Digital Medical Imaging – Taming The Untamed


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Digital medical imaging data is exploding. Without intelligent data management, this growth threatens to drive up costs and interfere with the delivery of care. See what to look for in a medical imaging solution.

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Digital Medical Imaging – Taming The Untamed

  1. 1. Tame the untamed in medical imaging. More diagnostic images are being created. Population is growing People are living longer U.S. resident population has been increasing Percentage of U.S. population over age 65 has been growing 2050 439 million 2010 310 million 2010 13% 1996 265 million 2050 20.2% 1970 9.9% CT exams volume by age Age >65 2010 <10% Age >65 quadrupled annual growth from 1996 to 2010 <4% MRI exams 2.2% tripled >12% Age <35 1,245 exams 914 exams CT exams 1/3 MRI exams volume by age 1996 >40% Age <35 s per 1,000 p xam ati e e tal s nt To Older patients get more advanced diagnostic imaging. from 1996 to 2010 Growing Digital medical imaging data explosion of all digital healthcare data are medical images 1 40% on a cumulative basis over the next 2 years 1 Data are locked in legacy applications created to support individual departments. Without intelligent data management, the growth of digital medical imaging data threatens to drive up costs and interfere with the delivery of care decisions, leading to: Operational inefficiencies and data obsolescence Clinical collaboration nightmare Incompatible equipment: Doctors can't view images Paper-based systems Homegrown and outdated legacy systems Lack of specificity of healthcare standards and informationsharing protocols Providers have many separate data repositories to manage and maintain Providers are inundated with CDs Patients experience delays and duplicate exams Clinical data will be migrated 3-5 25% of clinical systems are out of date times over the mandatory retention period because: Hospital mergers and ACOs are accelerating technology obsolescence Standard storage platforms typically refresh every 5 years $ Providers spend Without better collaboration, 5 times $1-$2 billion of Medicare medical imaging expenditures are for duplicate exams more to maintain and manage storage over its lifetime than the cost to acquire the hardware Reimbursement rates for medical imaging procedures have been slashed 13 times since 2006 Tame the untamed Clinical collaboration with a medical imaging solution that reduces cost and complexity and empowers caregivers to drive accountable care. Financially appealing Operational efficiency Eliminate data silos and facilitate data interoperability through VNA Reduce your financial burden by protecting capital and aligning operating expenses with reimbursement Provide access and a comprehensive view of a patient’s clinical and diagnostic results Build a strong, secure foundation for storage, integration, access and exchange Manage big data in a cost-effective manner with on-premise and pay-as-you-use cloud options Enable digital image sharing and exchange to empower the entire continuum of care Provide a platform for disaster recovery, business continuity, continuous cost effectiveness and increased competitiveness Allow mobile access for healthcare professionals on-the-go Streamline processes so you can focus on what matters most — your patients Comply with Joint Commission and meaningful use requirements and lower costs by supporting EMR integration, HIE and analytics for quality reporting Tie storage and computing costs for clinical applications to reimbursement for patient care Healthcare cloud Realize your portion of the $11 billion projected savings in healthcare IT cost across 3 years. Increase freedom to adopt new clinical technology to make information-driven Promote agility to respond to Eliminate technology healthcare market changes and increasing management burden to demand for clinical excellence focus on clinical outcomes decisions Enhance patient care decisions with information-driven healthcare. @Dellhealth Sources %26ItemID%3d103664 1 ESG Research Publication, ESG North American Health Care Provider Information Market Size & Forecast, 2010-2015, December 2010 Acronyms VNA: Vendor neutral archive EMR: Electronic medical record HIE: Health information exchange ACO: Accountable care organization