Fresenius Kabi Brazil Case Study: 60% Reduction of Power Consumption with Dell


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Fresenius Kabi Brazil projects 60% reduction
of power consumption with Dell consolidation and virtualization solution

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Fresenius Kabi Brazil Case Study: 60% Reduction of Power Consumption with Dell

  1. 1. Fresenius Kabi Brazilprojects 60% reductionof power consumptionwith Dell consolidation •  Power & Coolingand virtualization solution •  Storage •  Virtualization  “The time we previously spent on administration and maintenance we can now devote to research and development for solutions to increase the value of the business. The Dell server consolidation and virtualization solution has been enormously successful.” Leandro Fontana, IT Manager, Fresenius Kabi Brazil Customer Profile Company: Fresenius Kabi Brazil Industry: Pharmaceutical Country: Brazil Employees: 1,200 Web:   Benefits •  Projected 60% reduction in   Business Need  power costs  Fresenius Kabi Brazil needed a hardware refresh in its secondary •  60% gain in application performance data center to improve the safety of data, strengthen the company’s •  80% reduction in rackspace business continuity strategy and encourage trust in the IT function •  60% reduction in cost of server  as a principal support for the business. administration and maintenance Solution  •  Downtime reduced to zero With the assistance of Dell™ Consulting Services, the company chose •  Refocusing of IT to research and  a server consolidation and virtualization solution based on Dell PowerEdge™ development of new solutions to   servers with Intel Xeon processors, Dell EqualLogic™ storage, Dell add value to business  PowerConnect™ Gigabit Ethernet switches, a Dell PowerVault™ tape library and VMware vSphere Advanced virtualization software.
  2. 2. Few companies have been in business for as long as Fresenius Kabi. Part of the healthcare conglomerate Fresenius SE based in Bad Homburg, Germany, the pharmaceutical manufacturer Fresenius Kabi has its roots in an apothecary in Frankfurt, Germany that was founded in 1426. Today Fresenius Kabi is a leader in company’s trust in the IT organization infusion and clinical nutrition therapy by implementing a powerful and“We wanted to simplify in Europe, Latin America and Asia/ Pacific. It is one of the most important efficient infrastructure. Fresenius Kabi Brazil turned to Dell, the process of design, providers of generic intravenous which the company considers its medications for the North American configuration and market, focusing on the therapy and partner in all its subsidiaries worldwide. “Dell was able to offer relevant products implementation and care of chronic and critical patients. Fresenius Kabi has more than 21,000 and solutions to all our project areas,” the Dell consultants employees, a global network of more than 55 sales organizations and more helped us do just than 55 plants around the world. In Technology at Work that. We described 2009, Fresenius Kabi had an income of more than 3.086 billion EUR. Services the scenario Established more than 40 years ago, Dell™ Consulting Services we wanted and Fresenius Kabi Brazil manufactures Hardware an extensive line of quality, world- they came back class pharmaceutical products. The Dell EqualLogic™ PS4000XV iSCSI SAN company is based in the city of Barueri with precise in the state of São Paulo, where it has Dell PowerConnect™ Gigabit recommendations its primary data center, which replicates Ethernet 6248 and 6224 switches data to another location in Itapecerica Dell PowerEdge™ R710 servers that supported da Serra, ensuring data protection with Intel® Xeon® processors and business continuity. us throughout 5500/5600 series Increasing safety and trust Dell PowerVault™ TL2000 the project.” tape library Central to the company’s disasterLeandro Fontana, recovery strategy, the Itapecerica SoftwareIT Manager, site needed a hardware refresh toFresenius Kabi Brazil update the existing HP servers. VMware® vSphere Advanced The challenge was to increase the safety of IT operations and build the
  3. 3. says Leandro Fontana, IT manager, PowerConnect Gigabit EthernetFresenius Kabi Brazil. “The fact that 6248 and 6224 switches, one DellDell consultants could execute the EqualLogic PS4000XV iSCSI SAN,project in a fast and efficient fashion one Dell PowerVault TL2000 tapeincreased the value of Dell’s solution library and VMware vSphere Advanced.for us. Another reason we chose Dell as “The PowerEdge R710 servers performa partner was to have a single contact 10 times faster than the HP servers wepoint for the acquisition of products had,” says Fontana. “Our applicationsand services, eliminating a significant are performing 60 percent faster andamount of administrative time for us.” we have zero downtime.”Optimizing stability and reliability  Projected 60% reduction in   “We expect to“With the help of Dell Consulting, we decided to consolidate and power cost reduce 60 percent Fresenius took 27 servers off the floor virtualize servers to maximize the and virtualized and consolidated them of our power bill stability and reliability of the services we provide to the business,” says on two Dell PowerEdge servers, with a third used for backup. “We used to in the data center.” Fontana. “We wanted to simplify the have five racks, now we have one. The Leandro Fontana, process of design, configuration consolidation will make it possible to IT Manager, and implementation and the Dell diminish our costs with maintenance Fresenius Kabi Brazil consultants helped us do just that. and save on labor,” says Fontana. “We We described the scenario we wanted expect to reduce 60 percent of our and they came back with precise power bill in the data center. The time recommendations that supported we previously spent on administration us throughout the project. Our and maintenance has been reduced by expectations were completely fulfilled.” 60 percent, so we can now devote moreFor its server consolidation and time to research and development forvirtualization solution, Fresenius solutions to increase the value of theacquired three Dell PowerEdge R710 business. The Dell server consolidationservers with Intel Xeon processors and virtualization solution has been5500 and 5600 series, 11 Dell enormously successful.”
  4. 4. Prior to the Dell solution, Freseniushad 27 servers and no storage. Themain challenge in finding the rightstorage solution was consolidating allthe company’s data and applicationson centralized storage with minimumimpact on production. “There werea lot of applications to migrate,” saysFontana. “Putting the whole projecttogether took three months, andwe stopped production for onlyfive hours, which was consideredextremely successful.”Fresenius is using only 20 percentof the capacity of its Dell EqualLogicstorage. “The performance of theEqualLogic storage is great,” saysFontana. “We were looking for flexiblestorage that we could bring onlinewithout causing a big disruption, andwe found it with EqualLogic. It hasthe most complete feature set with thebest cost/benefit ratio in the market.”View all Dell case studies at: and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© May 2011. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States or othercountries. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY. Reference number: 10009308
  5. 5. Storage For more info on Storage Solutions, visit: Visit our other linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise TC