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Grundfos Case Study: Cutting Energy Costs


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Leading pump manufacturer cuts energy costs by DKK 1.3 million with global standards-based IT …

Leading pump manufacturer cuts energy costs by DKK 1.3 million with global standards-based IT

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  • 1. Leading pump manufacturercuts energy costs by DKK1.3 million with globalstandards-based IT •  Backup, recovery and archiving •  Data consolidation and management infrastructure •  Green efficiency •  Migration •  Standardisation •  Virtualization “We gained the best global supplier by choosing Dell. It provided us with a full-time project manager to help roll out a standardised solution worldwide.” Karsten Steen Sørensen, Group Vice President, Grundfos Group Customer profile Company: Grundfos Group Industry: Manufacturing & Logistics Country: Denmark Employees: 18,000 Benefits Website: •   Customer rolls out new environments  faster Business need •    onsolidated platform will save more  C To increase efficiency and centralise operations, Grundfos Group than DKK 1 million in energy costs wanted to standardise IT platforms across its 200 sites. The existing •    usiness lowers carbon emissions by  B infrastructures included proprietary systems, which were complex around 700 tons in Denmark and 1,600  and expensive to run. tons globally •    T reduces costs by around 20 per cent  I Solution Grundfos Group’s project team used the expertise of Dell consultants per end user to create a standards-based infrastructure. It featured Dell rack and •    ustomer gains consistent support  C blade servers, as well as Dell EqualLogic storage. Dell ProSupport across 45-plus countries  helps maximise IT performance across the group.
  • 2. Grundfos Group, headquartered in Denmark, is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, with an annual production of more than 16 million pump units and a market share in circulator pumps of approximately 50 per cent. The organisation, which employs around 18,000 people worldwide, continues to grow and operates more than 80 companies. Its success has been the result of to reduce procurement cycles, giving both natural growth and acquisition. it greater business agility. This – along“We’re using the reports But while acquiring companies gave with the fact that the Dell account Grundfos Group instant presence in team understood Grundfos Group’s from our Dell Service local markets, it also created a number expectations – made Dell the preferred Delivery Manager to of issues, not least concerning IT. It left service partner for a standardised the organisation with many localised back-end rollout. Furthermore, the increase the efficiency infrastructures, which used a mixture Dell team offered a significant number of IT and reduce the of IT solutions to deliver applications of customer references to highlight and storage. Though reliability the solution provider’s credentials. number of support was good, cost and management issues.” complexity became key challenges due to the lack of standardisation.Karsten Steen Sørensen, Karsten Steen Sørensen, Group ViceGroup Vice President, Technology at workGrundfos Group President at Grundfos Group, wanted to consolidate the group’s entire IT Services landscape to a single platform and Dell Consulting Services resolve the current issues, creating a - Workshop, Assessment, Design foundation for greater efficiency. He & Implementation says: “By moving to a single IT solution provider, we could significantly reduce Dell ProSupport Enterprise-Wide Contract (EWC) our overheads and deliver more - Service Delivery Manager effective IT across the business.” Hardware Company finds the ideal  standards-based solution  Dell™ PowerEdge™ M610 blade for global rollout servers with Intel® Xeon® processors 5630 series Grundfos Group created an enterprise- efficient platform to deliver better Dell PowerEdge M1000e modular IT across its 200 sites with Dell. The blade enclosures business assessed solutions from IBM Dell PowerEdge R610 servers with and HP – both of which were already Intel Xeon processors 5630 series IT providers to the organisation – before choosing to standardise its Dell EqualLogic PS4000E, PS4000X, PS6000E and PS6000X infrastructure on Dell technology. storage area networks Karsten Sørensen says: “We quickly decided to adopt a standards-based Dell PowerVault™ MD1000 storage rather than a proprietary solution arrays because we gained the same high performance but with lower Software maintenance costs.” VMware® Enterprise License Agreement Dell understood Grundfos Group’s business needs. The Dell team had Quest software expertise in managing global projects and offered the group a direct model
  • 3. Karsten Sørensen says: “We gained the IT team can roll out new best global supplier by choosing Dell. environments faster and in parallel It provided us with a full-time project Grundfos Group has gained a “Compared with a rack-manager to help roll out a standardised standardised platform and a based environment, thesolution worldwide. In addition, each deployment process that can be easilyof our sites across more than 45 repeated at multiple sites – saving cabling for our bladecountries would receive the same time and resources. At the heart of server infrastructure ishighly responsive level of support.” the infrastructure is a combination of Dell™ PowerEdge™ M610 blade servers less complex. It helpsCreating a standardised platform  and Dell PowerEdge R610 servers take the complexityis easier with Dell consultants with Intel® Xeon® processors 5630,The organisation created the ideal to support the organisation’s more out of IT and makes us solution for standardising the global processing-intensive applications. more efficient.” infrastructure with help from Dell Grundfos Group chose the servers Karsten Steen Sørensen, services. First, the Dell Consulting because of their design, ease of Group Vice President, Services team held workshops to installation and low maintenance Grundfos Group discuss the organisation’s objectives costs. Plus, they were ideal for and establish a model environment. delivering the infrastructures’“The workshops demonstrated that underlying virtualization technology Business stores data more  Dell was prepared to listen to our VMware, providing embedded effectively, increasing  ideas and adjust its proposals,” says hypervisors to reduce installation enterprise efficiency Karsten Sørensen. “We wanted to times. Karsten Sørensen comments: Each Grundfos Group location create a platform that delivered “We can quickly roll out new platforms protects its data using a combination great performance and was simple in parallel at different sites with our of Dell EqualLogic PS4000E, PS4000X, to manage. We saw the advantages virtualized solution from Dell.” PS6000E and PS6000X storage area in virtualizing the infrastructure for The PowerEdge blade servers are networks (SANs), and Dell PowerVault™ energy efficiency and management housed in Dell PowerEdge M1000e MD1000 storage arrays. “The ease simplicity.” With this in mind, the Dell modular blade enclosures, helping to of use and scalability really stood consultants assessed the needs of simplify management. “The advantage out with the Dell EqualLogic and Grundfos Group to determine the of the Dell PowerEdge blade PowerVault storage solution,” says solution’s processing requirements enclosures is their snap-in scalability,” Karsten Sørensen. IT personnel can and storage capacity. This was quickly says Karsten Sørensen. “Adding a blade now administer the SANs and storage followed by a pilot project, where server is as simple as slotting a unit arrays without the need for specialised Dell technicians deployed a number into the enclosure and powering it up.” training, and local sites can grow, of infrastructures at seven sites in five The adoption of the blade enclosures knowing they have sufficient data countries, and migrated existing data to has also reduced cabling. Karsten capacity. Furthermore, Dell EqualLogic virtual environments. During the pilot Sørensen says: “Compared with a rack- management tools integrate tightly programme, Dell and Grundfos Group based environment, the cabling for with VMware, making it easier to finalised their plans to ensure that our blade server infrastructure is less protect virtualized data. For example, deployment caused as little disruption complex. It helps take the complexity Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware as possible. “The pilot project was out of IT and makes us more efficient.” Edition enables fast online backups and valuable – it provided us with the quick restores of virtual machines. “All insight to successfully roll out the the elements of the Dell solution fitted environments globally,” says Karsten together perfectly – it gave me peace Sørensen. of mind,” says Karsten Sørensen.
  • 4. Customer expects to save  work more efficiently. “Employees are Wide Contract, giving it a dedicatedmillions on power  losing less time through disruption to Service Delivery Manager (SDM) andGrundfos Group has calculated that IT services. They can complete tasks single point of contact to managethe platform has already cut power faster because their applications and the support process proactively.use, saving the organisation more data are more reliable,” says Karsten Grundfos Group and the SDM arethan DKK 1 million in electricity Sørensen. creating a document, which will becharges. “We’ve reduced electricity use used across the company, detailing The organisation is half-way throughby around DKK 1.3 million in Denmark how to improve support routines and deploying the infrastructure across itsalone as a result of the platform and implement Dell Online Self Dispatch. 200 sites, and currently implementsby changing our PCs,” says Karsten This will help IT teams order parts the platform at five locations eachSørensen. The new infrastructure is and labour directly from Dell, saving month. “With the help of Dellplaying a key role in a group-wide valuable time. Karsten Sørensen says: consultants, we can quickly deploy aprogramme to cut the company’s “We’re using the reports from our Dell complete server and storage solution,”carbon footprint, which also includes Service Delivery Manager to increase comments Karsten Sørensen. “Thisconsolidating the number of PCs and the efficiency of IT and reduce the includes migrating data from the oldprinters wherever possible. Karsten number of support issues.” to the new environment and installingSørensen comments: “Our Dell Quest management software (Questsolution has played an important role Access Manager, Quest Reporterin reducing our carbon footprint by and Quest Storage Suite) to help ITaround 700 tons in Denmark.” For more information go to: personnel administer end-user access.” Group lowers costs per  Once the infrastructure is in place, and dell.dkend user by around 20 per cent Grundfos Group spends a number of weeks testing the environment andBecause of the standardised providing management training toinfrastructure, the group has local personnel.significantly lowered the expense ofsetting up new employees with PCs Grundfos Group ensures and network connections. Karsten high performance with Sørensen comments: “We’ve reduced responsive servicesthe overall cost per end user by around End users are maintaining their20 per cent with Dell. And now it’s productivity with the help of Dellmuch simpler and quicker to add a user support services. For example, if oneto one of our standardised platforms.” of the sites needs new servers orPersonnel increase productivity  storage, the local IT team can requestthanks to greater reliability   the solutions using a dedicated portal that connects directly to Dell. “TheThe new platform is boosting specifications and pricing are alreadythe group’s overall productivity. defined, so the process is extremelyAccording to local IT teams, the server efficient, saving us time,” says Karsteninfrastructure is more stable than the Sørensen. The organisation has alsoprevious solution, giving end users adopted a Dell ProSupport Enterprise-better support and helping themThe Efficient Enterprise runs on Dell: efficiententerprise.comAvailability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© April, 2011, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of IntelCorporation in the United States or other countries. This case study is for informational purposes only. dellmakes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study. Reference number: 10009165.