End-To-End Virtual Infrastructure Optimization and Management For The Enterprise


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There is a tipping point in every IT environment and virtualization amplifies the challenge of going over. The simplicity of creating virtual machines highlights the challenge of managing it once the VM population builds and gets cumbersome. You need the right tools and solutions to reign it in and bring order to the chaos of spending so much time on management. See how Dell can help you optimize your virtual environments: http://del.ly/DellSoftwareVM

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  • MT11: End-to-end virtual infrastructure optimization & mgt for the enterprise
  • There is a tipping point in every IT environment and Virtualization amplifies the challenge of going over. The simplicity of creating virtual machines highlights the challenge of managing it once the VM population builds and get’s cumbersome. You need to right tools and solutions to reign it in and bring order to the chaos of spending so much time on management.
  • Virtualization brings the promise of greater infrastructure efficiency and cost effectiveness. The reality is that new efficiencies bring with it greater demands, new ways of managing workloads, and for many customers challenges that were unexpected in managing their new infrastructure with new hidden costs.
  • Dell’s approach to efficient virtualization helps move you along this path. We start by optimizing the base infrastructure with purpose built features and technologies designed to specifically enhance virtualized infrastructures. We then converge and unify the management functions of that infrastructure in order to blend physical and virtual management into the console you are most comfortable with today. We further optimize the infrastructure by providing you with tools that provide the data necessary to understand performance, problem, and capacity trends. We then ensure that we can solve one of the biggest challenges which is to ensure that you can protect and secure the infrastructure and data in a way that doesn’t create unnecessary silos. We tServices: Dell’s vCloud Services deliver a single way to run, manage, and secure your applications where you want them, when you want them. The Dell™ cloud with VMware® vCloud™ Datacenter Service is an enterprise-class, multi-tenant infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) public cloud solution that is hosted in secured Dell data centers. With its unique hybrid cloud capabilities, the Dell Cloud provides you with on-demand computing capacity to extend your internal data center with the same benefits you have in your own virtualized infrastructure. Regardless of what type of user you are, virtualization has enabled the cloud as we know it today, and Dell will continue to add functionality, technology and services that expand what the cloud can do for your business..hen provide the tools and services to deliver IT as a service safely and securely, whether on premise as a private cloud, or in a public cloud infrastructure.
  • And that’s how Dell approached virtualization as well. In fact, Dell has been a very aggressive adopter of virtualization, with a significant footprint in our production environment (almost 50% virtual); In 2008 we made a decision to go “virtual first” – everything in a lab or production has to go onto VM unless the teams can show why VM won’t work. The CTO had to sign off on exceptionsWe’ve experienced virtualization at a scale that many of our customers are now beginning to approach, with tremendous benefits and a lot of learning along the way. Another thing we did was consolidate applications. Three years ago Dell had nearly 10,000 applications in the environment between supported and non-supported IT apps.We now have less than 3,500 apps and are still reducing significantly- This has been a huge business benefit in terms of agility and driving innovation, since we can now move much faster since we have fewer apps to maintain and interface into The result is we have a highly efficient infrastructure and one with platform and software commonalities. Thanks to being virtualized Dell is able to embrace the cloud in a big way which helps drive new gains such as a reduction is software tools and licenses. Also huge intangible savings in speeding up dev lifecycle and business velocity: server provisioning time down to a couple days instead of monthsOther results:- Consolidated servers up to 30:1- Virtualized 7,000+ servers - Eliminated 6,000 servers - $100M+ savings over two years
  • Our journey matches the journey that many customers have either gone through or are in the process of going through today. Customers find that their virtualization strategy becomes a journey along a path towards greater efficiency. The first step is to virtualize and consolidate as much of the infrastructure with optimized infrastructure.The next step is to optimize the management of the new infrastructure in a way that eliminates tasks, tools, time, and process, while improving reliability and resiliency. The current optimal stage is to reach a point of making IT function as a service, or as a private cloud. To provide end users with on-demand access to resources simply and seamlessly while still maintaining governance and control.
  • Considering the definitions on the previous slide, what does that look like in the real world. Let’s start from the ground up… Integrated Converged Infrastructure: Take for example, how converged infrastructure and an abstract pool of resources with unified, intuitive management can simplify the IT admin / datacenter engineer experience. Automating infrastructure maintenance & tuning activity, simplifying provisioning, providing ability to manage & reclaim resources effectively, are all benefits – and it’s even better when you can leverage your existing infrastructure as part of that resource pool.Application & IT Service Delivery: in order to meet the needs of business units & end-users, who now expect applications & services to come online at the speed of cloud – you need seamless links between applications and the platforms that make them go. You need interoperability with hypervisors & other systems management tools that may already be in place for monitoring, orchestration & automation. Dell solutions enable that interop & ability to scale your functionality based on maturity and need. This is done thru native tools within Dell platforms, like integrations with Vmware Vcenter & MS System Ctr Virtual Machine Manager, vFoglight, and other virtualization tools.Provisioning, mobility, and measured service are all core tenants of cloud computing – and you can create that functionality on-premise, with a free-standing software like Active System Manager - with a path to external linkages (i.e. hybrid cloud) in the future as needed (using multi-cloud manager). **In the end, IT needs efficient infrastructure resources to power the applications. End users & Business units want their applications right now, and they shouldn’t have to care what they’re running on, as long as they’re up & meeting SLA’s.
  • VRTX is the first converged IT solution designed specifically for your remote and small office environment
  • Active Fabric:Converged networkingDell Networking: Force10 (FTOS) software defined networking; scale-out; non-blocking, non-oversubscribed; Wireless & branch solutions;IO Aggregator & MXL forFlexible interopConverged ManagementCMC & iDRAC – native infrastructure toolsOpenManage – hypervisor integration, mgmt & monitoringActive System Manager – application provisioning, workload mobilityFoglight – virtualization mgmtMulti-cloud managerFluid Data:Storage ConvergenceDell EqualLogic: scale-out, unified, virtualized IP storage, array or blade. Dell Compellent: scale-up virtualized FC, FCoE, auto -tieringConverged Infrastructure:Dell PowerEdge M1000e: HighDensity, flexible IO options, simplified management Dell VRTXDell PowerEdge VRTX: convergencefor remote,/branch & departmentalActive Infrastructure for applications:(SAP HANA, Oracle, HPC, VDI)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Let’s talk specifically about how we help you resolve challenges & gain efficiency… using a flexible, modular approach. The center of the your world applications. A good solution is one that’s designed to solve customer challenges & provide a way forward to a more efficient enterprise.Across Dell’s portfolio, you’ll find important innovations that help in datacenter transformation. These 4 quadrants not only align with aspects of Dell’s Active Systems and converged solutions portfolio, they also align with key pain points & challenges customers experience within their application environments: (going clockwise from top left…)Active Fabric solves the challenge of quality of service for enterprise, campus, and branch IT. Scale out networking solutions that enable the modern “software defined network” for converged environments allows customers to ensure scalability & grow networking capacity as THEY need it – in a flexible modular fashion. The IO Aggregator enables you to connect Dell converged platforms like M1000e seamlessly into existing non-Dell networks. Our campus & branch solutions help ensure access & connectivity for branch and distributed environments.Fluid data solutions solve for data management, protection, access, & security with systems that were designed with virtualization in mind. Converged storage options range from FCoE & iSCSI based networking choices, to 10GbE arrays built to fit in our m1000e blade chassis to create a datacenter in a box, to unified block & file options on platforms that take the manual tuning out of storage administration with native auto-tiering and load-balancing. Application & hypervisor integration on Dell converged storage platforms provide the highest level of app availability & protection possible.Converged infrastructure solutions solve for a number of key challenges and provides our customers with operational efficiency, extreme utilization & performance, and gives them “hyper-scale” at any scale: scale-out shared infrastructure, choice & density of compute resources, power & cooling efficiencies, application-specific architectures like Active Infrastructure for Oracle/VDI/SAP/HPC that help a customer right-size and deploy a proven infrastructure solution for important workloads. Solutions like the PowerEdge VRTX enable customers in smaller environments, branches, or departments & workgroups to enjoy the benefits of convergence thru smaller scale shared infrastructure platform with advanced manageability. Lastly, and most importantly, the converged management tools help customers simplify management and achieve cloud-like capability in their environments. Whether a customer is in the phase of converged infrastructure / virtualization consolidation and they’re looking for simplified instrumentation & chassis/server management, or they’re creating advanced functionality for workload mobility, provisioning & automation, Dell can provide tools at the right stage of your transformation.
  • Off premise – managed private cloud. We run it is offsite and manage. Single Insight one – shared cloud technologies. Community consolidate and optimize. We recently decided that we not owning down to the dirt Iaas – Partner program – IaaS and other public cloud services Middle box. – more because there are so many different cloud services. Our customers want choice. Multi cloud managed. Used to be heterogeneous management Active systems mgr – based on Gale – set up very quicklyUnderneath services and security – we can give you DYI or services to help you out Our Pan-Dell Cloud efforts are focused on three areas: private cloud, multi-cloud management and supplying cloud builders.Private Cloud: We are helping customers build, use and control private clouds with holistic solutions from the infrastructure to the device with specific software and services to meet each customer’s unique needs.Multi-Cloud Management: We’re helping customers simplify, deploy and manage their diverse, multi-cloud environments with the Dell Multi-Cloud Manager, formerly Enstratius, which currently supports 20 cloud platforms.Cloud Builders: Dell is supplying cloud builders with the hardware, software and services to build, deploy, operate and manage reliable clouds optimized for their customers’ needs.We also deliver public cloud through the Cloud Partner Program to better serve our customers, giving them more choice and flexibility to select the partner, platform and model that is right for their business. Partners include: Joyent, ScaleMatrix and ZeroLag in the US; Peer 1 in Canada; Six Degrees Group in the UK; Quadria in France.Our strategy and differentiationspecifically centers around Multi-Cloud Management – giving customers choice, simplified management, and unobtrusive governance of the clouds they want to use – whether public, private or hybrid, with a single could or multiple clouds.This is a long-term, evolving vision incorporating pan-Dell products and servicesWe are skating in front of the puck to best serve our customers – realizing an environment with many clouds is where the industry and our customers are headedSeven months after the Enstratius acquisition, Dell-Multi Cloud Manager is on track to a 24-month build out of complete end-to-end solutionNext generation UI now in betaIntegrations with Active System Manager, Foglight, and Dell One Identity ManagerNew service catalog, workflow, and policyDell is building a complete, yet modular, solution allowing customers to choose alternative components according to their needs and objectives.
  • End-To-End Virtual Infrastructure Optimization and Management For The Enterprise

    1. 1. End-to-end virtual infrastructure optimization & management for the enterprise John Maxwell Product Director, Virtualization Management 2013
    2. 2. The wall The virtualization wall The wall Efficiency 2013 Complexity Inefficiency Complexity Efficiency
    3. 3. The promises & realities of virtualization The promise The reality Hidden Costs 2013 • • • • Less power and space required Greater utilization of hardware Improved IT speed and flexibility Elimination of sprawl & unnecessary IT Hardware limitations Sprawl of virtual machines Decentralized management Insecure and non-standard virtual machines Redefined roles for people, processes & technology • Managing complexity of hybrid environments • Delivering ROI • • • • •
    4. 4. Dell’s unique approach to efficient virtualization Optimize with intelligent infrastructure Leverage built-in features designed for virtual infrastructures Converge & unify infrastructure management Simplify management via the virtual machine console you use today Analyze, advise & automate IT Optimize resources, plan for growth, and allocate costs Protect & secure Leverage backup & security solutions designed for virtualization Optimize IT service delivery Quickly deploy resources on-premise or in the cloud 2013
    5. 5. Dell: An aggressive adopter of virtualization and scale 10 1 30% to Production virtualization 45 4 to Increased server utilization days Days to deploy applications 2/3 less Fewer applications 2013 30 to 1 Server consolidation 50% Of all servers are virtualized $200M Saved in two years with virtualization 6,000 Servers eliminated 10,000 Servers virtualized
    6. 6. Getting over the wall 2013
    7. 7. Secure & seamless hybrid cloud The virtualization journey • Burst capacity • Seamless & secure Service delivery & private cloud • On-demand IT • Governance Optimize management • Centralized management • Security and standardization • Reliability & resiliency Virtualize and consolidate • Lower power and space footprint • Improved IT speed and flexibility • Eliminated sprawl & unnecessary IT 2013
    8. 8. Delivering simplified IT services End user experience VDI UC&C • Discovery, deployment and lifecycle management • Integrated applications and systems management Business apps Virtualized IaaS/Private cloud Business unit experience Converged management Active System Manager Converged infrastructure Solution templates IT admin experience • Flexible pool of app resources, compute, c apacity & networking • Intuitive infrastructure management Heterogeneous infrastructure resources 2013
    9. 9. Powerfully simple: PowerEdge VRTX Extend the datacenter to a small, efficient package The first and only converged IT solution for office environments • • 2013 Deskside Office-optimized dimensions, acoustics, and power • Rackable Easy to manage • Designed to use your way Versatile and scalable Consolidation and virtualization-ready • Affordable
    10. 10. Management solutions for the full stack Cloud management & orchestration Optimize Data protection and infrastructure optimization • Visualization, analysis, and optimization • Desktop deployment & management • Visibility into virtualized apps • Foglight for Virtualization • vWorkspace • Foglight for Active Directory/Exchange • 1-click storage issue resolution Infrastructure management Server Storage Network Protect Virtualization • Foglight for Storage Mgmt • Backup, recovery and replication • AppAssure • Multi-hypervisor & physical protection • NetVault • Quest vRanger • Host-based replication & snapshots • EqualLogic • Converged & virtual storage 2013 • Compellent
    11. 11. Secure & Dell cloud strategy delivers better results seamless hybrid cloud Service delivery & private cloud The only company to empower YOUR cloud strategy Enabling private cloud Delivering multi-cloud management Supplying cloud builders Multi-cloud management domains Open source solutions Converged solutions Cloud infrastructure Advanced virtualization Cloud clients On premise 2013 • Governance & access controls • Performance monitoring • Application integration • Provisioning & management Public cloud ecosystem Software as a service Community cloud (vertical compliance) Managed private cloud Off premise Dell Cloud Transformation Services & Consulting
    12. 12. End to “Everything” Virtual Management The one solution trusted by 6,000 organizations Worldwide 2013
    13. 13. Let’s get started Meet with Dell subject matter experts at the Solutions Showcase Gain hands on experience and experiment with free trials of Active Systems Manager, OpenManage Plugins, Foglight, AppAssure Schedule a post-event Whiteboard session on Virtualization / Private Cloud Architecture, Cloud Solutions to address your specific requirements. Contact your account team for details. Visit a Dell Solution Center near you: Austin • New York City • Washington D.C. Chicago • Santa Clara • Mexico City • Sao Paolo Visit Software.Dell.com 2013
    14. 14. 2013