Highly Available and Resilient Infrastructure with Oracle VM


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Highly Available and Resilient Infrastructure with Oracle VM

  1. 1. Highly Available and Resilient Infrastructure with Oracle VM Wendy Chen, Senior Systems Engineer Ravi Kulkarni, Senior Oracle Database Administrator Dell Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda Overview of Oracle VM ………………………………………………………..…… slide 3 Challenges with Oracle VM Environment at Dell IT ……..…..…… slide 10 Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Systems for Oracle VM ……….…. slide 15 Reference Configuration of DR Solution for Oracle VM .….….. slide 24 Demo ………………………..………………………………………………………….……. slide 28 Thank you …………………………………………………………………………………… slide 29 2 Global Solutions Engineering
  3. 3. Overview of Oracle VM 3 Global Solutions Engineering
  4. 4. Benefit of Oracle VM • Server virtualization technology – Increase server consolidation – Improve server utilization – Maximize server efficiency – Lower the cost of infrastructure and operations – Reduce power and space requirements • Can be deployed on industry standard x86 servers – Support Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris as guest OS – Support both Oracle and non-Oracle applications inside guest OS • Industry standard x86 commodity servers become more powerful – More powerful CPU processors with higher processor core counts – Higher physical memory capacity – Under-utilized servers as a result – OVM increases server utilization and improve efficiency 4 Global Solutions Engineering
  5. 5. Oracle VM Architecture • Three components: – Oracle VM manager – Oracle VM server – Oracle VM agent • Two types of virtual machines: – Hardware virtualized – Paravirtualized Source: Oracle 5 Global Solutions Engineering
  6. 6. Oracle VM Storage Design – Oracle VM Server (OVS) Repository • OVS repository to store Oracle VM resources: guest VMs, VM templates, ISO images, virtual disks, etc • In order to enable OVM HA, OVS repository need to reside on external storage system and formatted as OCFS2 cluster filesystem • /OVS directory is the location of the default OVS repository • /OVS is the cluster root and is a symbolic link to the /var/ovs/mount/uuid directory • /OVS directory contents: Directory Name Description iso_pool ISO files imported publish_pool VM deployed as public seed_pool Virtual machine templates sharedDisk Shared virtual disks running_pool VM images and configuration files 6 Global Solutions Engineering
  7. 7. Oracle VM Guest VM HA Design Source: Oracle • Server pool: multiple Oracle VM servers grouped together • Server pool master: contact point of the server pool and dispatches to Oracle VM agents in the pool. 7 Global Solutions Engineering
  8. 8. Oracle VM Guest VM HA Features Source: Oracle • Guest VM auto restart - minimize downtime during unplanned outages • Secure live migration - minimize downtime during planned outages 8 Global Solutions Engineering
  9. 9. Shared Storage Systems Considerations • Shared storage to enable OVM HA features – Guest VM auto restart – Secure live migration • Oracle VM supports NFS, SAN, iSCSI as shared storage • Availability and performance of shared storage solution is critical – Increased risk in virtualized environment – Higher data protection requirement in virtualized environment • Shared external storage systems may provide additional advantages – RAID technology for data protection – Redundant I/O path – Redundant storage array controllers, power supply, etc – Storage replication technologies, eg, snapshot and replication 9 Global Solutions Engineering
  10. 10. Challenges with Oracle VM Environment at Dell IT 10 Global Solutions Engineering
  11. 11. Database Management Practice • Manage Oracle and SQL databases - 10,000 • Global Team Operations, 24*7 operations • Total Database Size – 4 Peta bytes • Automated, standardised proactive health • Largest Database - 19TB + DR checks, and performance assessments • Maximum TPS - 1500 • Proactive DB Maintenance processes • # of Oracle Clusters – 500 • Problem Management and Root Cause Analysis • # of SQL Clusters – 118 • Release and Upgrade Planning • Maximum DBs on a Cluster: 185 • Consolidated Oracle DBs: 600 • Consolidated SQL DBs: 500 • Global Operations: 400 DBAs – 6 countries Dell IT Operational Metrics Excellence Technical Extended • Industry Leaders in Consolidation & Ability Dell Teams • R & D Roadmap Virtualization • Technology Communities of Practice • Experts in Performance tuning, RAC, • Specialist advice from experts in the field Oracle Applications, DR etc. • Near zero downtime capabilities 11 Global Solutions Engineering
  12. 12. Oracle Environment Instances: 1937 Oracle Versions 12 Global Solutions Engineering
  13. 13. Challenges in Virtualized Databases • Growing business needs with increased agility and growth of infrastructure – demands for cost efficiencies without compromising availability • Critical databases cannot be hosted virtualized environments without proven failover mechanisms • Need an enterprise HA / Disaster Recovery solution for Databases hosted on OVM • Provide the services without incurring additional cost – leverage capabilities with licensed products • Transactional Databases need consistent state of data 13 Global Solutions Engineering
  14. 14. HA Features in OVM Databases • Live Migration and HA - provide redundancy for Guest VMs within a server pool • OCFS2 clustering – provide Protection against node failures within cluster • There is no DR (disaster recovery) solution for OVM • For critical enterprise applications, need storage-based DR solution to protect against the complete stack in the primary datacenter • Need capability to manage Thin provisioning 14 Global Solutions Engineering
  15. 15. Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Systems for Oracle VM 15 Global Solutions Engineering
  16. 16. Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Array Hardware Features • iSCSI: storage protocol to carry SCSI command over TCP/IP network • Support either 10 GbE or 1 GbE Ethernet network • Support SATA / SAS / SSD disk drives • No Single-Point-of-Failure hardware – Redundant, hot-swappable components- disks, control modules, power supplies and fans – Automatic control module fail over and disk sparing without user interventions or interrupting data availability – RAID for data protection – RAID 5, 6, 10, 50 • High performance control modules – Battery backed cache memory – Control module redundancy: active / passive relationship between CMs – Scale-out architecture with automatic load balance 16 Global Solutions Engineering
  17. 17. Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Array Software Features – Thin Provisioning 17 Global Solutions Engineering
  18. 18. Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Array Software Features – Thin Provisioning • Traditional provision method – storage capacity tend to be over-allocated › Inaccurate growth expectations › Avoid future upgrade complexity – Low storage utilization rate – Increase capital expenses and operating costs (power, floor space, etc) • Thin provision method – Increase storage utilization – Reduces the total device purchase cost by making small incremental purchases › Cost of storage devices continue to decline – Additional storage added with no interruption to data availability – No changes in OS or application – Can be applied to Oracle VM OVS repository or general storage volumes utilized by OVM 18 Global Solutions Engineering
  19. 19. Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Array Software Features – Snapshot • Captures the contents of volume at a specific point in time – Can be used for backups or testing – Does not disrupt access to volume – Space efficient and instantaneous creation › Use pointers to source volume › Reserve space to preserve original data contents if any writes occur • Quick backup and restore − Instantaneous point-in-time backup large volumes − backup window to virtually zero − Rapid recovery from logical errors • Snapshot on volume collection to create content-consistent snapshot of multiple volumes • Create snapshot manually or automatically by setting up schedule 19 Global Solutions Engineering
  20. 20. Backup Solution using Dell EqualLogic Snapshot 20 Global Solutions Engineering
  21. 21. Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Array Software Features – Replication • Copies volume data from one storage group to another storage group – Can be used for data protection and disaster recovery – Does not disrupt access to volume – Space efficient and fast creation › The first replication is a complete volume data transfer › The subsequent replications only transfer the changed data • Failover − Temporarily host a volume on the secondary group • Failback – Return the volume to the original primary group • Create replication manually or automatically by setting up schedule 21 Global Solutions Engineering
  22. 22. Dell EqualLogic Replication Configuration Options 22 Global Solutions Engineering
  23. 23. Disaster Recovery Solution using Dell EqualLogic Replication 23 Global Solutions Engineering
  24. 24. Reference Configuration of DR Solution for Oracle VM using Dell EqualLogic Replication 24 Global Solutions Engineering
  25. 25. Reference Configuration - DR Solution for Oracle VM using Dell EqualLogic Replication 25 Global Solutions Engineering
  26. 26. Reference Configuration – Failover of Oracle Guest VMs 26 Global Solutions Engineering
  27. 27. Reference Configuration – Failback of Oracle Guest VMs 27 Global Solutions Engineering
  28. 28. Demo 28 Global Solutions Engineering
  29. 29. Thank you 29