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Battle of the Clouds

Battle of the Clouds



CIO priorities IT leaders are increasingly moving from technologist to business strategist.

CIO priorities IT leaders are increasingly moving from technologist to business strategist.



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  • The Intelligent Economy themes of cloud, BI/analytics, and mobility are consistently viewed as priority issues for CIOs and will drive the demand for innovation and what innovation looks like in an organization.67% of CIOs surveyed by International Data Corporation (IDC) said they see their role evolving into that of Chief Innovation Officer (which I’m sure Jim Stikeleather likes to hear), versus just the Chief Information OfficerAdditionally, innovation budgets are expected to grow 23-28% in the next three years.CIOs state that one of their top goals is to “foster a culture within IT that drives more innovation.”When you clear away all the sophisticated language, to a CEO, innovation is about driving growth and reducing costs. As a Customer Executive with an Innovation Agenda or a SAE or SSE selling specific services—interest in your solution will be defined by the customer’s acute awareness of a business need.
  • Let me show you a map of how we’re tackling cloud at Dell. If you’re thinking to yourself, “well, golly, this is everything”…you’re right! We’re one of the top IT companies in the world and have been for awhile: we don’t have the luxury of focusing on just one aspect of cloud, and neither do our customers.Dell’s cloud vision recognizes that our customers will have mixture of IT and different requirements depending on the type of industry they’re in. Our goal is to use cloud technologies and practices to make our customer’s lives better, not gratuitously move them to a specific type of cloud. As such, we are providing and in the process of providing many different ways to consume and mix cloud as this diagram shows.
  • http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9219672/University_tests_ERP_on_new_Dell_cloud Great end to end solution, began with consulting services and ended with SAP instance in the cloud that reclaimed physical space while also enhancing backup and recovery capabilities. Use to demonstrate how the full suite of capabilities creates value.Didn’t just buy cloud, consultants helped understand environment, optimized SAP, and once virtualized we can get you to the cloud.We have professional services to help find the right cloud for you, competitors can’t do that as well.Aging infrastructure want to reclaim space for campus. Phase 1: Virtualize first to reverse the challenges of silos caused by the design of the university. Uof K wanted to reduce costs, simplify mgt., reclaim DC space and reduce Power & Cooling. Goals to have a 75% Reduction on 4-year server hardware TCO, improve performance: dynamic load distribution, improve efficiency or capacity on demand, and improve resiliency with continuous demand. Phase 2: elp with responsiveness. Self service, ERP Platform Migration, Dell POC Private Cloud. Phase 3: ERP Platform Migration, Dell POC Hybrid Cloud – large dev, test qa, - can go to public. Registration spikes. Take a vision and break down into digestable chunks.
  • The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida and operates redundant, load-balanceddatacenters collocated strategically at separate network access points. With full replication between these two Tier-IV facilities, Venturian is a full Tier-V provider able to offer a 100-percent uptime service level agreement for its customers. The company’s solutions architects work with Global 200 companies across the world todeliver leading-edge technologies that streamline business operations and safeguard critical data and systems. ChallengeTo meet demand from exponential growth, Venturian Hosting needed deeper insight into virtualized resource utilization to improve effectiveness and efficiency. The IT staff’s existing native management tools were time-consuming and prone to errors.SolutionThe company acquired the ability to routinely monitor utilization, optimize VM resource allocations, reclaim storage space, plan capacity and produce useful management reports when it deployed vOPS Server Standard.Benefits• Saved $49,089 from reclaiming storage and avoiding host purchases• vOPS paid for itself more than 12 times over in six months• Dramatically improved productivity and VM management effectiveness• Eliminated manual resources processes and identified major performance issues in the storage infrastructureMore techincal detailsFor the ROI analysis, Venturian instead examined the estimated savings in capitalexpenditures. And for just one of the company’s four clusters, the savings werenothing short of remarkable. In just six months, the IT staff was able to use vOPSto increase the number of VMs running on each host from an average of 13 to 20 withabsolutely no degradation in performance. This increase in VM density enabledVenturian to avoid purchasing at least three additional hosts for a total savingsof $43,500, excluding related capital costs for rack space and operational costs forpower, cooling and maintenance. “With real cost savings in just a few months,and a dramatic improvement in our ability to monitor and manage the infrastructuremore effectively, the Dell suite has more than paid for itself,” says Firouz.Yet even with such a compelling business case, Venturian wanted tofurther quantify the savings achieved by reclaiming storage space. The ITstaff was able to find and automatically remove abandoned VM Images, UnusedSnapshots and Templates, and Powered Poweredoff and Zombie VMs, freeing up nearly8 terabytes of capacity, thanks to vOPS. The total savings from not needing toexpand SAN capacity was $5,600, which alone provided a full payback for the costof the vOPS software and a bit more.In a mere six months, vOPS had paid for itself nearly 12 times over byproviding a total savings of more than $49,000, which Firouz acknowledgesis a conservative estimate: “There is no doubt that Venturian has gotten itsmoney’s worth from the investment in vOPS,” he says. “We simply couldn’t bemore pleased with the results.”
  • Waiting on notes from jean-Marie martini
  • Janet is the network dedicated to the needs of research and education in the UKBased in the UK, Janet offers a world-class network infrastructure to meet the needs of the UK’s research and education community.The organization provides this community – which comprises of over 18 million users – with more than 5,000 kilometers of dedicated optical fibre, which can run at 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps).ultrasound services.
  • Moodlerooms is an education technology company dedicated to bringing excellent online teaching to institutions across the globe. They serve colleges and universities, schools and organizations by supporting the software that educators use to manage and deliver instructional content to learners in online classrooms. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, we are proud to be a Moodle Partner company and strategically partnered with Blackboard, Inc., a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions.
  • Moodlerooms is an education technology company dedicated to bringing excellent online teaching to institutions across the globe. They serve colleges and universities, schools and organizations by supporting the software that educators use to manage and deliver instructional content to learners in online classrooms. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, we are proud to be a Moodle Partner company and strategically partnered with Blackboard, Inc., a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions.
  • March 20, 2012 Dell Boomi announced that oneworld the premier global airline alliance has implemented a new information technology (IT) hub based on Dell Boom AtomSphere cloud integration designed to substantially reduce the complexity, cost and tie involved in linking new member airlines into the alliance. Oneworld looked into developing a hub for linking member airlines’ IT systems several times in the past, but traditional integration technology made the cost and complexity too great. With Dell Boomi AtomSphere, oneworld is now able to create a hub and spoke-modeled data exchange in the cloud. This simplifies data integration between new and existing member airlines, which can lead to substantial time and cost savings for member airlines and reduces cost barriers for new recruits to the alliance. “The development of this hub is one of the most significant alliance IT developments since oneworld was established more than a decade ago” said oneworld IT Direct Jouni Naskali. “Thanks to the latest cloud integration technology from Dell Boomi, the IT hub dramatically speeds up and simplifies the addition of new airlines to the alliance, making the entire process substantially more efficient and cost effective for both new joiners and for our established carriers.”
  • Challenge:Moses-Ludington is a 15-bed, critical access hospital located in Ticonderoga, NY. It is a part of the Inter-Lake Health system and provides an advanced emergency room operating 24x7, outpatient surgical services. The radiology department, which performs CT, CR and ultrasound services, relies on a teleradiology group for timely exam interpretation, with no onsite radiologist staffing.Moses-Ludington Hospital’s PACS system had a vendor-installed, tape-based backup system that was too unreliable and unwieldy to serve as a disaster recovery system.Solution:The hospital chose Dell InSite One for offsite storage of radiology images, which backs up the hospital’s PACS redundantly to Dell InSite One’s data centers in Connecticut and Arizona.Benefits:When the PACS’ archive failed, Dell restored the data in less than half a day, averting adverse impacts to the hospital’s ability to provide patient care.Dell solution has paid for itself many times over by resolving one incidentWeb-based interface provides business continuity to teleradiology operation
  • Dell Cloud Labs: Partnering with customers to build a better cloudWhen it comes to creating the best possible cloud solutions for our customers, we consider your input to be one of our greatest resources.Dell Cloud Labs builds upon this belief. We invite you and other IT professionals to participate in our exploration of new public cloud ideas and concepts. Working with you gives us a deeper understanding of your cloud needs, possible improvements to potential offerings, and whether or not a project is worthy of becoming full-blown offering.As a participant in a Dell invitation-only, public cloud project, you will:Gain hands-on, early adopter access to innovative projects.Interact directly with subject matter experts and other users.Contribute to shaping project direction and features.Dell Cloud on Demand with Open Source:As an early pioneer and an active leader in the OpenStack community, Dell is increasing its commitment and introducing its new Cloud platform – “Dell Cloud on Demand with Open Source” based on OpenStack. While Dell will continue to provide the best overall solutions for any type of cloud customers want to run, the company believes that the open and compatible nature of OpenStack allows customers to take advantage of hybrid capabilities to move workloads between private and public clouds as needed. Open source technology across private and public cloud creates a compatible “Virtual Data Center,” enabling application portability across clouds. Features include:Rapid iteration to design and buildScriptable deployments without interventionOpensource cloud deployment framework for easier customizationProject Fast PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service):Explore the possibility of creating and managing an open source platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment. With the Dell’s Project Fast PaaS, which is also delivered on secure Dell vCloud infrastructure, developers and IT managers can use an enhanced version of Cloud Foundry PaaS to quickly deploy applications to the cloud.Features include:Accelerates deployment frommonths to minutesEliminates complexity of deploying applications to the cloudUser-friendly interface built on Cloud FoundryDell Cloud Labs allows you to deliver FAST rapid deployment, EASY friendly user-interface, and an opportunity to join the community of innovators NOW.Visit us at the Dell ‘Emerging Cloud Services' booth for more information or go to dell.com/cloudlabs!
  • Dell is helping our customers increase agility, find cost savings and in many ways just help to improve the quality of our lives. (From left to right)Dell saved 200M through virtualization and application rationalization. We did this by virtualizing servers and reducing applications from 7,000 to less than 2,500.Dell Insight one current manages 5 billion plus images and supports 40,000 physicians, and 500 individual practices. Dell Boomi current exceeds 1m cloud integration processes for customers who wish to connection cloud applications with on-premise data, without appliances, without the coding. Dell SecureWorks customers have seen no major breacheads and we have significantly reduced incident volume while saving customers $3.36 million. Dell Email Management Services offers email continuity and archival for millions of users around the globe in all markets ensuring use and storage of email is always solid and secure. Dell was the first in the market to offer hybrid cloud with VMWare, the market leader in virtualization. From a single pane of glass companies extend workloads to the public cloudOur client DreamHost saved 4-6 months in the time it took for software development work by expanding cloud and storage services with Dell Open-Stack Powered Cloud. They advantage of Dell’s OpenStack expertise in reference architecture and deployment framework, leveraging this proven platform for scale-out data centers.

Battle of the Clouds Battle of the Clouds Presentation Transcript

  • Battle of the clouds Confidential
  • CIO priorities IT leaders are increasingly moving from technologist to business strategist What are the top goals on the What are the top 3 initiatives? CIO personal agenda? Focus IT on Business Strategy Consolidation/Virtualization Better Business IT Alignment Cloud Services IT Drives more Innovation Collaboration BI and ModelingMove to Innovation from Sustain App Portfolio Consolidation IT Culture of Yes Enhanced Security Focus on Req. Understanding EUC and Mobile Devices IT Valuation Process Enterprise Architecture Re-Skill Existing Talent VOIP/Unified Comms Attract New Talent Open Source Technologies 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% Confidential Source: Gartner 2012
  • The cloud strategy that’s right for you:Cloud made simple Dell Cloud Labs Project Fast PaaS Site Partner for Customer premises cloud providers (non-Dell Premise) Dell Premises Public multi-tenant cloud Private cloud (Customer- or (secure & optimized) Dell-mManaged) Online portal & automation Hybrid Hosted Managed Orchestration private cloud (isolated & elastic) Applications / Converged Virtualized workloads infrastructure iInfrastructure Community cloud (vertical compliance) Dell Cloud Services Confidential
  • Reduction of 20% in SAP application cost over 3 yearsChallenge:• Aging, risky data center on prime campus real estate, need to return space to support education initiatives• High cost for system infrastructure needed for disaster recovery• High demand for SAP sandbox instances• SAP support model limiting customer agilityBenefits:• 60% of SAP non-production & disaster recovery landscapes targeted for Dell On-Demand Cloud in a pay "Chances of a vendor running a large per use model complex data center with tons of other customers and having good security• 20% targeted reduction in SAP application support cost practices better than your own, is over 3 years, including migration costs from proprietary probably high - especially if you are small shop like we are," UNIX to x86 platform -Vince Kellen, CIO Confidential
  • Build a reliable cloud infrastructure with 100% SLAChallenge:• 1700% annual growth required improved virtual machine capacity planning and management• Reduce costs by safely increasing virtual machine density• Maintain 100% SLA with customers despite increasingly complex virtual infrastructureSolution:• Dell Quest vOPS StandardBenefits: “With real cost savings in just a few• 50% increase in VM density and reclaimed months, and a dramatic improvement in storage space our ability to monitor and manage the infrastructure more effectively, the Dell• Paid for itself more than 12 times over in six months suite has more than paid for itself.”• Solved critical outage in minutes -Allen Firouz, CEO, Venturian Hosting• Eliminated manual resources processes and identified major performance issues in the storage infrastructure Confidential
  • From pavement-to-production in 60 days at 1/5 the costChallenge:• Need for an extremely cost-effective, highly efficient computing solution to power a high-performance compute.• Processes and storing mountains of data on an hourly basis.Solution:• Custom Modular Data Centers holding 440 AMD processor- based Nucleon servers with 178 petabytes of storage running on high-speed• Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) measured at 1.03Benefits: “ Dell had a solution that was designed for• 1/5 the cost of power for 5x the amount of high efficiency, density, and low cost. compute density Their container allowed us to have a• 8x reduction in data center operational costs when flexible IT unit, which gave us room to compared to traditional models customize or modify to meet our needs.• From paved site to up and running in 60 days It was a clean and simple solution….” -Brad Clark, group program manager, Bing Imagery Technologies Confidential
  • OpenStack-powered cloud speeds the deployment to just a few hoursChallenge:Requirements was offering Ceph-based block storage totheir cloud compute customers, so they joined the OpenStackproject and committed engineering resourcesSolution:• Dell PowerEdge servers• Crowbar barclamp for Nova• Dreamhost is writing its own barclamp for its Ceph storage solution “ If Dell tried to have a sales personBenefits: sell us, we probably wouldn‖t have• Teased reference architecture and deployment framework bought it. Dell solved a problem• Saved 4-6 months of software development work that we had. And when Dell solved that problem, our engineers• Leveraged platforms for cloud and scale-out data centers thought, ―We‖re going to use this.”• Realized the business advantages of leasing with Dell Financial Services Ben Cherian, general manager of emerging technologies, DreamHost Confidential
  • Improves agility, saves hours on moving workloadsChallenge:• Assess the viability of cloud-based IT solutions for internal services• Increase IT efficiency and deliver better external servicesSolution:• Pilot project for the Dell vCloud• Connect primary environment to the Dell public cloud to evaluate a hybrid cloud solution “If the disaster recovery infrastructureBenefits: is in the Dell cloud, we don‖t have to• Company delivers better business support with worry about it anymore – Dell is in simplified disaster recovery charge. As a result, the team saves• Saves hours in deployment time per server additional time, which it can spend on• Reduces cost of scaling disaster recovery to increase other end-user support activities and efficiency projects to deliver business• Launched cloud pilot quickly with expert assistance improvements.”• Maximized productivity with familiar environment - Peter Kent, Head of Corporate Infrastructure Services Confidential
  • Savings of 25% in annual tech spend, ops expenses & administrationChallenge:• Demand for more scalable capacity• New strategy to meet the demands of IT operations.• Solve uncertainty of moving data centers: impacted cost and serious burden on clients.Solution:Dell enabled Moodlerooms to seamlessly migrate its datacenter onto the flexible and scalable Dell cloud “In light of the current economicBenefits: climate, our customers are making tough economic decisions. By implementing a• 30% performance increase in database transactions capacity-on-demand model in the Dell• 30% reduction in server administration time Cloud, we are able to scale to meet demand and offer services at a lower• 25% reduction in annual technology operations cost—all while improving overall• Reduced administration (1 FTE) in storage and network performance.” -David Miller, Director of Technology Operations, Confidential
  • Accelerating research 20-fold and empowering new customersChallenge:• Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data sets growing larger all the time• Needed a way to process data faster without investing in and maintaining its own in-house HPC resources.Solution:Through a partnership with R Systems NA, Dell provided anHPC Cloud Bursting solution with an on-demand cluster ofPowerEdge™ C6100 serversBenefits: ““Without the Dell HPC Cloud Bursting Solution, it would have taken me 6 to 8• 20-fold faster completion of research with HPC on- demand (vs. HPC workstation) weeks to prepare the presentation. It was a revelation to realize that the Dell• Able to empower new customers by providing fast HPC Cloud Bursting Solution could access to HPC resources allow us to accelerate research projects• “Very easy to use” cloud-based cluster that didnt require more than 20-fold.” baby-sitting Dr. Matthew N. Godo, FieldView product manager Confidential
  • Seamless integration of 12 carriers in 14 countries & 10 time zonesBusiness challenge:• Member recruitment hindered due to high costs of adding new carriers• New members must code to 14 existing file mappings; Existing members must code & test each new memberSolution:• Allow new members set up their file layout and format only Thanks to the latest cloud integration technology from Dell• Allow carriers to manage their own integrations Boomi, the IT hub dramatically and processes speeds up and simplifies theBenefits: addition of new airlines to the• Significant reduction in time to on-board new alliance, making the entire process members—from months to weeks substantially more efficient and cost effective ….”• Enhanced cloud-based hub to add members and support -"IT Director Jouni Naskali. new services Confidential
  • Build a future-ready infrastructure that supports tomorrow’s healthcaredemands of disaster recovery and business continuanceChallenges:• Provide timely exam interpretation to its teleradiology group Moses Ludington Hospital• Limited IT staff onsite• Unreliable tape-based backup systemSolution:• Dell Cloud for offsite storage of radiology images• Reliable DR strategy with redundant offsite backup in Dell‖s data centers (CT, AZ)Benefits:• When a PACS‖ archive failed, Dell restored the data in “If it weren‖t for Dell InSite One‖s disaster less than half a day, averting adverse impacts to the recovery archiving service, about 9,000 hospital‖s ability to provide patient care. patient exams—the contents of an entire• Web-based viewing interface provides business server—would have been completely continuity to teleradiology operation at any location wiped out,” - Lisa Busby, MSIA, CISSP - CIO Confidential
  • Dell Cloud LabsPartnering with customers to build a better cloud Rapid deployment Content style Dell cloud with OpenStack • Provides rapid iteration to design and build Fast guidelines • Build scriptable deployments without intervention The future • Open framework for easier customization Friendly user- interface of Project Fast PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) Easy • Accelerate deployment from months to minutes Dell Cloud • Eliminate complexity of deploying applications Join the • User-friendly interface built on Cloud Foundry community Dell.com/cloudlabs Now Confidential
  • $300M saved by Dell Dell achieved this by virtualizing 10,000 5B+ Diagnostic image objects servers and reducing applications from Managed by Dell in the cloud. Supporting 40,000 7,000 to less than 2,500 physicians and 500 individual practices1,000,000 35BeventsIntegration processes+Per day with Dell Boomi, 6.2M SaaS seats managed Security Processed daily byover 3Xs our nearest Active in 41 countries with Dell SecureWorks, a corecompetitor 15,000 customers component of the Dell Cloud 1 1 Pioneer member of OpenStack st VMware vCloud Datacenter Service st and 1st to market with a Dell partner providing OpenStack Solution hybrid cloud globally OpenStack software, Dell‖s Crowbar Confidential deployment, management and services
  • Please help Dell meet your needsby filling out the Session Evaluation Surveys On paper Content On the Dell World app style • Forms in room • Turn in on the way out guidelines 1. Select My Schedule Session Evaluation Survey 2. Select session to evaluate 3. Select Surveys 4. Select survey title Or 5. Simply complete the survey Confidential