and ImageDirect to simplify image …

Ikomm wanted to support the growing technology needs of its customers in the education sector through increased management efficiency. Ikomm used Dell™ X-Image and ImageDirect to simplify image installation and device management, giving more students and teachers fast access to reliable technology.

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  • 1. Government technologyprovider helps schoolsmake the most of ITwith Dell X-Image andImageDirect • Image Management “Our teachers say that the technology they have is more advanced than the systems in place in other municipalities. Dell X-Image and ImageDirect help us keep those systems running optimally.” Erich Keller, IT Image Manager, Ikomm Customer profile Company: Ikomm Industry: Local Government Country: Norway Benefits Employees: 45 • komm supports increased uptake I Website: of IT in schools without recruiting additional staff • tudents and teachers get faster S Business need support Ikomm wanted to support the growing technology needs of its customers in the education sector through increased management • chools get stable, consistent S efficiency. technology with minimal downtime • komm services team gains I Solution flexibility with ImageDirect It used Dell X-Image and ImageDirect to simplify image installation and device management, giving more students and teachers fast • nnovation is simplified with I access to reliable technology. consolidated images through X-Image
  • 2. Ikomm supplies IT services to private and public organisations for the Norwegian municipalities of Lillehammer, Gausdal and Øyer. Alongside end-to-end services for local government offices and care homes, Ikomm provides solutions for 23 schools. Together, these customers have 10,000 users at 150 locations. The three municipalities are known Keller and his team also use Dell’s for their progressive approach to IT online imaging tool, ImageDirect, in education, as Erich Keller, IT Image to build and modify the images Manager at Ikomm, says: “In 2004, for teachers.“Were it not for many of the schools we serve had Innovation and greater affordability no more than 20 computers each. Dell’s image Today, most have one for every three have made IT more accessible for schools. Ikomm is helping students management students. More and more schools in neighbouring areas are coming to and teachers explore new ways of services, we would us for advice because they see us learning and collaborating, without stretching its own resources or as innovators.” have increased investing heavily in recruitment. In As the opportunities for schools addition, Ikomm is diversifying its our team from five to use technology multiplied, the business model to include corporate people to eight Ikomm services team became busier, particularly in terms of managing the customers, also without the need to recruit additional employees. or nine.” schools’ Dell™ OptiPlex™ 780 desktops with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processors,Erich Keller, and Dell Latitude™ E6410, E5510IT Image Manager, Ikomm and E4310 laptops with Intel Core Processors. “In the past, we carried out Technology at work 15 operations every time we needed Services to set up a new machine,” says Keller. “With more machines to deploy and Dell Image Management support, it wasn’t feasible to carry on – Dell ImageDirect using this process without significantly – Dell X-Image expanding the team.” Dell ProSupport for IT – Next Business Day On-site Services team supports increased Service uptake of IT in schools without hiring more staff Hardware To meet the schools’ expectations – Dell™ OptiPlex™ 780 desktops with while also providing for an emerging Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processors private-sector customer base – the Dell Latitude™ E6410, E5510 and team needed a new delivery model. E4310 laptops with Intel Core Dell, the firm’s long-term solutions Processors provider, suggested that the company use X-Image. This managed service provides Dell Image Consultants who work alongside customers to create, consolidate and maintain a core image across multiple platforms. The image is then installed on systems before delivery.
  • 3. “If we didn’t have X-Image, we couldn’t The school can depend on Ikomm for have supported the increased uptake fast results. Says Keller: “It used to take of IT at our schools without hiring new around five hours to re-image a single staff. The fact that we have the same laptop and install software. X-Image number of staff, but can now roll out has given us one core image for all “We had an ever 100 laptops in two days, shows how students, with all the right software, much time we’ve saved. Were it not for continuously updated by Dell. Re- increasing bank of Dell’s image management services, we would have increased our team from imaging now takes 30 minutes, which is a 90 per cent improvement in images – around 15 five people to eight or nine,” says Keller. efficiency terms. As a result, students when we switched and staff spend less time waiting to getIn the past, the firm had multiple their machines back, and we spend to X-Image. Now weimages, with one created every fourmonths when a new generation laptop less time on maintenance.” have just two – oneor desktop emerged. “We had an ever-increasing bank of images – around 15 For example, if a computer has a virus, the team simply reloads the for staff and onewhen we switched to X-Image. Now core image. “Getting rid of a virus by for students.”we have just two – one for staff and reloading the image takes around 30one for students,” says Keller. “They minutes. Plus it’s guaranteed to work. Erich Keller,work across all generations, which Before X-Image, we spent two hours IT Image Manager, Ikommsaves us a lot of time. We haven’t done completing the same task,” Keller says.the maths because we don’t need to – The process is so easy that teachersthe savings are obvious. Every time we can work on a PC within 15 minutesroll out a new generation of laptop or of receiving it, partly because theydesktop, the X-Image team installs our can install the software themselves.image and drivers, and the machines “After reading a set of instructions, an to worry about restructuring lessons orarrive ready for our customers to use.” end user can simply press the power finding a spare machine while they waitIkomm can predict and manage button, complete one further action for us to complete repairs.”workloads more effectively. “It’s to load the relevant software, andeasier to train new staff, because with then start using the machine. We don’t Schools get stable, X-Image and ImageDirect we have a use this approach frequently, purely consistent technology with standardised, more manageable set of because we like to maintain a face-to- minimal downtimeclient solutions,” says Keller. face relationship with our customers, “When you install everything manually, but it’s good to know it’s an option,” there’s more chance of somethingStudents and teachers Keller says. being missing – perhaps a bit ofget faster support software that’s used for a particular End users at the 23 schools like theEach school in the region has its own subject. With X-Image that never improved service. Keller says: “If aIT coordinator, but staff and students happens. That’s a real benefit for teacher has a problem with a laptop,largely rely on Ikomm to keep systems teachers because they know every he or she can come to us and weup and running. When the helpdesk at student in the class has exactly the can fix it in half an hour. TeachersIkomm receives a call, staff either solve same computer. Plus there’s no appreciate the quick turnaroundthe issue remotely or escalate it to interruption to students while they wait because it means they get the mostKeller and his team. for software updates,” Keller explains. out of the technology and don’t have
  • 4. Workflows at the schools have also the installation process tells me to,”improved since the move to X-Image says Keller.and ImageDirect. “We no longer havedifferent versions of software, which Innovation simplified with “It’s easier to trainmeans we don’t have compatibility consolidated images new staff, becauseissues, and users collaborate more “Our teachers say that the technologyeffectively because they share they have is more advanced than the with X-Image anddocuments with ease,” Keller explains. systems in place in other municipalities. Dell X-Image and ImageDirect help us ImageDirect weThe firm also uses Dell ProSupport forIT to maximise uptime for the schools. keep those systems running optimally, have a standardised, and simplify the rollout of successiveKeller says: “Dell ProSupport for ITmakes troubleshooting easier because generations, which we do every three more manageablewe know that we can have a Dell years,” says Keller. set of clientengineer on-site the next day. It’s a In the future, Ikomm plans to migratevery effective way of maintaining high all 23 schools to Windows 7. Keller solutions.”availability for our customers.” says: “X-Image and ImageDirect will Erich Keller, ease the transition to Windows 7. IT Image Manager, IkommIkomm services team gains We’re also talking to the Dell X-Imageflexibility with ImageDirect team about creating a functionThe services team uses ImageDirect whereby teachers reload their ownto manage the core image used by machines during startup, using theteaching staff at the 23 schools. Keller F12 key. This will save us time onand his team created the image and maintenance and reduce downtimeuploaded it to ImageDirect, but can for teaching staff – so they can usemodify it at any time if a teacher has IT effectively, with more control overspecific software requirements. how it performs and more time to focus on teaching.”“What I like about ImageDirect is the dedicated webpage I can use to access and download all the drivers for each model within one file. It’s easy to use – For more information go to: if I’m reloading a laptop and I need and the drivers, I simply download a file, save it on a USB stick and add it whenView all Dell case studies at: and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© November 2010, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel, Intel Xeon, and the Intel logo are registeredtrademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case studyis for informational purposes only. dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study.Reference number: 10008797.