H+H UK Casting A Resilient Infrastructure Through Virtualization


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H+H UK boosts business agility by implementing a virtualized infrastructure designed to complement the company’s focus on reliability and accessibility.

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H+H UK Casting A Resilient Infrastructure Through Virtualization

  1. 1. Customer perspective H+H UK Casting a resilient infrastructure through virtualization H+H UK boosts business agility by implementing a virtualized infrastructure designed to complement the company’s focus on reliability and accessibility. H +H UK is the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer of aircrete products — just have to be cost-effective, it has to building materials used in walls and as infill to framed construction. The help us react to business needs as company delivers a range of aircrete products and services to every sector and when they occur. If the company of the building industry. sees an opportunity, we have to be able Brian Collins, IT manager at H+H, says, “Things can move pretty quickly in our business. This makes IT more critical than ever before. Our technology doesn’t to seize it.” H+H must provide continuous IT service to its customers and staff, but its existing technology infrastructure was proving inflexible. “We used to rotate our IT hardware every five years, but with the recession, our budget simply couldn’t stretch to replacing our servers all the time,” says Collins. “We decided to look into virtualization to help us move away from our physical server infrastructure.” Drawing up a blueprint for business continuity The H+H IT team requires built-in redundancy to ensure that customers and staff receive mission-critical services in the event of failure. “IT is fundamental to everything we do,” says Collins. “If we lose our IT, we lose everything.” The IT team knew the updated IT environment needed to be reliable to provide customers with fast and efficient service. Collins says, “The project wasn’t just about cutting costs. The main areas of focus for us were ease of management, simpler backups and built-in disaster recovery.” 56 2013 Issue 03 | Dell.com/powersolutions Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 3. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Virtual building blocks Manufacturer H+H UK wanted to make sure that it could deliver uninterrupted IT service to staff and customers. The firm worked with Dell Partner Upgrade Options to implement a virtualized server infrastructure while introducing a backup and disaster recovery strategy based on Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell EqualLogic storage. 80% 20% Hours Adopting a VMware- and Dellbased virtualized infrastructure has helped H+H consolidate its servers by 80 percent. The reduction in physical infrastructure has contributed to cost savings of 20 percent or more. Since implementing the virtualized environment, IT staff can set up a server in hours — a far cry from the two weeks previously required. means even if we lose our primary site, for more efficiently, supporting growth technology infrastructure based on Dell The H+H IT team decided on a example, our customers’ calls will still be and greater levels of customer service.” storage and servers, which was put forward processed, orders can still be made and by Dell Partner Upgrade Options. “We business can go on as usual.” were really impressed with the Upgrade By moving to virtualized servers and storage, the H+H team has reduced its physical infrastructure by 80 percent — and has seen corresponding cost also won over by the idea of a solution Drafting efficiency into the foundation based entirely on Dell technology,” says Using a virtualized server infrastructure we’re delivering savings of at least Options team’s Dell expertise, and we were Collins. “It sounded like it would be easier based on VMware to manage a Dell-based environment, IT staff can set up a virtual server in hours. and we knew that there wouldn’t be “It used to take us at least two weeks to Options, together with the reassurance any hidden costs for extra software or set up a server to support a new service of Dell ProSupport with Next Business additional licensing.” or application,” says Collins. “We had Day On-Site Service for hardware to spec and order the server, and then concerns, has given H+H continuous introduce a robust IT environment across wait for it to be delivered, after which it support before, during and after two sites. The primary site hosts a Dell™ would have to be unboxed, installed and implementing its new infrastructure. EqualLogic™ H+H worked with Upgrade Options to PS4100X storage array linked vSphere® savings. “Thanks to Dell and VMware, 5 software, 20 percent,” says Collins. Responsive service from Upgrade commissioned. Setting up a virtual server “We now have the confidence we to two Dell PowerEdge™ R610 servers is so much faster with the VMware- and need to make the most of our new and Dell Networking 6224 switches. A Dell-based infrastructure — in fact, there’s infrastructure,” says Collins. “And secondary site features a Dell PowerEdge no comparison.” because of our extra investment in the R720 server to replicate data from the Quick server setup frees the IT team Dell ProSupport service, we know that primary site and a Dell PowerEdge R710 to work on innovative projects. “Since there will always be someone we can server to back up the data before transferring we’ve cut out all the time it used to take get hold of if we have an issue. That it to a Dell PowerVault™ LTO-5-140 tape to set up servers, we can dedicate more means we can deliver an uninterrupted drive. “Now we can support our staff and resources to application and service service to our staff and customers, safe customers with a more reliable, resilient delivery,” says Collins. “With better IT in the knowledge that the Dell team will IT infrastructure,” says Collins. “That performance, the business will run be on site if we need it.” Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, 2013 Issue 3. Copyright © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Dell.com/powersolutions | 2013 Issue 03 57