FalconStor Softwareincreases sales in AsiaPacific by 20 percent withDell OEM Solutions                                    ...
FalconStor Software, headquartered in New York, United                              States, with Asia Pacific headquarters...
40                                                              Our sales have increased by approximately 20 percent 20 0%...
Since Dell started working with                            NSS solutions scale easily to meet theirFalconStor, sales have ...
OEM Solutions    For more info on OEM Solutions, visit:                     http://del.ly/oem            Visit our other c...
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FalconStor Software Case Study


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The company now delivers the FalconStor® CDP, FDS, VTL, and NSS solutions based on Dell PowerEdge® servers and storage, with protection from Dell Support Services

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FalconStor Software Case Study

  1. 1. FalconStor Softwareincreases sales in AsiaPacific by 20 percent withDell OEM Solutions •  OEM Solutions Group  “Thanks to our partnership with the Dell OEM Solutions Group, our sales have increased by approximately 20 percent.” Eric Chen, general manager, FalconStor APAC Operations Customer profile Company: FalconStor Software   Benefits Industry: Technology •    ales increase by approximately   S Location: Taiwan and United States 20 percent  Employees: 500+ •    ales cycle time decreases by  S Website: www.falconstor.com approximately 33 percent  •    pen architecture supports   O Business need turnkey solutions FalconStor wanted to increase Asia Pacific (APAC) sales by offering •    igh performance ensures  H customers turnkey storage solutions. continued expansion Solution •    lexible services drive growth   F The company now delivers the FalconStor® CDP, FDS, VTL, and in new markets NSS solutions based on Dell PowerEdge servers and storage, with protection from Dell Support Services.
  2. 2. FalconStor Software, headquartered in New York, United States, with Asia Pacific headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan, was founded in 2000 and has become a leader in storage solutions. The company has created a number of award- winning solutions for enterprise and small-to-medium size customers. These include FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP), FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL), FalconStor® File-interface Deduplication System (FDS), and FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS), which are deployed at a number of Global 1000 companies. FalconStor saw that many businesses Dell OEM helps deliver   in Asia Pacific (APAC) needed more the best turnkey solution  efficient ways to store data. The It did not take FalconStor long to see“We have reduced company planned to offer its products that Dell OEM Solutions was the ideal as a range of turnkey solutions, so that partner to help the company achieveour sales cycle customers would not have the expense its goal.by approximately of implementing or supporting their storage technology themselves. Chen asserts, “The open architecture33 percent with However, FalconStor needed an of Dell solutions perfectly matched with our plan to offer customers openthe help of the original equipment manufacturer solutions to simplify IT. Thanks to Dell (OEM) solution provider to support OEM division’s excellent engineering,configuration any turnkey offering for the platform’s service, and supply chain management,services.” products, which include FalconStor CDP, FalconStor VTL, FalconStor FDS, we could deliver the reliability that the FalconStor CDP, FDS, VTL and NSSEric Chen, general manager, and FalconStor NSS. solutions required.”FalconStor APAC Operations Eric Chen, general manager at FalconStor, APAC Operations says, “We realised we could increase sales by providing a complete infrastructure Technology at work which included rapid support. To reach our goal, we needed to find an IT Services* solution provider that could offer both Dell Configuration and hardware and support capabilities.” Deployment Services – Hardware and software It was crucial that FalconStor make the configuration right choice for the FalconStor CDP, FDS, VTL, and NSS solutions, because Dell Support Services for OEM the decision would play a major part – Mission Critical option in its future success. The company Hardware needed to stay focused on its own strengths and have confidence the FalconStor® CDP, FDS, VTL, and OEM provider was going to deliver NSS appliances based on the reliable support. Dell™ PowerEdge™ R900 and R710 servers with Intel® Xeon® “We wanted to benefit from a company processors whose core competencies would FalconStor CDP, FDS, VTL, and enable us to continue building award- NSS appliances based on the Dell winning storage solutions,” says Chen. PowerEdge R805 server with AMD Opteron™ processors Dell PowerVault™ MD1000 direct attached storage solution
  3. 3. 40 Our sales have increased by approximately 20 percent 20 0% -20 Reduced our sales cycle by approximately 33 percent-40Chen adds, “By choosing Dell, wegained a global provider of high-qualityIT solutions, which offered a full rangeof services for OEMs.”Dell provides ideal server and storage solutionGuided by Dell OEM Solutions,FalconStor chose a number of Dellsolutions on which to create themost suitable platform for its datastorage products.These included Dell™ PowerEdge™ R900and R710 servers featuring Intel® Xeon®processors, a Dell PowerEdge R805server with AMD Opteron™ processortechnology, and a Dell PowerVault™MD1000 direct attached storage solution.Comments Chen, “Dell solutionsdelivered the reliability and scalabilitywe were seeking. The mix of openstandards architecture and excellent that the company’s software is pre-processing performance made Dell configured and fully tested.PowerEdge servers the best choice Says Chen, “We have reduced our salesfor our FalconStor CDP, FDS, VTL, cycle by approximately 33 percent withand NSS solutions. And with the Dell the help of the configuration services.PowerVault MD1000 solution, we When a customer powers up a server,gained enhanced storage performance the welcome screen features theand simplified management.” FalconStor logo. As far as the customerFalconStor reduces sales cycle  is concerned, it is a FalconStor machine.”time by approximately 33 percent  Sales increase by approximately  with Dell 20 percentDue to the hardware and software Dell OEM Solutions have enabledconfiguration support as part of FalconStor to increase its SME salesDell’s Configuration and Deployment by offering companies a total solution.Services, the company has significantly Today, FalconStor CDP, FDS, VTL, andreduced its sales cycle time. Hardware NSS solutions have greater appeal forand software configuration mean the APAC customers, who prefer receivingcompany saves valuable time by making an open, turnkey solution that performssure the platform’s servers and storage reliably and is simple to manage.solutions carry FalconStor badgesbefore they leave the factory, and
  4. 4. Since Dell started working with NSS solutions scale easily to meet theirFalconStor, sales have also improved changing needsdue to the FalconStor brand beingmore widely recognized and featuring FalconStor and Dell futureproof prominently on the hardware. customer investment Due to the involvement of DellSays Chen, “Thanks to our partnership Support Services for OEM, FalconStorwith the Dell OEM Solutions Group, our knows that customers gain maximumsales have increased by approximately performance from their data storage20 percent.” solutions. In many parts of the APACCustomer feedback is excellent region, customers have Dell Support Services and the Mission Critical optionFalconStor believes the speed of with four-hour onsite support.delivery that Dell facilitates will helpincrease sales of the platform in the Comments Chen, “By workingfuture. Customers are impressed with Dell Support Services for OEM,with the speed of delivery and the FalconStor customers are able toperformance of their solution and protect their IT investments andbelieve they can rely on FalconStor to maximize their performance.”support their data storage needs.Chen says, “Since we started workingwith Dell OEM Solutions, feedback For more information go to:from customers has been excellent. dell.com/casestudies andThe FalconStor CDP, FDS, VTL, and dell.com.twThe efficient enterprise runs on Dell: efficiententerprise.com*Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit: dell.com/servicedescriptions© July 2010, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of IntelCorporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, AMD Opteron,and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Other names are for informationalpurposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. This case study is for informational purposesonly. dell makes no warranties, express or implied, in this case study. 10008094.
  5. 5. OEM Solutions For more info on OEM Solutions, visit: http://del.ly/oem Visit our other communitiesfacebook.com/dellenterprise linkedin/com/groups/dell-enterprise Blogtwitter.com/dellenterprise en.community.dell.com Dellenterpriseefficiency.com TC delltechcenter.comyoutube.com/delllargeenterprise slideshare.com/dellenterprise