Global Telco Gets Public Cloud Off The Ground Fast


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Global telco business created its hyperscale public cloud service, called Instant Servers, based on Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell Networking switches. The service is set to drive growth internationally. Read this exciting story online:

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Global Telco Gets Public Cloud Off The Ground Fast

  1. 1. Global telco gets public cloud off the ground fast Customer profile Telefónica Digital successfully launches public cloud service Instant Servers with a hyperscale infrastructure to support rapid business growth worldwide Company Telefónica Digital Industry Telecommunications Country Worldwide Website Business need Telefónica Digital wanted to launch a public cloud service to businesses, partners and developers worldwide. It needed a reliable, hyperscale IT infrastructure to meet its goals. Solution The company worked with Dell to develop a highly scalable platform based on Dell PowerEdge C-class and R-class servers and Dell Networking switches. Benefits “ ur ability to scale the cloud service with demand O is crucial. It has to be instant. We’ve created a platform that can handle rapid changes in demand and adjust instantly to our customers’ needs – and we’ve done this with help from Dell.” Juan Antonio Sánchez Cañibano, Head of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Telefónica Digital • elefónica Digital sees rapid T growth of its Instant Servers service worldwide • Company launches public cloud solution in just five weeks • Instant Servers customers gain low latency solution for rapid IT services • Instant Servers creates competitive cloud-based solution worldwide • Business plans service expansion with long-term partner Solutions featured • • • • Cloud Computing Data Center Virtualization Networking Support Services
  2. 2. Telefónica Digital is a global business division of Telefónica and has regional hubs in Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Spain, London and Israel. Its role is to deliver growth for Telefónica by developing new digital services businesses. The company is pursuing a select group of key services, including financial services, e-health, video, machine to machine, and cloud computing. Cloud computing is a fast-growing market. More companies are making the switch from on-premises to cloud-based IT to lower costs, gain speed and increase performance. Juan Antonio Sánchez Cañibano, Head of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) at Telefónica Digital, explains: “Our goal was to deliver better performance, lower latency and the highest availability in the market, with real compensation in case of downtime. Our target audience was a diverse range of businesses, including companies with large and complex data sets, online games providers, and mobile applications developers. In fact, any company that needed low latency and scalability.” Telefónica Digital sees rapid growth of its Instant Servers service worldwide Sánchez Cañibano and his team had a clear idea of the software required to support the cloud service. Telefónica Digital became a key investor in Joyent, a global provider of cloud computing software and services, and Sánchez Cañibano planned to put Joyent software at the heart of the new cloud service. Next, he needed to find the right IT solutions provider to help Telefónica Digital bring the cloud package together and deliver a great service to customers. Telefónica Digital chooses provider with right attitude to cloud solutions Sánchez Cañibano quickly identified Dell as a provider that could deliver his goals. “Dell’s approach to the cloud was different,” he says. “When we spoke to other IT providers, they told us how powerful their machines were as long as you bought into their proprietary cloud or virtualization architecture. With Dell, it was more 2 like, ‘You want to use Joyent – that’s great, let’s get to work.’” In addition, Telefónica Digital had worked with Dell in the past and it had been a positive experience. “When choosing a cloud solution provider, the people are as important as the technology. I’ve always liked working with Dell, because it delivers end-to-end solutions and a high level of industry expertise,” says Sánchez Cañibano. Business works with international partner for global solution Both the expertise and the ability to deliver complete solutions were crucial to Telefónica Digital. Sánchez Cañibano wanted the service, called Instant Servers, to be available Technology at work Services Dell Support Services – Dell ProSupport Hardware Dell PowerEdge C6100 and R510 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors Dell Networking S4810 and S55 switches Software Joyent® SmartDataCenter Windows Server® Riverbed® Stingray™ SmartOS® Ubuntu® CentOS®
  3. 3. worldwide, but with locally based infrastructures in each key market. “To minimise latency, we wanted our infrastructure to be as near to customers as possible,” he says. To do this efficiently, he had to be confident that the IT solution provider could offer a consistently high level of service internationally. Sánchez Cañibano says: “It was immediately clear to me that Dell could deliver a complete solution from wherever we needed our service to be present. We felt that Dell could be our global partner.” for hyper-scale environments, enabling users to add capacity quickly and easily. The network architecture is based on Dell Networking S4810 and S55 switches, providing Gigabit Ethernet links and fast throughput. “The launch of our Instant Servers public cloud offering went smoothly. Connectivity has been great from the start, thanks in part to Dell, which helped us enormously when it came to configuring all the components and integrating the solution,” says Sánchez Cañibano. Company gets public cloud solution off the ground in five weeks Telefónica Digital was able to maximise the competitive advantage of its public cloud service by working with Dell and getting the cloud infrastructure designed quickly. Sánchez Cañibano and his team worked with Dell technical experts, who shared their experiences of successful cloud deployments with other global telecommunications providers. Working together, they developed the networking architecture needed to meet the performance and scalability requirements. Thanks to this experience and the fact that Dell had the technology for an end-to-end solution, both parties soon confirmed the service’s infrastructure. Sánchez Cañibano says: “Speed in deploying it was crucial to comply with the expectations of Telefónica Digital. Dell understood this and we had the public cloud up and running in just five weeks.” He continues: “Instant Servers offers on-demand, virtual servers, and are a breed apart from their traditional counterparts. Crucially, Instant Servers can handle applications that other cloud platforms can’t cope with, thanks to an ability to scale instantly to meet spikes in demand. This makes them perfect for the raft of cloud and mobile applications that will become missioncritical for forward-looking enterprises finding new ways to increase agility. New cloud service quickly establishes itself in the market Telefónica Digital successfully launched its Instant Servers service with the support of Dell. The initial infrastructure for the service, which is based in Madrid and London, features virtualized Dell PowerEdge C6100 and R510 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors, running Joyent® SmartDataCenter and multiple operating systems such as Windows Server®, SmartOS®, Ubuntu® and CentOS®. Riverbed® Stingray™ software supports application delivery. The servers are specifically designed 3 “Instant Servers provides an enterprisegrade platform, optimised for the delivery of high-performance cloud and mobile applications with low latency, easy scalability, and data reliability and integrity. The size of the server deployment can be changed at any moment. There are savings too.” Telefónica Digital sees rapid growth of cloud service among business The firm is quickly gaining a strong position in the public cloud services market. Companies of all sizes, including large enterprises, have signed up for Instant Servers and are already seeing the benefits. One of its many partners – a global management consultancy – works with Instant Servers to create platforms for its non-governmental organisation (NGO) customers. Feedback so far has highlighted the speed of the service and the fact it takes longer for the consultancy to decide who should use Instant Servers than set up the service itself. “The service really is instant,” says Sánchez Cañibano. “And our customers are impressed with the low latency and Instant Servers customers gain low latency solution for rapid IT services
  4. 4. platform performance.” He believes the combination of the Dell platform’s scalability and performance will be an important factor in the service’s success. “Our ability to scale the cloud service with demand is crucial. It has to be instant. We’ve created a platform that can handle rapid changes in demand and adjust instantly to our customers’ needs – and we’ve done this with help from Dell,” says Sánchez Cañibano. Business can deliver highly competitive cloud-based service worldwide Day to day, the cloud infrastructures are supported by Telefónica Digital personnel, who work closely with Dell ProSupport staff to help maximise the performance of the Dell platforms. According to Sánchez Cañibano, both share the same passion for delivering great service. “It’s good to know that Dell ProSupport is as committed to our success as our own personnel. Our Dell solutions have been reliable and have maintained high availability since launch,” he says. View all Dell case studies at 4 Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit © August 2013 Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY. Reference number: 10011884