GGO (Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia LLC) Case Study


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GGO selected Dell OEM to supply reliable hardware and incorporate customized branding in the Digital WarRoom® Server e-discovery appliance. Providing Dell Support to customers helps ensure that legal teams stay productive around the clock.

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GGO (Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia LLC) Case Study

  1. 1. GGO launches a newe-discovery applianceand expands revenues by25 percent with help fromDell OEM Solutions •  OEM APPLIANCE “Launching the e-discovery appliance with help from Dell OEM has opened new customer opportunities for us....[W]e anticipate 20 to 25 percent revenue growth as a result of new appliance sales.” Jim VanderMeer, Senior Director of Products and Services, GGO Customer profile Company: GGO (Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia LLC) Industry: Technology Country: United States Benefits Employees: 47 •    aunched a new e-discovery  L Website: product line in just nine months •  Expanded customer base with  Business need   anticipated revenue gains of  Rapid growth in electronically stored business information is driving   25 percent over the next year corporations and law firms to seek more efficient means of storing and •  Avoided hardware downtime by  producing information. GGO developed the Digital WarRoom® platform   using a reliable platform backed by  to support this need. The Digital WarRoom Server required robust   responsive support hardware that would deliver high performance and require minimal •  Enabled in-house engineers to  maintenance at the client site.   remain focused on new software  Solution   development GGO selected Dell OEM to supply reliable hardware and incorporate •  Accelerated customer projects  customized branding in the Digital WarRoom® Server e-discovery   by several days compared with  appliance. Providing Dell Support to customers helps ensure that legal   outsourced e-discovery services teams stay productive around the clock.
  2. 2. From small law firms to the legal departments in large corporations, legal teams turn to Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia, LLC (GGO) to help wade through tremendous volumes of documents. By providing e-discovery solutions and consulting services utilizing the Digital WarRoom® software, GGO has helped legal teams complete more than 2,000 complex e-discovery matters—facilitating the processing, review, and production of documents in intellectual property cases, government investigations, M&A projects, and more. After years of providing customized GGO partners with Dell OEM to  solutions, the GGO team wanted to support the new product line“Equipment outages expand its client base and enhance its own efficiency by creating standardized After considering a variety of other vendors, the GGO team decided to could have serious solutions. “We saw an opportunity to work with Dell OEM to produce the productize the solutions we had been Digital WarRoom Server appliance. legal and financial offering, integrating our expertise and “We’ve used Dell hardware to provide experience into both a hosted solution hosted e-discovery solutions for consequences for plus a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and self- several years. We knew the servers our customers.... contained e-discovery appliance,” says Jim VanderMeer, senior director of products could deliver the reliability we needed, and we knew that Dell support could We can deliver and services at GGO. “We realized that provide the responsiveness to fix any we could attract law firms as well as legal problems quickly,” says VanderMeer. the reliability our departments in corporations that want “Dell OEM also offered the custom- customers need to avoid the costs and headaches of outsourcing e-discovery to third parties.” branding assistance, ordering flexibility, and long-term road map visibility that by building Digital To bring the appliance to market, the GGO we needed to launch Digital WarRoom WarRoom Server on team needed a partner that could deliver dependable equipment first and foremost. Server and sustain its success going forward,” says VanderMeer. “The the Dell platform.” “When an e-discovery server breaks other hardware vendors simply down, the legal review process comes to couldn’t meet our specific needs.”Jim VanderMeer, a halt,” says VanderMeer. “We needed aSenior Director of Products and Services, reliable platform backed by solid supportGGO to avoid hardware problems whenever Technology at work possible and solve any issues rapidly.” Service Launching a new product line required more than a supply of reliable servers. Dell Support GGO wanted to work with a hardware vendor that could be integrated into Hardware the production process. “We needed a Dell™ PowerEdge™ R710 server partner that could help us customize the appliance and provide the Software flexibility for fluctuating demand and Digital WarRoom® Server for the changing production schedules,” says appliance or Digital WarRoom® VanderMeer. “The partner also had to Remote for SaaS offering provide a clear road map to facilitate the planning of future updates. We Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2 wanted to know ahead of time how long each model would be available Microsoft SQL Server® and how it would eventually change.”
  3. 3. The GGO product team selected the While the server carries the DigitalDell™ PowerEdge™ R710 server for DigitalWarRoom Server. The server runs the WarRoom brand, GGO is keen on promoting Dell hardware as the “We’re a softwareDigital WarRoom application on the foundation for the appliance. “Many of company, not aMicrosoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2 our potential customers are already usingoperating system and uses Microsoft Dell servers in their infrastructure, so hardware company.SQL Server® as its database. GGO is also they are well aware of Dell quality,” saysusing Dell PowerEdge servers when VanderMeer. “Because they are familiar By working withit hosts Digital WarRoom Remote—asolution that can run in one of several with the platform, they also know they can expedite the appliance validation Dell OEM, wesecure data centers managed by GGO. process and accelerate deployment can stay focused within their existing infrastructure.”“The Dell PowerEdge R710 gives on adding new us excellent performance and the New product line launches in  scalability for supporting a full range of just nine months software features customers,” says VanderMeer. “We have built standardized configurations for Working with Dell OEM helped GGO that respond to launch its new appliance rapidly. “By hosted and appliance offerings, but we can easily scale memory and storage to presenting a clear technology road map customer requests accommodate a larger number of users and providing us with test units, the Dell OEM team helped us tremendously with to add value to the or a larger volume of legal documents.” planning and product development,” says solution.”Customized badging helps  VanderMeer. “We were able to launch thestrengthen the brand appliance in just nine months and then Jim VanderMeer, start capturing new revenue right away.” Senior Director of Products and Services, Dell OEM supplies GGO with custom GGO Digital WarRoom bezels and badges that GGO expands its customer base  the GGO team can easily affix to servers by 25 percent before they are shipped out to customers. The new appliance is helping GGO to“The customized bezel and badge helps broaden its customer base, reaching law strengthen our overall Digital WarRoom firms and enterprise law departments brand—it really helps the appliance stand looking to reduce the costs and increase out in the rack,” says VanderMeer. the control of the e-discovery process.
  4. 4. “Launching the e-discovery appliance Reliable hardware and responsive  force us to continually retest our software with help from Dell OEM has opened support help avoid downtime on new hardware platforms,” says new customer opportunities for us,” Legal teams can sustain that productivity VanderMeer. “Dell provides a long and says VanderMeer. “And demand so thanks to the robust, dependable predictable life cycle for its products. We far has been very strong. In fact, we hardware foundation for the appliance. know when changes are coming and had to hire a full-time salesperson “Equipment outages could have serious can prepare for them well in advance.” to focus solely on Digital WarRoom legal and financial consequences for our Server. Over the next year, we anticipate customers—many law firms work around GGO stays focused on software 20 to 25 percent revenue growth as the clock to meet tight deadlines,” says Incorporating Dell OEM into the a result of new appliance sales.” VanderMeer. “We can deliver the reliability appliance production process has our customers need by building Digital enabled GGO to launch a new appliance-GGO customers accelerate  WarRoom Server on the Dell platform.” based product without having to devoteprojects with Digital  excessive time to hardware componentWarRoom Server If something does go wrong, customers selection, testing, assembly, or support. can count on Dell Support. “For ourFor customers choosing GGO, the Digital Within months of the product launch, appliances, we have integrated DellWarRoom solution based on Dell hardware GGO software engineers were already into our support infrastructure,” saysis helping dramatically accelerate the developing the next product iteration. VanderMeer. “Customers can contacte-discovery process compared with Dell directly to diagnose the problem and “We’re a software company, not aoutsourced services. “When law firms resolve the issue within a few hours.” hardware company,” says VanderMeer.choose outsourced services, it might “By working with Dell OEM, we cantake a week to collect data, transport it Life cycle management facilitates  stay focused on adding new softwareto the third party, and then import the efficient planning  features that respond to customerdata into the e-discovery system,” says Having access to the Dell technology requests to add value to the solution.”VanderMeer. “With Digital WarRoom road map lets the GGO team deliverServer or Digital WarRoom Remote, new product releases on their schedule,attorneys often can start reviewing not the schedule of a hardware vendor.documents within a day. That speed “A white-box vendor might changecan play an important role in enhancing components frequently, which wouldproductivity and reducing costs.”View all Dell case studies at: 2011. © 2011 Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Other trademarks and trade names may be used inthis document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. This case study is forinformational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY.Reference number: 10009119
  5. 5. OEM Solutions For more info on OEM Solutions, visit: Visit our other linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise TC